Label  Disque
T-Rec  Françoiz Breut [A L'Aveuglette]
L' Enfance Rouge [Trapani - Halq Al Waady]
Tue-Loup [Le Goût Du Bonbon]
Tue-Loup [Le Lac De Fish]
Zone Libre [Faites Vibrer La Chair]
Taang!  The Lemonheads [Creator]
Spacemen 3 [The Perfect Prescription]
The Swirlies [Blonder Tongue Audio Baton]
Table Of The Elements  Rhys Chatham [An Angel Moves Too Fast To See -- Selected Works: 1971-1989]
Collections Of Colonies Of Bees [Birds]
Faust [Rien]
Tak:til, Glitterbeat  Širom [Low Probality Of A Hug]
Takoma  Robbie Basho [The Falconer's Arm I]
John Fahey [Blind Joe Death]
John Fahey [Volume II : Death Chants, Breakdowns & Military Waltzes]
John Fahey [Volume III : The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites]
John Fahey [Volume IV : The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party & Other Excursions]
John Fahey [Volume VI : Days Have Gone By]
Talitres  Be My Weapon [March/2009]
Clogs [Lantern]
Clogs [Stick Music]
Maxwell Farrington [Maxwell Farrington & Le Superhomard - Once]
Flotation Toy Warning [Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck]
Idaho [The Lone Gunman]
Le Loup [The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium General Assembly]
Le Superhomard [Maxwell Farrington & Le Superhomard - Once]
Motorama [Alps]
The National [Cherry Tree]
The National [Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers]
Piano Magic [Disaffected]
Swell [South Of The Rain And Snow]
The Callstore [Save No One]
Thousand [Au Paradis]
The Walkmen [Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone]
Emily Jane White [Dark Undercoat]
Talkie Bang  Puggy [Dubois Died Today]
Tangent  Jali Musa Jawara [Yasimika]
Tangerine  Sun Dial [Other Way Out]
Tangible  The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request]
Tape-Ty  Jakub Simansky [Face To Face With American Primitivism In Eastern Europe Vol.1]
Tapete  Simon Love ["Sincerely, S. Love X"]
The Soft Hills [The Bird Is Coming Down To Earth]
Tappersize  Lenola [The Last 10 Feet Of The Suicide Mile]
Target Practice  One More Season [Posthumes]
Taste  Serafin [EP 2]
Serafin [No Push Collide]
TBD  Port O'brien [Threadbare]
Team Love  The Berg Sans Nipple [Along The Quai]
Bright Eyes [Motion Sickness : Live Recordings]
Simon Joyner [Out Into The Snow]
Jenny Lewis [Rabbit Fur Coat]
Tee Pee  The Atomic Bitchwax [Tab 4]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [...And This Is Our Music]
Drunk Horse [In Tongues]
Hermano [...Only A Sugestion]
High On Fire [The Art Of Self Defense]
Nebula [Heavy Psych]
Nebula [Let It Burn]
Jason Simon [Jason Simon]
The Warlocks [Heavy Deavy Skull Lover]
The Warlocks [The Mirror Explodes]
Witch [Paralyzed]
Witch [Witch]
Tee Pee Records  Sweet Apple [Sing The Night In Sorrow]
Teenage Menopause  Chocolat [Rencontrer Looloo]
JC Satàn [Faraway Land]
Mountain Bike [Too Sorry For Any Sorrow]
Le Prince Harry [Synthetic Love]
Xiu Xiu [FORGET]
Teenage Menopause, Music Fear Satan  Jessica93 [Guilty Species]
Teenage Menopause, MusicFearSatan  Jessica93 [Rise]
Telegram  Stina Nordenstam [Dynamite]
Stina Nordenstam [Memories Of A Color]
Telstar  The Bellrays [Meet The BellRays]
Ladytron [Light And Magic]
Temple  Psychic Tv [Allegory And Self]
Temple Of Torturous  Nebelung [Palingenesis]
