Label  Disque
S-Curve  Fountains Of Wayne [Welcome Interstate Managers]
S.K.  Doppler [Star Sexual Fantasy EP]
NED [Le Choc De L'Astronomie Populaire]
Sacred Bones  Blanck Mass [Animated Violence Mild]
Blanck Mass [D7-D5]
Blanck Mass [Dumb Flesh]
Blanck Mass [World Eater]
John Carpenter [Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)]
John Carpenter [Lost Themes]
John Carpenter [Lost Themes II]
Cheena [Spend The Night With...]
Crystal Stilts [Nature Noire]
Crystal Stilts [Radiant Door]
Cult Of Youth [Love Will Prevail]
Exploded View [Exploded View]
The Fresh & Onlys [Secret Walls]
Föllakzoid [II]
Föllakzoid [III]
Jenny Hval [Apocalypse, Girl]
Jenny Hval [Blood Bitch]
Jenny Hval [The Long Sleep]
Jenny Hval [The Practice Of Love]
Led Er Est [The Diver]
The Men [Leave Home]
The Men [New Moon]
The Men [Open Your Heart]
The Men [Tomorrow's Hits]
Wymond Miles [Under The Pale Moon]
Moon Duo [Occult Architecture Vol. I]
Moon Duo [Occult Architecture Vol. II]
Pharmakon [Devour]
Psychic Ills [Inner Journey Out]
The Soft Moon [Criminal]
Uniform [Wake In Fright]
Zola Jesus [Versions]
Saddle Creek  Eric Bachmann [To The Races]
Bright Eyes [Digital Ash In A Digital Urn]
Bright Eyes [Fevers And Mirrors]
Bright Eyes [I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning]
Bright Eyes [Letting Of Happiness]
Bright Eyes [Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground]
Bright Eyes [There's No Beginning To The Story EP]
Cursive [The Ugly Organ]
Desaparecidos [Read Music, Speak Spanish]
The Faint [Wet From Birth]
The Good Life [Album Of The Year]
Hand Habits [Placeholder]
Two Gallants [The Scenery Of Farewell]
Two Gallants [Two Gallants]
Two Gallants [What The Toll Tells]
Safety Meeting  Acid Mothers Temple [Black Magic Satori]
Saint Cecilia Knows  Scott Fagan [South Atlantic Blues]
Salinas  Bonny Doon [Bonny Doon]
Salty Dog Records, Le Cèpe Records, Gazer Tapes, Rockerill Records  The WRS [The WRS]
Samadhisound  Nine Horses [Snow Borne Sorrow]
David Sylvian [Blemish]
San Remo  The Junipers [Cut Your Key]
Sanctuary  Aberfeldy [Young Forever]
Cinerama [The Complete Peel Sessions]
The Fall [Imperial Wax Solvent]
The Fall [The Complete Peel Sessions]
The Fall [Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology]
Idlewild [Make Another World]
The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex [Life Begins Again]
Stephen Jones [Almost Cured Of Sadness]
The Kills [Fried My Little Brains]
King Crimson [Eyes Wide Open]
Ministry [Animositisomina]
Ministry [Houses Of The Molé]
Ministry [Rantology]
Ministry [Sphinctour]
The Moldy Peaches [The Moldy Peaches]
Joey Ramone [Don't Worry About Me]
Saint Etienne [Tales From Turnpike House]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [The Seven Year Itch]
Spiritualized [Amazing Grace]
The Kinks [Face To Face]
The Kinks [Something Else By The Kinks]
The Kinks [The Kink Kontroversy]
Ween [Quebec]
Sanctuary, Universal  The Kinks [Kinda Kinks]
Sarah  The Field Mice [For Keeps]
The Field Mice [September's Not So Far Away]
The Field Mice [Snowball]
Heavenly [Heavenly Vs Satan]
The Orchids [Lyceum]
The Orchids [Unholy Soul]
The Sea Urchins [Stardust]
Secret Shine [Untouched]
Sargent House  Bosnian Rainbows [Bosnian Rainbows]
Chelsea Wolfe [Abyss]
Helms Alee [Noctiluca]
Zach Hill [Face Tat]
Red Sparowes [Aphorisms]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Sepulcros De Miel]
Russian Circles [Blood Year]
Russian Circles [Guidance]
Tera Melos [Patagonian Rats]
Satellite  Sand [Still Born Alive]
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning  Six By Seven [04]
Six By Seven [Artists, Cannibals, Poets, Thieves]
Six By Seven [Club Sandwich At The Peveril Hotel]
Six By Seven [If Symptoms Persist Kill Your Doctor]
Saucissong  Pigalle [Ballade En Mélancolie]
Say Hey  White Rabbits [Fort Nightly]
SB  Glen Hansard [Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova : Once]
Markéta Irglová [Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova : Once]
SBK  Slowdive [Just For A Day]
Slowdive [Souvlaki]
Scandinavian Leather  Turbonegro [Retox]
Scandinavian Leather, Burger  Turbonegro [RockNRoll Machine]
Scarlett  Jean Louis Murat [Grand Lièvre]
Scat  Guided By Voices [Vampire On Titus]
Schnitzel  Hello=fire [Hello=Fire]
Schnitzel Records  Brendan Benson [Low Key]
Schwa  Guided By Voices [Devil Between My Toes]
Scion A/V  Reigning Sound [Abdication... For Your Love]
Scissor Tail  Dylan Golden Aycock [Guitar Meanderings II]
Scopitones  The Wedding Present [Take Fountain]
The Wedding Present [Valentina]
Scopitones Records  The Wedding Present [George Best 30]
The Wedding Present [Tommy 30]
Scorched Earth Policy  Victims [Neverendinglasting]
Season Of Mist  Christian Death [Evil Becomes Rule]
Cynic [Ascension Codes]
Cynic [Carbon-Based Anatomy]
Cynic [Kindly Bent To Free Us]
Cynic [Re-Traced]
Cynic [The Portal Tapes]
Cynic [Traced In Air]
Deathspell Omega [Drought]
Deathspell Omega [Paracletus]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [Option Paralysis]
Drudkh [A Furrow Cut Short]
Drudkh [Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar]
Drudkh [Eastern Frontier In Flames]
Drudkh [Handful Of Stars]
Drudkh [Microcosmos]
Ken Mode [Loved]
Ken Mode [Success]
Kill The Thrill [203 Barriers]
Kill The Thrill [Tellurique]
Murmur [Murmur]
The Old Dead Tree [The Nameless Disease]
The Old Dead Tree [The Perpetual Motion]
The Old Dead Tree [The Water Fields]
Sólstafir [Berdreyminn]
Sólstafir [Ótta]
Season Of Mist Underground Activists  Drudkh [A Few Lines In Archaic Ukrainian]
Drudkh [Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV)]
Drudkh [They Often See Dreams About The Spring]
Season Of The Witch  Dum Dum Boys [Hypnovista]
Second Language  Piano Magic [Closure]
Second Nature  Coalesce [Functioning On Impatience]
Isis [The Red Sea]
Secret City  Plants And Animals [Parc Avenue]
Patrick Watson [Close To Paradise]
Patrick Watson [Wooden Arms]
Secret Records Limited  Echo & The Bunnymen [Me, I'm All Smiles]
Zebras [The City Of Sun]
Secretly Canadian  Antony And The Johnsons [Another World]
Antony And The Johnsons [Cut The World]
Antony And The Johnsons [I Am A Bird Now]
Antony And The Johnsons [Swanlights]
Antony And The Johnsons [Swanlights EP]
Antony And The Johnsons [Thank You For Your Love - EP]
Antony And The Johnsons [The Crying Light]
Ativin [Summing The Approach]
Brother Danielson [Brother Is To Son]
Cherry Glazerr [Apocalipstick]
Cherry Glazerr [Stuffed & Ready]
William Eggleston [Musik]
Frida Hyvönen [Until Death Comes]
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness [Fear Is On Our Side]
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness [I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness]
JJ [N°3]
Damien Jurado [Caught In The Trees]
Damien Jurado [Saint Bartlett]
Damien Jurado [Where Shall You Take Me?]
