Label  Disque
C/Z  Built To Spill [Ultimate Alternative Wavers]
Caustic Resin [Body Love Body Hate]
The Gits [Enter : The Conquering Chicken]
The Gits [Frenching The Bully]
Melvins [10 Songs]
Moonshake [Cranes EP]
Cacophonous  Sigh [Scenario IV : Dread Dreams]
Cadfactory  The Doctors [Dctrs]
Calde Verde  Mark Kozelek [Mark Kozelek With Ben Boye & Jim White 2]
Caldo Verde  Jesu [Jesu & Sun Kil Moon - 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth]
Jesu [Jesu / Sun Kil Moon]
Mark Kozelek [Little Drummer Boy Live]
Mark Kozelek [Mark Kozelek]
Sun Kil Moon [April]
Sun Kil Moon [Benji]
Sun Kil Moon [Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood]
Sun Kil Moon [Jesu & Sun Kil Moon - 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth]
Sun Kil Moon [Jesu / Sun Kil Moon]
Sun Kil Moon [Universal Themes]
Cambodia  Keelhaul [Keelhaul]
Camden Deluxe  The Wedding Present [Hit Parade]
Canada Council For The Arts  Patrick Watson [Just Another Ordinary Day]
Candle / Kitchenware  Prefab Sprout [Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone) / Radio Love]
Candlelight  Blut Aus Nord [Memoria Vetusta II – Dialogue With The Stars]
Blut Aus Nord [Mort - Metamorphosis Of Realistic Theories]
Blut Aus Nord [Odinist – The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination]
Blut Aus Nord [The Work Wich Transforms God]
Electric Wizard [Come My Fanatics...]
Extreme Noise Terror [Being And Nothing]
Manes [How The World Came To An End]
Opeth [My Arms, Your Hearse]
Opeth [Orchid]
Orange Goblin [Back From The Abyss]
Starkweather [Croatoan]
Vision Of Disorder [The Cursed Remain Cursed]
Candy Ass  New Bad Things [Freewheel]
CanISay?  Brainfreeze [Doxa]
Canvasback / ATCO  The Joy Formidable [Wolf's Law]
Capitaine Records  Turner Cody [Friends In High Places]
Capitol  22-20's [22-20's]
Keren Ann [Not Going Anywhere]
Beastie Boys [Hot Sauce Committee Part Two]
Beastie Boys [Ill Communication]
Beastie Boys [Paul's Boutique]
Beastie Boys [To The 5 Boroughs]
The Beatles [Help!]
Beck [Colors]
Beck [Hyperspace]
Beck [Morning Phase]
Blind Melon [Blind Melon]
Blind Melon [Live At The Palace]
Blind Melon [Soup]
Blind Melon [Tones Of Home: The Best Of Blind Melon (Limited Edition)]
Rodolphe Burger [No Sport]
Butthole Surfers [Electriclarryland]
Butthole Surfers [Independent Worm Saloon]
Vic Chesnutt [About To Choke]
Coldplay [Live 2003]
Coldplay [X&Y]
The Dandy Warhols [...The Dandy Warhols Come Down]
The Dandy Warhols [Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars]
The Dandy Warhols [Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia]
The Dandy Warhols [Welcome To The Monkey House]
The Decemberists [The Crane Wife]
The Decemberists [The Hazards Of Love]
The Decemberists [The King Is Dead]
Deine Lakaien [April Skies]
Fischerspooner [Odyssey]
Idlewild [100 Broken Windows]
Interpol [Live]
Interpol [Mammoth / The Heinrich Maneuver Remixes]
Interpol [Our Love To Admire]
Jane's Addiction [Strays]
Jane's Addiction [The Great Escape Artist]
The Jesus Lizard [Blue]
The Jesus Lizard [Shot]
Jimmy Eat World [Bleed American]
Jimmy Eat World [Clarity]
Jimmy Eat World [Static Prevails]
Kraftwerk [Radio-Activity]
Kraftwerk [The Man-Machine]
Kraftwerk [Trans-Europe Express]
Marjorie Fair [Self Help Serenade]
Mazzy Star [Among My Swan]
Mazzy Star [So Tonight That I Might See]
The Music [Welcome To The North]
New Model Army [The Ghost Of Cain]
The Panic Channel [One]
Placebo [Meds]
Radiohead [Airbag / How Am I Driving ? EP]
Radiohead [I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings]
Radiohead [The Bends]
Shivaree [Rough Dreams]
Sparklehorse [It's A Wonderful Life]
Starsailor [On The Outside]
Starsailor [Silence Is Easy]
Syd Barrett [The Madcap Laughs]
The Tea Party [Alhambra]
The Tea Party [Splendor Solis]
The Tea Party [The Edges Of Twilight]
Truly [Fast Stories... From Kid Coma]
Venus [Vertigone]
The Vines [Highly Evolved]
The Vines [Vision Valley]
The Vines [Winning Days]
Paul Westerberg [Suicaine Gratification]
Capitol / Apple  The Beatles [Magical Mystery Tour]
Capitol / Rough Trade  The Decemberists [I'll Be Your Girl]
Capitol ; Rough Trade  The Decemberists [Traveling On]
Capricorn  Cake [Fashion Nugget]
Cake [Motorcade Of Generosity]
Cake [Prolonging The Magic]
Captured Tracks  Tim Cohen [Laugh Tracks]
Mac Demarco [2]
Mac Demarco [Another One]
Mac Demarco [Salad Days]
Mac Demarco [This Old Dog]
DIIV [Deceiver]
DIIV [Is The Is Are]
The Fresh & Onlys [August In My Mind]
The Lemon Twigs [Everything Harmony]
The Soft Moon [Deeper]
Thieves Like Us [Bleed Bleed Bleed]
Widowspeak [Widowspeak]
Wild Nothing [Golden Haze]
Caramel Beurre Salé  Françoiz Breut [La Chirurgie Des Sentiments]
Françoiz Breut [Zoo]
Cardinal Fuzz  Kikagaku Moyo [Mammatus Clouds]
Cargo  The Asteroid # 4 [These Flowers Of Ours]
The Icarus Line [Wildlife]
Three Mile Pilot [Songs From An Old Town We Once Knew]
Carol  L7 [Slap-Happy]
Caroline  Bad Brains [Banned In DC: Bad Brains' Greatest Riffs]
Bad Brains [Live]
Bad Brains [Rock For Light]
Bad Brains [The Youth Are Getting Restless]
Dim Stars [Dim Stars]
Dim Stars [The Night Is Coming On]
Drop Nineteens [Delaware]
Drop Nineteens [National Coma]
God [Possession]
Gong [You]
Heatmiser [Mic City Sons]
Hole [Ask For It]
Hole [Pretty On The Inside]
Idaho [Palms EP]
Idaho [This Way Out]
Idaho [Three Sheets To The Wind]
Idaho [Year After Year]
Killing Joke [Laugh? I Nearly Bought One!]