Temporary Residence  Bellini [Small Stones]
The Black Heart Procession [Six]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Split Series Vol. 1]
The Books [The Way Out]
By The End Of Tonight [A Tribute To Tigers]
Cerberus Shoal [...And Farewell To Hightide / Lighthouse In Athens]
Cex [Sketchi]
Rob Crow [Living Well]
Paul De Jong [IF]
Eluvium [False Reading On]
Eluvium [Similes]
Eluvium [Talk Amongst The Trees]
Explosions In The Sky [How Strange Innocence]
Explosions In The Sky [The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place]
Explosions In The Sky [The Rescue]
Explosions In The Sky [Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever]
Fridge [Happiness]
Grails [Burning Off Impurities]
Maserati [Maserati / Zombi]
Maserati [Maserati VII]
Maserati [Passages]
Maserati [Pyramid Of The Sun]
Melt Banana [Split Series /Vol. 2]
My Disco [Little Joy]
My Disco [Split Series /Vol. 4]
Parlour [Googler]
Pelican [Split Series /Vol. 3]
Rumah Sakit [Obscured By Clowns]
Sleeping People [Growing]
Sleeping People [Sleeping People]
Tarentel [We Move Through Weather]
Watter [This World]
Young Widows [Old Wounds]
Young Widows [Split Series /Vol. 1]
Young Widows [Split Series /Vol. 2]
Young Widows [Split Series /Vol. 3]
Young Widows [Split Series /Vol. 4]
Ten Club  Pearl Jam [Live At Benaroya Hall]
Tenor Vossa  Breathless [Green To Blue]
Téona  Mansfield.TYA [June]
Ter à Terre  The Inspector Cluzo [The French Bastards]
The Inspector Cluzo [The Inspector Cluzo]
Terminal Kaleidoscope  The Legendary Pink Dots [Poppy Variations]
Terrapin  Marquis De Sade [Dantzig Twist]
Terrible  CANT [Dreams Come True]
Test Tube  Tears In X-Ray Eyes [Half-Life]
Texas Hotel  Vic Chesnutt [Drunk]
Vic Chesnutt [Is The Actor Happy?]
Texas Revolution  Mayo Thompson [Corky's Debt To His Father]
TEXT  Burial [Moth/Wolf Cub]
Four Tet [Moth/Wolf Cub]
Textile  Jackie-O Motherfucker [Change]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [Valley Of Fire]
Textile Records  Jackie-O Motherfucker [Bloom]
TFS  The Drones [Feelin Kinda Free]
Tropical Fuck Storm [A Laughing Death In Meatspace]
The Ajna Offensive  Aluk Todolo [Voix]
The Arena Recording Company  Elf Power [When The Red King Comes]
The Big Oil Recording Company  Less Win [Trust]
The Bureau  Frank Black [Live At Melkweg]
The Commitee To Keep Music Evil  The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Spacegirl & Other Favorites]
The Communion Label  The Folk Implosion [Free To Go EP]
The Daydream Library Series  Thurston Moore [By The Fire]
The Death Of Rave  Sam Kidel [Disruptive Muzak]
The Enclave  Fluffy [Black Eye]
The End  Estradasphere [Palace Of Mirrors]
James Iha [Look To The Sky]
Jarboe [Mahakali]
The Lemonheads [Varshons]
Nadja [When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV]
Sigh [Hangman's Hymn]
Ulver [Shadows Of The Sun]
The Flower Shop  Sophia [De Nachten]
Sophia [Fixed Water]
Sophia [The Infinite Circle]
The Foundation Label  Bradford [Shouting Quietly]
The Kitty Kitty Corp  Quickspace [Precious Falling]
Quickspace [The Death Of Quickspace]
The Lab  1000mods [Vulture]
The Leaf Label  Colleen [Les Ondes Silencieuses]
Radioland [Radio-Activity Revisited]
Snapped Ankles [Come Play The Trees]
