Label  Disque
R & R Músík  Botnledja [Fólk Er Fífl]
R&S  Locust [Morning Light]
Ra Record  You Am I [#4 Record]
Rabid  Fever Ray [Fever Ray]
Fever Ray [Plunge]
The Knife [Silent Shout]
Rabid Cat  Scratch Acid [Scratch Acid]
Racing Junior  St. Thomas [Children Of The New Brigade]
Radar  Elvis Costello [Armed Forces]
The Pop Group [Y]
Radar Swarm  Cortez [Initial]
Hellmotel [Hang Us Young]
Omega Massif [Geisterstadt]
Year Of No Light [Nord]
Radarscope  Prolapse [The Italian Flag]
Radical Elite  Chain & The Gang [Experimental Music]
Too Much [Club Emotion]
Radioactive  Angelfish [Angelfish]
Black Grape [It's Great When You're Straight... Yeah]
Elysian Fields [Bleed Your Cedar]
Live [Secret Samadhi]
Live [Throwing Copper]
The Ramones [Acid Eaters]
The Ramones [Adios Amigos]
The Ramones [Mondo Bizarro]
Ralph  Mx-80 Sound [Crowd Control]
Mx-80 Sound [Out Of The Tunnel]
The Residents [Fingerprince]
The Residents [Mark Of The Mole]
The Residents [The Third Reich'n'Roll]
Tuxedomoon [Half Mute]
Yello [Claro Que Si]
Yello [Solid Pleasure]
Rapster  Radiohead [Exit Music - Songs With Radio Heads]
Raven Marching Ban  Laura Veirs [July Flame]
Raven Marching Band Records  Laura Veirs [Two Beers Veirs]
Razor & Tie  Brand New [Deja Entendu]
Richard Hell & The Voidoids [Destiny Street]
RCA  Backyard Babies [Making Enemies Is Good]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [American X : Baby 81 Sessions]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Howl Sessions]
David Bowie [Aladdin Sane]
David Bowie [Lodger]
David Bowie [Low]
David Bowie [Pin-ups]
David Bowie [Stage]
David Bowie [Station To Station]
David Bowie [The Man Who Sold The World]
David Bowie [The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars]
David Bowie [Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars : The Motion Picture Soundtrack [30th Anniversary 2CD Special Edition]]
Cowboy Junkies [Pale Sun-Crescent Moon]
Cowboy Junkies [The Caution Horses]
Cowboy Junkies [The Trinity Sessions]
Cowboy Junkies [Whites Off Earth Now !!]
Crazy Horse [Crazy Moon]
Foo Fighters [But Here We Are]
Foo Fighters [Concrete And Gold]
Foo Fighters [In Your Honor]
Foo Fighters [Wasting Light]
Grizzly Bear [Painted Ruins]
The Innocence Mission [We Walked In Song]
KaS Product [Try Out]
Kings Of Leon [Aha Shake Heartbreak]
Kings Of Leon [Because Of The Times]
Kings Of Leon [Only By The Night]
Kings Of Leon [Youth And Young Manhood]
Ray Lamontagne [Monovision]
Ray Lamontagne [Ouroboros]
Ray Lamontagne [Part Of The Light]
The Primitives [Lovely]
The Primitives [Pure]
Lou Reed [Berlin]
Lou Reed [Coney Island Baby]
Lou Reed [Legendary Hearts]
Lou Reed [Live]
Lou Reed [Lou Reed]
Lou Reed [Metal Machine Music]
Lou Reed [Mistrial]
Lou Reed [New Sensations]
Lou Reed [Rock N Roll Animal]
Lou Reed [Sally Can't Dance]
Lou Reed [The Blue Mask]
Lou Reed [Transformer]
Stellastarr* [Stellastarr*]
The Strokes [Comedown Machine]
The Strokes [First Impressions Of Earth]
The Strokes [You Only Live Once]
Justin Timberlake [Man Of The Woods]
Eddie Vedder [Into The Wild]
The Wedding Present [Bizarro]
The Wedding Present [Seamonsters]
You Am I [Dress Me Slowly]
RCA/BMG  Les Wampas [Simple Et Tendre]
Reaction  Puressence [Don't Forget To Remember]
Puressence [Solid State Recital]
The Who [A Quick One]
Real World  Joseph Arthur [Big City Secrets]
Joseph Arthur [Come To Where I'm From]
Joseph Arthur [Junkyard Hearts I EP]
Joseph Arthur [Redemption's Son]
Reaper  Turnstile [Nonstop Feeling]
Rec-Son  Mendelson [Mendelson Sur La Route]
Mendelson [Personne Ne Le Fera Pour Nous]
Mendelson [Seuls Au Sommet]
Recall  I Am X [Kiss And Swallow]
Robots In Disguise [Get Rid !]
