Label  Disque
M & O Music  The Hellectric Devilz [The Hellectric Club]
M.Ward Records  Matt Ward [What A Wonderful Industry]
Black Bomb A [Human Bomb]
Wide Open Cage [Coax]
Mac's Record Label  Mac Demarco [Here Comes The Cowboy]
Mad Minute  Mint 400 [Gas]
Mad Oak  Sasquatch [Maneuvers]
Made To Measure  Minimal Compact [Minimal Compact/Benjamin Lew/Alsak Maboull/Tuxedomoon: Made To Measure Vol.1]
Madfish  Porcupine Tree [The Sky Moves Sideways]
Madrona  Esmerine [Aurora]
Magaibutsu  Korekyojinn [Kaleidoscope]
Magic Bullet  This Will Destroy You [Young Mountain]
Magnetic Field  Grant Lee Phillips [Walking In The Green Corn]
Magnetic Field ; Yep Roc  Grant Lee Phillips [Ladies' Love Oracle]
Magpie  The Mabuses [Mabused!]
Majora  Sun City Girls [Torch Of The Mystics]
Majordomo  The Von Bondies [Love, Hate And Then There's You]
Make Up  Les Reines Prochaines [Protest Und Vasen]
Makoto  Tristeza [Spine & Sensory]
Maldoror  Current 93 [Crowleymass]
Malicious Country  Dødheimsgard [Monumental Possession]
Malicious Damage  Killing Joke [Turn To Red]
Malicious Vinyl  Slo Burn [Amusing The Amazing]
Mammoth  Chainsaw Kittens [Flipped Out In Singapore]
Chainsaw Kittens [High In High School]
Chainsaw Kittens [Violent Religion]
Fu Manchu [California Crossing]
Fu Manchu [In Search Of...]
Fu Manchu [King Of The Road]
Fu Manchu [The Action Is Go]
Man At The Off Licence / Calypso Now  The Cleaners From Venus [Blow Away Your Troubles]
The Cleaners From Venus [On Any Normal Monday]
Man At The Off Licence / Calypso Now  The Cleaners From Venus [Midnight Cleaners]
Man's Ruin  Acid King [Busse Woods]
Altamont [Our Darling]
Brant Bjork [Jalamanta]
Che [Sounds Of Liberation]
The Desert Sessions [Vol V & VI]
The Desert Sessions [Vol. III & IV]
Drunk Horse [Tanning Salon / Biblical Proportions]
Kyuss [Queens Of The Stone Age]
Los Natas [Ciudad De Brahman]
Los Natas [Delmar]
Melvins [Electroretard]
Nebula [Sun Creature]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Queens Of The Stone Age / Beaver]
Suplecs [Wrestlin' With My Lady Friend]
Unida [Coping With The Urban Coyote]
Manic Depression  Bodysnatcher [The Ninth Floor]
Frustration [Frustration]
Schonwald [Abstraction]
Manifesto  Tim Buckley [Dream Letter - Live In London 1968]
Tim Buckley [Honeyman]
Ken Stringfellow [Touched]
Tom Waits [The Early Years - Vol.2]
Tom Waits [The Early Years - Volume One]
The Wedding Present [El Rey]
Manimal Vinyl  Warpaint [Exquisite Corpse]
Manqué Music  Islands [Ski Mask]
Mantra  The Delgados [Hate]
The Delgados [The Great Eastern]
Six By Seven [The Way I Feel Today]
Mantra Spenta - Sacrament II  Cober Ord [Le Revers Du Soleil]
Maple Death  His Clancyness [Isolation Culture]
MapleMusic  Martha Wainwright [Martha Wainwright]
Marathon Artists  Pond [The Weather]
MarDev  Nada Surf [If I Had A Hi-Fi]
Nada Surf [The Proximity Effect]
Marina  The Pale Fountains [Longshot For Your Love]
Shack [Waterpistol]
Martha's Music  Billy Corgan [Cotillions]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Atum]
Mascot  Gojira [The Flesh Alive]
MASQ  Hubert-felix Thiefaine [...tout Corps Vivant Branché Sur Le Secteur Étant Appelé À S'émouvoir..]
