Label  Disque
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Aufheben]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Don't Get Lost]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Mini Album Thingy Wingy]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Musique De Film Imaginé]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [My Bloody Underground]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Revelation]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Revolution Number Zero]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Something Else]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [The Singles Collection 1992 - 2011]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Third World Pyramid]
The KVB [Out Of Body]
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe [I Declare Nothing]
À Tant Rêver Du Roi  Bison Bisou [Bodysick]
A&M  Bauhaus [The Sky's Gone Out]
Dodgy [Homegrown]
The Dream Syndicate [Medicine Show]
The Feelies [Crazy Rhythms]
The Feelies [Time For A Witness]
The Human League [Dare!]
Kitchens Of Distinction [The Death Of Cool]
Monster Magnet [Dopes To Infinity]
Monster Magnet [God Says No]
Monster Magnet [Powertrip]
Monster Magnet [Superjudge]
Iggy Pop [Instinct]
Redd Kross [Yersteday Once More]
Sixteen Horsepower [Low Estate]
Sixteen Horsepower [Sackcloth 'n' Ashes]
Sonic Youth [Superstar]
Soul Asylum [And The Horse They Rode In On]
Soul Asylum [Hang Time]
Soundgarden [Badmotorfinger]
Soundgarden [Down On The Upside]
Soundgarden [Live On I-5]
Soundgarden [Louder Than Love]
Soundgarden [Superunknown]
Soundgarden [Superunknown 20th Anniversary Edition]
Swervedriver [Mezcal Head]
Temple Of The Dog [Temple Of The Dog]
Therapy? [Infernal Love]
Therapy? [Nurse]
Therapy? [Semi-Detached]
Therapy? [Troublegum]
Suzanne Vega [99.9 F°]
Suzanne Vega [Nine Objects Of Desire]
Suzanne Vega [Solitude Standing]
A-Zap  Melt Banana [Bambi's Dilemma]
Melt Banana [Cell-Scape]
Melt Banana [Charlie]
Melt Banana [Fetch]
Melt Banana [Teeny Shiny]
A.N.D. Music  Double Nelson [The So Sorry Spaceman, The So Sick Spaceman And The Noisy Shadow Vs. Double Nelson]
Aagoo  Hunters [Hands On Fire]
Mind Monogram [AM In The PM]
Prettiest Eyes [Looks]
Aagoo, RevLab  Anthony Laguerre [Laguerre/Noetinger - DnT]
Jérome Noetinger [Laguerre/Noetinger - DnT]
Aarght!  Nun [The Dome]
AATT  And Also The Trees [1980-2005]
Abacus  Planes Mistaken For Stars [Mercy]
Abbey Road Live  New Order [Live At The London Troxy -10th December 2011]
Absentee  The Boxer Rebellion [The Cold Still]
Absolutely Kosher  Chris Garneau [C Sides]
Chris Garneau [Music For Tourists]
Okay [Huggable Dust]
Pinback [Offcell EP]
Thingy [To The Innocent]
The Wrens [The Meadowlands]
Accelera Son  Aline [Regarde Le Ciel]
Accidental  Matthew Herbert [Plat Du Jour]
Mugison [Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music?]
Accord  Johan Asherton [God's Clown]
Ace Fu  An Albatross [Blessphemy (Of The Peace-Beast Feastgiver And The Bear Warp Kumite)]
An Albatross [We Are The Lazer Viking]
Annuals [Be He Me]
Pinback [Blue Screen Life]
Systems Officer [Systems Officer EP]
Ace Of Hearts  Mission Of Burma [Signals, Calls And Marches]
Mission Of Burma [Vs.]
Aces & Eights  Zeke [Death Alley]
Acetate  Sonny Vincent [The Good, The Bad & The Ugly]
Acme  Sun Dial [Acid Yantra]
Sun Dial [Return Journey]
Sun Dial [Zen For Sale]
ACP  Orbital [Monsters Exist]
Action  The Fall [The Real New Fall LP (Formerly Country On The Click)]
Active  Candlemass [Nightfall]
Active Suspension  Domotic [Ask For Tiger]
Domotic [Bye Bye]
Edh [The Correct Use Of Pets]
Hypo [Karaoke A Capella]
Hypo [Random Veneziano]
Hypo [The Correct Use Of Pets]
Shugo Tokumaru [L.S.T.]