The Misfits [Static Age]
Monster Magnet [Spine Of God]
Monster Magnet [Tab...25]
Naked Raygun [Jettison]
Pond [Man It Feels Like Space Again]
Primus [Frizzle Fry]
Primus [Suck On This]
Revolver [Baby's Angry]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Lull EP]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Siva]
Springhouse [Land Falls]
Springhouse [Postcards From The Arctic]
That Petrol Emotion [Chemicrazy]
Caroline International  Thurston Moore [Rock N Roll Consciousness]
Carpak / Wichita  Cloud Nothings [Last Building Burning]
Carpark  Beach House [Beach House]
Beach House [Devotion]
Cloud Nothings [Attack On Memory]
Dan Deacon [Bromst]
Dan Deacon [Spiderman Of The Rings]
Carpark / Hostess  Cloud Nothings [Life Without Sound]
Carte Postale  Pillow [Explicit No Lyrics]
Sweek [The Shooting Star's Sigh...]
Cartel Music Agency  Süeür [Süeür]
Carton  Odessey & Oracle And The Casiotone Orchestra [Odessey & Oracle And The Casiotone Orchestra]
Casa  The Posies [In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In]
Casablanca  Cascadeur [Ghost Surfer]
Cascadeur [The Human Octopus]
Cash Cow  Land Lines [Land Lines]
Cassingle USA  Casiotone For The Painfully Alone [Answering Machine Music]
Cast Exotic  Jackie-O Motherfucker [Europe 2002]
Castle Communications  Jonathan Richman [23 Great Recordings By Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers]
Castle Face  Thee Oh Sees [A Weird Exits]
Thee Oh Sees [Floating Coffin]
Thee Oh Sees [Memory Of A Cut Off Head]
Thee Oh Sees [Orc]
Thee Oh Sees [Smote Reverser]
Thee Oh Sees [The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In]
Castle Music  Bmx Bandits [Serious Drugs -The Creation Anthology]
Gun Club [Da Blood Done Signed My Name]
Catalogue  Avia [I See That Now...]
Sébastien Schuller [Happiness]
Télépopmusik [Angel Milk]
Télépopmusik [Genetic World]
Catch Wave Ltd  Léo Svirsky [Heights In Depths]
CBS  A 3 Dans Les WC [La Machine Infernale]
Bob Dylan [Blood On The Tapes]
Bob Dylan [Blood On The Tracks]
Flower Travellin' Band [Yuya Uchida & The Flowers : Challenge !]
Matching Mole [Little Red Record]
Matching Mole [Matching Mole]
Nits [Adieu Sweet Bahnhof]
Nits [Giant Normal Dwarf]
Nits [Hat EP]
Nits [In The Dutch Mountains]
Nits [Omsk]
Nits [Tent]
Nits [Urk]
Nits [Work]
The Only Ones [Baby's Got A Gun]
The Only Ones [Even Serpents Shine]
The Slits [Return Of The Giant Slits]
Robert Wyatt [The End Of An Ear]
CBS Sony  Bob Dylan [Rough And Rowdy Ways]
CD Baby  Jude [Sarah]
Celluloid  Nini Raviolette [Suis-Je Normale ?]
Alan Vega [Collision Drive]
Century Media  Bodycount [Bloodlust]
Bodycount [Carnivore]
Eyehategod [Confederacy Of Ruined Lives]
Eyehategod [Dopesick]
Eyehategod [In The Name Of Suffering]
Eyehategod [Southern Discomfort]
Eyehategod [Take As Needed For Pain]
Fu Manchu [We Must Obey]
The Gathering [Accessories : Rarities & B-Sides]
The Gathering [How To Measure A Planet ?]
The Gathering [If Then Else]
The Gathering [Mandylion]
The Gathering [Nightime Birds]
The Gathering [Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening]
The Gathering [Superheat [Live]]
The Gathering [The May Song]
The Haunted [Revolver]
The Haunted [Unseen]
The Haunted [Versus]
Katatonia [Discouraged Ones]
Nachtmystium [Assassins : Black Meddle, Part 1]
Nachtmystium [Silencing Machine]
Napalm Death [Apex Predator – Easy Meat]
Napalm Death [Logic Ravaged By Brute Force]
Napalm Death [Smear Campaign]
Napalm Death [The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code]
Napalm Death [Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism]
Napalm Death [Time Waits For No Slave]
Napalm Death [Utilitarian]
Paradise Lost [Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us]
Paradise Lost [In Requiem]
Paradise Lost [The Plague Within]
Paradise Lost [Tragic Idol]
Ulver [Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden]
Century Media Records  Eyehategod [A History Of Nomadic Behavior]
CFY Music  Oxbow [Serenade In Red]
Chainsaw  Sleater-Kinney [Call The Doctor]
Sleater-Kinney [Sleater-Kinney]
Chalice  Coil [Musick To Play In The Dark Volume 1]
Chameleon  Bleach [Killing Time]
Kyuss [Blues For The Red Sun]
The Pogues [Waiting For Herb]
Chaos  Ned's Atomic Dustbin [Are You Normal ?]