Jens Lekman [Oh You're So Silent Jens]
Magnolia Electric & Co [Joséphine]
Jason Molina [Eight Gates]
Scout Niblett [Sweet Heart Fever]
Porcelain Raft [Strange Weekend]
Songs : Ohia [Axxess & Ace]
Songs : Ohia [Didn't It Rain]
Songs : Ohia [Ghost Tropic]
Songs : Ohia [Hecla & Griper]
Songs : Ohia [Protection Spells]
Songs : Ohia [Songs : Ohia]
Songs : Ohia [The Lioness]
Songs : Ohia [The Magnolia Electric Co]
Suuns [Felt]
Suuns [Zeroes QC]
The War On Drugs [Lost In The Dream]
The War On Drugs [Slave Ambient]
Whitney [Light Upon The Lake]
Windsor For The Derby [Calm Hades Float]
Windsor For The Derby [Giving Up The Ghost]
Windsor For The Derby [How We Lost]
Windsor For The Derby [Minnie Greutzfeldt]
Windsor For The Derby [We Fight Til Death]
Seed  The Nightblooms [24 Days At Catastrophe Cafe]
The Nightblooms [The Nightblooms]
The Pastels [A Truckload Of Trouble: 1986-1993]
The Television Personalities [Closer To God]
Seed Bombs  Romain Humeau [Echos]
Self Immolation  Foetus [Deaf]
Foetus [Spite Your Face / OKFM]
Foetus [Tell Me, What Is The Bane Of Your Life?]
Foetus [Wash / Slog]
Foetus [Wash It All Off]
Self-Control  Charles De Goal [Restructuration]
Self-released  Frank Black [Oddballs]
Selfmadegod  Agathocles [Commence To Mince]
Agathocles [This Is Not A Threat, It's A Promise]
Sensory  Kingcrow [The Persistence]
September  McCarthy [I Am A Wallet]
Sequel  Happy Mondays [Uncle Dysfunktional]
Setanta  Catchers [Mute]
Catchers [Stooping To Fit]
The Chalets [Check In]
Evan Dando [Baby, I'm Bored]
The Divine Comedy [A Secret History : The Best Of The Divine Comedy]
The Divine Comedy [A Short Album About Love]
The Divine Comedy [Casanova]
The Divine Comedy [Fin De Siècle]
The Divine Comedy [Liberation]
The Divine Comedy [Promenade]
Richard Hawley [Lowedges]
Josh Ritter [Hello Starling]
Seventh  Magma [1001° Centigrades]
Magma [Attahk]
Magma [BBC 1974 Londres]
Magma [Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré]
Magma [Felicité Thosz]
Magma [K. A.]
Magma [Kobaïa]
Magma [Köhntarkösz]
Magma [Mekanik Destruktïv Kommandoh]
Magma [Merci]
Magma [Mythes Et Légendes / Vol.1]
Magma [Mythes Et Légendes / Vol.2]
Magma [Mythes Et Légendes / Vol.3]
Magma [Theusz Hamtaahk Trilogy]
Magma [Würdah Ïtah]
Magma [Üdü Wüdü]
Shadow  Dj Krush [Krush]
Shanachie  John Fahey [Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice)]
Sharpen Up The Knives Agrandissez Cette Image  Puressence [Sharpen Up The Knives]
Shayo 010  November [November]
She Bear - Parlophone - Astralwerks  Bat For Lashes [Two Suns]
Shelflive/Seayou  Thieves Like Us [Play Music]
Shelsmusic  Admiral Angry [Buster]
Sheptone  Singapore Sling [Life Is Killing My Rock'N'Roll]
Shifty Disco  Unbelievable Truth [Misc. Music]
Unbelievable Truth [SorryThankYou]
Shimmy Disc  Bongwater [Double Bummer]
Dogbowl [Dogbowl & Kramer - Hot Day In Waco]
Fly Ashtray [Clumps Takes A Ride]
Daniel Johnston [1990]
Daniel Johnston [Artistic Vice]
Naked City [Torture Garden]
Ween [The Pod]
Shinkansen  The Field Mice [Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way ?]