Acuarela  Dominique A [L'attirance EP]
The Berg Sans Nipple [Play The Immutable Truth]
Damon & Naomi [The Earth Is Blue]
Migala [Arde]
Songs : Ohia [Our Golden Ratio]
This Song Is A Mess But So Am I [Marble Mouth]
Acuarela Discos  Hood [British Radars]
Acute  Theoretical Girls [Theoretical Girls]
Ad Hoc  Andy Bole [Ramshackle Pier]
Ad Noiseam  Whourkr [4247 Snare Drums]
Add It Up  The Lanskies [Romeo]
Ades  Nico [The Drama Of Exile]
Adipocère  Celestial Season [Forever Scarlet Passion]
Proton Burst [Silence]
Your Shapeless Beauty [Your Shapeless Beauty]
Adrenaline  Blind Melon [For My Friends]
Adult Baby Record/ K7  Kazu Makino [Adult Baby]
Adult Swim  Girls Against Boys [Nineties Vs Eighties]
Girls Against Boys [Tropic Of Scorpio]
Aero  Friends Of Dean Martinez [Lost Horizon]
Aesthetics  L'Altra [In The Afternoon]
Pulseprogramming [Tulsa For One Second]
Windsor For The Derby [The Emotional Rescue LP]
Aezra  Before Braille [The Rumor]
AFM  Danzig [Black Laden Crown]
Africantape  Extra Life [Dream Seeds]
Marvin [Barry]
Marvin [Hangover The Top]
Shipping News [One Less Heartless To Fear]
Ventura [Ultima Necat]
Africantape / On The Camper  Camilla Sparksss [Europe]
Age 101  Little Simz [Sometimes I Might Be Introvert]
AGE : 101 Music  Little Simz [A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons]
Agonia  Ephel Duath [Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness]
Agony  Heliogabale [Yolk]
AI  Sinner DC [Crystallized]
Ajax  East River Pipe [Shining Hours In A Can]
The Mountain Goats [Zopilote Machine]
Albion  The Db's [Stands For Decibels]
Alchemy  Melvins [Gluey Porch Treatments]
Alfa  Yellow Magic Orchestra [BGM]
Yellow Magic Orchestra [Naughty Boys]
Yellow Magic Orchestra [Solid State Survivor]
Yellow Magic Orchestra [Technodelic]
Yellow Magic Orchestra [Yellow Magic Orchestra]
The Young Gods [T.V. Sky]
Alias  American Music Club [Everclear]
Archers Of Loaf [All The Nation's Airport]
Archers Of Loaf [Icky Mettle]
Yo La Tengo [May I Sing With Me]
Yo La Tengo [Upside Down EP]
Alice In Wonder  Sylvain Chauveau [Le Livre Noir Du Capitalisme]
Alien  Rexy [Running Out Of Time]
Alien 8  Acid Mothers Temple [Mantra Of Love]
Et Sans [Par Noussss Touss Les Trous De Vos Crânes!]
Les Georges Leningrad [Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo]
Lesbians On Ecstasy [We Know You Know]
Menace Ruine [The Die Is Cast]
Molasses [Trouble At Jinx Hotel]
Nadja [Touched]
Nadja [Truth Becomes Death]
Lee Ranaldo [Hall Ranaldo Hooker - Oasis Of Whispers]
Set Fire To Flames [Sings Reign Rebuilder]
The Unicorns [Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?]
Alienor  The Delano Orchestra [A Little Girl, A Little Boy And All The Snails They Have Drawn]
The Notwist [Shrink]
Pull [Sacred Monkey]
Alive  The Black Keys [The Big Come Up]
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires [There Is A Bomb In Gilead]
The Nerves [One Way Ticket]
Thomas Function [Celebration!]
