Label  Disque
Dadaphonic  Cranes [Particles & Waves]
Dais  Stephen Mallinder [Um Dada]
Dali  Bel Canto [Shimmering Warm And Bright]
Damaged Goods  Billy Childish [My First Billy Childish Album]
Billy Childish [Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall]
Dance To The Radio  Grammatics [Grammatics]
Danceteria  Kid Pharaon [Deep Sleep]
Dancetotheradio  The Pigeon Detectives [Wait For Me]
Dancing Dog  Mr. Bungle [OU818]
Dandelion  Kevin Coyne [Case History]
Dangerbird  Darker My Love [Darker My Love]
The Dears [Degeneration Street]
Delphic [Acolyte]
Sea Wolf [Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low]
Sea Wolf [Leaves In The River]
Sebadoh [Act Surprised]
Dangerous  Muse [Muse EP]
Dangervisit  Archive [Axiom]
Dangervisit / Pias  Archive [The False Foundation]
Danse Macabre  Das Ich [Die Propheten]
Dark Entries  The Hacker [Le Théâtre Des Opérations]
Dark Essence  Drudkh [One Who Talks With The Fog / Pyre Era, Black!]
Darla  Figurine [Transportation + Communication = Love]
Mahogany [The Dream Of A Modern Day]
Piano Magic [Ovations]
Darla Records  My Morning Jacket [At Dawn]
Dawn  Heron [Heron]
Day After  Lvmen [Mondo]
Lvmen [Raison D'être]
Daymare  Boris [New Album]
Db  The Electric Soft Parade [Holes In The Wall]
Tom McRae [Just Like Blood]
Tom McRae [Tom McRae]
DBpm  Wilco [Schmilco]
Wilco [Star Wars]
DBpm Records  Wilco [Cruel Country]
De Bruit & De Silence  Port Royal [Dying In Time]
De Profundis Editions  Peste Noire [Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor]
Peste Noire [Folkfuck Folie]
Peste Noire [La Sanie Des Siècles – Panégyrique De La Dégénérescence]
Dead Beas  Call Me Loretta [Crosswind]
Dead Ocean  A Place To Bury Strangers [Pinned]
Dead Oceans  Bishop Allen [The Broken String]
Evangelicals [The Evening Descends]
The Luyas [Animator]
Mitski [Puberty 2]
Kevin Morby [Beautiful Strangers / No Place To Fall]
Kevin Morby [City Music]
Kevin Morby [Oh My God]
Kevin Morby [Singing Saw]
Nurses [Apple's Acre]
Phosphorescent [Pride]
A Place To Bury Strangers [Onwards To The Wall]
A Place To Bury Strangers [Transfixation]
A Place To Bury Strangers [Worship]
Shame [Songs Of Praise]
Slowdive [Slowdive]
The Tallest Man On Earth [Dark Bird Is Home]
Wednesday [Rat Saw God]
Dead Pan Alley  Snowpony [Sea Shanties For Spaceships]
Dear John  Loney, Dear [Sologne]
Death  Corrosion Of Conformity [Animosity]
Corrosion Of Conformity [Technocracy]
Death From Above  Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom [The Days Of Mars]
Hercules & Love Affair [Hercules & Love Affair]
Hercules & Love Affair [You Belong]
Hot Chip [Made In The Dark]
Hot Chip [The Warning]
The Juan Maclean [The Future Will Come]
LCD Soundsystem [Big Ideas]
LCD Soundsystem [LCD Soundsystem]
LCD Soundsystem [Someone Great]
LCD Soundsystem [Sound Of Silver]
Prinzhorn Dance School [Prinzhorn Dance School]
The Rapture [Echoes]
The Rapture [Pieces Of The People We Love]
Deathwish  Converge [The Dusk In Us]
Deathwish Inc  Converge [The Poacher Diaries]
Deathwish Inc.  Acid Tiger [Acid Tiger]
Breather Resist [Only In The Morning]
Converge [Deeper The Wound]
Doomriders [Black Thunder]
Hellchild [Deeper The Wound]
Narrows [New Distances]
Trap Them [Seance Prime EP]
Trap Them [Seizures In Barren Praise]
Victims [A Dissident]
Debemur Morti  Blut Aus Nord [Deus Salutis Meæ]
Blut Aus Nord [Hallucinogen]
Blut Aus Nord [What Once Was... Liber III]
Dirge [Hyperion]
Debemur Morti Productions  Blut Aus Nord [777 Cosmosophy]
Blut Aus Nord [777 Sect(s)]
Blut Aus Nord [777 The Desanctification]
Blut Aus Nord [Codex Obscura Nomina]
Blut Aus Nord [Debemur MoRTi]
Blut Aus Nord [Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry]
Blut Aus Nord [Triunity]
Dirge [Lost Empyrean]
Manes [Be All End All]
Manes [Slow Motion Death Sequence]
Decay  Dead Kennedys [In God We Trust, Inc.]