Trembling Blue Stars [Her Handwriting]
Shit Music For Shit People  Vermillon Sands [Summer Melody]
Shitkatapult  Apparat [Berlin, Montreal, Tel Aviv]
Apparat [Duplex]
Apparat [Multifunktionsebene]
Apparat [Silizium EP]
Apparat [Trial And Error]
Apparat [Walls]
Shock  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Willoughby's Beach]
Shogun / Wainting For An Angel  Nostromo [Nostromo - Blockheads]
Shout! Factory  Roky Erickson [I Have Always Been Here Before - The Roky Erickson Anthology]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Dirty Shit Rock'n Roll The First Ten Years]
Shrimper  David Ivar Herman Düne [Ya Ya]
John Davis [Blue Mountains]
Herman Düne [Mash Concrete Metal Mushrooms]
Herman Düne [They Go To The Woods]
Shyrec  Diplomatics [I Lost My Soul In This Town]
Kill Your Boyfriend [Ghosts]
Kill Your Boyfriend [The King Is Dead]
Talk To Her [Home]
Wora Wora Washington [Mirror]
Sick Room  Motherfucker [Confetti]
Side Effects  Lustmord [Lustmord Vs Metal Beast]
Lustmord [The Place Where The Black Stars Hang]
Sidekicks  The Hives [Oh Lord! When? How?]
Nine [Kissed By The Misanthrope]
Nine [Listen]
SideOneDummy  Flogging Molly [Drunken Lullabies]
Silent Method  Wirephobia [No Lives But Nightmares]
Siltbreeze  Letha Rodman Melchior [Shimmering Ghost]
Silver Noise  Mary's Child [Tong]
Silvertone  Spectrum [Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)]
The Stone Roses [Elephant Stone]
The Stone Roses [Garage Flower]
The Stone Roses [The Complete Stone Roses]
The Stone Roses [The Stone Roses]
Sin  The Mekons [Fear And Whiskey]
Sing Eunuchs!  Simon Joyner [Yesterday Tomorrow And In Between]
Sing, Eunuchs!  Simon Joyner [Ghosts]
Sing, Eunuchs!/Brinkman  Simon Joyner [Heaven's Gate]
Sing, Eunuchs!/Shrimper  Simon Joyner [Songs For The New Year]
Sing, Eunuchs!/Team Love  Simon Joyner [The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll]
Single KO  Little Nemo [The World Is Flat]
The Little Rabbits [Dans Les Faux Puits Rouges Et Gris]
Planete Zen [Planète Zen]
Sink Below  Extreme Noise Terror [Extreme Noise Terror & Filthkick - In It For Life]
Sioux  The Creatures [Anima Animus]
The Creatures [Sequins In The Sun]
The Creatures [Zulu]
Sire  The Apples In Stereo [Tone Soul Evolution]
David Byrne [The Catherine Wheel]
John Cale [Songs For Drella]
The Dead Boys [We Have Come For Your Children]
The Dead Boys [Young, Loud And Snotty]
Depeche Mode [Violator]
Dinosaur Jr [Hand It Over]
Dinosaur Jr [Whatever's Cool With Me]
Dinosaur Jr [Without A Sound]
The Dream Syndicate [The Days Of Wine And Roses]
Echo & The Bunnymen [Porcupine]
The Germs [(MIA) : The Complete Anthology]
The Go-Betweens [Spring Hill Fair]
Jerry Harrison [The Red And The Black]
Richard Hell & The Voidoids [Blank Generation]
James [Strip-Mine]
James [Stutter]
Ian McCulloch [Candleland]
Ministry [Psalm 69]
Ministry [The Land Of Rape And Honey]
Ministry [The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste]
Ministry [Twitch]
Morcheeba [Who Can You Trust ?]
Morrissey [Viva Hate]
The Ramones [Animal Boy]
The Ramones [End Of The Century]
The Ramones [Halfway To Sanity]
The Ramones [It's Alive]
The Ramones [Leave Home]
The Ramones [Loco Live]
The Ramones [Pleasant Dreams]
The Ramones [Road To Ruin]
The Ramones [Rocket To Russia]
The Ramones [Subterranean Jungle]
The Ramones [Too Tough To Die]
Lou Reed [Magic And Loss]
Lou Reed [Perfect Night: Live In London]
Lou Reed [Songs For Drella]
The Replacements [All Shook Down]
The Replacements [Don't Tell A Soul]
The Replacements [Pleased To Meet Me]
The Replacements [Tim]
Rialto [Rialto]
Ride [Carnival Of Light]
Ride [Going Blank Again]
Ride [Tarantula]
Riverside [One]
The Soup Dragons [This Is Our Art]
Regina Spektor [Begin To Hope]
Regina Spektor [Songs]
Regina Spektor [Soviet Kitsch]
Regina Spektor [What We Saw From The Cheap Seats]
Talking Heads [Fear Of Music]
Talking Heads [Little Creatures]
Talking Heads [More Songs About Buildings And Food]
Talking Heads [Remain In Light]
Talking Heads [Sand In The Vaseline : Popular Favorites 1976-1992]
Talking Heads [Speaking In Tongues]
Talking Heads [Stop Making Sense]
Talking Heads [Talking Heads: 77]
Talking Heads [True Stories]
Johnny Thunders [So Alone]
The Undertones [Hypnotised]
The Undertones [The Undertones]
The Von Bondies [Pawn Shoppe Heart]
You Am I [Hourly Daily]
Situation Two  The Charlatans [Between 10th And 11th]
Six Feet Under  Nails [Unsilent Death]
SK  Clara Clara [Aa]
Skam  Boards Of Canada [Aquarius]
Boards Of Canada [Hi Scores]
Skeleton Key  The Coral [The Curse Of Love]
Sketchbook  Micah Paul Hinson [Micah P. Hinson And The Opera Circuit]
Micah Paul Hinson [Micah P.Hinson And The Gospel Of Progress]
Micah Paul Hinson [The Baby And The Satellite]
Skin Graft  Big'n [Discipline Through Sound]
Brise-Glace [When In Vanitas...]
Dazzling Killmen [Face Of Collapse]
Melt Banana [Scratch Or Stitch]
SKUC  Laibach [Laibach]
Sky  Swans [Love Of Life]
Skydog  54 Nude Honeys [54 Nude Honeys]
The Stooges [Metallic K.O.]
The Stooges [Telluric Chaos]
Wraygunn [Ecclesiastes 1.11]
SL  Dawn Of The Replicants [Fangs]
Khaya [Avoidance]
Khaya [The Lost Feeling]
The Leg [What Happened To The Shrunken Tina Turner]
Misty's Big Adventure [Misty's Big Adventure And Their Place In The Solar Hi-fi System]
Misty's Big Adventure [Television's People]
Slanty Shanty  Math The Band [Don't Worry]
Slash  The Chills [Submarine Bells]
Failure [Magnified]
Faith No More [Album Of The Year]
Faith No More [Angel Dust]
Faith No More [From Out Of Nowhere]
Faith No More [From Out Of Nowhere 2]
Faith No More [King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime]
Faith No More [Live At The Brixton Academy]
Faith No More [Midlife Crisis [Australie]]
Faith No More [The Real Thing]
Grant Lee Buffalo [Fuzzy]
Grant Lee Buffalo [Jubilee]
Grant Lee Buffalo [Mighty Joe Moon]
Green On Red [Gravity Talks]
L7 [Bricks Are Heavy]
L7 [Hungry For Stink]
L7 [The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum]
Soul Coughing [El Oso]
Violent Femmes [Hallowed Ground]
Violent Femmes [Violent Femmes]
Violent Femmes [Why Do Birds Sing?]