Robots In Disguise [Robots In Disguise]
Serena Ryder [Unlikely Emergency]
The Servant [How To Destroy A Relationship]
The Servant [The Servant]
Hawksley Workman [Almost A Full Moon]
Receiver  Sex Gang Children [The Hungry Years : The Best Of]
Reception  The Wedding Present [George Best]
The Wedding Present [Tommy (1985-1987)]
Reclamation  Faith No More [Sol Invictus]
Recommended  Faust [71 Minutes Of...]
Faust [BBC Sessions +]
Faust [Faust]
Faust [The Wümme Years 1970-73]
Record Collection  Ataxia [Automatic Writing]
Ataxia [II]
John Frusciante [Curtains]
John Frusciante [DC EP]
John Frusciante [Enclosure]
John Frusciante [Inside Of Emptiness]
John Frusciante [John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer - A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence]
John Frusciante [Letur-Lefr]
John Frusciante [Outsides]
John Frusciante [PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone]
John Frusciante [The Empyrean]
John Frusciante [The Will To Death]
Record Junkie  The Monsters [Masks]
The Monsters [The Hunch]
Record Label  Joan Of Arc [Eventually, All At Once]
Record Makers  Le Klub Des Loosers [Vive La Vie]
T.E.E. [Education]
Sébastien Tellier [L'Incroyable Vérité]
Sébastien Tellier [My God Is Blue]
Sébastien Tellier [Politics]
Sébastien Tellier [Sessions]
Sébastien Tellier [Sexual Sportswear]
Sébastien Tellier [Sexuality]
Tristesse Contemporaine [Stop And Start]
Turzi [A]
Turzi [B]
Turzi [C]
Turzi [Made Under Authority]
Record Store Day  Foo Fighters [Medium Rare]
Recreation Center  Yelle [L'Ère Du Verseau]
Red Ant  Love And Rockets [Lift]
Red Cars Go Faster  Daïtro [Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes]
Red Distribution  The Smashing Pumpkins [Teargarden By Kaleidyscope 1: Songs For A Sailor]
Red F  The Redneck Manifesto [Thirty Six Strings]
Red Flame  Blurt [Blurt]
Red Ink  Autolux [Future Perfect]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Baby 81]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Howl]
Dj Krush [Code 4109]
Kasabian [West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum]
Red Note  Mosquito [Cupid's Fist]
Red Rhino  Front 242 [Front By Front]
Gun Club [Mother Juno]
Pulp [Everybody's Problem]
Pulp [It]
Pulp [My Lighthouse]
Skeletal Family [Burning Oil]
Skeletal Family [Futile Combat]
Red Star  The Real Kids [The Real Kids]
Suicide [Suicide]
Redwood  Lust [Leaving Monte Carlo]
Reflections  Daughters [Canada Songs]
Reflex  And Also The Trees [And Also The Trees]
And Also The Trees [The Millpond Years]
The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa [Sussurate]
Hüsker Dü [Everything Falls Apart]
Regain  Danzig [Circle Of Snakes]
Regal  Alfie [Do You Imagine Things?]
Baby Shambles [The Blinding]
The Beta Band [Heroes To Zeros]
The Beta Band [Hot Shots II]
Baxter Dury [Happy Soup]
Reincarnate  50 Foot Wave [Golden Ocean]
The Blood Brothers [Burn, Piano Island, Burn]
Rejuvenation  Microfilm [A Journey To The 75th]
Microfilm [Stereodrama]
Rejuvenation Records  Scul Hazzards [Epitaph; Reset]
Rekords  Eagles Of Death Metal [Peace Love And Death Metal]
Relapse  Agoraphobic Nosebleed [Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Despise You - And On And On...]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed [Agorapocalypse]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed [Altered States Of America]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed [Arc]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed [Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed [Honky Reduction]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed [The Poached Diaries]
Baroness [Blue Record]
Baroness [Red Album]
Baroness [Yellow & Green]
Bodychoke [Cold River Songs]
Bongzilla [Gateway]
Brutal Truth [End Time]
Brutal Truth [Evolution Through Revolution]
Brutal Truth [Sound Of The Animal Kingdom / Kill Trend Suicide]