The Noise Company  Ben Kweller [Circuit Boredom]
Ben Kweller [Go Fly A Kite]
The Null Corporation  How To Destroy Angels [How To Destroy Angels]
Nine Inch Nails [Add Violence]
Nine Inch Nails [Bad Witch]
Nine Inch Nails [Ghosts I-IV]
Nine Inch Nails [Not The Actual Events]
Nine Inch Nails [The Slip]
The Queen Is Dead Records  Sylvain Fesson [Origami]
The Reverberation Appreciation Society  Christian Bland & The Revelators [Pig Boat Blues]
Christian Bland & The Revelators [The Lost Album]
Christian Bland & The Revelators [The Unseen Green Obscene]
Golden Animals [Hear Eye Go]
Night Beats [Sonic Bloom]
The Reverberation Appreciation Society / The Committee To Keep Music Evil  Joel Gion [Apple Bonkers]
The Show  Dead Can Dance [Selections From Europe]
The Social Registry  Gang Gang Dance [God's Money]
Growing [Lateral]
The Tom Kotter Company  Wintersleep [New Inheritors]
Thick  Blue Meanies [Full Throttle]
Truly [Feeling You Up]
Third Man  The Black Belles [The Black Belles]
The Dead Weather [Dodge And Burn]
The Dead Weather [Horehound]
The Dead Weather [Sea Of Cowards]
Father John Misty [Live At Third Man Records]
Olivia Jean [Bathtub Love Killings]
The Raconteurs [Consolers Of The Lonely]
The Raconteurs [Help Us Stranger]
Whirlwind Heat [Do Rabbits Wonder ?]
Jack White [Acoustic Recordings 1998–2016]
Jack White [Blunderbuss]
Jack White [Boarding House Reach]
Jack White [Lazaretto]
The White Stripes [Under Blackpool Lights]
Neil Young [A Letter Home]
Third Man Records  Bill Callahan [Live At Third Man Record]
Jack White [Entering Heaven Alive]
Jack White [Fear Of The Dawn]
Third Mind  Front Line Assembly [Caustic Grip]
Front Line Assembly [Gashed Senses And Crossfire]
Heavenly Bodies [Celestial]
Third Side  Cocosuma [Reindeer Show The Way]
Fugu [As Found]
Syd Matters [A Whisper And A Sigh]
Syd Matters [Fever In Winter, Shiver In June EP]
Troy Von Balthazar [How To Live On Nothing]
Mehdi Zannad [Fugue]
Thirsty Ear  DJ Spooky [Drums Of Death]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Halber Mensch]
Chris Knox [Beat]
OP8 [Slush]
Throbbing Gristle [Grief]
Throbbing Gristle [The First Annual Report]
This Charming Man - Tee Pee  Kadavar [Kadavar]
This Dark Reign  Today Is The Day [Today Is The Day / Metatron - The Descent]
This Way Up  Redd Kross [Show World]
Thousand Mile Inc, Le Rat Des Villes  Iggy Pop [Après]
Three On The Tree  Pearl Jam [Immagine In Cornice]
Three-One-G  Mick Barr [Orthrelm - 2nd 18/04]
Jaks [Here Lies The Body Of Jaks]
Three:Four  La Tène [Vouerca/Fahy]
Thrill Jockey  Arbouretum [Song Of The Rose]
Califone [Roots And Crowns]
Eleventh Dream Day [Eighth]
Fiery Furnaces [I'm Going Away]
Fiery Furnaces [Remember]
Fiery Furnaces [Widow City]
Giant Sand [Is All Over The Map]
Keiji Haino [American Dollar Bill - Keep Looking Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look At Face On]
High Places [High Places]
Liturgy [Aesthethica]
Matmos [Ultimate Care II]
A Minor Forest [Inindependence]
Mouse On Mars [Idiology]
Archer Prewitt [Three]
The Sea And Cake [Everybody]
The Sea And Cake [One Bedroom]
The Sea And Cake [Oui]
The Sea And Cake [The Fawn]
Sumac [American Dollar Bill - Keep Looking Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look Face On]