X [Wild Gift]
SleepLikeWolves  Ruby Throat [The Ventriloquist]
SLFMDE R.  Bras Mort [Demo]
Slovenly  JC Satàn [Hell Death Samba]
Sultan Bathery [Sultan Bathery]
Slow River  Josh Rouse [Home]
Slow River Records  Josh Rouse [Chester]
Josh Rouse [Under Cold Blue Stars]
Slumberland  Big Troubles [Romantic Comedy]
Black Tambourine [Complete Recordings]
Boyracer [More Songs About Frustration And Self Hate]
Crystal Stilts [Alight Of Night]
Crystal Stilts [Love Is A Wave]
Hood [Cabled Linear Traction]
Hood [Silent '88]
Tony Molina [Dissed And Dismissed]
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart [Belong]
The Proper Ornaments [Foxhole]
Sexy Kids [Sisters Are Forever]
Veronica Falls [Veronica Falls]
Small Axe  Zenzile [Totem]
Small Stone  Los Natas [Corsario Negro]
Smalltown Supersound  Lars Horntveth [Pooka]
Lost Girls [Feeling]
Original Silence [The First Original Silence]
Sonic Youth [[Mats Gustafsson With Sonic Youth & Friends] Hidros 3 (To Patti Smith)]
Toy [Toy]
Smekkleysa  Kolrassa Krókríðandi [Köld Eru Kvennaráð]
Unun [Ótta]
Unun [Æ]
Smells Like  Blonde Redhead [Blonde Redhead]
Blonde Redhead [La Mia Vita Violenta]
Shelby Bryant [Cloud-Wow Music]
Shelby Bryant [Luscious]
Cat Power [Myra Lee]
The Clears [The Clears]
Hungry Ghosts [Alone, Alone]
Sammy [Debut Album]
Sonic Youth [Silver Session For Jason Knuth]
John Wolfington [John Wolfington]
Smithsonian Folkways  Anna & Elizabeth [The Invisible Comes To Us]
Smog Veil  Pere Ubu [Why I Hate Women]
Rocket From The Tombs [The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs]
Snap  The Wannadies [Aquanautic]
The Wannadies [Be A Girl]
Snapper  Babes In Toyland [Natural Babe Killers]
Blackfield [II]
Buzzcocks [French]
Katatonia [Last Fair Deal Gone Down]
The Modern Lovers [Radio On : Stop And Shop With The Modern Lovers]
New Model Army [Small Town England]
Porcupine Tree [Arriving Somewhere]
Porcupine Tree [Lightbulb Sun]
Porcupine Tree [Metanoia]
Porcupine Tree [Stupid Dream]
Snowstorm  Isobel Campbell [Time Is Just The Same]
Snuff  Knut [Bastardiser]
Knut [Leftovers]
Nostromo [Argue]
SNWF  Lone Wolf [Lodge]
SO  Demob Happy [Dream Soda]
Demob Happy [Holy Doom]
Sober & Gentle  Cocoon [My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash]
Hey Hey My My [Hey Hey My My]
Sobriety  Hoggboy [Or 8?]
Socialist  Nina Nastasia [Dogs]
Soda Pictures  Pulp [Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets]
Soft Abuse  Raül Refree [All Hands Around The Moment]
Richard Youngs [All Hands Around The Moment]
Solar Lodge Records  Coil [Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser]
Soleilmoon  Lustmord [Heresy]
Lustmord [Purifying Fire]
Soman  Tommy Stewart [Dyerwulf]
Some  Onelinedrawing [Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing]
Rival Schools [Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing]
Some Bizarre  Marc Almond [Mother Fist And Her Five Daughters]
Cabaret Voltaire [The Crackdown]
Coil [Horse Rotorvator]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.t.]
Psychic Tv [Force The Hand Of Chance]
Soft Cell [Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret]
Soft Cell [The Art Of Falling Apart]
The The [Mind Bomb]
Song, By Toad  The Leg [An Eagle To Saturn]
Sonic Bubblegum  Dis- [The Historically Troubled Third Album]
Sonic Cathedral  Roky Erickson [A Tribute To Roky Erickson - The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral]
Sonic Death  Sonic Youth [Goo Demos]
Sonic Unyon  Danko Jones [Self-Titled EP]
Sianspheric [Somnium]
Sonic Unyon ; Hardwood Records  Hayden [Moving Careful]
Sonica  Venus [The Man Who Was Already Dead]
Sonore  Cheval De Frise [Cheval De Frise]
Ruins (jap) [Pallaschtom]
Sony  Alice In Chains [MTV Unplugged [Video]]
Audioslave [Revelations]
Frank Black [Men In Black [#1] EP]
Frank Black [Men In Black [#2] EP]
Frank Black [The Cult Of Ray]
Frank Black [You Ain't Me EP]
Brad [Interiors]
Brad [Shame]
Brad [Welcome To Discovery Park]
Jeff Buckley [Live In Chicago]
Bruce Cockburn [Nothing But A Burning Light]
Depeche Mode [Delta Machine]
Bob Dylan [Blonde On Blonde]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 5 Live 1975, The Rolling Thunder Revue]
Echobelly [Everyone's Got One]
The High Llamas [Hawaii]
Hooverphonic [A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular]
Hope Of The States [The Lost Riots]
Hundred Reasons [Ideas Above Our Station]
Hundred Reasons [Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge]
Infectious Grooves [The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move : It's The Infectious Groove]
Kasabian [Empire]
Kashmir [No Balance Palace]
Kula Shaker [K]
Manic Street Preachers [Lifeblood]
Manic Street Preachers [Send Away The Tigers]
Molly McGuire [Lime]
New Model Army [The Love Of Hopeless Causes]
Niño De Elche [Antología Del Cante Flamenco Heterodoxo]
Nits [Nest]
Nits [Strawbery Wood]
Primal Scream [Beautiful Future]
The Psychedelic Furs [All Of This And Nothing]
Puscifer [V Is For Vagina]
Rosalía [El Mal Querer]
Shivaree [Who's Got Trouble?]