Chapter 22  Loop [Fade Out]
The Pastels [Sittin' Pretty]
Pop Will Eat Itself [Box Frenzy]
Pop Will Eat Itself [Love Missile F1-11]
Pop Will Eat Itself [Poppiecock]
Pop Will Eat Itself [Sweet Sweet Pie]
Chapter Music / Trouble In Mind  Dick Diver [Melbourne, Florida]
Charisma  Curve [Pubic Fruit]
The Opposition [Intimacy]
The Opposition [Promises]
Charly  Magma [Magma Live]
Charnel Music  Pain Teens [Pain Teens]
Walking Timebombs [Walking Timebombs]
Ché  Urusei Yatsura [Slain By]
Ché Trading / Damaged Goods  Helen Love [Love And Glitter, Hot Days And Music]
Cheap Lullaby  The Bellrays [Have A Little Faith]
Cheap Satanism Records  Baby Fire [No Fear]
Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions  Thomas Dybdahl [...That Great October Sound]
Thomas Dybdahl [One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City]
Thomas Dybdahl [Stray Dogs]
Chemikal Underground  Aereogramme [A Story In White]
Aereogramme [My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go]
Aereogramme [Sleep And Release]
Arab Strap [Fukd ID Vol.2]
Arab Strap [Love Detective EP]
Arab Strap [Monday At The Hug And Pint]
Arab Strap [Philophobia]
Arab Strap [Ten Years Of Tears]
Arab Strap [The Last Romance]
Arab Strap [The Red Thread]
Arab Strap [The Week Never Starts Round Here]
Arab Strap [To All A Good Night]
Arab Strap [Turbulence EP]
Ben Tramer [Fukd ID Vol. 6]
Cha Cha Cohen [All Artists Are Criminals]
The Delgados [Domestiques]
The Delgados [Peloton]
The Delgados [Universal Audio]
Interpol [Fukd I.d #3 EP]
Malcolm Middleton [5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine]
Malcolm Middleton [Into The Woods]
Aidan Moffat [I Can Hear Your Heart]
Mogwai [4 Satin EP]
Mogwai [Come On Die Young]
Mogwai [EP]
Mogwai [EP + 6 EP]
Mogwai [Kicking A Dead Pig : Mogwai Songs Remixed]
Mogwai [No Education = No Future (Fuck The Curfew) EP]
Mogwai [Young Team]
The Phantom Band [Checkmate Savage]
Sluts Of Trust [We Are All Sluts Of Trust]
Cherry Red  Artery [Into The Garden – An Artery Collection]
Blind Mr. Jones [Stereo Musicale]
Blind Mr. Jones [Tatooine]
Buzzcocks [Buzzcocks]
The Charlottes [Things Come Apart]
The Danse Society [Heaven Is Waiting]
Eyeless In Gaza [Back From The Rains]
Eyeless In Gaza [Rust Red September]
The Fall [Ersatz G.B.]
The Fall [Re-Mit]
Felt [Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty]
Felt [Goldmine Trash]
Felt [Ignite The Seven Cannons]
Felt [Me And A Monkey On The Moon]
Felt [Stains On A Decade]
Felt [The Splendour Of Fear]
Felt [The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories]
The Monochrome Set [Eligible Bachelors]
Prolapse [Pointless Walks To Dismal Places]
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry [The Singles 1982-87]
Screaming Trees [Dust: Expanded Edition]
Screaming Trees [Sweet Oblivion: Expanded Edition]
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her [Red Talk]
The Servants [Reserved]
The Television Personalities [Part Time Punks: The Very Best Of Television Personalities]
The Wolfhounds [Lost But Happy]
Chess Club  Wolf Alice [Blush]
Chez Kito Kat  Alone With King Kong [Three Hats On One Head]
Twin Pricks [Young At Heart EP]
Chicks On Speed  Chicks On Speed [99 Cents]
Le Tigre [Remixes]
Chikaree  Zita Swoon [Camera Concert : A Band In A Box]
China  Green On Red [Scapegoats]
The Levellers [A Weapon Called The World]
The Levellers [Levelling The Land]
The Levellers [Zeitgeist]
Chiswick  The Damned [Machine Gun Etiquette]
Chocolate In Monk  Melt Banana [Cactuses Come In Flocks]
Chophouse  EchoBrain [EchoBrain]
Chrisalys  Blondie [Plastic Letter]
Chrom  Deine Lakaien [Kasmodiah]
Chrome Saint Magnus  Breach [Godbox]
Chrysalis  Blondie [Eat To The Beat]
Blondie [Parallel Lines]
Candie Prune [Absurde]
Candie Prune [EP, EP !!!]