Two Gallants [The Throes]
All Time Low / Hands In The Dark  The Oscillation [From Tomorrow]
The Oscillation [Monographic]
All Tomorrow's Parties  Bardo Pond [On The Ellipse]
Bardo Pond [Selections : Volumes I-IV]
Bardo Pond [Ticket Crystals]
Fuck Buttons [Street Horrrsing]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [Flags Of The Sacred Harp]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [Wow / The Magick Fire Music]
All Tube  Sentenza [Rock'n'Roll Freedom]
Allied  Buzzov-en [To A Frown]
AllPoints  Alela Diane [Cusp]
Almafame  Katastrophy Wife [Amusia]
Almo Sounds  Garbage [Version 2.0]
Soulwax [Much Against Everyone's Advice]
ALMOST MUSIQUE  Aquaserge [Laisse ça être]
Altavistic  Lee Ranaldo [East Jesus]
Alter K  Johnny Mafia [Michel-Michel Michel]
Vandaveer [Dig Down Deep]
Vandaveer [Divide & Conquer]
Vandaveer [Grace & Speed]
Alternative Tentacles  Buzzov-en [Welcome To Violence]
Dead Kennedys [Bedtime For Democracy]
Dead Kennedys [Frankenchrist]
Dead Kennedys [Plastic Surgery Disasters]
Dog Faced Hermans [Those Deep Buds]
Grotus [Slow Motion Apocalypse]
Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine [The Audacity Of Hype]
Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine [White People And The Damage Done]
Lard [Pure Chewing Satisfaction]
Lard [The Last Temptation Of Reid]
Melvins [Never Breathe What You Can't See]
Melvins [Sieg Howdy]
Neurosis [Enemy Of The Sun]
Neurosis [Pain Of Mind]
Neurosis [Souls At Zero]
Nomeansno [Wrong]
Zen Guerrilla [Invisible "Liftee" Pad / Gap-Tooth Clown]
Zen Guerrilla [Positronic Raygun]
Zeni Geva [Desire For Agony]
Altitude  Alaska! [Rescue Through Tomahawk]
Amarillo  Secret Chiefs 3 [First Grand Constitution And Bylaws]
Secret Chiefs 3 [Hurqalya (Second Grand Constitution And Bylaws)]
Amendment  Orchid [Pig Destroyer / Orchid]
Pig Destroyer [Pig Destroyer / Orchid]
American  Barkmarket [Gimmick]
Barkmarket [L. Ron]
Barkmarket [Lardroom]
Johnny Cash [American Recordings]
Johnny Cash [American Recordings II : Unchained]
Johnny Cash [American Recordings III : Solitary Man]
Johnny Cash [Ring Of Fire : The Legend Of Johnny Cash]
Danzig [Danzig : 4p]
The Jayhawks [Sound Of Lies]
Love And Rockets [Hot Trip To Heaven]
Love And Rockets [Sweet F.A.]
Medicine [Her Highness]
Medicine [The Sounds Of Medicine - Stripped And Reformed Sound]
Jonny Polonsky [Hi My Name Is Jonny]
Skinny Puppy [The Process]
American Landromat  The Cure [Just Like Heaven-Tribute To The Cure]
Neil Young [Cinnamon Girl : Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity]
Ammiratore Omonimo  Vonneumann [Sitcom Koan]
Ammiratore Omonimo, Retroazione Compagnie Fonographiche  Vonneumann [NorN]
Amphetamine Reptile  Chokebore [A Taste For Bitters]
Chokebore [Motionless]
Helios Creed [Boxing The Clown]
Helios Creed [Kiss To The Brain]
Helios Creed [Lactating Purple]
Helios Creed [Planet X]
Helios Creed [The Last Laugh]
Helmet [Born Annoying]
Helmet [Born Annoying / Rumble]
Helmet [Strap It On]
Lowercase [Kill The Lights]
Melvins [Honky]
Melvins [Prick]
Melvins [Sabbath]
Melvins [Singles 1-12]
Tar [Jackson]
Tar [Roundhouse]
Today Is The Day [Supernova]
Today Is The Day [Today Is The Day]
Today Is The Day [Willpower]
Unsane [Scattered, Smothered & Covered]
Ample Play  Sudden Death Of Stars [All Unrevealed Parts Of The Unknown]
And Also The Trees  And Also The Trees [Further From The Truth]
And Also The Trees [Hunter Not The Hunted]
And Music  Double Nelson [Double Nelson Und Mogalito H.Ramm : La Somme Des Faits Ne Peut Depasser La Quantite Du Tout]
Andrew Bird  Andrew Bird [Fingerlings]
Andrew Bird [Music Of Hair]
Angry Voice  Agathocles [Kanpai !!]