Silverchair [Neon Ballroom]
The Stooges [Raw Power [Deluxe Edition]]
The Twilight Singers [Twilight As Played By The Twilight Singers]
Vampire Weekend [Father Of The Bride]
The Vines [Future Primitive]
The Vines [Melodia]
Tom Waits [One From The Heart]
The Wedding Present [Yé Yé : The Best Of The RCA Years]
Sony Classical  Nick Cave & Warren Elllis [Lawless]
Sony Music / Epic  Hooverphonic [The Magnificent Tree]
Soul Jazz  ESG [A South Bronx Story]
Sound Document  You Say Party ! We Say Die ! [Hit The Floor !]
Sound Effect / Cosmic Eye  Kikagaku Moyo [Kikagaku Moyo]
Sound King  Danko Jones [My Love Is Bold]
Soundproof  Grandpaboy [Grandpaboy]
Sounds Familyre  Sufjan Stevens [Seven Swans]
Wovenhand [Ten Stones]
Soundslike  The Soft Pink Truth [Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth?]
Soundway  Fumaça Preta [Impuros Fanáticos]
Soundwork (Be) ; Big Disk (Eu & UK)  La Muerte [Every Soul By Sin Oppressed]
Sour Mash  Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [Back The Way We Came : Volume 1 2011 - 2021]
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [Chasing Yesterday]
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [Council Skies]
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds]
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [Who Built The Moon?]
Shack [...The Corner Of Miles & Gil]
Source  Air [10.000 Hz Legend]
Air [City Reading]
Air [Premiers Symptômes]
Air [Talkie Walkie]
Air [The Virgin Suicides]
Herman Düne [Giant]
Herman Düne [Next Year In Zion]
Kings Of Convenience [Declaration Of Dependence]
Kings Of Convenience [Quiet Is The New Loud]
Phoenix [Alphabetical]
Phoenix [United]
Simian [Chemistry Is What We Are]
Simian [We Are Your Friends]
Titan [Elevator]
Turin Brakes [The Optimist LP]
Southern  90 Day Men [To Everybody]
Dianogah [Battle Champions]
Dianogah [Millions Of Brazilians]
Dianogah [Qhnnnl]
Karate [Cancel/Sing EP]
Karate [In Place Of Real Insight]
Karate [Karate]
Karate [Pockets]
Karate [Some Boots]
Karate [The Bed Is In The Ocean]
Karate [Unsolved]
Les Savy Fav [Go Forth]
Rex [C]
Southern Fried  The Whip [X Marks Destination]
Southern Lord  Boris [Altar]
Boris [Smile]
The Desert Sessions [Vol. VII & VIII]
Earth [AngelComa]
Earth [Hex : Or Printing In The Infernal Method]
Earth [The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull]
Khanate [Khanate]
Khanate [Things Viral]
Mondo Generator [Cocaine Rodeo]
Sunn O))) [Altar]
Sunn O))) [AngelComa]
Sunn O))) [Black One]
Sunn O))) [Flight Of The Behemoth]
Sunn O))) [Oracle]
Sunn O))) [Pyroclasts]
Thrones [Day Late, Dollar Short]
Today Is The Day [Animal Mother]
Unsane [Sterilize]
Wolves In The Throne Room [Two Hunters]
Southern Lord Recordings  Sunn O))) [Life Metal]
Southern Music  Mount Eerie [Lost Wisdom]
Southpaw  Mogwai [Rock Action]
The Zephyrs [When The Sky Comes Down It Comes Down On Your Head]
Soza, Distrokids  Modern Men [Partout En France]
Space Age  Silver Apples [Spectrum & Silver Apples - A Lake Of Teardrops]
Spectrum [Forever Alien]
Spectrum [Spectrum & Jessamine - A Pox On You]
Spectrum [Spectrum & Silver Apples - A Lake Of Teardrops]
Special Delivery  Jonathan Richman [Jonathan Goes Country]
Spectrum  Marianne Faithfull [A Secret Life]
Specula  Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld [Still Smiling]
Speedstar  Ichiko Aoba [0%]
Ichiko Aoba [Mahoroboshiya]
SpinART  The Apples In Stereo [Fun Trick Noisemaker]
The Apples In Stereo [The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone]
Eyes Adrift [Eyes Adrift]
Lilys [Eccsame The Photon Band]
Lilys [In The Presence Of Nothing]
The Minders [Hooray For Tuesday]
The Trash Can Sinatras [Weightlifting]
SpinART, Elephant 6  The Apples In Stereo [Velocity Of Sound]
Spinefarm  Backyard Babies [Backyard Babies]
Killing Joke [Pylon]
Shining [International Blackjazz Society]
Sigh [Heir To Despair]
Spinney  Artery [Afterwards (Recordings From 1979 To 1983)]
Spirit  22 Pistepirkko [Bare Bone Nest]
22 Pistepirkko [Big Lupu]
22 Pistepirkko [Rumble City, Lala Land]
22 Pistepirkko [The Kings Of Hong Kong]
Spirit Music Industries  Grotus [Brown]
Grotus [Luddite]
Spirit Of Jungle  Blimey ! [Contradictory Nature & The Struggle Within]
Calc [Something Sweet]
Spitfire  Clutch [Jam Room]
Karma To Burn [Almost Heathen]
Masters Of Reality [Welcome To The Western Lodge]
Napalm Death [Order Of The Leech]
Ohgr [Welt]
Therapy? [Never Apologize Never Explain]
Spliff  Sixpack [Reading History]
Splinter  Devics [If You Forget Me]
Spoon  Can [Cannibalism I]
Can [Delay 1968]
Can [Ege Bamyasi]
Can [Flow Motion]
Can [Future Days]
Can [Landed]
Can [Saw Delight]
Can [Soon Over Babaluma]
Can [Tago Mago]
SPV  Monster Magnet [4-Way Diablo]
Monster Magnet [Monolithic Baby!]
Oceansize [Frames]
Skinny Puppy [Mythmaker]
Skinny Puppy [The Greater Wrong Of The Right]
Spy Mania  Hypo [Kotva]
SQE  The Faint [Doom Abuse]
Square Dogs  Carp [Carp]
Landscape [Landscape]
Landscape [One]
Landscape [With A Little Help From My Friends]
SST  Bad Brains [I Against I]
Black Flag [Damaged]
Black Flag [Family Man]
Black Flag [In My Head]
Black Flag [My War]
Black Flag [Slip It In]
Black Flag [The Process Of Weeding Out]
Black Flag [What The...]