Dead Kennedys [Live At The Deaf Club]
Decaydance  Panic! At The Disco [A Fever You Can't Sweat]
Panic! At The Disco [Vices & Virtues]
Decca  David Bowie [The Deram Anthology 1966-1968]
Morrissey [Greatest Hits]
Morrissey [That's How People Grow Up]
Morrissey [Years Of Refusal]
Me'shell Ndegeocello [The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams]
The Who [Magic Bus: The Who On Tour]
Decca Records France / Universal Music Publishing France  SKÁLD [SKÁLD]
December Square-Black Ash  Brisa Roché [Freeze Where U R (with Fred Fortuny)]
Deceptive  Elastica [Elastica]
Decon  Wax Tailor [Hope & Sorrow]
Deconstruction  Republica [Republica]
Spiritualized [Royal Albert Hall October 10 1997]
Dedicated  Chapterhouse [Freefall]
Chapterhouse [Pearl]
Chapterhouse [Sunburst]
Chapterhouse [Whirlpool]
Cranes [Adrift]
Cranes [Forever]
Cranes [Future Songs]
Cranes [Jewel]
Cranes [La Tragédie D'Oreste Et Electre]
Cranes [Population Four]
Cranes [Self-Non-Self]
Cranes [Shining Road]
Cranes [Wings Of Joy]
The Family Cat [Furthest From The Sun]
Spacemen 3 [Recurring]
Spiritualized [Lazer Guided Melodies]
Spiritualized [Pure Phase]
Deep Elm  Desert City Soundtrack [Funeral Car]
Desert City Soundtrack [Perfect Addiction]
Planes Mistaken For Stars [Planes Mistaken For Stars]
Def American  Barkmarket [Vegas Throat]
Danzig [II : Lucifuge]
Flipper [Generic]
The Jayhawks [Hollywood Town Hall]
Def Jam  Beastie Boys [Licensed To Ill]
Kanye West [Jesus Is King]
Def Jam Recordings  Frank Ocean [Endless]
Delabel  Dominique A [L'Horizon]
Placebo [Once More With Feeling - Videos 1996-2004]
Placebo [Sleeping With Ghosts]
Placebo [Sleeping With Ghosts Limited Edition]
Delerium  Porcupine Tree [Coma Divine]
Porcupine Tree [Voyage 34: The Complete Trip]
Delmore Recording Society  The Black Swans [Who Will Walk In The Darkness With You ?]