Sumac [What One Becomes]
Tortoise [A Lazarus Taxon]
Tortoise [Beacons Of Ancestorship]
Tortoise [It's All Around You]
Tortoise [Millions Now Living Will Never Die]
Tortoise [Remixed]
Tortoise [Standards]
Tortoise [Tortoise]
Town & Country [5]
Trans Am [Liberation]
Trans Am [Red Line]
Trans Am [Surrender To The Night]
Trans Am [TA]
Trans Am [You Can Always Get What You Want]
Trans Champs [Double Explosure EP]
Wooden Shjips [Back To Land]
Wooden Shjips [V]
Wooden Shjips [West]
Thalia Zedek [Trust Not Those In Whom Without Some Touch Of Madness]
Throatruiner  Verdun [The Eternal Drift's Canticles]
Throne  Monarch! [Die Tonight]
Tiger Style  The Album Leaf [One Day I'll Be On Time]
The American Analog Set [Promise Of Love]
Dead Low Tide [Dead Low Tide]
Tristeza [Dream Signals In Full Circles]
Tigerbeat6  Cex [Role Model]
Cex [Tall, Dark, And Handcuffed]
Tigersushi  Poni Hoax [Images Of Sigrid]
Time Bomb  Reverend Horton Heat [Spend A Night In The Box]
Sunny Day Real Estate [The Rising Tide]
Wellwater Conspiracy [Brotherhood Of Electric : Operational Directive]
Time Release  Tuxedomoon [No Tears]
Time Room Records, Mystery Jack Recordings, Salty Dog Studios, Rockerill Records  The WRS [Capicúa]
Tiny Engines  The Hotelier [Home, Like Noplace Is There]
Tis  Liaisons Dangereuses [Liaisons Dangereuses]
TK  William Burroughs [William S. Burroughs & Kurt Cobain : The "Priest" They Called Him]
The Dandy Warhols [Dandys Rule OK ?]
TMT Entertainment  Apparat Organ Quartet [Apparat Organ Quartet]
To My Finger Tips  Fluck [Folk Can Be Distorted]
Toad  Meursault [Something For The Weakened]
Toast Hawai  Client [City]
Client [Client]
Tolotta  Dead Meadow [Dead Meadow]
Tombstone  Nekromantix [Hellbound]
Tomlab  The Books [Thought For Food]
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone [Etiquette]
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone [Pocket Symphonies For Lonesome Subway Cars]
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone [Twinkle Echo]
Final Fantasy [Has A Good Home]
Final Fantasy [He Poos Clouds]
Final Fantasy [Many Lives - 49 MP]
Skeletons [Money]
Patrick Wolf [Lycanthropy]
Patrick Wolf [Wind In The Wires]
Tommy Boy  Sneaker Pimps [Bloodsport]
Tompkins Square  Gwenifer Raymond [You Never Were Much Of A Dancer]
Too Pure  Electrelane [Axes]
Electrelane [No Shouts, No Calls]
Electrelane [The Power Out]
Th' Faith Healers [Imaginary Friend]
Th' Faith Healers [L']
Th' Faith Healers [Lido]
Th' Faith Healers [Mr Litnanski EP]
Future Of The Left [Curses]
PJ Harvey [Dress EP]
PJ Harvey [Dry]
PJ Harvey [Sheela-Na-Gig EP]
Laika [Almost Sleeping EP]
Laika [Good Looking Blues]
Laika [Lost In Space, Vol. 1 (1992-2002)]
Laika [Silver Apples Of The Moon]
Laika [Sounds Of The Satellites]
Laika [Uneasy EP]
Laika [Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing]
Long Fin Killie [Amelia]
Mclusky [Do Dallas]
Mclusky [McLuskyism]
Mclusky [The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire]
Mclusky [Undress For Success (Australian Tour Edition) EP]
Moonshake [Big Good Angel EP]
Moonshake [Eva Luna]
Moonshake [Secondhand Clothes EP]
Moonshake [The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow]
Scout Niblett [I Am]
Shooting At Unarmed Men [Soon There Will Be...]