Burnt By The Sun [Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution]
Burnt By The Sun [The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good]
Coalesce [0:12 Revolution In Just Listening]
Coalesce [Give Them Rope]
Coalesce [Ox]
Coalesce [Salt And Passage]
Converge [The Poached Diaries]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [Calculating Infinity]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [Ire Works]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [Miss Machine]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [Under The Running Board EP]
Don Caballero [Punkgasm]
Don Caballero [World Class Listening Problem]
Genghis Tron [Board Up The House]
The High Confessions [Turning Lead Into Gold]
High On Fire [Blessed Black Wings]
High On Fire [Death Is The Communion]
High On Fire [Surrounded By Thieves]
Inter Arma [Paradise Gallows]
Locrian [Return To Annihilation]
Mastodon [Call Of The Mastodon]
Mastodon [Leviathan]
Mastodon [Lifesblood]
Neurosis [A Sun That Never Sets]
Neurosis [The Eye Of Every Storm]
Neurosis [Through Silver In Blood]
Nightstick [Blotter]
Nightstick [Death To Music]
Nightstick [Ultimatum]
Nothing [Dance On The Blacktop]
Pig Destroyer [38 Counts Of Battery]
Pig Destroyer [Book Burner]
Pig Destroyer [Head Cage]
Pig Destroyer [Mass & Volume]
Pig Destroyer [Natasha]
Pig Destroyer [Phantom Limb]
Pig Destroyer [Pig Destroyer / Isis]
Pig Destroyer [Prowler In The Yard]
Pig Destroyer [Terrifyer]
Pig Destroyer [The Octagonal Stairway]
Today Is The Day [In The Eyes Of God]
Today Is The Day [Kiss The Pig]
Today Is The Day [Live Till You Die]
Today Is The Day [Sadness Will Prevail]
Today Is The Day [Temple Of The Morning Star]
Unsane [Blood Run]
Unsane [Lambhouse: The Collection 1991-1998]
Unsane [Occupational Hazard]
Windhand [Grief's Infernal Flower]
Windhand [Soma]
YOB [Our Raw Heart]
Zombi [Escape Velocity]
Relativity  Corrosion Of Conformity [Blind]
Hector Zazou [Sahara Blue]
Release Entertainment  Merzbow [Pulse Demon]
Relentless  Cage The Elephant [Cage The Elephant]
Cage The Elephant [Thank You Happy Birthday]
Remaë  Operator [Oh My ! [I Need Money Bad] EP]
Operator [Welcome To The Wonderful World]
Remote Control  The Charlatans [Some Friendly]
Renascent  The Sound [Heads And Hearts]
The Sound [The BBC Recordings]
Repertoire  Birth Control [Operation]
Rephlex  Aphex Twin [Chosen Lords]
Leila [Like Weather]
New Order [Acid House Mixes By 808 State (1988)]
Reprise  American Music Club [Mercury]
American Music Club [San Fransisco]
The B-52's [Cosmic Thing]
The B-52's [Good Stuff]
Babes In Toyland [Fontanelle]
Babes In Toyland [Nemesisters]
Boredoms [Chocolate Synthesizer]
John Cale [Paris 1919]
John Cale [The Academy In Peril]
Captain Beefheart [Clear Spot]
Captain Beefheart [The Spotlight Kid]
Captain Beefheart [Trout Mask Replica]
Crazy Horse [Crazy Horse]
Deftones [Diamond Eyes]
Deftones [Gore]
Deftones [Ohms]
Filter [Short Bus]
Filter [The Amalgamut]
Gallows [Grey Britain]
J Mascis [Martin + Me]
Mastodon [Blood Mountain]
Mastodon [Emperor Of Sand]
Mastodon [Medium Rarities]
Mastodon [Once More ‘Round The Sun]
Mastodon [The Hunter]
Morrissey [Southpaw Grammar]
Morrissey [Your Arsenal]
Mudhoney [My Brother The Cow]
Mudhoney [Piece Of Cake]
Mudhoney [Tomorrow Hit Today]
Nico [Desertshore]
Recoil [Unsound Methods]
Lou Reed [Animal Serenade]
Lou Reed [Ecstasy]
Secret Machines [Now Here Is Nowhere]
Secret Machines [Ten Silver Drops]
The Smashing Pumpkins [American Gothic]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Zeitgeist]
Spacehog [The Chinese Album]
The Used [In Love And Death]
The Used [The Used]
Wilco [A.M.]
Wilco [Being There]
Wilco [Summerteeth]
Neil Young [A Treasure]
Neil Young [After The Gold Rush]
Neil Young [American Stars'n' Bars]
Neil Young [Americana]
Neil Young [Arc]
Neil Young [Archives Vol.1]
Neil Young [Archives Vol.II (1972-1976)]
Neil Young [Are You Passionate?]