Deltasonic  The Coral [Butterfly House]
The Coral [Nightfreak And The Sons Of Becker]
The Coral [Roots & Echoes]
The Coral [The Coral]
The Coral [The Singles Collection]
The Dead 60s [The Dead 60s]
The Dead 60s [Time To Take Sides]
The Rascals (UK) [Rascalize]
The Zutons [Who Killed The Zutons]
The Zutons [You Can Do Anything]
Deltic  The Brotherhood Of Lizards [Lizardland]
Deluxe Pain  Clarence Clarity [THINK: PEACE]
Demon  Elvis Costello [Blood And Chocolate]
Elvis Costello [King Of America]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Dreamshow : Live At The Royal Albert Hall With The Millennia Ensemble]
Denovali  Celeste [Animale(s)]
Celeste [Morte(s) Née(s)]
Celeste [Nihiliste(s)]
Denovali, Tokyo Jupiter  Celeste [Infidèle(s)]
Department H  The Herbaliser [The Herbaliser Band : Session One]
Dependability  Doo Rag [What We Do]
Dependent  Front Line Assembly [Echogenetic]
Dependent Music  Wintersleep [Untitled]
Wintersleep [Wintersleep]
Deranged  Brutal Knights [Pleasure Is All Thine]
White Lung [It's The Evil]
White Lung [Sorry]
Dernière Bande  Rodolphe Burger [Burger & Cadiot - Hôtel Robinson]
Rodolphe Burger [Chloé Mons, Alain Bashung & Rodolphe Burger - La Ballade De Calamity Jane]
Rodolphe Burger [Environs]
Frigo [Téléportation]
Kat Onoma [Live A La Chapelle]
Desire  Bernardino Femminielli [Double Invitation]
DeSoto  The Dismemberment Plan [Change]
The Dismemberment Plan [Emergency & I]
The Dismemberment Plan [The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified]
The Dismemberment Plan [The Dismemberment Plan/Juno [EP]]
Juno [A Future Lived In Past Tense]
Juno [The Dismemberment Plan/Juno [EP]]
Juno [This Is The Way It Goes & Goes & Goes]
Shiner [The Egg]
Desperate  Pop Will Eat Itself [The Poppies Say GRRrrr!]
Desperate Fight  Abhinanda [Senseless]
Dessous De Scène  Tue-Loup [9]
Tue-Loup [Ramo]
Destructure Records  Bitpart [Beyond What's Left]
DetErMine  Ane Brun [A Temporary Dive]
Ane Brun [Spending Time With Morgan]
Deutsche Grammophon  Jarvis Cocker [Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales - Room 29]
Gonzales [Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales - Room 29]
Deva  Daisy Chainsaw [Eleventeen]
Daisy Chainsaw [Hope Your Dreams Come True EP]
Devil Doll  Sonny Vincent [Parallax In Wonderland]
Devil In The Woods  Experimental Aircraft [Experimental Aircraft]
Devotion  Revolting Cocks [Linger Ficken' Good... And Other Barnyard Oddities]
Devour  Nightstick [In Dahmer's Room]
Dexter's Cigar  Squirrel Bait [Skag Heaven]
DFA  Black Dice [Broken Ear Records]
Essaie Pas [New Path]
LCD Soundsystem [American Dream]
LCD Soundsystem [New Body Rhumba (from The Film White Noise)]
LCD Soundsystem [This Is Happening]
The Rapture [In The Grace Of Your Love]
DGC  Beck [Mellow Gold]
Beck [Tour Sampler EP]
Elastica [Connection EP]
Nirvana [Hormoaning]
Nirvana [Nevermind]
Karen O [Where The Wild Things Are]
Sammy [Tales Of Great Neck Glory]
Sonic Youth [Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love]
Sweet 75 [Sweet 75]
Teenage Fanclub [Bandwagonesque]
Weezer [Undone-The Sweater Song EP]
DGM  King Crimson [Beat]
King Crimson [The ConstruKction Of Light]
King Crimson [Thrak]
Diamond Day  Bento [Diamond Days]
DiamondTraxx  Hushpuppies [The Garden]
Hushpuppies [The Trap]
Nelson [Revolving Doors]
DiCristina  Vetiver [Vetiver]
Die Kosmischen Kuriere  Walter Wegmüller [Tarot]
Diese Productions  Benjamin Biolay [A L'origine]
Digital Hardcore  Atari Teenage Riot [Atari Teenage Riot 1992-2000]
Atari Teenage Riot [Delete Yourself !]
