Label  Disque
P-Vine  Shugo Tokumaru [Exit]
P.S.F.  Keiji Haino [Affection]
P.W. Elverum & Sun  Mount Eerie [A Crow Looked At Me]
Mount Eerie [Clear Moon]
Mount Eerie [Ocean Roar]
Mount Eerie [Pre-Human Ideas]
Mount Eerie [Sauna]
Mount Eerie [Wind's Poem]
P.W.Elverum & Sun  Mount Eerie [Now Only]
Pacifico  Kinski [Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle]
Pacinist  Mina May [Everything Was Beautiful & Nothing Hurt]
Palace  Bonnie Prince Billy [Ease Down The Road]
Bonnie Prince Billy [I See A Darkness]
Bonnie Prince Billy [Master And Everyone]
Palace Music [Viva Last Blues]
Palace Of Fine Arts  Mono [You Are There]
Pale Blue  Chokebore [A Part From Life]
Chokebore [It's A Miracle]
Palilalia  Bill Orcutt [Bill Orcutt]
Palm Pictures  Zero7 [Simple Things]
Pan European  Aqua Nebula Oscillator [Spiritus Mundi]
Flavien Berger [Contre-Temps]
Flavien Berger [Contrebande 01. Le Disque De Noël]
Flavien Berger [Léviathan]
Flavien Berger [Mars Balnéaire]
Thos Henley [Blonde On Basically Ginger]
Koudlam [Benidorm Dream]
Poni Hoax [Tropical Suite]
Judah Warsky [Painkillers & Alcohol]
Pandemonium  Condense [Air]
Condense [Genuflex]
Condense [Placebo]
Drive Blind [Stop Thinking Start Fighting]
Hint (Fr) [Dys-]
Hint (Fr) [Wu-Wei]
Panta Rei  Marianne Faithfull [Negative Capability]
Panty Pop  Edam Edam [<3]
Edam Edam [Super Milkshake Melancholia]
Paper Bag  Broken Social Scene [You Forgot It In People]
Controller.Controller [History]
Sarah Neufeld [The Ridge]
Tokyo Police Club [A Lesson In Crime]
Paper Bag Records  Princess Century [Progress]
Paperhouse  Teenage Fanclub [A Catholic Education]
Paradox  Evil Superstars [Boogie-Children-R-Us]
Paramount  Neil Young [Heart Of Gold]
Paris Album  Ruth [Polaroid Roman Photo]
Parlophone  Damon Albarn [Everyday Robots]
Richard Ashcroft [Keys To The World]
Baby Shambles [Delivery]
Baby Shambles [Oh! What A Lovely Tour]
Baby Shambles [Sequel To The Prequel]
Baby Shambles [Shotter's Nation]
The Beatles [Please Please Me]
The Beatles [Revolver]
The Beatles [Rubber Soul]
The Beatles [Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band]
Black Box Recorder [England Made Me]
Blur [Starshaped]
Blur [The Best Of]
Blur [The Great Escape]
David Bowie [The Mercury Tapes]
David Bowie [Who Can I Be Now (1974-1976)]
The Church [Of Skins And Heart]
Coldplay [A Rush Of Blood To The Head]
Coldplay [Mylo Xyloto]
Coldplay [Parachutes]
Coldplay [Prospekt's March EP]
Graham Coxon [A+E]
Graham Coxon [Happiness In Magazines]
Graham Coxon [Love Travels At Illegal Speeds]
The Divine Comedy [Absent Friends]
The Divine Comedy [Live At The Palladium]
The Divine Comedy [Regeneration]
The Divine Comedy [Victory For The Comic Muse]
The Good, The Bad & The Queen [Herculean]
Gorillaz [Gorillaz]
Gorillaz [Humanz]
Gorillaz [I, Noodle !]