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine [30 Something]
Earthling [Radar]
Fun Lovin' Criminals [Come Find Yourself]
Masters Of Reality [Sunrise On The Sufferbus]
Pere Ubu [Dub Housing]
Pere Ubu [New Picnic Time]
The Ramones [Brain Drain]
Starsailor [Love Is Here]
Ultravox [Lament]
Ultravox [Vienna]
The Waterboys [Fisherman's Blues]
Chrysalis Records  Stiff Little Fingers [Go For It]
Cicero  DeVotchKa [How It Ends]
DeVotchKa [Una Volta]
CiMuNe  Amiral! [L'honneur Des Vaincus]
Amiral! [Les Territoires Interdits]
Cimune  Lovely Girls Are Blind [Les Cendres]
Cinq 7, Wagram  Dominique A [Toute Latitude]
Cinq7  Dominique A [Eleor]
Dominique A [Kick Peplim]
Dominique A [La Fragilité]
Dominique A [La Musique]
Dominique A [Le Monde Réel]
Dominique A [Sur Nos Forces Motrices]
Dominique A [Vers Les Lueurs]
Dominique A [Vie Etrange]
AaRON [Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland]
Bertrand Belin [Cap Waller]
Bertrand Belin [Hypernuit]
The Do [A Mouthful]
The Do [Both Ways Open Jaws]
Oxmo Puccino [L'arme De Paix]
Mélanie Pain [My Name]
Circa  Bark Psychosis [Hex]
Massive Attack [Protection]
Circle Star  Mild High Club [Timeline]
Circus  808 State [Outpost Transmission]
Circus Company  Nicolas Jaar [Space Is Only Noise]
Citadel  Died Pretty [Free Dirt]
Citizen  Vitalic [Flashmob]
City Of Hell  Daughters [Daughters EP]
City Rockers  The Sunshine Underground [Raise The Alarm]
City Slang  Lou Barlow [And His Sentridoh]
Blackmail [Aerial View]
Boss Hog [Whiteout]
Calexico [Edge Of The Sun]
Calexico [Feast Of Wire]
Calexico [Garden Ruin]
Calexico [Hot Rail]
Calexico [Seasonal Shift]
Calexico [The Black Light]
Caribou [Andorra]
Coco Rosie [Tales Of A GrassWidow]
The Faint [Danse Macabre]
Gallon Drunk [In The Long Still Night]
Get Well Soon [Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon]
Hole [Beautiful Son EP]
Hole [Live Through This]
Hole [Miss World EP]
Hole [My Body, The Hand Grenade]
Junip [Fields]
Lambchop [OH (Ohio)]
Lambchop [Thriller]
J Mascis [More Light]
Menomena [Mines]
Nada Surf [Lucky]
Nada Surf [The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy]
Nada Surf [The Weight Is A Gift]
Nada Surf [You Know Who You Are]
The Notwist [Neon Golden]
The Notwist [The Devil, You + Me]
Radio 4 [Gotham !]
Radio 4 [Stealing Of A Nation]
Salaryman [Salaryman]
Schneider TM [Binokular EP]
Seam [Are You Driving Me Crazy ?]
Seam [Headsparks]
Seam [The Problem With Me]
Sebadoh [Harmacy]
Sebadoh [Sixteen EP]
Superchunk [Foolish]
Superchunk [Here's Where The Strings Come In]
Superchunk [Hyper Enough EP]
Superchunk [Incidental Music 1991-95]
Superchunk [On The Mouth]
Superchunk [The Question Is How Fast EP]
Yann Tiersen [L'Absente]
Timber Timbre [Sincerely, Future Pollution]
Tindersticks [Distractions]
Tindersticks [The Waiting Room]
Tindersticks [Ypres]
Tortoise [TNT]
Trans Am [The Surveillance]
Anna Von Hausswolff [Dead Magic]
Why? [Mumps, Etc.]
Yo La Tengo [Camp Yo La Tengo EP]
Yo La Tengo [President Yo La Tengo / New Wave Hot Dogs]
Yo La Tengo [That Is Yo La Tengo EP]
Citytrax  Marie Davidson [Adieux Au Dancefloor]
Clapping Music  Centenaire [Somewhere Safe]
Clara Clara [Bugarach]
Clara Clara [Comfortable Problems]
Egyptology [The Skies]
Encre [Common Chord]
Encre [Encre]
Encre [Flux]
Orval Carlos Sibelius [Super Forma]
Reveille [Broken Machines]
Thee, Stranded Horse [7"]
François Virot [Yes Or No]
Yeti Lane [The Echo Show]
Clapping Music / Sonic Cathedral  Yeti Lane [L'Aurore]
Class-B  American Heritage [We Will Pay You $125 To Observe You Deteriorate]
Clay  Discharge [Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing]
Clean Slate  Fiona Apple [Extraodinary Machine]
Fiona Apple [Tidal]
Fiona Apple [When The Pawn...]
Clean Up  Sneaker Pimps [Becoming X]
Sneaker Pimps [Low Five]
Sneaker Pimps [Splinter]
Clearspot  22 Pistepirkko [Rally Of Love]
The Go-Betweens [Bright Yellow Bright Orange]
Cleopatra  Agent Orange [Greatest & Latest]
Christian Death [Death In Detroit]
Christian Death [Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misericordiaque]
Christian Death [The Path Of Sorrows]
Chrome [Anthology 1979-1983]
Dead Kennedys [Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables]
Helios Creed [Busting Through The Van Allan Belt]
Sex Gang Children [Medea]
The Warlocks [Songs From A Pale Eclipse]
The Warlocks [The Chain]
The Warlocks [Vevey]
Clivage Music  Kompromat [Traum Und Existenz]
Closer  Les Thugs [Radical Hystery]
Cloud  The Olivia Tremor Control [Black Foliage - Animation Music - Volume One]
Clouds Hill  Gallon Drunk [The Road Gets Darker From Here]
Gallon Drunk [The Soul Of The Hour]
Club AC  Ringo Deathstarr [Colour Trip]
Club AC 30  Sambassadeur [Between The Lines EP]
Clue Records  The Wedding Present [Shaun Keaveny Session]
Coalition  JR Ewing [Calling In Dead]
JR Ewing [The Perfect Drama]
Cobalt  Double Nelson [Ceux Qui L'ont Fait]
Double Nelson [Des Nouvelles Du Fond]
Marquis De Sade [Rue De Siam]
Cobraside  Cowboys In The Campfire [Wronger]
Cockroach  Tito & Tarantula [Tarantism]
Code666  Manes [Vilosophe]
Cold Spring  Zeni Geva [Maximum Money Monster]
Cold Sweat  Battles [Tras]
Cold Void Emanations  Danishmendt [Un Passé Aride]
Saison De Rouille [Caduta Dei Gravi]
Collectors' Choice Music  The Mekons [The Mekons Rock'n'Roll]
Collision Arts Et Giant  The Jesus Lizard [Show]
Colombia  Teenage Fanclub [Howdy!]