Hubert-felix Thiefaine [Autorisation De Delirer]
Hubert-felix Thiefaine [De L'amour, De L'art Ou Du Cochon]
Hubert-felix Thiefaine [Soleil Cherche Futur]
Massacre  Das Ich [Anti'christ]
Masterplan  Frank Zappa [Zappa In Barcelona (European Tour May 1988)]
Masters At Paradise  Dallas Kincaid & EvilMrSod [Subterranean Power Strain]
Matador  Algiers [Algiers]
Arsonists [As The World Burns]
Paul Banks [Banks]
Belle And Sebastian [Push Barman To Open Old Wounds]
Belle And Sebastian [The BBC Sessions]
Belle And Sebastian [The Life Pursuit]
Body/Head [Coming Apart]
Body/Head [The Switch]
R.L. Burnside [A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey]
Car Seat Headrest [Commit Yourself Completely]
Car Seat Headrest [Teens Of Denial]
Car Seat Headrest [Teens Of Style]
Car Seat Headrest [Twin Fantasy (Face To Face)]
Cat Power [Dark End Of The Street]
Cat Power [Jukebox]
Cat Power [Moon Pix]
Cat Power [Nude As The News EP]
Cat Power [Speaking For Trees : A Film By Mark Borthwick]
Cat Power [The Covers Record]
Cat Power [The Greatest]
Cat Power [What Would The Community Think]
Cat Power [You Are Free]
Ceremony (2) [Zoo]
Chavez [Ride The Fader]
Cold Cave [Love Comes Close]
Come [Don't Ask Don't Tell]
Come [Gently, Down The Stream]
Come [Near Life Experience]
Cornelius [Fantasma]
Cornelius [Point]
Dead Meadow [Feathers]
Dead Meadow [Shivering King And Others]
The Double [Loose In The Air]
Jad Fair [Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo - Strange But True]
The For Carnation [Fight Songs EP]
The For Carnation [Marshmallows]
Fucked Up [The Chemistry Of Common Life]
Guided By Voices [Alien Lanes]
Guided By Voices [Bee Thousand]
Guided By Voices [Earthquake Glue]
Guided By Voices [Half Smiles Of The Decomposed]
Guided By Voices [Hardcore UFO's]
Guided By Voices [I'm A Scientist EP]
Guided By Voices [Mag Earwig !]
Guided By Voices [Sunfish Holy Breakfast]
Guided By Voices [The Best Of Guided By Voices: Human Amusements At Hourly Rates]
Guided By Voices [Under The Bushes Under The Stars]
Guided By Voices [Universal Truths And Cycles]
Iceage [Plowing Into The Field Of Love]
Interpol [Antics]
Interpol [El Pintor]
Interpol [Interpol]
Interpol [Marauder]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [ACME]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [ACME Plus]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Extra Width/Mo' Width]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Orange]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Plastic Fang]
Stephen Malkmus [Stephen Malkmus]
Stephen Malkmus [Traditional Techniques]
Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks [Mirror Traffic]
Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks [Real Emotional Trash]
Matmos [A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure]
Modest Mouse [The Moon And Antartica]
Thurston Moore [Demolished Thoughts]
Thurston Moore [The Best Day]
The New Pornographers [Brill Bruisers]
The New Pornographers [Challengers]
The New Pornographers [Electric Version]
The New Pornographers [Together]
The New Pornographers [Twin Cinema]
Pavement [Brighten The Corners]
Pavement [Brighten The Corners : Nicene Creedence Edition]
Pavement [Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain : L.A.'s Desert Origins]
Pavement [Slanted & Enchanted]
Pavement [Slanted & Enchanted : Luxe & Reduxe]
Pavement [Slow Century]
Pavement [Terror Twilight]
Pavement [Watery Domestic EP]
Pavement [Wowee Zowee : Sordid Sentinels Edition]
Perfume Genius [No Shape]
Liz Phair [Exile In Guyville]
Liz Phair [Supernova EP]
Liz Phair [Whip-Smart]
Liz Phair [Whitechocolatespaceegg]
Pizzicato Five [Happy End Of The World]
Pizzicato Five [Playboy & Playgirl]
Pizzicato Five [Remix Album : Happy End Of You]
Pizzicato Five [The Fifth Release From Matador]
Pizzicato Five [The Sound Of Music]
Pizzicato Five [Unzipped EP]
Julian Plenti [Julian Plenti Is... Skyscraper]
The Ponys [Turn The Lights Out]
Preston School Of Industry [All This Sounds Gas]
Preston School Of Industry [Monsoon]
Pretty Girls Make Graves [Elan Vital]
Pretty Girls Make Graves [The New Romance]
Queens Of The Stone Age [...Like Clockwork]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Villains]
Lee Ranaldo [Between The Times And The Tides]
Jay Reatard [Matador Singles' 08]
Jay Reatard [Singles 06-07]
Jay Reatard [Watch Me Fall]
Savages [Adore Life]
Shearwater [The Golden Archipelago]
Snail Mail [Lush]
Sonic Youth [Battery Park, NYC, July 4th 2008]
Sonic Youth [The Eternal]
Spoon [Hot Thoughts]
Steve Gunn [Eyes On The Lines]
Superchunk [Superchunk]
Times New Viking [Rip It Off]
Unsane [Singles 89-92]
Unsane [Total Destruction]
Unsane [Unsane]
Unwound [Challenge For A Civilised Society]
Unwound [Further Listening]
Kurt Vile [B'lieve I'm Goin Down...]