Shooting At Unarmed Men [Triptych]
Shooting At Unarmed Men [Yes ! Tinnitus !]
Stereolab [Peng !]
Stereolab [Space Age Batchelor Pad Music]
Stereolab [Switched On]
Tool Dissectional; Volcano Entertainment; RCA Records  Tool [Fear Inoculum]
Tooth & Nails  Mewithoutyou [Brother, Sister]
Tooth And Nail  Mewithoutyou [Catch For Us The Foxes]
Starflyer 59 [Gold]
Starflyer 59 [Starflyer 59]
Top Dawg Entertainment  SZA [Ctrl]
Topic  Dick Gaughan [Handful Of Earth]
Tornado  Mondo Generator [III The Ep / Demolition Day]
Torso  Coil [Love's Secret Domain]
Tortuga  5ive's Continuum Research Project [5ive]
5ive's Continuum Research Project [Hesperus]
Tôt Ou Tard  Françoiz Breut [Une Saison Volée]
Venus [The Red Room]
Peter Von Poehl [Going To Where The Tea Trees Are]
Total Heaven  Gordon [3°EP]
Gordon [6 Tracks]
Gordon [Second EP]
Liquid Team [Lazy Listening]
TV Killers [Fuckin' Frenchies]
Totally Gross Nation  Adam Green [Aladdin]
Totem Cat  Dopethrone [Hochelaga]
Touch And Go  All The Saints [Fire On Corridor X]
Big Black [He's A Whore / The Model]
Big Black [Songs About Fucking]
Big Black [The Hammer Party]
The Black Heart Procession [Amore Del Tropico]
The Black Heart Procession [The Spell]
The Black Heart Procession [Three]
The Black Heart Procession [Two]
Blonde Redhead [Fake Can Be Just As Good]
Blonde Redhead [In An Expression Of The Inexpressible]
Blonde Redhead [Melodie Citronique EP]
Blonde Redhead [Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons]
Brainiac [Electro-Shock For President]
Brainiac [Hissing Prigs In Static Couture]
Brainiac [Internationale]
Brick Layer Cake [Call It A Day/Eye For An Eye - Tooth For A Tooth EP]
Brick Layer Cake [Whatchamacallit]
Butthole Surfers [Cream Corn From The Socket Of Davis EP]
Butthole Surfers [Hairway To Steven]
Butthole Surfers [Locust Abortion Technician]
Butthole Surfers [Psychic.... Powerless... Another Man's Sac]
Butthole Surfers [Rembrandt Pussyhore]
Coco Rosie [La Maison De Mon Reve]
Coco Rosie [Noah's Ark]
Coco Rosie [The Adventures Of Ghosthorse & Stillborn]
Dirty Three [Cinder]
Dirty Three [Dirty Three]
Dirty Three [Horse Stories]
Dirty Three [Ocean Songs]
Dirty Three [She Has No Strings Apollo]
Dirty Three [Whatever You Love, You Are]
Don Caballero [American Don]
Don Caballero [Don Caballero 2]
Don Caballero [For Respect]
Don Caballero [What Burns Never Returns]
Girls Against Boys [Cruise Yourself]
Girls Against Boys [Disco Six Six Six EP]
Girls Against Boys [House Of GVSB]
Girls Against Boys [Sexy Sam/I'm From France EP]
Girls Against Boys [Super-Fire EP]
Girls Against Boys [Venus Luxure N°1 Baby]
The Jesus Lizard [Bang]
The Jesus Lizard [Down]
The Jesus Lizard [Goat]
The Jesus Lizard [Head]
The Jesus Lizard [Liar]
The Jesus Lizard [Pure EP]
Man Or Astroman ? [1000X]
Man Or Astroman ? [A Spectrum Of Infinite Scale]
Man Or Astroman ? [Deluxe Men In Space]