Atari Teenage Riot [Live At Brixton Academy]
Alec Empire [Futurist]
Alec Empire [Intelligence & Sacrifice]
Alec Empire [Squeeze The Trigger]
Digitalis  Turner Cody [Buds Of May]
Dim Mak  From Monument To Masses [The Impossible Leap In One Hundred Simple Steps]
JR Ewing [This Machine Kills / JR Ewing]
The Kills [Black Rooster]
This Machine Kills [This Machine Kills / JR Ewing]
Prosaics [Aghast Agape]
Dindisc  The Monochrome Set [Love Zombies]
The Monochrome Set [Strange Boutique]
Dine Alone  Alberta Cross [Alberta Cross]
Legend Of The Seagullmen [Legend Of The Seagullmen]
Sleepy Sun [Maui Tears]
Dine Alone ; Yep Roc  The Sadies [Northern Passages]
Dine Alone Music  Wintersleep [The Great Detachment]
Dionysus  The Willowz [The Willowz]
Dipole Experiment  Helium Horse Fly [Hollowed]
Dirty Hit  Rina Sawayama [SAWAYAMA]
Wolf Alice [Creature Songs]
Wolf Alice [My Love Is Cool]
Wolf Alice [Visions Of A Life]
Dirty Water  The Revellions [The Revellions]
Disaro  Mater Suspiria Vision [Second Coming]
Disaster  The Richmond Sluts [The Richmond Sluts]
Dischi Autunno  Curses [Romantic Fiction]
Dischi Bervisti  Hate & Merda [La Capitale Del Male]
Dischord  Antelope [Reflector]
Autoclave [Autoclave]
Bluetip [Dischord No. 101]
The Evens [Get Even]
The Evens [The Evens]
The Faith [Faith/Void Split]
Faraquet [The View From This Tower]
Fugazi [13 Songs]
Fugazi [3 Songs EP]
Fugazi [End Hits]
Fugazi [First Demo]
Fugazi [Fugazi]
Fugazi [Furniture EP]
Fugazi [In On The Kill Taker]
Fugazi [Instrument - Ten Years With The Band Fugazi]
Fugazi [Instrument Soundtrack]
Fugazi [Margin Walker]
Fugazi [Red Medicine]
Fugazi [Repeater]
Fugazi [Repeater + 3 Songs]
Fugazi [Steady Diet Of Nothing]
Fugazi [The Argument]
Hoover [Lurid Traversal Of Route 7]
Jawbox [Novelty]
Joe Lally [There To Here]
Lungfish [Artifical Horizon]
Make Up [Destination : Love ; Live ! At Cold Rice]
Make Up [In Film/ On Video]
Minor Threat [Complete Discography]
The Nation Of Ulysses [13 Point Program To Destroy America]
Q And Not U [Different Damage]
Rites Of Spring [Rites Of Spring]
Shudder To Think [Funeral At The Movies & Ten Spot]
Slant 6 [Inzombia]
Soulside [Hot Bodi-Gram]
Discipline  Extreme Noise Terror [The Peel Sessions '87-'90]
Discipline Global Mobile  King Crimson [Deja VROOM]
King Crimson [Neal And Jack And Me: Live 1982-1984]
King Crimson [The Great Deceiver]
King Crimson [The Power To Believe]
Disclive  Pixies [Live In Boise, Idaho, 2004]
Discograph  Bang Gang [Ghosts From The Past]
Birdy Nam Nam [Birdy Nam Nam]
The Craftmen Club [Thirty Six Minutes]
I Love UFO [Wish]
I Monster [Neveroddereven]
OMR [Side Effects]
Pendentif [Mafia Douce]
Principles Of Geometry [Lazare]
Puppetmastaz [Revolve And Step Up!]
Scalde [Poperetta]
Stuck In The Sound [Nevermind The Living Dead]
Discrepant  Various Artists - Discrepant [Antologia De Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol.1 : O Trabalho]
Disko B  Stereo Total [Baby Ouh !]