Kurt Vile [Bottle It In]
Kurt Vile [Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice]
Kurt Vile [It's A Big World Out There (And I Am Scared)]
Kurt Vile [Smoke Ring For My Halo]
Kurt Vile [Wakin On A Pretty Daze]
Yo La Tengo [And Then Nothing Turn Itself Inside-Out]
Yo La Tengo [Autumn Sweater EP]
Yo La Tengo [Danelectro EP]
Yo La Tengo [Electr-O-Pura]
Yo La Tengo [From A Motel 6 EP]
Yo La Tengo [Genius + Love]
Yo La Tengo [I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass]
Yo La Tengo [I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One]
Yo La Tengo [Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo - Strange But True]
Yo La Tengo [Little Honda UK EP]
Yo La Tengo [Little Honda US EP]
Yo La Tengo [Nuclear War EP]
Yo La Tengo [Painful]
Yo La Tengo [Popular Songs]
Yo La Tengo [Saturday EP]
Yo La Tengo [Shaker EP]
Yo La Tengo [Stuff Like That There]
Yo La Tengo [Sugarcube EP]
Yo La Tengo [Summer Sun]
Yo La Tengo [There's A Riot Going On]
Yo La Tengo [Today Is The Day EP]
Yo La Tengo [Tom Courtenay EP]
Yo La Tengo [You Can Have It All EP]
Matador / Pop Noire  Savages [Silence Yourself]
Matador Records  Queens Of The Stone Age [In Times New Roman]
Matinée  Brighter [Out To Sea]
Brighter [Singles 1989-1992]
Razorcuts [R Is For... Razorcuts]
Maverick  Candlebox [Candlebox]
Candlebox [Happy Pills]
Candlebox [Lucy]
Deftones [Around The Fur]
Deftones [Deftones]
Deftones [Saturday Night Wrist]
Deftones [White Pony]
Jude [No One Is Really Beautiful]
The Rentals [Return Of The Rentals]
The Rentals [Seven More Minutes]
Summercamp [Pure Juice]
Maze  Biohazard [Biohazard]
MCA  Adam Ant [Manners And Physique]
Lightning Seeds [Cloudcuckooland]
Lightning Seeds [Sense]
Ocean Colour Scene [Moseley Shoals]
Oingo Boingo [Dead Man's Party]
R.E.M. [Lifes Rich Pageant]
Semisonic [Great Divide]
Shonen Knife [Brand New Knife]
The Tragically Hip [Fully Completely]
McQueen  The Brilliant Corners [Joy Ride]
Mecanique Populaire  Trespassers W [Straight Madness Reissue]
Medicine Jar  Queen Adreena [Djin]
Megaforce  Joseph Arthur [Nuclear Daydream]
Bad Brains [Build A Nation]
Clutch [Pitchfork & Lost Needles]
Meat Puppets [Dusty Notes]
Meat Puppets [Rat Farm]
Megaforce / 13th Planet  Revolting Cocks [Sex-O Olympic-O]
Megaphone  Michael Head & The Strands [The Magical World Of The Strands]
Pixies [Return Of The Fat Man]
Sixth Minor [Amygdalae]
Silvain Vanot [Bethesda]
Mego  The Necks [Unfold]
Jim O'Rourke [I'm Happy, And I'm Singing, And A 1,2,3,4]
Melankolic  Alpha [ComeFromHeaven]
Melankolik  Day One [Ordinary Man]
Massive Attack [100th Window]
Mello Music Group  Open Mike Eagle [Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - Hella Personal Film Festival]
Melodic  Department Of Eagles [The Cold Nose]
Lucky Pierre (UK) [Hypnogogia]
Psapp [Do Something Wrong]
Mélodies Massacre  Dogs [Charlie Was A Good Boy]
Memphis  The Go! Team [Proof Of Youth]
The Go! Team [Thunder, Lightning, Strike]
The Pipettes [We Are The Pipettes]
Memphis Industries  Absentee [Schmotime]
Absentee [Victory Shorts]
The Go! Team [Rolling Blackouts]
The Go! Team [Semicircle]
Outfit [Slowness]
Merciful Release  The Sisters Of Mercy [Some Girls Wander By Mistake]
Mercury  David Bowie [Space Oddity]
Captain Beefheart [Unconditionally Guaranteed]
Cocteau Twins [Four-Calendar Café]
Cocteau Twins [Milk And Kisses]
Etienne Daho [Blitz]
Daniel Darc [Amours Suprêmes]
Dirty Pretty Things [Romance At Short Notice]
Serge Gainsbourg [Aux Armes Et Caetera]
Serge Gainsbourg [Du Chant A La Une]
Serge Gainsbourg [You're Under Arrest]
Green On Red [No Free Lunch / The Killer Inside Me]
Green On Red [The Killer Inside Me]
Green On Red [This Time Around]
Hole [Nobody's Daughter]
The House Of Love [The Complete John Peel Sessions]
James [Seven]
Lamb [Between Darkness And Wonder]
Lamb [Lamb]
Lamb [What Sound?]