Man Or Astroman ? [EEVIAC: Operational Index And Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices]
Man Or Astroman ? [Experiment Zero]
Man Or Astroman ? [Made From Technetium]
Mule [Soul Sound]
New Wet Kojak [Nasty International]
New Wet Kojak [New Wet Kojak]
The New Year [End Is Near]
The New Year [Newness Ends]
The New Year [The New Year]
Pinback [Autumn Of The Seraphs]
Pinback [Summer In Abaddon]
Polvo [Celebrate The New Dark Age]
Polvo [Cor-Crane Secret]
Rapeman [Budd EP]
Rapeman [Two Nuns And A Pack Mule]
Red Stars Theory [Life In A Bubble Can Be Beautiful]
Scratch Acid [The Greatest Gift]
Seam [Kernel EP]
Seam [The Pace Is Glacial]
Shellac [1000 Hurts]
Shellac [At Action Park]
Shellac [Dude Incredible]
Shellac [Excellent Italian Greyhound]
Shellac [Soul Sound]
Shellac [Terraform]
Shellac [The Futurist]
Shellac [The Rude Gesture (a Pictural History) EP]
Shellac [Uranus EP]
Slint [Slint EP]
Slint [Spiderland]
Slint [Spiderland (Remastered Box)]
Slint [Tweez]
Storm And Stress [Under Thunder And Fluorescent Lights]
Tar [Toast]
TV On The Radio [Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes]
TV On The Radio [Young Liars EP]
Tough Love  Ulrika Spacek [The Album Paranoia]
Toxic  Lisa Papineau [Night Moves]
Toxic Shock  Skin Yard [Hallowed Ground]
Toy's Factory  Belle And Sebastian [Fold Your Hands Child You Walk Like A Peasant]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Controversial Negro]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Mini Album]
Track  The Heartbreakers [L.A.M.F.]
The Who [Live At Leeds]
The Who [Odds & Sods]
The Who [Quadrophenia]
The Who [The Who Sell Out]
The Who [Tommy]
The Who [Who's Next]
Track & Field  Herman Düne [Mas Cambio]
Herman Düne [Not On Top]
Tradition & Moderne  Sandy Dillon [Living In Dreams - With Ray Marjors And David Coulter]
Trafalgar  Radio Birdman [Radios Appear]
Trance  ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead]
Trance Syndicate  Bedhead [The Dark Ages]
Bedhead [Transaction De Novo]
Bedhead [What Fun Life Was]
Pain Teens [Beast Of Dreams]
Pain Teens [Born In Blood]
Pain Teens [Destroy Me, Lover]
Pain Teens [Stimulation Festival]
Transation Loss  American Heritage [Millenarian]
Transcopic  Billy Childish [1914]
Graham Coxon [Crow Sit On Blood Tree]
Graham Coxon [The Kiss Of Morning]
Graham Coxon [The Sky Is Too High]
Transgressive  Graham Coxon [The Spinning Top]
Foals [Antidotes]
Foals [Holy Fire]
Foals [Total Life Forever]
Let's Eat Grandma [I'm All Ears]
Regina Spektor [Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers And Other Short Stories]
Transnational Debate  The Deepsea Goes [Oraoneiroi]
Trash Art!  Trap Them [Sleepwell Deconstructor]
TRASH-UP!!  Dots [[ ]]
Trauma  Bush [Razorblade Suitcase]
Bush [Sixteen Stone]
Tree  Pinback [Some Voices EP]
Trema  Dionysos [Haïku]
Dionysos [Western Sous La Neige]