Stereo Total [Do The Bambi]
Disney  They Might Be Giants [Here Come The ABCs]
Displeased  Agathocles [Grind Is Protest]
Agathocles [Mincer]
Celestial Season [Solar Lovers]
Disque Hives  The Hives [Lex Hives]
Disques Victo  Lee Ranaldo [Clouds]
Distile  37500 Yens [Astero]
Absinthe (provisoire) [Alejandra]
Looking For John G. [Rosse]
Sincabeza [Edit Sur Passage Avant Fin Ou Montée D'Instrument]
Disturbed  Sonny Vincent [Soul Mates...]
Divine Comedy  The Divine Comedy [Bang Goes The Knighthood]
Division  Dirge [Elysian Magnetic Field]
Kehlvin [The Moutain Daylight Time]
Division Records  Dirge [Alma | Baltica]
Dirge [Vanishing Point]
DIW  John Zorn [Masada, Vol. 1 : Alef]
John Zorn [Masada, Vol. 10 : Yod]
John Zorn [Masada, Vol. 5 : Hei]
John Zorn [Masada, Vol. 6 : Vav]
DKA Records / SpiderChild Records  Sally Dige [Holding On]
Do It  Adam And The Ants [Dirk Wears Withe Sox]
Doghouse  Hot Water Music [Forever And Counting]
Domino  Adem [Love And Other Planets]
Animal Collective [Fall Be Kind]
Animal Collective [Merriweather Post Pavillion]
Animal Collective [Painting With]
Animal Collective [Strawberry Jam]
Animal Collective [The Painters]
Archie Bronson Outfit [Coconut]
Archie Bronson Outfit [Derdang Derdang]
Archie Bronson Outfit [Fur]
Arctic Monkeys [Favorite Worst Nightmare]
Arctic Monkeys [Humbug]
Arctic Monkeys [I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor]
Arctic Monkeys [Suck It And See]
Arctic Monkeys [Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino]
Arctic Monkeys [Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not]
Arctic Monkeys [Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys ? EP]
Austra [Feel It Break]
Austra [Olympia]
Lou Barlow [Emoh]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Blue Lotus Feet]
John Cale [M:FANS]
Cat Power [Wanderer]
Clearlake [Amber]
Clearlake [Cedars]
Clearlake [Lido]
Clinic [Clinic]
Clinic [Internal Wrangler]
Clinic [Visitations]
Clinic [Walking With Thee]
Clinic [Winchester Cathedral]
Cynthia Dall [Untitled]
Dirty Projectors [Bitte Orca]
Dirty Projectors [Swing Lo Magellan]
Matt Elliott [The Mess We Made]
The Fall [Your Future Our Clutter]
The Folk Implosion [Dare To Be Surprised]
The Folk Implosion [The New Folk Implosion]
The For Carnation [The For Carnation]
Four Tet [PAUSE]
Four Tet [Rounds]
Four Tet [There Is Love In You]
Frànçois And The Atlas Mountains [Piano Ombre]
Franz Ferdinand [Franz Ferdinand]
Franz Ferdinand [Franz Ferdinand [Live]]
Franz Ferdinand [Tonight: Franz Ferdinand]
Franz Ferdinand [You Could Have It So Much Better... With Franz Ferdinand]
Ganger [Hammock Style]
Grant Hart [The Argument]
Julia Holter [Aviary]
Julia Holter [Have You In My Wilderness]
Julia Holter [In The Same Room]
Hood [Cold House]
Hood [Home Is Where It Hurts]
Hood [Outside Closer]
Hood [Rustic Houses Forlorn Valleys]
Hookworms [Microshift]
Jon Hopkins [Immunity]
Hot Chip [In Our Heads]
Hot Chip [Why Make Sense?]