Marion [This World And Body]
The Mars Volta [Octahedron]
The Mission [Carved In Sand]
The Mission [Children]
The Mission [God's Own Medicine]
The Mission [Grains Of Sand]
The Mission [Live At The BBC]
The Mission [The First Chapter]
New York Dolls [New York Dolls]
Noah And The Whale [Last Night On Earth]
Noah And The Whale [Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down]
The Noisettes [Wild Young Hearts]
Radish [Restraining Bolt]
Michelle Shocked [Short Sharp Shocked]
Tanger [L'amour Fol]
Tanger [Le Détroit]
Thirteen Senses [Contact]
Tindersticks [II]
Treponem Pal [Higher]
Trio [Trio]
The Veldt [Afrodisiac]
The Velvet Underground [1969: Velvet Underground Live, Vol. 1]
The Velvet Underground [1969: Velvet Underground Live, Vol. 2]
Scott Walker [Tilt]
Merge  The Arcade Fire [Funeral]
The Arcade Fire [Neon Bible]
The Arcade Fire [Reflektor]
Lou Barlow [Goodknight Unknown]
Richard Buckner [Dents And Shells]
Will Butler [Policy]
Caribou [Swim]
The Clean [Anthology]
The Clean [Mister Pop]
The Clientele [Strange Geometry]
Mikal Cronin [MC II]
Mikal Cronin [MCIII]
Mikal Cronin [Seeker]
Eleanor Friedberger [Last Summer]
Eleanor Friedberger [Personal Record]
Fruit Bats [Gold Past Life]
Fruit Bats [Sometimes A Cloud Is Just A Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits And Lost Songs (2001–2021)]
Fruit Bats [The Pet Parade]
Ganger [Canopy EP]
Guv'ner [Break A Promise EP]
Guv'ner [Knight Moves EP]
Ibibio Sound Machine [Doko Mien]
The Ladybug Transistor [The Albemarle Sound]
Lambchop [How I Quit Smoking]
Lambchop [I Hope You're Sitting Down]
Let's Wrestle [Nursing Home]
The Magnetic Fields [69 Love Songs]
The Magnetic Fields [Charm Of Highway Strip]
Bob Mould [Patch The Sky]
Bob Mould [Silver Age]
The Mountain Goats [Beat The Champ]
Conor Oberst [Conor Oberst]
Conor Oberst [Outer South]
Robert Pollard [From A Compound Eye]
Polvo [This Eclipse EP]
Portastatic [Scrapbook EP]
Portastatic [Slow Note From A Sinking Ship]
Portastatic [The Nature Of Sap]
Radar Bros. [And The Surrounding Mountains]
Radar Bros. [Auditorium]
Radar Bros. [The Illustrated Garden]
She And Him [Volume One]
Shout Out Louds [Our Ill Wills]
Spoon [Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga]
Spoon [Gimme Fiction]
Spoon [Girls Can Tell]
Spoon [Transference]
Superchunk [Mower EP]
Superchunk [What A Time To Be Alive]
Times New Viking [Dancer Equired!]