Descendents [All]
Dinosaur Jr [Bug]
Dinosaur Jr [Fossils]
Dinosaur Jr [You're Living All Over Me]
Firehose [If'n]
Firehose [Ragin', Full-On]
Hüsker Dü [Flip Your Wig]
Hüsker Dü [New Day Rising]
Hüsker Dü [Zen Arcade]
Meat Puppets [No Strings Attached]
Meat Puppets [Up On The Sun]
The Minutemen [3-Way Tie (For Last)]
The Minutemen [Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat]
The Minutemen [Double Nickels On The Dime]
The Minutemen [Paranoid Time]
The Minutemen [The Punch Line]
The Minutemen [What Makes A Man Start Fires ?]
Saint Vitus [Born Too Late]
Saint Vitus [Thirsty And Miserable EP]
Screaming Trees [Anthology: SST Years 1985–1989]
Screaming Trees [Buzz Factory]
Screaming Trees [Even If And Especially When]
Screaming Trees [Invisible Lantern]
Screaming Trees [Other Worlds EP]
Sonic Youth [Evol]
Sonic Youth [Sister]
Soundgarden [Ultramega OK]
St. Ives  Fruit Bats [Tragedy + Time = Fruit Bats]
Staaplaat  Colleen [Mort Aux Vaches]
Star Time  Dios [Dios]
Starbucks  Sonic Youth [Hits Are For Squares]
Stardog  The Veldt [Marigolds]
Starlight  Lee Ranaldo [Broken Circle / Spiral Hill EP]
Startracks  Fireside [Do Not Tailgate]
Fireside [Elite]
Fireside [Fantastic Four [remixed]]
Fireside [Get Shot]
Tiger Lou [Is My Head Still On ?]
Static Caravan  Tunng [The Pioneers]
Tunng [This Is... Tunng : Mother's Daughter And Other Songs]
Statik  The Chameleons [Script Of The Bridge]
The Chameleons [What Does Anything Mean? Basically]
The Sound [In The Hothouse]
The Sound [Shock Of Delight]
Staubgold  Faust [Derbe Respect, Alder]
Stella White  Cerberus Shoal [Cerberus Shoal]
Stellar Kinematics / Anywave / Ol' Dirty Dancin'  Hørd [EP #2]
Step Forward  The Fall [Dragnet]
The Fall [Live At The Witch Trials]
Stereo Test Kit  Audrey [Visible Forms]
Sterne  Hubert-felix Thiefaine [Alambic / Sortie-Sud]
Sterne / MASQ  Hubert-felix Thiefaine [Dernières Balises (avant Mutation)]
Stickfigure  Blame Game [Honey And Salt]
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You [Believes In Patterns]
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You [I Would Set Myself On Fire For You]
Stickman  Elder [Lore]
Motorpsycho [Let Them Eat Cake]
Sticksister  Favez [Bellefontaine Avenue]
Stiff  Elvis Costello [My Aim Is True]
Elvis Costello [This Year's Model]
The Damned [Damned Damned Damned]
The Damned [Music For Pleasure]
The Damned [New Rose]
The Pogues [Red Roses For Me]
Yello [You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess]
Still / Off  Baby Fire [The Red Robe]
Stockholm  Pain [Nothing Remains The Same]
Stockholm Records / Mercury  The Cardigans [First Band On The Moon]
Stolen  Let's Wrestle [In The Court Of Wrestling Let's]
Pete & The Pirates [Little Death]
Stolen Body  Karkara [Crystal Gazer]
Stones Throw  Mild High Club [Skiptracing]
Storm  The A.M. [The A.M.]
Straight  Tim Buckley [Blue Afternoon]
Captain Beefheart [Lick My Decals Off, Baby]
Strange Famous  Buck 65 [Situation]
Strange Fruit  Frank Black [The John Peel Session EP]
Joy Division [The Complete BBC Recordings]
Mudhoney [Here Comes Sickness]
New Order [In Session]
The Slits [The Peel Sessions]
Strange Ways  22 Pistepirkko [Zipcode]
Strangefolk  Kula Shaker [K 2.0]
Kula Shaker [Pilgrim's Progress]
Kula Shaker [Strangefolk]
Strangelight  Antimatter [Lights Out]
Strangetown  The Peth [The Golden Mile]
Strata  Lamb [5]
Striving For Togetherness  Vision Of Disorder [Still]
Strongroom Studios  The Housemartins [London 0 Hull 4]
Studio Canal  Björk [Medulla - DVD]
No One Is Innocent [Live Siempre De Suerte]
Stuntkite  Pest Sound [76 Kilos Laughing]
Stunvolume  Garbage [Not Your Kind Of People]
Garbage [Strange Little Birds]
Sub City  Thrice [The Artist In The Ambulance]
Sub Pop  The Afghan Whigs [Congregation]
The Afghan Whigs [Do To The Beast]
The Afghan Whigs [Up In It]
The Album Leaf [In A Safe Place]
The Album Leaf [Into The Blue Again]
Band Of Horses [Cease To Begin]
Band Of Horses [Everything All The Time]
Beach House [7]
Beach House [Bloom]
Beach House [Depression Cherry]
Beach House [Teen Dream]
Beach House [Thank Your Lucky Stars]
The Brunettes [Structures & Cosmetics]
Bully [Losing]
Cansei De Ser Sexy [Cansei De Ser Sexy]
Cansei De Ser Sexy [Donkey]
Codeine [Barely Real EP]
Codeine [Frigid Stars]
Codeine [The White Birch]
Comets On Fire [Avatar]
Comets On Fire [Blue Cathedral]
The Constantines [Shine A Light]
The Constantines [The Constantines]
The Constantines [Tournament Of Hearts]
Dead Moon [Echoes Of The Past]
Deaf Wish [Pain]
Earth [Earth 2 Special Low Frequency Version]
Earth [Pentastar In The Style Of Demons]
Earth [Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions]
The Elected [Sun, Sun, Sun]
Jeremy Enigk [Return Of The Frog Queen]
Eric's Trip [Forever Again]
Eric's Trip [Love Tara]
Flake Music [When You Land Here, It's Time To Return]
Fleet Foxes [Helplessness Blues]
Fleet Foxes [Sun Giant]
Flight Of The Conchords [Flight Of The Conchords]
Flight Of The Conchords [I Told You I Was Freaky]