Junior Boys [So This Is Goodbye]
The Kills [Cheap And Cheerful Remixes]
The Kills [Keep On Your Mean Side]
The Kills [Love Is A Deserter Part I]
The Kills [Love Is A Deserter Part II]
The Kills [Midnight Boom]
The Kills [No Wow]
King Creosote [From Scotland With Love]
The Last Shadow Puppets [Everything You've Come To Expect]
The Last Shadow Puppets [The Age Of The Understatement]
The Last Shadow Puppets [The Dream Synopsis]
Lightspeed Champion [Falling Off The Lavender Bridge]
Liquid Liquid [Slip In And Out Phenomenon]
Stephen Malkmus [Face The Truth]
Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks [Pig Lib]
Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks [Sparkle Hard]
Cass McCombs [A Folk Set Apart]
Cass McCombs [Big Wheel And Others]
Cass McCombs [Catacombs]
Cass McCombs [Dropping The Writ]
Cass McCombs [Humor Risk]
Cass McCombs [Wit's End]
Juana Molina [Un Dia]
The Notwist [Boneless]
Jim O'Rourke [Eureka]
Orange Juice [The Glasgow School]
Owen Pallett [Heartland]
Owen Pallett [In Conflict]
Panda Bear [Buoys]
Panda Bear [Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper]
The Pastels [Mobile Safari]
The Pastels [Slow Summits]
The Pastels [Two Sunsets]
Peter Perrett [How The West Was Won]
Pram [Dark Island]
Pram [North Pole Radio Station]
Psapp [The Camel's Back]
Psapp [The Only Thing I Ever Wanted]
Real Estate [Atlas]
Real Estate [Days]
Royal Trux [Dogs Of Love (UK) EP]
Ulrich Schnauss [A Strangely Isolated Place]
Sebadoh [4 Song CD]
Sebadoh [Bubble And Scrape [Deluxe]]
Sebadoh [III [Deluxe]]
Sebadoh [Rocking The Forest]
Sebadoh [The Freed Man [Deluxe]]
Sentridoh [Songs From Loobiecore]
Silver Jews [Bright Flight]
Elliott Smith [An Introduction To...]
Elliott Smith [From A Basement On The Hill]
Elliott Smith [Roman Candle]
Smudge [Manilow]
Sons And Daughters [The Repulsion Box]
Superorganism [Superorganism]
The Television Personalities [My Dark Places]
These New Puritans [Beat Pyramid]
These New Puritans [Hidden]
These New Puritans [Navigate, Navigate]
The Third Eye Foundation [Ghost]
The Third Eye Foundation [I Poo Poo On Your Juju]
The Third Eye Foundation [Little Lost Soul]
The Third Eye Foundation [You Guys Kill Me]
Tricky [Knowle West Boy]
Tricky [Mixed Race]
The Triffids [Calenture]
The Triffids [Treeless Plain]
Wet Leg [Wet Leg]
White Lung [Deep Fantasy]
White Lung [Paradise]
Robert Wyatt [Comicopera]
Robert Wyatt [Old Rottenhat]
Domino Record  The Kills [Little Bastard]
Domino/Matador  Pavement [Major Leagues]
Don Giovanni  California X [California X]
P.S. Eliot [2007 - 2011]
Waxahatchee [American Weekend]
Don Giovanni Records  Waxahatchee [Cerulean Salt]
Don't Touch  Alpha [The Sky Is Mine]
Dooweet  Pavillon Rouge [Legio Axis Ka]
Dora Dorovitch  Loisirs [Glamoroso]
Thomas Mery [A Ship, Like A Ghost, Like A Cell]
Téléfax [Des Courbes De Choses Invisibles]
Dorado  Moke [UK] [Superdrag]
Dossier  Chrome [Ghost Machine]
Helios Creed [Colors Of Light]
Helios Creed [Spider Prophecy]
Double Denim  Kero Kero Bonito [Bonito Generation]
Outfit [Performance]
Double Double Whammy  Told Slant [Going By]
Double Dragon  Charlotte Hatherley [Grey Will Fade]
Double H Noise  Sunn O))) [The Grimmrobe Demos]
Double Six  Spiritualized [Sweet Heart Sweet Light]
Double Vision  The Opposition [Breaking The Silence]
Doubleplusgood  The Bronzed Chorus [Summering]
Self Evident [We Built A Fortress On Short Notice]
Doubtfull Sound  Stray Light [Careers]
Down There  Green On Red [Green On Red]
Downtown  Cold War Kids [Loyalty To Loyalty]
Eagles Of Death Metal [Death By Sexy]
Tommy Genesis [Tommy Genesis]
Me'shell Ndegeocello [Devil's Halo]
Downwards  My Disco [Environment]
Doxa  Fetish 69 [Geek]
DPM  Wilco [Ode To Joy]
DR2  Therapy? [Crooked Timber]