Gorillaz [Plastic Beach]
Gorillaz [The Now Now]
Gorillaz [Tomorrow Comes Today]
Hot Chip [One Life Stand]
Idlewild [The Remote Part]
Kraftwerk [The Mix]
Kraftwerk [Tour De France Soundtracks]
Late Of The Pier [Fantasy Black Channel]
Mansun [Attack Of The Grey Lantern]
Morrissey [Morrissey & Siouxsie : Interlude]
Morrissey [Vauxhall And I]
Radiohead [7 Television Commercials]
Radiohead [Com Lag : 2+2=5]
Radiohead [Drill]
Radiohead [Fake Plastic Trees]
Radiohead [Hail To The Thief]
Radiohead [Knives Out]
Radiohead [My Iron Lung EP]
Radiohead [No Surprises / Running From Demons EP]
Radiohead [OK Computer]
Radiohead [Pablo Honey]
Radiohead [Paranoid Android]
Radiohead [The Astoria London Live]
Sparklehorse [Good Morning Spider]
Sparklehorse [Vivadixiesubmarine Transmissionplot]
The Sundays [Blind]
Supergrass [Alright/Time]
Supergrass [Caught By The Fuzz]
Supergrass [Diamond Hoo Ha]
Supergrass [I Should Coco]
Supergrass [In It For The Money]
Supergrass [Life On Others Planets]
Supergrass [Mansize Rooster]
Supergrass [Road To Rouen]
Supergrass [Supergrass]
Supergrass [Supergrass Is 10]
Parlophone / Columbia  David Bowie [Legacy]
Partisan  The Black Angels [Death Song]
Partisan Records  Fontaines D.C. [A Hero's Death]
Fontaines D.C. [Dogrel]
Fontaines D.C. [Skínty Fía]
Party Smasher  The Dillinger Escape Plan [Dissociation]
Patazone  Noorg [Plexus]
Pathé Marconi  Jacques Higelin [BBH 75]
Jacques Higelin [Champagne Pour Tout Le Monde ...]
Jacques Higelin [Higelin À Mogador (Hold Tight)]
Jacques Higelin [Irradié]
Pattern 25  Robert Roth [Someone, Somewhere...]
Pause Music  Yakuzi [Ibai Lehorretan Iota]
Paw Tracks  Animal Collective [Campfire Songs]
Animal Collective [Here Comes The Indian]
Animal Collective [Hollinndagain]
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti [The Doldrums]
Black Dice [Load Blown]
Panda Bear [Person Pitch]
Panda Bear [Tomboy]
PAX AM  Ryan Adams [Ashes & Fire]
Ryan Adams [III/IV]
Ryan Adams [Orion]
Pax AM  Ryan Adams [Ryan Adams]
PAX AM  Ryan Adams [Wednesdays]
Paxam  Ryan Adams [Big Colors]
Ryan Adams [Chris]
PaxAm  Ryan Adams [Prisoner]
PC Music  Hannah Diamond [Reflections]
Felicita [Hej!]