Frankie Cosmos [Vessel]
Fruit Bats [Mouthfuls]
Fruit Bats [Spelled In Bones]
Fruit Bats [The Ruminant Band]
Fruit Bats [Tripper]
Goat [Commune]
Goat [Requiem]
Green River [Dry As A Bone]
Green River [Rehab Doll]
The Gutter Twins [Adorata]
The Gutter Twins [Saturnalia]
Marika Hackman [Covers]
Marika Hackman [I'm Not Your Man]
Handsome Furs [Plague Park]
Hazel [Toreador Of Love]
The Helio Sequence [Keep Your Eyes Ahead]
Heron Oblivion [Heron Oblivion]
Jesca Hoop [Love Letter For Fire]
Jesca Hoop [Memories Are Now]
Hot Hot Heat [Knock Knock Knock]
Hot Hot Heat [Make Up The Breakdown]
Hot Snakes [Jericho Sirens]
Iron & Wine [Around The Well]
Iron & Wine [Love Letter For Fire]
Iron & Wine [Our Endless Numbered Days]
Iron & Wine [Our Endless Numbered Days [Deluxe Edition]]
Iron & Wine [The Creek Drank The Cradle]
Iron & Wine [The Sea & The Rhythm]
Iron & Wine [The Shepherd's Dog]
Iron & Wine [Woman King]
The Jesus And Mary Chain [Munki]
Damien Jurado [Ghost Of David]
Damien Jurado [Rehearsals For Departure]
King Tuff [Black Moon Spell]
King Tuff [King Tuff]
King Tuff [Screaming Skull]
King Tuff [The Other]
Kinski [Airs Above Your Station]
Kinski [Alpine Static]
Knife Knights [1 Time Mirage]
L7 [Smell The Magic]
Mark Lanegan [Field Songs]
Mark Lanegan [I'll Take Care Of You]
Mark Lanegan [Scraps At Midnight]
Mark Lanegan [The Winding Sheet]
Mark Lanegan [Whiskey For The Holy Ghost]
Jason Loewenstein [At Sixes & Sevens]
Loney, Dear [Loney, Noir]
Love Battery [Dayglo]
Low [C'mon]
Low [Double Negative]
Low [Drums And Guns]
Low [The Great Destroyer]
Low [The Invisible Way]
J Mascis [Elastic Days]
J Mascis [Several Shades Of Why]
J Mascis [Tied To A Star]
Eric Matthews [It's Heavy In Here]
Memoryhouse [The Slideshow Effect]
Memoryhouse [The Years]
Moaning [Moaning]
The Monkeywrench [Clean As A Broke-Dick Dog]
The Monkeywrench [Gabriel's Horn]
Mudhoney [Digital Garbage]
Mudhoney [Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge]
Mudhoney [Live Mud]
Mudhoney [March To Fuzz]
Mudhoney [Mudhoney]
Mudhoney [Mudhoney On Top: KEXP Presents Mudhoney Live On Top Of The Space Needle]
Mudhoney [Since We've Become Translucent]
Mudhoney [Superfuzz Bigmuff]
Mudhoney [Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles]
Mudhoney [Superfuzz Bigmuff [Deluxe Edition]]
Mudhoney [The Lucky Ones]
Mudhoney [Under A Billion Suns]
Mudhoney [Vanishing Point]
The Murder City Devils [In Name And Blood]
The Murder City Devils [R.I.P.]
The Murder City Devils [Thelema]
Nebula [Charged]
Nebula [To The Center]
Nirvana [Bleach]
No Age [Nouns]
Pigeonhed [Pigeonhed]
Pigeonhed [The Full Sentence]
Pissed Jeans [Honeys]
Pissed Jeans [King Of Jeans]
Pissed Jeans [Why Love Now]
The Postal Service [Give Up]
The Postal Service [Such Great Heights]
The Rapture [Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks]
Red House Painters [Old Ramon]
Rein Sanction [Broc's Cabin]
Reverend Horton Heat [Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em]
Reverend Horton Heat [The Full Custom Gospel Sound Of The Reverend Horton Heat]
Rogue Wave [Descended Like Vultures]
Rogue Wave [Out Of The Shadow]
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever [Hope Downs]
Rose Windows [Rose Windows]
Screaming Trees [Change Has Come EP]
Sebadoh [Bakesale]
Sebadoh [Bubble & Scrape]
Sebadoh [Rebound EP]
Sebadoh [Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock]
Sebadoh [The Sebadoh]
Shabazz Palaces [Black Up]
Shabazz Palaces [Quazarz : Born On A Gangster Star]
Shabazz Palaces [Quazarz Vs The Jealous Machines]
Shearwater [Animal Joy]
The Shins [Chutes To Narrow]
The Shins [Oh Inverted World]
The Shins [Wincing The Night Away]
Six Finger Satellite [The Pigeon Is The Most Popular Bird]
Sleater-Kinney [Live In Paris]
Sleater-Kinney [No Cities To Love]
Sleater-Kinney [The Woods]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Tristessa]
Soundgarden [Screaming Life/Fopp]
Soundgarden [Ultramega OK (Expanded Reissue)]
Still Corners [Creatures Of An Hour]
Still Corners [Strange Pleasures]
Kelley Stoltz [Below The Branches]
Sunny Day Real Estate [Diary]
Sunny Day Real Estate [How It Feel To Be Something On]
Sunny Day Real Estate [Sunny Day Real Estate]
Supersuckers [La Mano Cornuda]
Supersuckers [The Sacrilicious Sounds Of The Supersuckers]
Supersuckers [The Smoke Of Hell]
Tad [8-Way Santa]
Tad [Salt Lick]
The Thermals [Fuckin A]
The Thermals [More Parts Per Million]
The Thermals [The Body, The Blood, The Machine]
Les Thugs [As Happy As Possible]
Les Thugs [Nineteen Something]
Les Thugs [Still Hungry]
Les Thugs [Strike]
Truly [Heart & Lungs]
The Twilight Singers [Dynamite Steps]
Ugly Casanova [Sharpen Your Teeth]
Chad Vangaalen [Shrink Dust]
The Vaselines [Sex With An X]
The Vaselines [The Way Of The Vaselines : The Complete History]
Velocity Girl [Copacetic]
Vetiver [Tight Knit]
Vue [Find Your Home]
Washed Out [Within And Without]
Weyes Blood [Titanic Rising]
Wipers [Is This Real ?]