Neil Young [Barn]
Neil Young [Broken Arrow]
Neil Young [Carnegie Hall 70]
Neil Young [Chrome Dreams II]
Neil Young [Colorado]
Neil Young [Comes A Time]
Neil Young [Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1971]
Neil Young [Dreamin' Man Live '92]
Neil Young [Earth]
Neil Young [Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere]
Neil Young [Fork In The Road]
Neil Young [Freedom]
Neil Young [Greendale]
Neil Young [Harvest Moon]
Neil Young [Hawks & Doves]
Neil Young [Hitchhiker]
Neil Young [Homegrown]
Neil Young [Journey Through The Past]
Neil Young [Le Noise]
Neil Young [Live At Massey Hall 1971]
Neil Young [Live At The Cellar Door]
Neil Young [Live At The Fillmore East]
Neil Young [Live Rust]
Neil Young [Living With War]
Neil Young [Living With War-In The Beginning]
Neil Young [Mansion On The Hill]
Neil Young [Neil Young]
Neil Young [Noise & Flowers]
Neil Young [On The Beach]
Neil Young [Peace Trail]
Neil Young [Philadelphia]
Neil Young [Prairie Wind]
Neil Young [Psychedelic Pill]
Neil Young [Ragged Glory]
Neil Young [Re-Ac-Tor]
Neil Young [Return To Greendale]
Neil Young [Road Rock V 1]
Neil Young [Roxy: Tonight's The Night Live]
Neil Young [Royce Hall 1971]
Neil Young [Rust Never Sleeps]
Neil Young [Silver & Gold]
Neil Young [Sleeps With Angels]
Neil Young [Songs For Judy]
Neil Young [Storytone]
Neil Young [The Times]
Neil Young [This Note's For You]
Neil Young [Time Fades Away]
Neil Young [Toast]
Neil Young [Tonight's The Night]
Neil Young [Tuscaloosa]
Neil Young [Unplugged]
Neil Young [Weld]
Neil Young [Year Of The Horse]
Neil Young [Young Shakespeare]
Neil Young [Zuma]
Frank Zappa [Burnt Weeny Sandwich]
Hector Zazou [Songs From The Cold Seas]
Reprise / Warner  Neil Young [Bluenote Café]
Neil Young [The Monsanto Years]
Reprise/Wea  Mastodon [Cold Dark Place]
Reptile  Chokebore [Anything Near Water]
Reptilian  UXO [UXO]
Republic  Jessie J [R.O.S.E.]
Soundgarden [King Animal]
Weezer [Everything Will Be Alright In The End]
ReR  Ash In The Rainbow [Ash In The Rainbow]
Ground Zero [Consume Red Vol. 1]
Ground Zero [Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver.1.28]
The Necks [Body]
Resonant  Port Royal [Flares]
Restless  Agent Orange [This Is The Voice]
Candlemass [Tales Of Creation]
Giant Sand [Ramp]
Green On Red [Here Comes The Snakes]
Material [Memory Serves]
Radar Bros. [The Singing Hatchet]
The Rose Of Avalanche [Always There + In Rock]
Spain [The Blue Moods Of Spain]
Johnny Thunders [Copy Cats]
Wall Of Voodoo [Wall Of Voodoo EP]
Wipers [Follow Blind]
Wipers [Land Of The Lost]
Wipers [Over The Edge]
Wipers [Youth Of America]
Wire [154]
Wire [Pink Flag]
Resurrection  And Also The Trees [Silver Soul]
Reveal  Joan As Police Woman [Real Life]
Revelation  Elliott [False Cathedrals]
Elliott [US Songs]
Gorilla Biscuits [Start Today]
Inside Out [No Spiritual Surrender EP]
Quicksand [Quicksand]
Texas Is The Reason [Do You Know Who You Are ?]
Texas Is The Reason [Texas Is The Reason]
Will Haven [Carpe Diem]
Revellata  Dynamo [Elsewhere]
Dynamo [My Love]
Revenge  The Stooges [Night In Destruction]
Revive  God Is An Astronaut [All Is Violent, All Is Bright]
Rewika  North Of America [Element Of An Incomplete Map II]
Rhino  Agent Orange [Living In Darkness (réédition)]
David Bowie [Early On (1964-1966)]
Tim Buckley [Morning Glory - The Tim Buckley Anthology]
Tim Buckley [Starsailor]
Dinosaur Jr [Ear-Bleeding Country : The Best Of Dinosaur Jr.]