Peabody  Alex Chilton [Like Flies On Sherbert]
Peacefrog  José Gonzalez [Crosses]
José Gonzalez [Veneer]
Little Dragon [Ritual Union]
Nouvelle Vague [Nouvelle Vague]
Speck Mountain [Summer Above]
Peaceville  Acrimony [Tumuli Shroomaroom]
Anathema [Alternative 4]
Anathema [Eternity]
Anathema [Pentecost III]
Anathema [Serenades]
Anathema [The Crestfallen]
Anathema [The Silent Enigma]
Dødheimsgard [A Umbra Omega]
Katatonia [City Burials]
Katatonia [Dead End Kings]
Katatonia [Kocytean]
Katatonia [My Twin EP]
Katatonia [Night Is The New Day]
Katatonia [The Great Cold Distance]
Katatonia [Tonight's Decision]
Katatonia [Tonight's Music]
Katatonia [Viva Emptiness]
Opeth [Still Life]
Paradise Lost [Gothic]
Paradise Lost [Lost Paradise]
Pitchshifter [Industrial]
Pearl Jam Self-released  Pearl Jam [Aladdin Theather 11/30/93]
Peas Kör  Blunderbuss [Bed Rider]
Péché Mignon  Bonnie Banane [Sexy Planet]
Peer Music  Venus [Welcome To The Modern Dance Hall]
Pehr  Timonium [Until He Finds Us]
Pelagic  Cult Of Luna [Råångest]
Pema  Teenage Fanclub [Man-Made]
Teenage Fanclub [Shadows]
PeMa ; Merge  Teenage Fanclub [Endless Arcade]
PeMa/Merge  Teenage Fanclub [Here]
Perfect Music  Haru Nemuri [Haru To Shura]
Perfect Pop  The Loch Ness Mouse [Key West]
Perishable  Fruit Bats [Echolocation]
Permafrost, Kerviniou, I Love Limoges  Lonely Walk [Lonely Walk]
Permanent  The Fall [Cerebral Caustic]
The Fall [Middle Class Revolt]
The Fall [The Infotainment Scan]
The Feeling Of Love [The Feeling Of Love / Ty Segall - Split Tour]
Frankie And The Witch Fingers [Brain Telephone]
Frankie And The Witch Fingers [Heavy Roller]
Ty Segall [The Feeling Of Love / Ty Segall - Split Tour]
Permis De Construire  Pore [Dorsale]
Pore [Rotation]
Pessimiser  Grief [Torso]
Petrol Chips  8 [Beat Beat Beat]
8 [Post Drunk Mime]
Petrol Chips / Ici D'Ailleurs  Gontard [2029]
Phantom Powers  Artery [Standing Still E. P.]
Phantom Sound & Vision  And Also The Trees [When The Rains Come]
Bright Eyes [Don't Be Frightened Of Turning The Page...]
Philips  Alain Bashung [Play Blessures]
Alain Bashung [Roulette Russe]
Vashti Bunyan [Just Another Diamond Day]
Dogs [Walking Shadows]
Serge Gainsbourg [Anna]
Serge Gainsbourg [Confidentiel]
Serge Gainsbourg [Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin]
Serge Gainsbourg [Histoire De Melody Nelson]
Serge Gainsbourg [Initials B.B.]
Serge Gainsbourg [L'Etonnant Serge Gainsbourg]
Serge Gainsbourg [Love On The Beat]
Serge Gainsbourg [Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Etoiles]
Serge Gainsbourg [N°4]
Serge Gainsbourg [Percussions]
Serge Gainsbourg [Rock Around The Bunker]
Serge Gainsbourg [Serge Gainsbourg N°2]
Serge Gainsbourg [Vu De L'Extérieur]
Kraftwerk [Kraftwerk]
Kraftwerk [Kraftwerk 2]
Scott Walker [Scott]
Scott Walker [Scott 2]
Scott Walker [Scott 3]
Philips / Mercury  Dogs [Different]
Philter  Of Montreal [The Sunlandic Twins]
Phonogram  The Metal Gurus [Merry Xmas Everybody]
Piano  This Heat [This Heat]
PIAS  2 Many DJ's [As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2]
Aline [La Vie Électrique]