Drag City  Aerial M [Aerial M]
Aerial M [M Is]
Aerial M [October]
Elisa Ambrogio [The Immoralist]
Bastro [Sing The Troubled Beast / Diablo Guapo]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Ask Forgiveness]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Beware]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Bonny / Sweeney - I Gave You]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Cursed Sleep]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Is It The Sea ?]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Lie Down In The Light]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy - Superwolf]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Sings Greatest Palace Music]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Summer In The Southeast]
Bonnie Prince Billy [The Letting Go]
Bonnie Prince Billy [The Wonder Show Of The World]
Bill Callahan [Apocalypse]
Bill Callahan [Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle]
Circuit Des Yeux [Reaching For Indigo]
Espers [II]
Espers [III]
Gastr Del Sol [Camoufleur]
Cate Le Bon [Crab Day]
Loose Fur [Born Again In The USA]
Loose Fur [Loose Fur]
Movietone [The Sand And The Stars]
Joanna Newsom [Have One On Me]
Joanna Newsom [The Milk Eyed Mender]
Joanna Newsom [Ys]
Scout Niblett [The Calcination Of Scout Niblett]
No Age [Snares Like A Haircut]
Jim O'Rourke [Bad Timing]
Jim O'Rourke [Insignificance]
Jim O'Rourke [The Visitor]
Will Oldham [Black / Rich Music]
Will Oldham [Guarapero : Lost Blues 2]
Will Oldham [Joya]
Will Oldham [Ode Music]
Will Oldham [Seafarers Music]
David Pajo [Pajo]
Palace [Arise Therefore]
Palace [Mountain EP]
The Palace Brothers [Days In The Wake]
The Palace Brothers [There Is No-one What Will Take Care Of You]
Palace Songs [Hope]
Papa M [Hole Of Burning Alms]
Papa M [Live From A Shark Cage]
Papa M [Whatever, Mortal]
Pavement [Summer Babe EP]
Purple Mountains [Purple Mountains]
Royal Trux [Accelerator]
Royal Trux [Cats & Dogs]
Laetitia Sadier [Find Me Finding You]
Laetitia Sadier [Silencio!]
Laetitia Sadier [Something Shines]
Ty Segall [Deforming Lobes]
Ty Segall [Emotional Mugger]
Ty Segall [Freedom's Goblin]
Ty Segall [Fried Shallots]
Ty Segall [Goodbye Bread]
Ty Segall [Manipulator]
Ty Segall [Sleeper]
Ty Segall [Ty Segall]
Ty Segall [Ty Segall & White Fence - Joy]
Shellac [The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger]
Sic Alps [Napa Asylum]
Silver Jews [American Water]
Silver Jews [Starlite Walker]
Silver Jews [Tanglewood Numbers]
Six Organs Of Admittance [Sun Awakens]
Smog ['Neath The Puke Tree EP]
Smog [A Hit 7"]
Smog [Burning Kingdom EP]
Smog [Dongs Of Sevotion]
Smog [Floating 7" EP]
Smog [Julius Caesar]
Smog [Kicking A Couple Around EP]
Smog [Knock Knock]
Smog [Rain On Lens]
Smog [Red Apple Falls]
Smog [Supper]
Smog [The Doctor Came At Down]
Smog [Wild Love]
Wand [Perfume]
White Fence [For The Recently Found Innocent]
White Fence [Ty Segall & White Fence - Joy]
Drag City / Blue Chopsticks  Hontatedori [Konata Kanata]
Dragnet  Frank Black [The Live EP: I Don't Want To Hurt Tou (Every Single Time)]
Frank Black [The Marsist]
The Mission [Blue]
The Mission [Neverland]
Dragon Accel 2  Stupeflip [Stup Forever]
Dragon Street  Tripping Daisy [Bill]
Dragoon  Ghinzu [Blow]
Ghinzu [Electronic Jacuzzi]
Ghinzu [Mirror Mirror]
Drakkar Productions  Alcest [Le Secret]
Alcest [Tristesse Hivernale]
Dream Brother  Placebo [Battle For The Sun]
Dream Catcher  Napalm Death [Enemy Of The Music Business]
Dreamsheep  Hexlove [Pija Z Bogiem]
Dreamworks  The Apex Theory [Topsy Turvy]
Eels [B-Sides & Rarities 1996-2003]
Eels [Beautiful Freak]
Eels [Blinking Lights & Other Revelations]
Eels [Daisies Of The Galaxy]
Eels [Electro-shock Blues]
Eels [Shootenanny !]