Grant Lee Buffalo [Storm Hymnal: Gems From The Vault Of Grant Lee Buffalo]
The Modern Lovers [The Modern Lovers]
New Order [Lost Sirens]
Nico [The Frozen Borderline]
Pixies [Sell Out : 2004 Reunion Tour]
The Ramones [Hey! Ho! Let's Go! : The Anthology]
The Ramones [Ramones]
The Replacements [Dead Man's Pop]
Todd Rundgren [Something/Anything]
The Sisters Of Mercy [First And Last And Always : Remastered & Expanded]
The Sisters Of Mercy [Floodland : Remastered And Expanded]
Sonic Youth [Made In Usa]
The Stooges [Fun House Deluxe Edition]
The Stooges [The Stooges Deluxe Edition]
Talking Heads [The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads]
The Velvet Underground [Loaded]
Rhubarb  Psychedelic Porn Crumpets [High Visceral {Part One}]
Ribbon Music  Lower Dens [Nootropics]
Laura Marling [Once I Was An Eagle]
John Maus [Addendum]
John Maus [Screen Memories]
Riff Raff  Brutal Knights [Life Ain't Cool]
Righteous Babe  Ani DiFranco [Allergic To Water]
Ani DiFranco [Ani DiFranco]
Ani DiFranco [Canon]
Ani DiFranco [Dilate]
Ani DiFranco [Educated Guess]
Ani DiFranco [Evolve]
Ani DiFranco [Imperfectly]
Ani DiFranco [Knuckle Down]
Ani DiFranco [Little Plastic Castle]
Ani DiFranco [Live At Babeville]
Ani DiFranco [Living In Clip]
Ani DiFranco [Not A Pretty Girl]
Ani DiFranco [Not So Soft]
Ani DiFranco [Out Of Range]
Ani DiFranco [Puddle Dive]
Ani DiFranco [Red Letter Year]
Ani DiFranco [Render - Spanning Time With Ani DiFranco]
Ani DiFranco [Reprieve]
Ani DiFranco [Revelling / Reckoning]
Ani DiFranco [So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter]
Ani DiFranco [To The Teeth]
Ani DiFranco [Trust]
Ani DiFranco [Up Up Up Up Up Up]
Ani DiFranco [¿ Which Side Are You On ?]
Anaïs Mitchell [The Brightness]
Riley Records  The Apartments [In And Out Of The Light]
Riot Season  Acid Mothers Temple [The Ripper At The Heaven's Gates Of Dark]
Riptide  Tephra [A Modicum Of Truth]
Rise  Dance Gavin Dance [Dance Gavin Dance]
Racquet Club [Racquet Club]
Rise Above  Capricorns [Capricorns]
Capricorns [Ruder Forms Survive]
Electric Wizard [Let Us Prey]
Electric Wizard [We Live]
Electric Wizard [Witchcult Today]
Ghost [Opus Eponymous]
Orange Goblin [Frequencies From Planet Ten]
Orange Goblin [The Big Black]
Orange Goblin [Time Travelling Blues]
Rise Records  At The Drive-In [In·ter A·li·a]
Ritornell  Dean Roberts [And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema]
Riverboat  John Fahey [The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death]
Rivista Inc.  Les Rallizes Dénudés ['77 Live]
Road Cone  Jackie-O Motherfucker [Fig.5]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [Liberation]
Road Pictures / Imusician  Elvin Road [Fade To Dark]
Roadracer  Ratos De Poraõ [Brazil]
Roadrunner  Melissa Auf Der Maur [Out Of Our Minds]
Biohazard [Urban Discipline]
Black Stone Cherry [Black Stone Cherry]
Black Stone Cherry [Folklore & Superstition]
Buzzov-en [Sore]
Jerry Cantrell [Degradation Trip - Volumes 1 & 2]
Cut The Navel String [Takis]
Cynic [Focus]
The Dresden Dolls [Yes, Virginia]
Drugstore [White Magic For Lovers]
Faith No More [This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us EP]
Glassjaw [Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence]
Gojira [Fortitude]
Gojira [L'Enfant Sauvage]
Gojira [Les Enfants Sauvages]
Gojira [Magma]
Gun Club [Danse Kalinda Boom]
Karma To Burn [Karma To Burn]
Khoma [The Second Wave]
Kissogram [Rubber & Meat]
Opeth [Ghost Reveries]
Opeth [Heritage]
Opeth [Pale Communion]
Opeth [Watershed]
Amanda Palmer [Who Killed Amanda Palmer]
Pet Lamb [Sweaty Handshake]
Porcupine Tree [Fear Of A Blank Planet]
Porcupine Tree [The Incident]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Queens Of The Stone Age]
Ratos De Poraõ [Just Another Crime In Massacreland]
Treponem Pal [Aggravation]
Treponem Pal [Excess & Overdrive]
Treponem Pal [Treponem Pal]
Vision Of Disorder [Imprint]
Vision Of Disorder [Vision Of Disorder]
Willard [Steel Mill]