Arcane Roots [Left Fire]
Bearsuit [Team Ping Pong]
Bertrand Betsch [La Chaleur Humaine]
Frank Black [All My Ghosts EP]
Frank Black [Dog Gone EP]
Frank Black [Frank Black And The Catholics]
Frank Black [Pistolero]
Burning Heads [Burning Heads]
Burning Heads [Dive]
Burning Heads [Super Modern World]
Burning Heads [The Weightless Hits]
Campag Velocet [Bon Chic Bon Genre]
The Charlatans [You Cross My Path]
Coco Rosie [We Are On Fire]
Dead Can Dance [Anastasis]
Dead Can Dance [Dionysus]
Deus [Keep You Close]
Drive Blind [Be A Vegetable]
Eagles Of Death Metal [Heart On]
Editors [The Weight Of Your Love]
Eiffel [Foule Monstre]
Front 242 [Live Code]
Gomm [4]
Gomm [Destroyed To Perfection]
I Am Kloot [I Am Kloot]
I Am Kloot [Sky At Night]
The Kills [Blood Pressures]
Ladytron [Velocifero]
The Legendary Pink Dots [The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse]
Johnny Marr & The Healers [Boomslang]
Metric [Fantasies]
Mew [Visuals]
Millionaire [Outside The Simian Flock]
Millionaire [Paradisiac]
Miossec [1964]
Miossec [A Prendre]
Miossec [Baiser]
Miossec [Boire]
Miossec [Brest Of (tout Ça Pour Ça)]
Miossec [Brûle]
Miossec [Chansons Ordinaires]
Miossec [Finistériens]
Miossec [Ici-Bas, Ici Même]
Miossec [L'Etreinte]
Mogwai [Happy Songs For Happy People]
Mogwai [Zidane - A 21st Century Portrait]
Moose [Honey Bee]
Morcheeba [Blood Like Lemonade]
Jean Louis Murat [Il Francese]
Jean Louis Murat [Jean Louis Murat & The Delano Orchestra - Babel]
Jean Louis Murat [Live Aux [PIAS] Nites]
Jean Louis Murat [Morituri]
Jean Louis Murat [Travaux Sur La N89]
New Fast Automatic Daffodils [Body Mind Exit]
Nits [The Nits 2004]
Nouvelle Vague [3]
Nova Nova [La Chanson De Roland]
Agnes Obel [Philharmonics]
Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms [Black Europa]
Pendentif [Vertige Exhaussé]
An Pierlé [Helium Sunset]
Rhesus [Sad Disco]
Rhesus [The B-Sides Collection]
Rhesus [The Fortune Teller Said]
Röyksopp [Senior]
Sloy [Planet Of Tubes]
Soap And Skin [Sugarbread]
Soulwax [Any Minute Now]
Soulwax [Leave The Story Untold]
Soulwax [Nite Versions]
The Sound [Thunder Up]
Trisomie 21 [Million Lights]
Trisomie 21 [Works]
Tue-Loup [La Bancale]
Tue-Loup [La Belle Inutile]
Violent Femmes [We Can Do Anything]
The Young Gods [Knock On Wood]
The Young Gods [L'Eau Rouge]
The Young Gods [Live Sky Tour]
The Young Gods [Only Heaven]
The Young Gods [Super Ready / Fragmenté]
The Young Gods [XXY : The Twenty Years (1985-2005)]
PIAS / Heavenly  Baxter Dury [Prince Of Tears]
PIAS ; Ipecac  Jim Younger's Spirit [Watonwan River]
PIAS America  Keaton Henson [Kindly Now]
PIAS Germany  Jungstötter [Love Is]
PIAS Group  The Legendary Pink Dots [Any Day Now]
The Legendary Pink Dots [Asylum]
PIAS, Ipecac  Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Piano Nights]
Pickled Egg  Freeze Puppy [Animation]
Freeze Puppy [The Night Attendant]
Oddfellows Casino [Yellow Bellied Wonderland]
Pid  Kasabian [Kasabian]
Wild Nothing [Gemini]
Pied De Biche /Tandori / Atypeek  Margaret Catcher [Singularity]
PiL Official  Public Image Limited [This Is P.I.L.]