Colonel  King Tuff [Was Dead]
Columbia  The Afghan Whigs [1965]
Alice In Chains [Alice In Chains]
Alice In Chains [Dirt]
Alice In Chains [Facelift]
Alice In Chains [Jar Of Flies]
Alice In Chains [Live]
Alice In Chains [MTV Unplugged]
Alice In Chains [Music Bank]
Alice In Chains [Sap]
The Arcade Fire [Everything Now]
Band Of Horses [Mirage Rock]
David Bowie ['Hours...']
David Bowie [A Reality Tour 2003]
David Bowie [Heathen]
David Bowie [No Plan]
David Bowie [The Next Day]
Jeff Buckley [Grace]
Jeff Buckley [Grace (Legacy Edition)]
Jeff Buckley [Last Goodbye]
Jeff Buckley [Live À L'Olympia]
Jeff Buckley [Live At Sin-é]
Jeff Buckley [Mystery White Boy]
Jeff Buckley [Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk]
Jeff Buckley [The Complete Live At Sin-é]
Cake [Comfort Eagle]
Cake [Pressure Chief]
John Cale [Vintage Violence]
Jerry Cantrell [Boggy Depot]
Johnny Cash [A Thing Called Love]
Johnny Cash [America: A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song]
Johnny Cash [Any Old Wind That Blows]
Johnny Cash [At Folsom Prison]
Johnny Cash [At San Quentin]
Johnny Cash [Bitter Tears]
Johnny Cash [Blood, Sweat And Tears]
Johnny Cash [Carryin' On]
Johnny Cash [Everybody Loves A Nut]
Johnny Cash [From Sea To Shining Sea]
Johnny Cash [Happiness Is You]
Johnny Cash [Hello, I'm Johnny Cash]
Johnny Cash [Hymns By Johnny Cash]
Johnny Cash [I Walk The Line]
Johnny Cash [Johnny Cash And His Woman]
Johnny Cash [Man In Black]
Johnny Cash [Now, There Was A Song!]
Johnny Cash [Orange Blossom Special]
Johnny Cash [På Österåker]
Johnny Cash [Ragged Old Country]
Johnny Cash [Ride This Train]
Johnny Cash [Sings Ballads Of The True West]
Johnny Cash [Songs Of Our Soil]
Johnny Cash [The Christmas Spirit]
Johnny Cash [The Fabulous Johnny Cash]
Johnny Cash [The Gospel Road]
Johnny Cash [The Holy Land]
Johnny Cash [The Johnny Cash Show]
Johnny Cash [The Sound Of Johnny Cash]
Chairlift [Something]
Clutch [The Elephant Riders]
Coheed And Cambria [No World For Tomorrow]
Leonard Cohen [I'm Your Man]
Leonard Cohen [Live Songs]
Leonard Cohen [New Skin For The Old Ceremony]
Leonard Cohen [Old Ideas]
Leonard Cohen [Songs From A Room]
Leonard Cohen [Songs Of Leonard Cohen]
Leonard Cohen [Songs Of Love And Hate]
Leonard Cohen [Ten New Songs]
Corrosion Of Conformity [Deliverance]
Elvis Costello [Live At The El Mocambo]
Daft Punk [Random Acess Memories]
Deine Lakaien [White Lies]
Depeche Mode [Spirit]
Bob Dylan [Another Side Of Bob Dylan]
Bob Dylan [Before The Flood]
Bob Dylan [Biograph]
Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan At Budokan]
Bob Dylan [Bringin' It All Back Home]
Bob Dylan [Christmas In The Heart]
Bob Dylan [Desire]
Bob Dylan [Down In The Groove]
Bob Dylan [Dylan]
Bob Dylan [Dylan & The Dead]
Bob Dylan [Empire Burlesque]
Bob Dylan [Fallen Angels]
Bob Dylan [Good As I Been To You]
Bob Dylan [Hard Rain]
Bob Dylan [Highway 61 Revisited]
Bob Dylan [I'm Not There (Original Soundtrack)]
Bob Dylan [Infidels]
Bob Dylan [John Wesley Harding]
Bob Dylan [Knocked Out Loaded]
Bob Dylan [Live At Carnegie Hall 1963]
Bob Dylan [Live At The Gaslight 1962]
Bob Dylan [Love And Theft]
Bob Dylan [Masked & Anonymous: Music From The Motion Picture]
Bob Dylan [Modern Times]
Bob Dylan [MTV Unplugged]
Bob Dylan [Nashville Skyline]
Bob Dylan [New Morning]
Bob Dylan [Oh Mercy]
Bob Dylan [Pat Garret And Billy The Kid]
Bob Dylan [Real Live]
Bob Dylan [Saved]
Bob Dylan [Self Portrait]
Bob Dylan [Shadows In The Night]
Bob Dylan [Shot Of Love]
Bob Dylan [Slow Train Coming]
Bob Dylan [Street Legal]
Bob Dylan [Tempest]
Bob Dylan [The Basement Tapes]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series - Rare And Unreleased 1961 - 1991]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Complete]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965–1966]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 13: Trouble No More 1979–1981]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 14: More Blood, More Tracks]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 4 Live 1966, The Royal Albert Hall Concert]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964, Concert At Philharmonic Hall]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home: The Soundtrack]
Bob Dylan [The Bootleg Series Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos: 1962–1964]
Bob Dylan [The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan]
Bob Dylan [The Times They Are A-Changin']
Bob Dylan [Time Out Of Mind]
Bob Dylan [Together Through Life]
Bob Dylan [Triplicate]
Bob Dylan [Under The Red Sky]
Bob Dylan [World Gone Wrong]
Foo Fighters [Skin And Bones]
Jackson C. Frank [Jackson C. Frank]
Glasvegas [Glasvegas]
Gumball [Super Tasty]
Hooverphonic [No More Sweet Music]
How To Destroy Angels [An Omen]
How To Destroy Angels [Welcome Oblivion]
Miles Kane [Colour Of The Trap]
Miles Kane [Don't Forget Who You Are]
Kasabian [Velociraptor!]