Dionysos [Whatever The Weather]
Dionysos [Whatever The Weather Live Electrique]
Trente Février  Françoiz Breut [Flux Flou De La Foule]
Tri Angle  Balam Acab [See Birds]
Ooooo [OOoOO]
Serpentwithfeet [Blisters EP]
Tricatel  A.S Dragon [Spanked]
A.S Dragon [Va Chercher La Police]
Jef Barbara [Contamination]
Jef Barbara [Soft To The Touch]
Bertrand Burgalat [The Sssound Of Mmmusic]
Bertrand Burgalat [Toutes Directions]
Valérie Lemercier [Valérie Lemercier Chante]
April March [Chrominance Decoder]
April March [Triggers]
Tricom Music  Sans Secours [Boogie Down EP]
Sans Secours [Need]
Sans Secours [Reverb]
Trident  David Bowie [Santa Monica'72]
Trikont  Daniel Johnston [Why Me? Live Volksbuhne Am Rosa Luxemburg-Platz 6/6/99]
Triple Crow  The Dear Hunter [Act II : The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading]
Triple Crown  Sorority Noise [You're Not As _____ As You Think]
Triple Echo  Bad Lieutenant [Never Cry Another Tear]
Triple X  Gun Club [Lucky Jim]
Jane's Addiction [Jane's Addiction]
Lydia Lunch [Queen Of Siam]
Lydia Lunch [Shotgun Wedding]
Jeffrey Lee Pierce [Ramblin' Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove With Willie Love]
Jeffrey Lee Pierce [Wildweed]
Triton  We Insist ! [Crude]
Trost  Valina [Vagabond]
Trouble In Mind  Mikal Cronin [Mikal Cronin]
FACS [Lifelike]
FACS [Negative Houses]
FACS [Present Tense]
FACS [Void Moments]
Jacco Gardner [Cabinet Of Curiosities]
Nightshift [Zöe]
The Paperhead [Africa Avenue]
The Paperhead [Chew]
Troubleman Unlimited  American Heritage [Through The Age Of Quarrel And Into The Era Of Putting Us With It]
Erase Errata [At Crystal Palace]
Erase Errata [Other Animals]
Growing [Vision Swim]
The Rogers Sisters [Purely Evil]
Titus Andronicus [The Airing Of Grievances]
Tru-Thoughts  Belleruche [Rollerchain]
Bonobo [One Offs... Remixes And B-Sides]
Truck  The Electric Soft Parade [Human Body EP]
Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia... [My Elixir, My Poison]
Truckstop  Simon Joyner [Hotel Lives]
Simon Joyner [The Lousy Dance]
True Panther Sounds  Abra [Princess]
Girls [Album]
Girls [Broken Dreams Club]
Tanlines [Mixed Emotions]
Trust Me  Botnledja [Iceland National Park]
Rockettothesky [To Sing You Apple Trees]
Trust Me I'm A Thief  The Redneck Manifesto [I Am Brazil]
Trustkill Records  Hopesfall [The Satellite Years]
Try Harder  Blood Red Shoes [ADHD]
Tubes  Sloy [Electrelite]
Tugboat  Life Without Buildings [Any Other City]
Múm [Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK]
Tuition  Robert Forster [The Evangelist]
Tummy Touch  Turner Cody [Radioman Sessions]
Tummy Touch/Echo Orange  Turner Cody [Plans And Schemes]
Tunnel Vision  A Gethsémani [Ame Triste]
Tupedo  Jawbreaker [24 Hour Revenge Therapy]
Tupelo  Nirvana [Blew]
Turnstile  Girls [Father, Son, Holy Ghost]
Turntable Kitchen  Yumi Zouma [(What's The Story) Morning Glory?]