Pilz  Popol Vuh [Hosianna Mantra]
Pink  The Wolfhounds [Unseen Ripples From A Pebble]
Pink Dust  Fuzztones [Lysergic Emanations]
Pink Flag  Wire [Live At The Roxy / Live At The CBGB Theatre]
Wire [Object 47]
Wire [Send]
Wire [Wire On The Box:1979]
Pitch-A-Tent  Camper Van Beethoven [II & III]
Pixies  Pixies [EP1]
Pixies [EP2]
Pixies Music  Pixies [Head Carrier]
Pixiesmusic  Pixies [EP3]
Pixiesmusic, PIAS  Pixies [Indie Cindy]
Placebo  Rollerskate Skinny [Shoulder Voices]
PladeSelskabet  Under Byen [Det Er Mig Der Holder Traeerne Sammen]
Plan 9  Danzig [Black Aria]
Hatfield And The North [Hatfield And The North]
The Misfits [Bullet]
The Misfits [Die, Die My Darling]
The Misfits [Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood]
The Misfits [Evilive]
The Misfits [Horror Business]
Planet  The Plimsouls [The Plimsouls]
Planet Mu  Venetian Snares [Detrimentalist]
Venetian Snares [Making Orange Things]
Venetian Snares [Rossz Csillag Alatt Született]
Planetarium  Alesia Cosmos [Exclusivo!]
Live Footage [Moods Of The Desert]
Plastic Head  Extreme Noise Terror [A Holocaust In Your Head]
JR Ewing [Maelstrom]
Platinum  Bosco [Everybody On The Dance Floor EP]
Rubin Steiner [Drum Major !]
Rubin Steiner [Lo-Fi Nu Jazz Vol. 2]
Rubin Steiner [Wunderbar Drei]
Zimpala [Almaviva]
Play It Again Sam  Editors [The Blanck Mass Sessions]
Fews [Means]
Romain Humeau [Mousquetaire #1]
Lisa Mitchell [Warriors]
Roisin Murphy [Hairless Toys]
Public Service Broadcasting [Every Valley]
Playlouder  Serena Maneesh [Serena Maneesh]
Playrecord  Lack [Saturate Every Atom]
Plug Research  Flying Lotus [1983]
Pointy  Campag Velocet [It's Beyond Our Control]
Flotation Toy Warning [The Special Tape]
Pollen  Eleven [Howling Book]
Polydor  Perry Blake [Perry Blake]
Ian Brown [Golden Greats]
Ian Brown [Music Of The Spheres]
Ian Brown [Solarized]
Ian Brown [The World Is Yours]
Ian Brown [Unfinished Monkey Business]
Cast [All Change]
Cat's Eyes [Cat's Eyes]
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions [Rattlesnakes]
The Creatures [A Bestiary Of]
The Creatures [Boomerang]
Crystal Castles [II]
The Cure [Join The Dots : B-Sides And Rarities 1978 > 2001]
Deus [Vantage Point]
The Driven [The Driven]
E [A Man Called E]
E [Broken Toy Shop]
Elbow [Build A Rocket Boys!]
Faust [So Far]
Feist [Let It Die]
Feist [Metals]
Feist [Pleasure]
Feist [The Reminder]
Flower Travellin' Band [Anywhere]
Serge Gainsbourg [L'Homme A Tête De Chou]
The Glove [Blue Sunshine Deluxe Edition]
The God Machine [Scenes From The Second Storey]
The Guillemots [Red]
The Guillemots [Through The Windowpane]
Haim [Days Are Gone]
Haim [Something To Tell You]
Mark Hollis [Mark Hollis]
The Jam [All Mod Cons]
The Jam [Dig The New Breed]
The Jam [Extras: A Collection Of Rarities]
The Jam [In The City]
The Jam [Setting Sons]
The Jam [Sound Affects]
The Jam [The Gift]
The Jam [This Is The Modern World]
Klaxons [As Above, So Below]
Klaxons [Myths Of The Near Future]
Emily Loizeau [Pays Sauvage]
The Monks [Black Monk Time]
Nirvana [MTV Unplugged In New-York]
Orange Juice [Rip It Up]
Orange Juice [You Can't Hide Your Love Forever]
Quicksand [Manic Compression]
Roxy Music [Stranded]
Shed Seven [Change Giver]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [A Kiss In The Dreamhouse]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Hong-Kong Garden]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Hyaena]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Hyaena (édition Remasterisée)]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Join Hands]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [JuJu]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Kaleidoscope]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Superstition]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [The Rapture]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [The Scream]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Through The Looking Glass]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Voices On The Air : The Peel Sessions]