Kula Shaker [Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts]
Leftfield [Leftism]
Leftfield [Rhythm And Stealth]
Mad Season [Above]
Manic Street Preachers [Futurology]
Manic Street Preachers [Generation Terrorist]
Manic Street Preachers [Gold Against The Soul]
Manic Street Preachers [Journal For Plague Lovers]
Manic Street Preachers [Postcards From A Young Man]
Mercury Rev [Boces]
MGMT [Congratulations]
MGMT [Little Dark Age]
MGMT [Metanoia]
MGMT [Oracular Spectacular]
Motion City Soundtrack [My Dinosaur Life]
Shawn Mullins [Soul's Core]
Ned's Atomic Dustbin [God Fodder]
Nine Inch Nails [Hesitation Marks]
Nits [Da Da Da]
Nits [Ting]
The Only Ones [The Only Ones]
Peace [Delicious]
Peace [Happy People]
Peace [In Love]
Pearl Jam [Pearl Jam Twenty]
Pearl Jam [Pearl Jam Twenty [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]]
Pizzicato Five [In The Mix]
Primal Scream [Evil Heat]
Primal Scream [Riot City Blues]
The Psychedelic Furs [Forever Now]
The Psychedelic Furs [Forever Now (Remastered And Expanded)]
The Psychedelic Furs [Mirror Moves]
The Psychedelic Furs [Talk Talk Talk]
The Psychedelic Furs [The Psychedelic Furs]
The Psychedelic Furs [World Outside]
Rasputina [Thanks For The Ether]
The Raveonettes [Chain Gang Of Love]
The Raveonettes [Pretty In Black]
The Raveonettes [Whip It On]
Patti Smith [Trampin']
Patti Smith [Twelve]
Soft Machine [Third]
Soul Asylum [Black Gold EP]
Soul Asylum [Candy From A Stranger]
Soul Asylum [Grave Dancers Union]
Soul Asylum [Let Your Dim Light Shine]
Soul Asylum [Misery EP]
The Stooges [Raw Power]
Hubert-felix Thiefaine [Supplément De Mensonge]
The Ting Tings [Sounds From Nowheresville]
The Ting Tings [We Started Nothing]
Tyler, The Creator [IGOR]
The Vaccines [Come Of Age]
The Vaccines [What Did You Expect From The Vaccines ?]
Mike Watt [Ball-Hog Or Tugboat ?]
Whipping Boy [Heartworm]
Columbia - Iso  David Bowie [Blackstar]
Columbia / Sony Music  Hooverphonic [Blue Wonder Power Milk]
Combat  Brutal Truth [Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses]
Combat Rock Industry  Nine [Death Is Glorious]
Victims [Killer]
Come Play With Me  The Wedding Present [The Wedding Present & Friends - Not From Where I'm Standing]
Coming Home  Mellowdrone [Angry Bear]
Commission 45  Heligoland [All Your Ships Are White]
Communion  Bear's Den [Red Earth & Pouring Rain]
Bitch Magnet [Ben Hur]
Bitch Magnet [Umber]
Twin Peaks [Wild Onion]
Communion / Rose  Lucy Rose [Something's Changing]
Comotion  Johan Asherton [A Place To Hide For Everyone (Anthology 1992 - 1996)]
Concord  The New Pornographers [In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights]
The New Pornographers [Whiteout Conditions]
Concord Jazz  Adam Green [Adam Green & Binki Shapiro]
Concord Records  Bethany Cosentino [Natural Disaster]
Concrete  Death In Vegas [Dead Elvis]
Concrete Pig  John Fahey [The Dean Dub]
ConSouling Sounds  Gnaw Their Tongues [Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent]
Consouling Sounds  Gnaw Their Tongues [I Speak The Truth, Yet Withe Every Word Uttered, Thousands Die]
Conspiracy  Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat [The Nebulous Dreams]
Monno [Error]
Mono [Hymn To The Immortal Wind]
Red Sparowes [The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer]
Shora [Malval]
White Circle Crime Club [A Present Perfect]
Wolves In The Throne Room [Malevolent Grain]
Year Of No Light [Ausserwelt]
Constantinople  The Smashing Pumpkins [Machina II / Friends And Ennemies Of Modern Music]
Constellation  Elizabeth Anka Vajagic [Stand With The Stillness Of This Day]
Black Ox Orkestar [Nisht Azoy]
Carla Bozulich [Boy]
Carla Bozulich [Evangelista]
Carla Bozulich [Quieter]
Eric Chenaux [Skullsplitter]
Eric Chenaux [Slowly Paradise]
Vic Chesnutt [At The Cut]
Vic Chesnutt [North Star Deserter]
Do Make Say Think [& Yet & Yet]
Do Make Say Think [Do Make Say Think]
Do Make Say Think [Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn]
Do Make Say Think [You, You're A History In The Rust]
Esmerine [Dalmak]
Exhaust [Exhaust]
Feu Thérèse [Ca Va Cogner]
Feu Thérèse [Feu Thérèse]
Fly Pan Am [C'Est Ça]
Fly Pan Am [Ceux Qui Inventent N'ont Jamais Vécu (?)]