Eels [Souljacker]
Eels [Useless Trinkets: B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities And Unreleased 1996-2006]
Forest For The Trees [Forest For The Trees]
Loudermilk [The Red Record]
Rollins Band [Come In And Burn]
Rollins Band [Get Some Go Again]
Elliott Smith [Figure 8]
Elliott Smith [XO]
Sparta [Austere]
Sparta [Wiretap Scars]
Rufus Wainwright [Poses]
Rufus Wainwright [Rufus Wainwright]
Rufus Wainwright [Want One]
Drella  Crëvecoeur [#1]
Dressed To Kill  Sex Gang Children [Last Of England]
Dreyfus Music  Tanger [Il Est Toujours 20 Heures Dans Le Monde Moderne]
DRM  Damien Rice [O]
Drone  Death In Vegas [Satan's Circus]
Death In Vegas [Transmission]
Drowned In Sound  Brett Anderson [Wilderness]
Redjetson [New General Catalogue]
DRT Entertainment  Clutch [Blast Tyrant]
Clutch [From Beale Street To Oblivion]
Clutch [Robot Hive / Exodus]
Drunk Dog  HitchcockGoHome! [Yes You're Dead !]
Porcelain [I' Ve Got A Really Important Thing To Do Right Now But I Can't Do It Because I'm Asleep]
Porcelain [Me And My Famous Lover]
Drunker Sailor  Booji Boys [Booji Boys]
Dry Run  Jesu [Heartache EP]
DSA  Sylvain Chauveau [Down To The Bone-An Acoustic Tribute To Depeche Mode]
DTA/Elektra  Ho99o9 [Skin]
DTS Records (CD) / Broken Circles (Réédition Vinyle) (2012)  Hopesfall [The Frailty Of Words]
Dualtone  Daniel Johnston [The Early Recordings Volume 1]
Dualtone / Bella Union  Bnqt [Volume 1]
Duke Productions  Araabmuzik [Electronic Dream]
Dunham / Daptone  The Sha La Das [Love In The Wind]
Duophonic  Stereolab [Oscillons From The Anti-Sun]
Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks  Cavern Of Anti-Matter [Void Beats/Invocation Trex]
Dur Et Doux  Poil [Sus]
Duro  Bufi [México 70]
Durtro  Antony And The Johnsons [Antony And The Johnsons]
Antony And The Johnsons [I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy EP]
Current 93 [Earth Covers Earth]
Current 93 [Horsey]
Current 93 [Sleep Has His House]
Current 93 [Soft Black Stars]
Current 93 [Thunder Perfect Mind]
Dust  Plastic Heroes [Every Day (Is For You)]
Dust Rose  Cvantez [Lozère]
Dutch East India  Gang Of Four [Peel Sessions]
Sun Dial [Reflecter]
Dutro  Current 93 [All The Pretty Little Horses]
Dynamophone  The Balustrade Ensemble [Capsules]
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