Animal  Animal Collective [Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished]
Gun Club [Miami]
Gun Club [The Las Vegas Story]
Iggy Pop [Zombie Birdhouse]
Animal Factory  Crane Angels [Le Sylphide De Brighton]
Petit Fantôme [Yallah]
Rhume [Rhume]
Animal Street  Awards [Warm Computers]
Aniplex  Plaid [Tekkon Kinkreet]
Annexia  Thomas Bel [Innerly]
Anodyne  Meat Puppets [Rise To Your Knees]
Anorak Supersport  I Am X [The Alternative]
Jeronimo [Un Monde Sans Moi]
Soldout [Dead Tapes]
Another  Gâtechien [2]
Gâtechien [Gâtechien]
Gâtechien [Live At La Nef]
Half Asleep [Palms & Plums]
The Keys [Long Time No Sea]
Anti  Neko Case [Fox Confessor Brings The Flood]
Roky Erickson [Roky Erickson & Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil With Okkervil River]
The Frames [The Cost]
Glen Hansard [Rhythm And Repose]
Islands [Arm's Way]
The Locust [Plague Soundscapes]
Jason Lytle [Yours Truly, The Commuter]
Magnus [The Body Gave You Everything]
Man Man [Life Fantastic]
Man Man [Rabbit Habits]
Bob Mould [District Line]
Bob Mould [Life And Times]
Okkervil River [Roky Erickson & Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil With Okkervil River]
One Day As A Lion [One Day As A Lion]
Beth Orton [Kidsticks]
Beth Orton [Sugaring Season]
Tinariwen [Elwan]
Tinariwen [Tassili]
Tricky [Blowback]
Tricky [Vulnerable]
Tom Waits [Alice]
Tom Waits [Bad As Me]
Tom Waits [Blood Money]
Tom Waits [Mule Variations]
Tom Waits [Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards]
Tom Waits [Real Gone]
Matt Ward [Supernatural Thing]
Wilco [The Whole Love]
Anti-  Neko Case [Furnace Room Lullaby]
Neko Case [Hell-On]
Neko Case [The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You]
Fleet Foxes [Shore]
The Good Ones [Rwanda, You Should Be Loved]
Anticon  13 & God [13 & God]
13 & God [Own Your Ghost]
Baths [Cerulean]
Dosh [The Lost Take]
S / S / S [Beak & Claw]
Saroos [See Me Not]
SJ Esau [Small Vessel]
Son Lux [At War With Walls & Mazes]
Son Lux [We Are Rising]
Why? [Alopecia]
Why? [Elephant Eyelash]
Why? [Sanddollars EP]
Antilles  James Chance [No New York]
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks [No New York]
Antler-Subway  Noise Unit [Grinding Into Emptiness]
Anxious  Curve [Doppelgänger]
Anywave  Bad News From Cosmos [Heima Matti]
Bad News From Cosmos [Minn Sjó]
The Beautiful Schizophonic [L'Atelier Des Filles]
Fléau [Fléau]
Anywave / Manic Depression  Schonwald [Between Parallel Lines]
Anywave, Atelier Ciseaux  Fléau [II]
Apathia  Abstrusa Unde [Introspection]
Apollo  Aphex Twin [Selected Ambient Works 85-92]
Aporia  Julie Doiron [So Many Days]
Appease Me  Blut Aus Nord [Thematic Emanation Of Archetypal Multiplicity]
Apple  The Beatles [Abbey Road]
The Beatles [Let It Be]
The Beatles [The Beatles]
Appolo  Nadine Shah [Fast Food]
Nadine Shah [Love Your Dum And Mad]
Arable  The Matinee Orchestra [The Matinee Orchestra]
Psapp [Buttons & War]
Arbouse  Acetate Zero [Civilize The Satanists]
Acetate Zero [Crestfallen]
Acetate Zero [Ground Altitude]
Thousand & Bramier [The Sway Of Beasts]
Arcady  Carl Barât [Carl Barât]
Architect Of Noise  Danishmendt [Eaux Fortes]
Ardeck  The Undertones [Positive Touch]
The Undertones [The Sin Of Pride]
Ardeje  René Binamé [René Binamé Et Les Roues De Secours]
Ardent  Big Star [#1 Record]
Big Star [Radio City]
Alex Chilton [1970]
Aredje  René Binamé [Hop! Hop! Hop!]