Titus Andronicus [The Most Lamentable Tragedy]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [Madonna]
William Tyler [Goes West]
William Tyler [Modern Country]
Matt Ward [Hold Time]
Matt Ward [More Rain]
Matt Ward [Transfiguration Of Vincent]
Matt Ward [Transistor Radio]
Waxahatchee [Out In The Storm]
Wild Flag [Wild Flag]
Merge Records  Lambchop [Live At XX Merge]
Neutral Milk Hotel [On Avery Island]
Merge/Bella Union  Matt Ward [A Wasteland Companion]
Merzbau  Charles C. Oldman [Winter]
Metak  Lisabo [Izkiriaturik Aurkitu Ditudan Gurak]
Metal Blade  Biohazard [Kill Or Be Killed]
Nostromo [Hysteron - Proteron]
Psyopus [Odd Senses]
MeteorCity  Elder [Dead Roots Stirring]
Metoo!  Film School [Brilliant Career]
Metric Music International  Metric [Synthetica]
Metric Music International / BMG  Metric [Art Of Doubt]
Metro Triples  Johnny Cash [Walking The Line : The Legendary Sun Recordings]
Metropolis  Bauhaus [Gotham [Video]]
Electric Six [Switzerland]
Faith And The Muse [Elyria]
Front 242 [Re Boot (Live)]
I Am X [Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction]
KMFDM [Blitz]
Peter Murphy [Dust]
Meudiademorte  Thurston Moore [Black Weeds / White Death]
Mexican Summer  Allah-Las [Calico Review]
Ariel Pink [Dedicated To Bobby Jameson]
Best Coast [Crazy For You]
Best Coast [The Only Place]
Drugdealer [Hiding In Plain Sight]
Drugdealer [Raw Honey]
Dungen [Dungen & Woods - Myths 003]
No Joy [Wait To Pleasure]
Viet Cong [Cassette]
Washed Out [Life Of Leisure]
Weyes Blood [Front Row Seat To The Earth]
Woods [Dungen & Woods - Myths 003]
Mia  Karma To Burn [Wild Wonderful Purgatory]
Michel Cloup Self Release  Michel Cloup (Duo) [Notre Silence]
Microbe Records  Ben's Symphonic Orchestra [Difting]
Microcultures  The Apartments [No Song No Spell No Madrigal]
Tokyo/Overtones [The Underground Karaoke]
Jim Yamouridis [The Other Side]
Microqlima  Isaac Delusion [Rust & Gold]
Mid-Fi  Supersuckers [Get It Together]
Supersuckers [Motherfuckers Be Trippin']
Midnight  Fuzztones [Screamin' Jay Hawkins And The Fuzztones Live]
Midnight Music  Robyn Hitchcock [I Often Dream Of Trains]
Sad Lovers & Giants [The Mirror Test (Redux)]
Midnight Special  Cléa Vincent [Retiens Mon Désir]
Mighty Music  Sludge [Lava]
Sludge [Yellow Acid Rain]
Milan  Mike Patton [The Place Beyond The Pines]
Emilie Simon [The Flower Book]
Milan Music  Nick Cave & Warren Elllis [Kings]
Militia  The Appleseed Cast [Sagarmatha]
Milk!  Courtney Barnett [Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice]
Courtney Barnett [Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit]
Courtney Barnett [Tell Me How You Really Feel]
Courtney Barnett [The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas]
Courtney Barnett [Things Take Time, Take Time]
Mill Pond  Luke Temple [Snowbeast]
Mille Milliards  Lab° [Volume]
Millenium Pro  Somerset [Demo #1]
Mimicry  Secret Chiefs 3 [Book M]
Secret Chiefs 3 [Book Of Horizons]
Mind Expansion  Spectrum [War Sucks]
Minority  The Tall Ships [Paint Lines On Your Glasses Look Up At The Stars And Play Them As Notes]
Mint  Lou Barlow [And Friends]
Immaculate Machine [(Immaculate Machine's) Fables]
The New Pornographers [Mass Romantic]
The Organ [Grab That Gun]
The Organ [Thieves]
Peach Kelli Pop [Gentle Leader]
Mint Films  Mercury Rev [Yerself Is Steam]
Minty Fresh  Papas Fritas [Buildings And Grounds]
Papas Fritas [Papas Fritas]
Veruca Salt [American Thighs]
Mis  Cage The Elephant [Melophobia]
M.I.A. [Kala]
Mis Ojos Discos  A Sunny Day In Glasgow [Ashes Grammar]