Turtle's Dream  Keiji Haino [C'est Parfait, Endoctriné Tu Tombes La Tête La Première]
TVT  Ambulance LTD [LP]
Ambulance LTD [New English]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [Strung Out In Heaven]
Guided By Voices [Do The Collapse]
Guided By Voices [Isolation Drills]
Nine Inch Nails [Closer (Halo 9)]
Nine Inch Nails [Down In It]
Nine Inch Nails [Further Down The Spiral]
Nine Inch Nails [Head Like A Hole (Halo 3) EP]
Nine Inch Nails [Into The Void]
Nine Inch Nails [March Of The Pigs]
Nine Inch Nails [March Of The Pigs (US)]
Nine Inch Nails [March Of The Pigs 1 EP]
Nine Inch Nails [March Of The Pigs 2 EP]
Nine Inch Nails [Pretty Hate Machine]
Nine Inch Nails [Sin (Halo 4) EP]
The Polyphonic Spree [The Fragile Army]
Twenty Something  Foggy Bottom [Dans Cet Endroit]
Foggy Bottom [Une Histoire à L'envers]
Lane [A Shiny Day]
Zero Gain [Empires Have No Borders, They Have Fronts]
Zero Gain [Modern Blues. The First Five Years]
Twentyseven  Acid House Kings [Sing Along With Acid House Kings]
Twin/Tone  Babes In Toyland [Spanking Machine]
Babes In Toyland [To Mother]
Darling [Ends In Fantasy]
The Mekons [Honky Tonkin']
The Replacements [Hootenanny]
The Replacements [Let It Be]
The Replacements [Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash]
The Replacements [Stink]
Ween [God Ween Satan: The Oneness]
Twisted Elegance  Sevdaliza [ISON]
Twisted Nerve  Badly Drawn Boy [Have You Fed The Fish]
Badly Drawn Boy [The Hour Of Bewilderbeast]
Two Gentlemen  The Young Gods [Data Mirage Tangram]
The Young Gods [The Young Gods [Deluxe Edition]]
Two Tone  The Specials [Ghost Town]
The Specials [More Specials]
The Specials [The Specials]
Twosyllable  Candy Claws [Hidden Lands]
Tycoon  My Bloody Valentine [This Is Your Bloody Valentine]
Tym  Swervedriver [Deep Wound]
Tympanic  Kevin Martin [The Possibility Of Being]
Type  Deaf Center [Owl Splinters]
Tzadik  Serge Gainsbourg [Great Jewish Music : Serge Gainsbourg]
Ground Zero [Null & Void]
La Mar Enfortuna [La Mar Enfortuna]
Melt Banana [MxBx 1998/13000 Miles At Light Velocity]
Merzbow [Sphere]
Mono [Under The Pipal Tree]
Naked City [Leng Tch'e]
Naked City [Radio]
PainKiller [Collected Works : The Complete Studio Recordings 1991-1994]
PainKiller [Talisman]
Mike Patton [Adult Themes For Voice]
Mike Patton [Pranzo Oltranzista]
Purple Trap [Decided... Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I"]
John Zorn [50th Birthday Celebration Volume 5]
John Zorn [Astronome]
John Zorn [Bar Kokhba]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 1 : Astaroth - Jamie Saft Trio Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 10 : Lucifer - Bar Kokhba Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 11 : Zaebos – Medeski, Martin & Woods Play Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 12 : Stolas - Masada Quintet Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 16 : Haborym - Masada String Trio Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 2 : Azazel - Masada String Trio Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 3 : Malphas - Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier Play Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 4 : Orobas - Koby Israelite Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 5 : Balan - The Cracow Klezmer Band Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 7 : Asmodeus - Marc Ribot Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Book Of Angels Volume 9 : Xaphan - Secret Chiefs 3 Plays Masada Book Two]
John Zorn [Chimeras]
John Zorn [Electric Masada - At The Mountains Of Madness]
John Zorn [Femina]
John Zorn [Filmworks 1986-1990]
John Zorn [Godard Spillane]
John Zorn [Hemophiliac, 50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 6]
John Zorn [Ipsissimus]
John Zorn [Kristallnacht]
John Zorn [Magick]
John Zorn [Masada : Live In Jerusalem]
John Zorn [Masada String Trio : 50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 1]
John Zorn [O'o]
John Zorn [Six Litanies For Heliogabalus]
John Zorn [The Big Gundown]
John Zorn [The Crucible]
John Zorn [The Dreamers]
John Zorn [The Gift]
John Zorn [The Painted Bird]
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