Arena Rock  Calla [Televise]
Elf Power [Vainly Clutching At Phantom Limbs]
Argonauta  Shabda [Pharmakon/Pharmakos]
Arista  The Church [Gold Afternoon Fix]
The Church [Heyday]
The Church [Sometime Anywhere]
Cranes [Loved]
Electrasy [In Here We Fall]
The Electric Soft Parade [The American Adventure]
Ministry [With Sympathy]
Iggy Pop [New Values]
Iggy Pop [Soldier]
Lou Reed [Growing Up In Public]
Lou Reed [Rock And Roll Heart]
Lou Reed [Street Hassle]
Lou Reed [Take No Prisoners]
Lou Reed [The Bells]
Patti Smith [Dream Of Life]
Patti Smith [Easter]
Patti Smith [Gone Again]
Patti Smith [Gung Ho]
Patti Smith [Horses]
Patti Smith [Radio Ethiopia]
Patti Smith [Wave]
Spiritualized [Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space]
Spiritualized [Let It Come Down]
Arista France  Chaton [POSSIBLE]
Ark  Alberta Cross [The Thief & The Heartbreaker]
Ark 21  Therapy? [Shameless]
Transglobal Underground [Yes Boss Food Corner]
Arlo & Betty  Teitur [Stay Under The Stars]
Armageddon  The Soft Boys [Underwater Moonlight]
Art & Industry  The House Of Love [Days Run Away]
Art Fag  Las Robertas [Cry Out Loud]
Artefact  Little Nemo [Past And Future]
Artemis  Spacehog [The Hogyssey]
Artemisia  Wolves In The Throne Room [Celestite]
Artemisia Records  Wolves In The Throne Room [Thrice Woven]
Artful  The Creatures [Hai !]
The Fall [A World Bewitched]
The Fall [Levitate]
The Fall [The Marshall Suite]
Artificial Plastic Records  The Jesus And Mary Chain [Damage And Joy]
Artisan  3 Guys Never In [3 Guys Never In]
Gramophone [Gramophone]
Artoffact  Kælan Mikla [Undir Köldum Norðurljósum]
Arts & Crafts  Apostle Of Hustle [Folkloric Feel]
Apostle Of Hustle [National Anthem Of Nowhere]
Broken Social Scene [Bee Hives]
Broken Social Scene [Broken Social Scene]
Broken Social Scene [Forgiveness Rock Record]
Broken Social Scene [Hug Of Thunder]
Broken Social Scene [Live At Radio Aligre FM In Paris]
Broken Social Scene [To Be You And Me EP]
Brendan Canning [Something For All Of Us]
Kevin Drew [Spirit If...]
Hayden [Us Alone]
Stars [Set Yourself On Fire]
Timber Timbre [Hot Dreams]
Timber Timbre [Timber Timbre]
Trust [Joyland]
Trust [TRST]
Valley Of The Giants [Valley Of The Giants]
Ascetic  Dropsonic [The Low Life]
Asian Man  Ee [For 100 We Try Harder]
Asphodel  Diamanda Galas [Malediction And Prayer]
Asthmatic Kitty  Castanets [Cathedral]
Castanets [First Light's Freeze]
The Curtains [Calamity]
My Brightest Diamond [All Things Will Unwind]
My Brightest Diamond [Bring Me The Workhorse]
Rafter [Music For Total Chicken]
Shapes And Sizes [Shapes And Sizes]
Shapes And Sizes [Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner]
Sufjan Stevens [A Sun Came]
Sufjan Stevens [Carrie & Lowell]
Sufjan Stevens [Enjoy Your Rabbit]
Sufjan Stevens [Greetings From Michigan, The Great Lake State]
Sufjan Stevens [Songs For Christmas]
Sufjan Stevens [The Age Of ADZ]
Sufjan Stevens [The Avalanche: Outtakes & Extras From The Illinois Album !]