Misanthropy  Ved Buens Ende [Written In Waters]
Misfits  Balzac [Beyond The Darkness]
Misra  Slow Dazzle [The View From The Floor]
St. Thomas [I'm Coming Home]
Misra/Talitres  Destroyer [Streethawk: A Seduction]
Missing Link  The Go-Betweens [Send Me A Lullaby]
Mistletone  El Guincho [Alegranza]
MK Label  Kim [Radio Dub]
MNarsitik  Velma [Ludwig]
Velma [Panoramique]
Mo' Wax  Dan The Automator [Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst]
Dj Krush [Holonic: The Self Megamix]
Dj Krush [Meiso]
Dj Krush [Milight]
Dj Krush [Strictly Turntablized]
DJ Shadow [Endtroducing]
DJ Shadow [The Private Press]
UNKLE [Psyence Fiction]
Moderbolaget  Opeth [Sorceress]
Moderne Musik Tonträger  NAME [Die Name Schallplatte]
Modular  Architecture In Helsinki [Moment Bends]
The Avalanches [Since I Left You]
The Avalanches [Wildflower]
Cut Copy [In Ghost Colours]
Midnight Juggernauts [Dystopia]
New Young Pony Club [Fantastic Playroom]
Pond [Beard, Wives, Denim]
Tame Impala [Currents]
Tame Impala [InnerSpeaker]
Tame Impala [Lonerism]
Tame Impala [Tame Impala]
Wolfmother [Cosmic Egg]
Wolfmother [Wolfmother]
Wolfmother [Wolfmother EP]
Modulor  Le Klub Des Loosers [Last Days]
MoFoCo  Julian Cope [Droolian]
Moi J'Connais  Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp [Rotorotor]
Mom + Pop  Andrew Bird [Break It Yourself]
Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? / Rejuvenation  DesiCobra [Live A Bombay]
Mondo Media  Mondo Generator [Hell Comes To Your Heart]
Monika  Cobra Killer [76/77]
Cobra Killer [Das Mandolinenorchester]
Monika Entreprise  Masha Qrella [Luck]
Monitor  Battles [EP C]
Bellini [Snowing Sun]
Cass McCombs [A]
Part Chimp [I Am Come]
Monkeywrench  Pearl Jam [Backspacer]
Pearl Jam [Lightning Bolt]
Pearl Jam [Live At The Gorge 05/06]
Pearl Jam [Live On Ten Legs]
Eddie Vedder [Better Days]
Eddie Vedder [Ukulele Songs]
Mono-Tone  Dum Dum Boys [Electrified!]
Monopsone  Bathyscaphe [-11 034m]
Laudanum [System:On]
Laudanum [Your Place & Time Will Be Mine]
Sandy [Sandy]
Velma [La Pointe Farinet, 2949m]
Arch Woodmann [Mighty Scotland]
Monotreme  65daysofstatic [The Destruction Of Small Ideas]
65daysofstatic [We Were Exploding Anyway]
Khompa [The Shape Of Drums To Come]
Stinking Lizaveta [Sacrifice & Bliss]
Aaron Stout [Queens Live In Caskets]
Thee More Shallows [A History Of Sport Fishing]
Montauk  Nestor Is Bianca [Out Of The Nest]
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pr. [Shades Of Grey]
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pr. [The Sugar Plum Fairy Pr.]
MontyRay  James Dean Bradfield [Even In Exile]
Moonage Rebel  Joseph Arthur [Come Back World]
Moonfog  Dødheimsgard [666 International]
Dødheimsgard [Supervillain Outcast]
Moonlee  Analena [Carbon Based]
Storms [We Are Storms]
Mordgrimm  Osculum Infame [Dor-Nu-Fauglith]
More Alarming  Laura Marling [Semper Femina]
More DPM  The Ex [History Is What Is Happening]
Morgan Creek  Eleven [Awake In A Dream]
Morningside  Under Byen [Siamesisk]
Morr Music  Alva Noto [Iggy Pop / Alva Noto / Tarwater - Leaving The Grass EP]
Duo 505 [Late]
B. Fleischmann [Welcome Tourist]
The Go Find [Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight]
The Go Find [Miami]
The Go Find [Stars On The Wall]
Isan [Trois Gymnopédies]
Lali Puna [Clear Cut]
Lali Puna [Faking The Books]
Lali Puna [I Thought I Was Over That]
Lali Puna [Left Handed]
Lali Puna [Micronomic]
Lali Puna [Scary World Theory]
Lali Puna [Tridecoder]
Ms. John Soda [No P. Or D.]