Wolf Parade [Apologies To The Queen Mary]
Wolf Parade [At Mount Zoomer]
Zen Guerrilla [Shadows On The Sun]
Zen Guerrilla [Trance States In Tongues]
Sub Pop / Bella Union  Father John Misty [Fear Fun]
Father John Misty [God's Favorite Customer]
Father John Misty [I Love You, Honeybear]
Father John Misty [Pure Comedy]
Sub Pop / Virgin EMI / AMF  Marika Hackman [Any Human Friend]
Sub Pop ; City Slang  Calexico [Years To Burn]
Iron & Wine [Years To Burn]
Sub Rosa  Calla [Calla]
Laibach [Krst Pod Triglavom - Baptism/Klangniederschrift Einer Taufe]
Man [Helping Hands]
Oiseaux-Tempête [AL-'AN (and Your Night Is Your Shadow _ A Fairy-tale Piece Of Land To Make Our Dreams)]
Oiseaux-Tempête [From Somewhere Invisible]
Oiseaux-Tempête [Oiseaux-Tempête]
Oiseaux-Tempête [TARAB]
Oiseaux-Tempête [TLAMESS]
Oiseaux-Tempête [Unworks & Rarities]
Oiseaux-Tempête [Ütopiya?]
Sub Rosa, Nahal  Oiseaux-Tempête [What On Earth (Que Diable)]
Subharmonic  Bill Laswell [Psychonavigation]
Subliminal Sounds  Dungen [Ta Det Lugnt]
Subterfuge  Katzenjammer Kabarett [Katzenjammer Kabarett]
Subtext  Ellen Arkbro [For Organs And Brass]
Suburban  Birth Of Joy [Get Well]
Hermano [...Into The Exam Room]
Hermano [Dare I Say]
Hermano [Live At W2]
Hermano [The Sweet & Easy Of Brief Happiness]
Monomyth [Exo]
Suburban Noize  (Hed) Pe [Evolution]
Such Prod  Static Observer [StaticLab]
Sugar Fix  Tripping Daisy [Tripping Daisy]
Sugar Free  Beulah [When Your Heartstrings Beak]
Elf Power [The Winter Is Coming]
Suicide Squeeze  King Tuff [Wild Desire]
Kevin Morby [My Name]
Ty Segall [Sentimental Goblin]
V.H.S. [Gift Of Life]
Sula  Nils Petter Molvaer [NP3]
Nils Petter Molvaer [Streamer]
Sumerian  Bodycount [Manslaughter]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [One Of Us Is The Killer]
Sumerian Records  The Smashing Pumpkins [Cyr]
Summit  Gong [The Very Best Of Gong]
Sun  Johnny Cash [All Aboard The Blue Train]
Johnny Cash [Greatest!]
Johnny Cash [Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar]
Johnny Cash [Now Here's Johnny Cash]
Johnny Cash [Sings Hank Williams]
Sunday  The Pristines [UK] [Teen-Fraud, Pop-Whore]
Sunday Best  Grand National [Kicking The National Habit]
Alice Jemima [Alice Jemima]
Laucan [FramesPerSecond]
Sundust  Mütterlein [Orphans Of The Black Sun]
Mütterlein [Orphans Of The Black Sun (EP)]
Sunyata  Screaming Trees [Last Words - The Final Recordings]
Super Apes  Jorge Bernstein & The Pioupioufuckers [Meet Kim At The Bernstein Corporation: Violence Ultimatum]
Kim [Meets Jorge Bernstein & The Pioupioufuckers At The Bernstein Corporation: Violence Ultimatum]
Superball Music  Dredg [Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [IX]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [Tao Of The Dead]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [The Century Of Self]
Superglider  Tex La Homa [Dazzle Me With Transience]
Supernal Music  Drudkh [Autumn Aurora]
Drudkh [Blood In Our Wells]
Drudkh [Forgotten Legends]
Drudkh [Songs Of Grief And Solitude]
Supernatural Cat  Ufomammut [Eve]
Supernatural Organization  Cop Shoot Cop [Headkick Facsimile]
Supernova  Today Is The Day [Axis Of Eden]
Supersonic  Paradise Lost [Symbol Of Life]
Zenzile [Modus Vivendi]
Supersonik Sound  Dont Look Back [Drunk In Your Arms]
Supine  Tantrum [The Frontier Bursts Into View]
Suretone  Chris Cornell [Carry On]
Surprise  Vive La Fête ! [Grand Prix]
Surrender All  UNKLE [War Stories]
Survival  Hard-Ons [Too Far Gone]
Susan Lawly  Whitehouse [Birthdeath Experience]
Sushi Prod  Deckard [Dreams Of Dynamite And Divinity]
Uneven [U]
Sutro Park  Mudhoney [Head On The Curb]
Svart  Oranssi Pazuzu [Valonielu]
Oranssi Pazuzu [Värähtelijä]
Swami  The Bronx [Mariachi El Bronx I]
Hot Snakes [Audit In Progress]
Hot Snakes [Automatic Midnight]
Hot Snakes [Suicide Invoice]
Hot Snakes [Thunder Down Under]
Sweet Nothing  Nebula [Dos EPs]
Truly [Twilight Curtains]
The Von Bondies [Lack Of Communication]
Swim~  Akatombo [Trace Elements]
Githead [Art Pop]
Swiss Dark Nights / Manic Depression  Ash Code [Posthuman]
Swiss Dots  Animal Collective [ODDSAC]
Swordfish  Godflesh [Godflesh]
Syd Kult  Syd Kult [Syd Kult]
Syd Kult [Weltschmerz]
Sympathy For The Record Industry  Acid King [Zoroaster]
The Detroit Cobras [Mink Rat Or Rabbit]
Gun Club [Death Party EP + Live]
April March [April March Sings Along With The Makers]
Veruca Salt [IV]
The White Stripes [The White Stripes]
The White Stripes [White Blood Cells]
The Willowz [Talk In Circles]
Syndicate  Bodycount [Born Dead]
SYR  Kim Gordon Quartet [SYR 5]
Sonic Youth [Hold That Tiger]
Sonic Youth [SYR 1]
Sonic Youth [SYR 2]
Sonic Youth [SYR 3]
Sonic Youth [SYR 4 : Goodbye 20th Century]
Sonic Youth [SYR 6 : Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui]
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