RoadTrain  Fat Truckers [For Sale]
Robotic Empire  Circle Takes The Square [As The Roots Undo]
Crowpath [Old Cuts And Blunt Knives]
Kayo Dot [Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue]
Pig Destroyer [Painter Of Dead Girls]
Rock Action  Envy [A Dead Sinking Story]
Errors [Come Down With Me]
Errors [It's Not Something But It's Like Whatever]
Kling Klang [The Esthetik Of Destruction]
Mogwai [Earth Division EP]
Mogwai [Government Commissions (BBC Sessions 1996-2003)]
Mogwai [Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will]
Mogwai [Mr. Beast]
Mogwai [My Father, My King]
Mogwai [Travel Is Dangerous]
Part Chimp [Chartpimp]
Rock Action Records  Blanck Mass [Blanck Mass]
Rock Indiana  The Sunday Drivers [The Sunday Drivers]
The Sunday Drivers [Time Time Time]
Rockathon  Guided By Voices [Propeller]
Rockerill  Josy & The Pony Vs The Poneymen [Hippodrone Club]
Rocket  Gnod [Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Facist Industrial Death Machine]
Gum Takes Tooth [Arrow]
Rocket Girl  Piano Magic [Artists' Rifles]
Piano Magic [Low Birth Weight]
Piano Magic [Popular Mechanics]
Rocket Science  Liz Phair [Funstyle]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Teargarden By Kaleidyscope 2 : The Solstice Bare]
Rockin' Leprechaun  Jonathan Richman [I'm So Confused]
Rockin' Prod Association  The Craftmen Club [I Gave You Orders Never To Play That Record Again]
Rodriguez Lopez Productions  The Mars Volta [The Bedlam In Goliath]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Cizaña De Los Amores]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Los Sueños De Un Higado]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Mantra Hiroshima]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Octopus Kool Aid]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Solar Gambling]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Tychozorente]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Un Corazón De Nadie]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Unicorn Skeleton Mask]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Xenophanes]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [¿Sólo Extraño?]
ROIR  Bad Brains [Bad Brains]
Martin Rev [See Me Ridin']
Television [The Blow-Up]
Johnny Thunders [The New Too Much Junkie Business]
Roll Coll  Wintersleep [Hello Hum]
Ron Johnson  A Witness [I Am John's Pancreas]
Ronboy Rhymes  Ron Sexsmith [Grand Opera Lane]
Ronda  Melmac [Les Secours Arrivent Et Prennent Le Relais]
[1] Kilo Of Black Bondage [Fear The Windows]
RooArt  You Am I [Sound As Ever]
Room40  Lawrence English [Cruel Optimism]
Roomtone Rec  Double Nelson [Le Grand Cornet]
Rosary Music  The Vaselines [V For Vaselines]
Rosebud  The Drift (France) [Never So Loud]
Katerine [Mes Mauvaises Fréquentations]
The Little Rabbits [Grand Public]
The Little Rabbits [La Grande Musique]
The Married Monk [The Jim Side]
Welcome To Julian [Surfing On A T-Bone]
Welcome To Julian [Welcome To Julian]
Rosso Corsa  Betamaxx [Archaic Science]
Roswell  Foo Fighters [Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace]
Foo Fighters [Foo Fighters]
Foo Fighters [The Color & The Shape]
Foo Fighters [There Is Nothing Left To Lose]
Roswell/RCA  Foo Fighters [Sonic Highways]
Rotten  Acid Bath [Paegan Terrorism Tactics]
Acid Bath [When The Kite String Pops]
Rough Trade  1990s [Cookies]
Amusement Parks On Fire [Out Of The Angeles]
The Apartments [Drift]
The Apartments [The Evening Visits... And Stays For Years]
The Arcade Fire [EP]
The Arcade Fire [Rebellion]
Baby Shambles [Down In Albion]
Baby Shambles [Fuck Forever]
Baby Shambles [Killamangiro]
Bell Orchestre [Recording A Tape The Colour Of The Light]
Belle And Sebastian [Dear Catastrophe Waitress]
Belle And Sebastian [Write About Love]
The Boo Radleys [Learning To Walk]
The Boy Least Likely To [The Best Party Ever]
The Boy Least Likely To [The Law Of The Playground]
Brakes [Give Blood]
British Sea Power [Do You Like Rock Music ?]