Ms. John Soda [Notes And The Like]
Pascal Pinon [Pascal Pinon]
Iggy Pop [Iggy Pop / Alva Noto / Tarwater - Leaving The Grass EP]
Masha Qrella [Unsolved Remained]
Ulrich Schnauss [Far Away Trains Passing By]
Sóley [We Sink]
Tarwater [Iggy Pop / Alva Noto / Tarwater - Leaving The Grass EP]
Tied & Tickled Trio [La Place Demon]
Mort Aux Vaches  Etant Donnés [Mort Aux Vaches : Le Sang Est Le Mur De L'étoile]
Mortal / Cooking Vinyl  Gary Numan [Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)]
Mosaic Music  Fred Vidalenc [La Latitude Des Chevaux]
Moshi Moshi  Au Revoir Simone [Still Night, Still Light]
Au Revoir Simone [The Bird Of Music]
Best Fwends [Alphabettcally Arranged]
Dntel [Dumb Luck]
The Drums [The Drums]
Friendly Fires [Paris]
Hercules & Love Affair [Blue Songs]
Hercules & Love Affair [The Feast Of The Broken Heart]
Hot Chip [Come On Strong]
The Mae Shi [HLLLYH]
Mother Tongue  Mondo Generator [Dead Planet]
Motive Sounds Recordings  Keaton Henson [Dear]
Motor Music  Rammstein [Herzeleid]
Rammstein [Mutter]
Rammstein [Reise Reise]
Rammstein [Sehnsucht]
Moumkine Music  Mickey 3D [La Grande Évasion]
Mickey 3D [Matador]
Mr Lady  Le Tigre [Feminist Sweep Stakes]
Le Tigre [From The Desk Of Mr. Lady]
Le Tigre [Le Tigre]
Mr. Bongo  Hollie Cook [Twice]
Msi  Portishead [Wild Wood]
Munster  Jack Meatbeat And The Underground Society [Back From World War III]
Mudhoney [Live At El Sol]
Murailles Music  Electric Electric [III]
La Terre Tremble !!! [FauxBourdon]
La Terre Tremble !!! [Salvage Blues]
Murailles Music - Africantape - Kythibong - Herzfeld  Electric Electric [Discipline]
Murmur  Silverchair [Ana's Song (Open Fire)]
Silverchair [Anthem For The Year 2000]
Silverchair [Freak Show]
Silverchair [Frogstomp]
Silverchair [Rareties 1994-1999]
Musea  King Crimson [The 21st Century Guide To King Crimson Volume One : 1969-1974]
Mush  Curse Ov Dialect [Wooden Tongues]
Mushroom  The Boys Next Door [Door Door]
Garbage [Garbage]
Garbage [Queer]
Mushroom Pillow  The Sunday Drivers [The End Of Maiden Trip]
The Sunday Drivers [Tiny Telephone]
Music Cartel  Electric Wizard [Dopethrone]
Music Fear Satan  Double Dragon [Double Dragon]
Music For Nations  Anathema [A Natural Disaster]
Anathema [Afine Day To Exit]
Anathema [Judgement]
Neurosis [Times Of Grace]
Paradise Lost [Draconian Times]
Paradise Lost [Icon]
Paradise Lost [One Second]
Paradise Lost [Shades Of God]
Spiritual Beggars [Another Way To Shine]
Spiritual Beggars [Mantra III]
Vision Of Disorder [From Bliss To Devastation]
Music From Memory  Suso Saiz [Nothing Is Objective]
Music Related  Shugo Tokumaru [Night Piece]
Music70  Boards Of Canada [Twoism]
Musical Tragedies  Lee Ranaldo [A Perfect Day EP]
MusicFearSatan  Monarch! [Omens]
Year Of No Light [Nord [Deluxe Edition]]
Musidisc  Shoulders [Trashman Shoes]
Mut  I'm From Barcelona [Who Killed Harry Houdini]
Mute  Barry Adamson [Moss Side Story]
Barry Adamson [Oedipus Schmoedipus]
Add N To (X) [Avant Hard]
Add N To (X) [Loud Like Nature]
Adult. [Detroit House Guests]
Apparat [Krieg Und Frieden (Music For Theatre)]
Art Brut [It's A Bit Complicated]
Daniel Blumberg [Minus]
Cabaret Voltaire [Shadow Of Fear]
Cabaret Voltaire [The Original Sound Of Sheffield 78-82]
Can [Cannibalism III]
Can [Monster Movie]
Can [Rite Time]
Can [Soundtracks]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Dig !!! Lazarus Dig !!!]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [From Her To Eternity]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Henry's Dream]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Kicking Against The Pricks]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Let Love In]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Live Seeds]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Murder Ballads]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [No More Shall We Part]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Nocturama]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Tender Prey]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [The Abattoir Blues Tour]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [The Boatman's Call]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [The Firstborn Is Dead]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [The Good Son]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Your Funeral... My Trial]