Fly Pan Am [Fly Pan Am]
Fly Pan Am [Frontera]
Fly Pan Am [N'Ecoutez Pas]
Fly Pan Am [Sédatif En Fréquences Et Sillons EP]
Glissandro 70 [Glissandro 70]
Godspeed You Black Emperor ! [Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascent!]
Godspeed You Black Emperor ! [Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress]
Godspeed You Black Emperor ! [F# A#OO]
Godspeed You Black Emperor ! [Lift Your Skinny Fist Like Antennas To Heaven !]
Godspeed You Black Emperor ! [Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP]
Godspeed You Black Emperor ! [Yanqui U.X.O]
Hanged'Up [Clatter For Control]
Hanged'Up [Hanged'up]
Hanged'Up [Kicker In Tow]
Hrsta [Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes]
Hrsta [Stem Stem In Electro]
Last Ex [Last Ex]
Lullabye Arkestra [Ampgrave]
Sarah Neufeld [Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - Never Were The Way She Was]
One-Speed Bike [Droopy Butt Begone!]
Ought [New Calm EP]
Polmo Polpo [Like Hearts Swelling]
Matana Roberts [Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis]
Sackville [The Principles Of Science]
Thee Silver Mount Zion ["This Is Our Punk-Rock", Thee Rusted Satellites Than Gather + Sing]
Thee Silver Mount Zion [13 Blues For Thirteen Moons]
Thee Silver Mount Zion [Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward]
Thee Silver Mount Zion [He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corners Of Our Rooms...]
Thee Silver Mount Zion [Horses In The Sky]
Thee Silver Mount Zion [Kollaps Tradixionales]
Thee Silver Mount Zion [Pretty Little Lightening Paw]
Siskiyou [Nervous]
Frankie Sparo [Arena Hostile EP]
Frankie Sparo [Welcome Crummy Mystics]
Colin Stetson [Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - Never Were The Way She Was]
Colin Stetson [New History Warfare Vol.2 : Judges]
Colin Stetson [New History Warfare Vol.3 : To See More Light]
Coocking Vinyl / Magnetic Field  Grant Lee Phillips [Strangelet]
Cooking Vinyl  American Music Club [Love Songs For Patriots]
American Music Club [The Golden Age]
Art Brut [Art Brut Vs. Satan]
Bauhaus [Go Away White]
Frank Black [Black Letter Days]
Frank Black [Christmass]
Frank Black [Devil's Workshop]
Frank Black [Dog In The Sand]
Frank Black [Fast Man Raider Man]
Frank Black [Frankblackfrancis]
Frank Black [Honeycomb]
Frank Black [Nadine EP]
Frank Black [Robert Onion EP]
Frank Black [Show Me Your Tears]
Frank Black [St. Francis Dam Disaster EP]
Buzzcocks [Flat-Pack Philosophy]
Isobel Campbell [There Is No Other...]
Carl Barât And The Jackals [Let It Reign]
The Church [After Everything Now This]
The Church [Forget Yourself]
The Church [Hologram Of Baal]
The Church [Magician Among The Spirits And Some]
The Church [Parallel Universe]
The Church [Uninvited Like The Clouds]
Cowboy Junkies [At The End Of The Paths Taken]
Echo & The Bunnymen [Flowers]
Echo & The Bunnymen [Siberia]
Mark Eitzel [Candy Ass]
Black Francis [Blue Finger]
Black Francis [Nonstoperotik]
Black Francis [SVN Fngrs]
Grand Duchy [Petits Fours]
Hayseed Dixie [Let There Be Rockgrass]
Rowland S. Howard [Teenage Snuff Film]
Idlewild [Post Electric Blues]
Killing Joke [Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell]
Killing Joke [XXV Gathering !]
Dawn Landes [Fireproof]
Ian McCulloch [Slideling]
Bob Mould [Body Of Song]
Paley & Francis [Paley And Francis]
Brendan Perry [Ark]
Grant Lee Phillips [Mobilize]
Grant Lee Phillips [Virginia Creeper]
The Prodigy [Invaders Must Die]
Prolapse [Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes]
Chuck Prophet [Homemade Blood]
The Psychedelic Furs [Made Of Rain]
James Skelly & The Intenders [Love Undercover]
They Might Be Giants [The Spine]
Violent Femmes [Freak Magnet]
Violent Femmes [Viva Wisconsin]
The Wannadies [Before And After]
The Wedding Present [Mini]
XTC [Apple Venus Vol1]
XTC [Easter Theater]
XTC [Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol.2)]
Cooperative Music  Brendan Benson [My Old, Familiar Friend]
Get Well Soon [Vexations]
Malajube [Trompe L'oeil]
Spiritualized [Songs In A & E]
Copasetik  Terranova [Close The Door]
Copper  Cotton Mather [Kon Tiki]
Corruptible  We Insist ! [Oh! Things Are So Corruptible]
Corwood Industries  Jandek [Ready For The House]
Cosmic Dic  The Flight Commander [Planetcrash On The Sun]
Cotillion  The Velvet Underground [Live At Max's Kansas City]
Counter  The Heavy [The House That Dirt Built]
Pop Levi [The Return To Form Black Magick Party]
Coursegoog  The Stranglers [Dark Matters]
Cowboy Pictures/Plexifilm  Wilco [I Am Trying To Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco]
Coyote  The Feelies [Only Life]
The Feelies [The Good Earth]
Klô Pelgag [L'Etoile Thoracique]
Yo La Tengo [New Wave Hot Dogs]
Yo La Tengo [President Yo La Tengo]
Yo La Tengo [Ride The Tiger]
Cracki  Isaac Delusion [Isaac Delusion]
Cramboy  Tuxedomoon [Vapour Trails]
Crammed Discs  Aquaserge [Guerre EP]
Bel Canto [Birds Of Passage]
Bel Canto [White-Out Conditions]
Minimal Compact [Live]
Minimal Compact [Raging Souls]
Minimal Compact [The Figure One Cuts]
Colin Newman [Commercial Suicide]
Tuxedomoon [Desire]
Tuxedomoon [Holy War]
Tuxedomoon [Minimal Compact/Benjamin Lew/Alsak Maboull/Tuxedomoon: Made To Measure Vol.1]
Cranes  The December Sound [The Silver Album]
Crank  Fireside [Hello Kids !]