Astralwerks  Air [Moon Safari]
Badly Drawn Boy [One Plus One Is One]
The Chemical Brothers [Exit Planet Dust]
Future Sound Of London [LifeForms]
Kings Of Convenience [Versus]
Sondre Lerche [Faces Down]
Sondre Lerche [Phantom Punch]
Sondre Lerche [Two Way Monologue]
The Little Ones [Sing Song]
Iggy Pop [Préliminaires]
Primal Scream [XTRMNTR]
Röyksopp [The Understanding]
The Sleepy Jackson [Lovers]
Astro Nautico  L'Rain [L'Rain]
Asylum  Bob Dylan [Planet Waves]
Tom Waits [Heartattack & Vine]
Tom Waits [Nighthawks At The Diner]
Tom Waits [Small Change]
Tom Waits [The Heart Of Saturday Night]
At The Dojo  Fu Manchu [Gigantoid]
At(h)ome  Kaolin [Mélanger Les Couleurs]
Sleeppers [Signals From Elements]
At(h)ome / Wagram Music  Sleeppers [Keep Focus]
Ata Tak  Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft [Ein Produkt Der Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft]
Atavistic  Glenn Branca [Indeterminate Activity Of Resultant Masses]
Glenn Branca [Songs '77-79']
Glenn Branca [Symphony N°2 (The Peak Of The Sacred)]
Glenn Branca [Symphony N°3 (Gloria)]
Glenn Branca [Symphony N°5 (Describing Planes Of An Expanding Hypersphere)]
Glenn Branca [Symphony N°6 (Devil Choirs At The Gates Of Heaven)]
Chris Brokaw [Red Cities]
Lydia Lunch [Smoke In The Shadows]
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks [Everything]
Atem ; Eric Faes  Univers Zéro [Univers Zéro]
Atic  Death Of The Neighbourhood [Death Of The Neighbourhood]
Atlantic  Alice Cooper [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Tori Amos [Boys For Pelé]
Tori Amos [From The Choirgirl Hotel]
Tori Amos [Little Earthquakes]
Tori Amos [Tales Of A Librarian]
Tori Amos [Under The Pink]
Baby Chaos [Love Your Sex Abuse]
Bad Religion [No Substance]
Bad Religion [Stranger Than Fiction]
Bad Religion [The Gray Race]
Bush [Golden State]
Clutch [Pure Rock Fury]
Death Cab For Cutie [Asphalt Meadows]
Death Cab For Cutie [Codes & Keys]
Death Cab For Cutie [Kintsugi]
Death Cab For Cutie [Narrows Stairs]
Death Cab For Cutie [Plans]
Death Cab For Cutie [Thank You For Today]
Death Cab For Cutie [The Blue EP]
The Donnas [Gold Medal]
The Donnas [Spend The Night]
Fountains Of Wayne [Fountains Of Wayne]
Fountains Of Wayne [Utopia Parkway]
Funeral For A Friend [Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation]
Gratitude [Gratitude]
Juliana Hatfield [Only Everything]
Jawbox [For Your Own Special Sweetheart]
Jawbox [Jawbox]
Daniel Johnston [Fun]
The Joy Formidable [The Big Roar]
The Lemonheads [Car Button Cloth]
The Lemonheads [Come On Feel]
The Lemonheads [It's A Shame About Ray]
The Lemonheads [Lovey]
Louis XIV [The Best Little Secrets Are Kept]
Melvins [Houdini]
Melvins [Stag]
Melvins [Stoner Witch]
Janelle Monáe [Dirty Computer]
The Orwells [Terrible Human Beings]
Puressence [Only Forever]
Puressence [Puressence]
Rival Schools [Found]
Rival Schools [Pedals]
Stone Temple Pilots [Core]
Stone Temple Pilots [Purple]
The Streets [Original Pirate Material]
The Tea Party [Transmission]
Walt Mink [El Producto]
The War On Drugs [A Deeper Understanding]
Zero7 [The Garden]
Atlantic / Crush  Weezer [The Teal Album]
Atlantic Curve  Iliketrains [KOMPROMAT]
Atlantic Records  Lizzo [Cuz I Love You]
Atlas  James Blake [James Blake]
Atmark Corporation  Plastic Tree [Traümerai]
Atmosphériques  Nits [Doing The Dishes]
Spor [Is Today Tomorrow?]