Snow Patrol [A Hundred Million Suns]
Snow Patrol [Eyes Open]
That Petrol Emotion [Babble]
The Cardigans [Emmerdale]
Thousand Yard Stare [Mappamundi]
The Velvet Underground [Bootleg Series Volume 1 : The Quine Tapes]
The Velvet Underground [Squeeze]
The Velvet Underground [The Velvet Underground]
The Velvet Underground [The Velvet Underground & Nico]
The Velvet Underground [White Light / White Heat]
White Lies [Lose My Life]
The Who [Face Dances]
The Who [It's Hard]
The Who [The Who By Numbers]
The Who [Who Are You]
Polygram  Clan Of Xymox [Twist Of Shadows]
Mother Love Bone [Apple]
Nirvana [Nirvana]
Redd Kross [Phaseshifter]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Nocturne]
Thousand Yard Stare [Hands On]
Tripping Daisy [Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb]
The Velvet Underground [Peel Slowly And See]
Polymorphe  Black Bomb A [Straight In The Vein]
Polyvinyl  31 Knots [The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere]
31 Knots [Worried Well]
Alvvays [Antisocialites]
Ativin [Pills Vs Planes]
Deerhoof [La Isla Bonita]
Japandroids [Celebration Rock]
Kero Kero Bonito [Time 'n' Place]
Loney, Dear [Dear John]
Momma [Household Name]
Of Montreal [False Priest]
Of Montreal [Hissing Fauna, Are You Destroyer ?]
Of Montreal [Satanic Panic In The Attic]
Of Montreal [Skeletal Lamping]
Pele [The Nudes]
Jeff Rosenstock [POST-]
Wampire [Bazaar]
Wampire [Curiosity]
White Reaper [The World's Best American Band]
Polyvinyl / Heavenly  Anna Burch [Quit The Curse]
Polyvinyl / Transgressive  Alvvays [Alvvays]
Pompeii  Beirut [March Of The Zapotec And Realpeople Holland]
Beirut [The Rip Tide]
Ponderosa Music & Art  Blonde Redhead [3 O'Clock]
Poop Duty  Coulier [Vibin']
Pop Bus  Blunderbuss [Push]
Pop Llama  The Posies [Failure]
The Presidents Of The United States Of America [The President Of The United States Of America]
Pop Noire  Lescop [Lescop]
Pop-Up  Sauropod [Roaring At The Storm]
Poplane  Jack [The End Of The Way It's Always Been]
Poptones  The Bellrays [The Red, White & Black]
Souls She Said [As Templar Nites]
Popup  Sparkling [This Is Not The Paradise They Told Us We Would Live]
Porter  Chll Pll [Agressively Humble]
Porterhouse  Circle Jerks [Group Sex]
Portobello  Death In Vegas [Trans-Love Energies]
Posh Isolation  Damien Dubrovnik [Great Many Arrows]
Post Apocalyptic Music  Pavillon Rouge [Solmeth Pervitine]
Postcard  Josef K [The Only Fun In Town]
Potomak  Einstürzende Neubauten [Alles Wieder Offen]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Die Hamletmaschine]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Fünf Auf Der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Weil Weil Weil]
Pour Ouvrir Une Parenthèse  Sayem [Phonogénique]
PPM  Abe Vigoda [Crush]
Abe Vigoda [Skeleton]
Mika Miko [666]
Pravda  Glenn Mercer [Wheels In Motion]
Prawn Song  Les Claypool [Of Whales And Woe]
Les Claypool [Purple Onion]
Primus [Green Naugahyde]
Primus [Hallucino Genetics : Live 2004]
Prawn Song, ATO  Primus [Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble]
Primus [The Desaturating Seven]
Precipice  Trance To The Sun [Atrocious Virgin]
Premier Disque  Mickey 3D [Mistigri Torture]
Prescriptions  Future Of The Left [How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident]
President  Robots In Disguise [Happiness V Sadness]
Robots In Disguise [We're In The Music Biz]
Prikosnovénie  Collection D'Arnell Andrea [Tristesse Des Mânes]
Maplebee [Hello Eve]
Primeros Pasitos  The Bisons [Compactor]
Primitive Reaction  Precambrian [Tectonics]
Private Stock  Blondie [Blondie]
Probe  Half Man Half Biscuit [Back Again In The DHSS]
Soft Machine [The Soft Machine]
Profound Lore  Agalloch [Marrow Of The Spirit]
Cobalt [Slow Forever]
Dälek [Asphalt For Eden]
Monarch! [Never Forever]
Sumac [The Deal]
Prohibited  The Berg Sans Nipple [Form Of...]