Fireside [Uomini D'Onore]
Mineral [EndSerenading]
Mineral [The Power Of Failing]
Onelinedrawing [Sketchy EP #1]
Onelinedrawing [Sketchy EP #2]
Crapoulet  Protex Blue [La Presqu'Intégluttes : 1997/2001 LP+CD]
Crash Disques  Dead Pop Club [Autopilot Off]
Dead Pop Club [Trailer Park]
Ludwig Von 88 [Houlala III "l'heureux Tour"]
The Portobello Bones [Eden On Earth]
The Portobello Bones [Horma]
The Portobello Bones [Refuse To Keep Silent]
Servo [Afterbeat Generation]
Les Thugs [Come On, People!]
Les Thugs [Road Closed]
Crass  Crass [Penis Envy]
Crazy Love  Godless Wicked Creeps [Smile]
Creation  3 Colours Red [Pure]
3 Colours Red [Revolt]
Adorable [Against Perfection]
Adorable [Fake]
The Boo Radleys [C'mon Kids]
The Boo Radleys [Everything's Alright Forever]
The Boo Radleys [Giant Steps]
The Boo Radleys [I Hang Suspended EP]
The Boo Radleys [It's Lulu EP]
The Boo Radleys [Kingsize]
The Boo Radleys [Wake Up !]
The Chills [Kaleidoscope World]
Felt [Forever Breathes The Lonely World]
Felt [Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death]
Felt [Poem Of The River]
Felt [The Pictorial Jackson Review]
The House Of Love [The House Of Love]
The Jazz Butcher [Condition Blue]
The Jazz Butcher [Fishcotheque]
The Jazz Butcher [Illuminate]
The Jesus And Mary Chain [Honey's Dead]
The Jesus And Mary Chain [Stoned And Dethroned]
The Jesus And Mary Chain [Upside Down]
Medicine [Shot Forth Self Living]
Moonshake [First EP]
My Bloody Valentine [Feed Me With Your Kiss]
My Bloody Valentine [Glider]
My Bloody Valentine [Isn't Anything]
My Bloody Valentine [Loveless]
My Bloody Valentine [Tremolo]
My Bloody Valentine [You Made Me Realise EP]
Oasis [Be Here Now]
Oasis [Whatever]
Primal Scream [Echo Dek]
Primal Scream [Give Out But Don‘t Give Up]
Primal Scream [Primal Scream]
Primal Scream [Screamadelica]
Primal Scream [Vanishing Point]
Ride [Nowhere]
Ride [Smile]
Ride [Today Forever]
Ruby [Salt Peter]
Saint Etienne [Good Humor]
Silverfish [Organ Fan]
Slowdive [Morningrise]
Slowdive [Pygmalion]
Slowdive [Souvlaki [Remasterisé]]
Sugar [A Good Idea EP]
Sugar [Beaster]
Sugar [Believe What You're Saying EP]
Sugar [Copper Blue]
Sugar [File Under Easy Listening]
Super Furry Animals [Fuzzy Logic]
Super Furry Animals [Guerilla]
Super Furry Animals [Radiator]
Super Furry Animals [Rings Around The World]
Swervedriver [Ejector Seat Reservation]
Swervedriver [Raise]
Teenage Fanclub [Grand Prix]
Teenage Fanclub [Songs From Northern Britain]
Teenage Fanclub [Thirteen]
The Telescopes [The Telescopes]
The Weather Prophets [Judge, Juries And Horsemen]
Creative Man  Bauhaus [Satori]
Creed  808 State [Newbuild]
808 State [Quadrastate]
Creep  On The Might Of Princes [Where You Are And Where You Want To Be]
Crisis  Will Haven [El Diablo]
Crooked Spine  Matt Ward [Migration Stories]
Crucial Blast  Gnaw Their Tongues [Abyss Of Longing Throats]
Souvenir's Young America [An Ocean Without Water]
Whourkr [Naät]
Crucial Blast, Trendkill  Whourkr [Concrete]
Crunchy Frog  Powersolo [Egg]
Crush  Weezer [The Black Album]
Crush Music  Weezer [The White Album]
Crypt  The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Crypt Style]
Cryptic Corporation  The Residents [Eskimo]
The Residents [Tweedles !]
Cult  Cerebral Ballzy [Jaded & Faded]
The Strokes [Future Present Past]
Cuneiform  Heldon [Allez Teia]
Heldon [Electronique Guerilla + It's Always Rock'n'Roll]
Matching Mole [March]
Cup Of Tea Records  Monk & Canatella [Care In The Community]
Custard  Deep Dark Robot [8 Songs About A Girl]
Customcore  Curtiss [Simplicity]
Cutty Shark  Pinback [This Is A Pinback Cd]
Cyber Music  Agathocles [Theatric Symbolisation Of Life]
Cycle/Konkurrent  Paramount Styles [Failure American Style]
Cyclops  Pineapple Thief [Little Man]
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