Crime And The City Solution [Room Of Lights]
Depeche Mode [101]
Depeche Mode [A Broken Frame]
Depeche Mode [Black Celebration]
Depeche Mode [Construction Time Again]
Depeche Mode [Devotional]
Depeche Mode [Dreaming Of Me]
Depeche Mode [Exciter]
Depeche Mode [Music For The Masses]
Depeche Mode [Never Let Me Down Again]
Depeche Mode [Remixes 81-04]
Depeche Mode [Some Great Reward]
Depeche Mode [Songs Of Faith And Devotion]
Depeche Mode [Sounds Of The Universe]
Depeche Mode [Speak & Spell]
Depeche Mode [The Singles 81-85]
Depeche Mode [The Singles 86-98]
Depeche Mode [Tour Of The Universe : Barcelona 20/21.11.09]
Depeche Mode [Touring The Angel : Live In Milan]
Depeche Mode [Ultra]
Depeche Mode [Wrong]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Faustmusik]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Haus Der Lüge]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Perpetuum Mobile]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Silence Is Sexy]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Tabula Rasa (réédition)]
Erasure [World Be Gone]
Fad Gadget [Fireside Favorites]
Foil [Never Got Hip]
Dave Gahan [Hourglass]
Dave Gahan [Paper Monsters]
Diamanda Galas [Defixiones, Will And Testament]
Diamanda Galas [La Serpenta Canta]
Diamanda Galas [The Sporting Life]
Goldfrapp [Black Cherry]
Goldfrapp [Felt Mountain]
Goldfrapp [Head First]
Goldfrapp [Seventh Tree]
Goldfrapp [Silver Eye]
Goldfrapp [Tales Of Us]
José Gonzalez [In Our Nature]
Martin Gore [Counterfeit 2]
Martin Gore [Counterfeit E.P.]
Martin Gore [MG]
Grinderman [Grinderman]
Grinderman [Grinderman 2]
Mick Harvey [Australian Rules]
Mick Harvey [One Man's Treasure]
Mick Harvey [Two Of Diamonds]
Richard Hawley [Coles Corner]
Richard Hawley [Lady's Bridge]
Richard Hawley [Truelove's Gutter]
Hovercraft [Akathisia]
Hovercraft [Experiment Below]
Inspiral Carpets [Revenge Of The Goldfish]
Inspiral Carpets [Uniform]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Damage]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Now I Got Worry]
The Knife [Shaking The Habitual]
Laibach [Jesus Christ Superstar]
Laibach [Opus Dei]
Laibach [The Sound Of Music]
Laibach [Volk]
Laibach [WAT]
Liars [Drum's Not Dead]
Liars [House Clouds]
Liars [Liars]
Liars [Sisterworld]
Liars [TFCF]
Liars [They Were Wrong, So We Drowned]
Liars [WIXIW]
M83 [Junk]
M83 [Saturdays = Youth]
Mando Diao [Bring 'Em In]
Mando Diao [Hurricane Bar]
Maps [We Can Create]
Mountaineers [Messy Century]
New Order [Music Complete]
New Order [NOMC15]
Nick Cave & Warren Elllis [The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford]
Nick Cave & Warren Elllis [The Proposition]
The Normal [T.V.O.D / Warm Leatherette]
Pink Grease [This Is For Real]
A Place To Bury Strangers [Exploding Head]
Plastikman [Musik]
Pussy Galore [Dial "M" For Motherfucker]
Recoil [Bloodline]
Recoil [Liquid]
Recoil [SubHuman]
Suicide [Suicide - Second Album]
Yann Tiersen [Dust Lane]
VCMG [Spock - Ep 1]
VCMG [Ssss]
Virgin Prunes [Hérésie]
The Warlocks [Surgery]
White Rabbits [Milk Famous]
Wire [A Bell Is A Cup... Until It Is A Struck]
Wire [It's Beginning To And Back Again]
Wire [The Ideal Copy]
Mute / Sire / Reprise  Depeche Mode [Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live]
Mute Cryptic Corporation  The Residents [Commercial Album]
Mute, [PIAS]  Yann Tiersen [Eusa]
MVG  Backyard Babies [Total 13]
My Animal House  Deakin [Sleep Cycle]
My Dad  Jim Noir [All Right]
Jim Noir [Tower Of Love]
My Favorite Robot  Fairmont [Automaton]
My First Sonny Weismuller Recordings  Templo Diez [Winterset]
My Little Cab  Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques De Pluie [Ar Mizioù Du]
Myth America  Natalie Merchant [The House Carpenter's Daughter]
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