British Sea Power [Man Of Aran]
British Sea Power [Open Season]
Butthole Surfers [Piouhgd]
Julian Casablancas [Phrazes For The Young]
The Clean [Vehicle]
Jarvis Cocker [Further Complications]
Jarvis Cocker [Jarvis]
Kimya Dawson [I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean]
The Decemberists [Sixteen Military Wives]
The Delays [Faded Seaside Glamour]
Delta 5 [Mind Your Own Business]
The Detroit Cobras [Baby]
Disco Inferno [Technicolour]
Baxter Dury [Floor Show]
Baxter Dury [Len Parrot's Memorial Lift]
Eastern Lane [Shades Of Black]
The Fall [Grotesque (After The Gramme)]
The Fall [Perverted By Language]
The Fall [Slates]
Fiery Furnaces [Bitter Tea]
Fiery Furnaces [Blueberry Boat]
Fiery Furnaces [EP]
Fiery Furnaces [Gallowbird's Bark]
Fiery Furnaces [Rehearsing My Choir]
Galaxie 500 [On Fire]
Galaxie 500 [This Is Our Music]
The Go-Betweens [Before Hollywood]
Goat Girl [Crow Cries]
Goat Girl [Goat Girl]
Goat Girl [On All Four]
God Help The Girl [God Help The Girl]
Vic Godard [What's The Matter Boy ?]
Adam Green [Adam Green]
Adam Green [Friends Of Mine]
Adam Green [Gemstones]
Adam Green [Jacket Full Of Danger]
Adam Green [Minor Love]
Adam Green [Sixes & Sevens]
Albert Hammond Jr [Yours To Keep]
Albert Hammond Jr [¿Cómo Te Llama?]
This Heat [Deceit]
The Hidden Cameras [Awoo]
The Hidden Cameras [The Smell Of Our Own]
Islands [Return To The Sea]
JARV IS... [Beyond The Pale]
Jennylee [Right On !]
Lankum [The Livelong Day]
Paul Leary [The History Of Dogs]
Jeffrey Lewis [12 Crass Songs]
Jeffrey Lewis [It's The Ones Who've Cracked That The Light Shines Through]
Jeffrey Lewis [The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane]
Jeffrey Lewis [‘Em Are I]
The Libertines [Can't Stand Me Now]
The Libertines [The Libertines]
The Libertines [Up The Bracket]
The Libertines [What A Waster]
Little Joy [Little Joy]
Low [Trust]
The Mabuses [The Mabuses]
Marion [Violent Men EP]
Mazzy Star [She Hangs Brightly]
Micachu [Jewellery]
The Moldy Peaches [Moldy Peaches 2000 - Unreleased Cutz And Live Jamz 1994-2002]
Monsters Of Folk [Monsters Of Folk]
My Morning Jacket [Evil Urges]
Mystery Jets [Twenty-One]
The Parachute Men [Earth, Dogs And Eggshells]
Parquet Courts [Human Performance]
Parquet Courts [Wide Awake!]
Pere Ubu [Song Of The Bailing Man]
Pere Ubu [Terminal Tower : An Archival Collection, NonLP Singles & B-Sides 1975-1980]
Pere Ubu [The Art Of Walking]
The Pop Group [For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?]
Princess Nokia [1992 Deluxe]
Queen Adreena [Drink Me]
Queen Adreena [F.M. Doll]
Queen Adreena [Pretty Like Drugs]
The Raincoats [The Raincoats]
Gruff Rhys [Candylion]
Gruff Rhys [Yr Atal Genhedlaeth]
Arthur Russell [Love Is Overtaking Me]
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions [Bavarian Fruit Bread]
Sleaford Mods [English Tapas]
Sleaford Mods [Sleaford Mods]
Sleaford Mods [T.C.R.]
The Smiths [The Queen Is Dead]
Starcrawler [Starcrawler]
Sufjan Stevens [Illinoise]
Stiff Little Fingers [Inflammable Material]
The Strokes [Angles]
The Strokes [Is This It]
Sun Kil Moon [Tiny Cities]
Sunset Rubdown [Shut Up I'm Dreaming]
Super Furry Animals [Dark Days / Light Years]
Super Furry Animals [Hey Venus!]
Super Furry Animals [Love Kraft]
Swell Maps [Jane From Occupied Europe]
Emiliana Torrini [Fisherman's Woman]
Emiliana Torrini [Me And Armini]
Emiliana Torrini [Tookah]
The Veils [Nux Vomica]
The Veils [The Runaway Found]
Tom Verlaine [Warm And Cool]
Virgin Prunes [If I Die, I Die]
Warpaint [Elephants]
Warpaint [Heads Up]
Warpaint [No Way Out / I'll Start Believing]
Warpaint [Rough Trade Sessions]
Warpaint [The Fool]
Warpaint [Warpaint]
The Weather Prophets [Diesel River]
The Woodentops [Giant]
Robert Wyatt [Dondestan]
Robert Wyatt [Nothing Can Stop Us]
Young Marble Giants [Colossal Youth]
Rough Trade ; Cooking Vinyl  Isobel Campbell [Voices In The Sky]
Rounder  Sondre Lerche [Heartbeat Radio]
The Modern Lovers [Modern Lovers 88]
The Modern Lovers [Precise Modern Lovers Order]
Jonathan Richman [Having A Party With Jonathan Richman]
Jonathan Richman [I, Jonathan]
Jonathan Richman [Jonathan Richman]
Jonathan Richman [Jonathan, Te Vas A Emocionar!]