Don Nino [Mentors, Menteurs!]
Heliogabale [Mobile Home]
Heliogabale [The Full Mind Is Alone The Clear]
Heliogabale [To Pee]
Herman Düne [Fire EP]
Herman Düne [Switzerland Heritage]
Herman Düne [Turn Off The Light]
NLF3 [Echotropic]
NLF3 [Part One & Part Two]
NLF3 [Ride On A Brand New Time]
Patton [C]
Prohibition [#5 (Follow The Towncrier)]
Prohibition [14 Ups & Downs]
Prohibition [Cobweb-Day]
Prohibition [Towncrier]
Projekt  Lovesliescrushing [Bloweyelashwish]
Prophecy  Alcest [Alcest / Les Discrets]
Alcest [Ecailles De Lune]
Alcest [Kodama]
Alcest [Shelter]
Alcest [Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde]
Antimatter [Fear Of A Unique Identity]
Antimatter [Leaving Eden]
Antimatter [Planetary Confinement]
Antimatter [The Judas Table]
Les Discrets [Alcest / Les Discrets]
Les Discrets [Ariettes Oubliées]
Les Discrets [Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées]
Les Discrets [Virée Nocturne]
Lifelover [Sjukdom]
Tenhi [Hallavedet]
Prophecy Productions  Les Discrets [Prédateurs]
Prosthetic  Kylesa [Static Tensions]
Kylesa [Time Will Fuse Its Worth]
PRT  David Bowie [Don't Be Fooled By The Name]
Pschent  Tristesse Contemporaine [Tristesse Contemporaine]
Pseudonym  Clan Of Xymox [Subsequent Pleasures (re-issue)]
PSI  Pitchshifter [Bootlegged And Distorted, Remixed And Uploaded]
Psycho  Pixies [Give Me Ecstasy]
Psycho Specific  Swell [Well ?]
Psychonaut  The Gathering [A Sound Relief]
The Gathering [Black Light District]
The Gathering [Disclosure]
The Gathering [Home]
The Gathering [Souvenirs]
Psychout  The Hellacopters [Cream Of The Crap! Vol.1]
The Hellacopters [Cream Of The Crap! Vol.2]
Public Bath  Zeni Geva [Total Castration]
Pull Village  Dirty Three [Sad And Dangerous]
Pulse  White Noise [White Noise III - Re-Entry]
Pulver & Asche  Niton [Tiresias]
Pure Groove  The Joy Formidable [A Balloon Called Moaning]
Purple Feather  The Donnas [Bitchin']
Pusa Music  The Presidents Of The United States Of America [Love Everybody]
Puscifer Entertainment  Puscifer [Conditions Of My Parole]
Puscifer [Money Shot]
Pussyfoot  Jacknife Lee [Muy Rico !]
Putrefaction  Agathocles [Morally Wrong / Grind ‘Till Deafness]
Puzzle  Les Comptes De Korsakoff [Ghost Train]
PVC  Big Star [Third/Sister Lovers]
Pye Records  The Kinks [Kinks]
The Kinks [Live At Kelvin Hall]
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