Tahiti 80 [Puzzle]
ATO  The Bronx [Mariachi El Bronx III]
The Claypool Lennon Delirium [Lime And Limpid Green]
The Claypool Lennon Delirium [Monolith Of Phobos]
Mike Doughty [Highty Melodic]
Mike Doughty [Sad Man Happy Man]
Jim James [Eternally Even]
Jim James [Uniform Clarity]
Jim James [Uniform Distortion]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Live In San Francisco '16]
Ben Kweller [Ben Kweller]
Ben Kweller [Changing Horses]
Ben Kweller [On My Way]
My Morning Jacket [Circuital]
My Morning Jacket [It Still Moves]
My Morning Jacket [My Morning Jacket]
My Morning Jacket [Okonokos]
My Morning Jacket [The Waterfall]
My Morning Jacket [The Waterfall II]
My Morning Jacket [Z]
Sun Club [The Dongo Durango]
Two Gallants [The Bloom And The Blight]
ATO / Bella Union  Midlake [Antiphon]
Atomic Heart  Ash [A-Z Vol.1]
ATP  Fuck Buttons [Slow Focus]
Loop [Array 1]
ATP Recordings  Fuck Buttons [Tarot Sport]
Attack  Morrissey [Irish Blood, English Heart]
Morrissey [Ringleader Of The Tormentors]
Morrissey [You Are The Quarry]
Attack Attack  The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Who Killed Sgt Pepper?]
Justin Sullivan [Tales Of The Road]
New Model Army [Carnival]
New Model Army [High]
New Model Army [Lost Songs]
New Model Army [Today Is A Good Day]
Atypeek  Emboe [Alea_Part I]
Emboe [Alea_Part II]
Emboe [Alea_Part III]
Emboe [Alea_Part IV]
Kai Reznik [Awkward Motions]
Kill The Thrill [Low]
Atypeek Music  Echoplain [Echoplain EP]
Pù [Tunguska : Last Transmission]
Au-Go-Go  The Hellacopters [Disappointment Blues]
Man Or Astroman ? [What Remain Inside A Black Hole]
Audiodregs  Ratatat [Classics]
Audioglobe  Ufomammut [Idolum]
Ulan Bator [OK:KO]
Aural Apothecary / Columbia  The Shins [Heartworms]
The Shins [Port Of Morrow]
Aural Apothecary ; Columbia  The Shins [The Worm's Heart]
Aural Apothecary, Columbia  Broken Bells [After The Disco]
Broken Bells [Broken Bells]
Broken Bells [Meyrin Fields]
Aurora Borealis  Murmuüre [Murmuüre]
Auto-édité  Mark Lanegan [Dark Mark Does Christmas 2012]
Auto-produit  Noname [Room 25]
Psychonaut [XXIV Trips Around The Sun]
Automation  Cex [Actual Fucking]
Autoproduction  Ólöf Arnalds [Matador]
Mark Lanegan [Dark Mark Does Christmas 2020]
Lovely Girls Are Blind [Lovely Girls Are Sad]
Autoproduction ; Atlantic  Death Cab For Cutie [The Georgia E.P.]