Jonathan Richman [You Must Ask The Heart]
Royal Cream - BMG  Greg Dulli [Random Desire]
Royal Oakie  The Blank Tapes [Geodesic Dome Piece]
RPM  Minimal Compact [Raging And Dancing]
Rubber  Lisa Gerrard [The Silver Tree]
Morning After Girls [Morning After Girls Ep]
Ricaine [The Clarity Of Distance]
Ruby  Gun Club [Fire Of Love]
Ruby And Slash  The Misfits [Walk Among Us]
Rubyworks  John Murry [The Graceless Age]
Ruffhouse  Cypress Hill [Black Sunday]
Cypress Hill [Cypress Hill]
Rumble  Plaid [Mind Over Rhythm Meets The Men From Plaid On The Planet Luv]
Ruminance  Cheval De Frise [Fresques Sur Les Parois Secrètes Du Crâne]
Cheval De Frise [La Lame Du Mat EP]
Chevreuil [Science EP]
Get The People [Get The People]
Oxbow [Let Me Be A Woman]
Permanent Fatal Error [Law Speed]
Sabo [8 Saisons À L'ombre]
Rumraket  Efterklang [Tripper]
Rumraket, 4AD  Efterklang [Piramida]
Run For Cover  Pinegrove [Cardinal]
Pinegrove [Elsewhere]
Run On  The Coral [Sea Of Mirrors]
Run On , Modern Sky UK  The Coral [Coral Island]
Rune Grammofon  Jenny Hval [Innocence Is Kinky]
Runt  Cat Power [Dear Sir]
The For Carnation [Promised Works]
Rushmore  Vanessa And The O's [La Ballade D'O]
Rusted Blue  Alela Diane [About Farewell]
Rvng Intl  Holly Herndon [Movement]
Rvng. Intl.  Julia Holter [Ekstasis]
Rykodisc  Tara Angell [Come Down]
Chris Bell [I Am The Cosmos]
Andrew Bird [Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - Oh! The Grandeur]
Andrew Bird [Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - The Swimming Hour]
Andrew Bird [Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - Thrills]
Captain Beefheart [Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart : Bongo Fury]
Thomas Dybdahl [Science]
The Fire Theft [The Fire Theft]
Galaxie 500 [Copenhagen]
Galaxie 500 [The Portable Galaxie 500]
Galaxie 500 [Today]
Galaxie 500 [Uncollected]
Golden Smog [Down By The Old Mainstream]
Golden Smog [Weird Tales]
Ladytron [Witching Hour]
Meat Puppets [Meat Puppets II]
Megapuss [Surfing]
Mono [One Step More And You Die]
Mono [Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined]
Morphine [B-Sides & Otherwise]
Morphine [Bootleg Detroit]
Morphine [Cure For Pain]
Morphine [Good]
Morphine [Like Swimming]
Morphine [The Night]
Morphine [Yes]
Bob Mould [Bob Mould]
Kelly Joe Phelps [Roll Away The Stone]
Plasticland [Make Yourself A Happening Machine : A Collection Of]
The Posies [Every Kind Of Light]
Josh Rouse [1972]
Josh Rouse [Nashville]
Ken Stringfellow [Soft Commands]
Robert Wyatt [Cuckooland]
Frank Zappa [200 Motels]
Frank Zappa [Absolutely Free]
Frank Zappa [Ahead Of Their Time]
Frank Zappa [Apostrophe (')]
Frank Zappa [Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger]
Frank Zappa [Broadway The Hard Way]
Frank Zappa [Fillmore East, June 1971]
Frank Zappa [Freak Out]
Frank Zappa [Guitar]
Frank Zappa [Jazz From Hell]
Frank Zappa [Joe's Garage]
Frank Zappa [Just Another Band From L.A.]
Frank Zappa [Läther]
Frank Zappa [One Size Fits All]
Frank Zappa [Overnite Sensation]
Frank Zappa [Roxy & Elsewhere]
Frank Zappa [Sheik Yerbouti]
Frank Zappa [Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch]
Frank Zappa [Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar]
Frank Zappa [Studio Tan]
Frank Zappa [The Grand Wazoo]
Frank Zappa [The Yellow Shark]
Frank Zappa [Tinseltown Rebellion]
Frank Zappa [Uncle Meat]
Frank Zappa [Waka-Jawaka]
Frank Zappa [You Are What You Is]
Frank Zappa [You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1]
Frank Zappa [You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 2]
Frank Zappa [You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3]
Frank Zappa [Zappa In New York]
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