Autoproduit  Dominique A [Un Disque Sourd]
Agathocles [20 Songs 7'' EP]
Amon Tobin [Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels]
And Also The Trees [Born Into The Waves]
The Apex Theory [In That Sky Is Something Watching]
Bananas At The Audience [Staring At The Surface]
Mick Barr [Ocrilim - Sacreth]
Big Bend [Radish]
Bilau [Bilau]
The Blue Angel Lounge [The Blue Angel Lounge]
Blunderbuss [2006]
Bowerbirds [Danger At Sea]
The Boxer Rebellion [Union]
Car Seat Headrest [Twin Fantasy]
The Caretaker [Everywhere At The End Of Time [Part 1-3]]
Cercueil [Cercueil EP]
Chloe X Halle [The Two Of Us]
Cinder Well [The Unconscious Echo]
Clan Of Xymox [Subsequent Pleasures]
Jon Crosby [Generica Vol. I-V]
Destiny [Honeysuckle]
Devics [Buxom]
Alela Diane [Forest Parade]
Sandy Dillon [Shipwrecked]
Dionysos [Happening Songs]
The Dodos [Beware Of The Maniacs]
Double Nelson [Pousser La Voiture]
Double Nelson [Un Sentiment Étrange]
Emboe [Erldl EP]
Emboe [The Covers EP]
Katie Jane Garside [Lalleshwari/Lullabies In A Glass Wilderness]
Gojira [Maciste All Inferno]
Gojira [Of Blood And Salt]
Gonjasufi [The 9th Inning EP]
Graceful [No One Hears Us]
Great Lake Swimmers [When We Last Shook Hands: Cover Songs Volume 1]
Harvee [Sink Or Swim]
Heliogabale [Diving Rooms]
Kristin Hersh [Spark Meet Gasoline (Work In Progress)]
I'm From Barcelona [Sing!!]
Ichiko Aoba [Pneuma]
Interpol [Precipitate EP]
Jim Younger's Spirit [Missouri Woods]
JMPZ [Cyclothymique]
Kero Kero Bonito [TOTEP]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Anglesea]
The Kodan Armada [Ohio Killed The Grey Ghost]
Julien Ledru [White Oak Blues]
Tkay Maidza [Switch Tape (A Mix By Elk)]
Mars Red Sky [Myramyd]
Mortis Mutilati [The Stench Of Death]
The Murlocs [The Murlocs]
My Own Private Alaska [My Own Private Alaska]
Jim Noir [Zooper Dooper]
Object [Object EP]
Oh No! Oh My! [Between The Devil And The Sea]
Oh No! Oh My! [Oh No! Oh My!]
Peste Noire [Mors Orbis Terrarum]
Christine Pizzuti [Dirty Home]
Ritualz [Ghetto Ass Witch]
RQTN [Decades And Decisions]
RQTN [Monolithes En Mouvement]
Rina Sawayama [RINA]
Sebadoh [Secret EP]
Sleeppers [Illogical Moody Mind]
Regina Spektor [11:11]
Traumprinz [Live At Planet Uterus]
Ulver [Vargnatt]
Vandaveer [A Minor Spell EP]
Wax Tailor [Lost The Way]
The Wendy Darlings [We Come With Friendly Purposes]
Auxiliar  Dengue Dengue Dengue [La Alianza Profana]
Avalanche  Godflesh [A World Lit Only By Fire]
Godflesh [Post Self]
Jesu [Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came]
Jesu [Pale Sketches]
Avalantic  The Rose Of Avalanche [I.C.E.]
The Rose Of Avalanche [Never Another Sunset]
Avant  Naked City [Absinthe]
Avantgarde  Lifelover [Konkurs]
Average Cabbage  Adam Green [That Fucking Feeling]
Awal  Nick Cave & Warren Elllis [Carnage]
Aware One  GG Allin [Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies]
Awful  Father [I'm A Piece Of Shit]
Tommy Genesis [World Vision]
Awful Bliss  Faris Nourallah [Radio Faris]
Axiom  Bill Laswell [Altered Beats - Assassin Knowledges Of The Remanipulated]
AYAA  Ptôse [Ignobles Limaces]
AZ  Absynthe Minded [Absynthe Minded]
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