Label  Disque
E Works  Eels [Earth To Dora]
Eels [Extreme Witchcraft]
Eels [Oh What A Beautiful Morning !]
Eels [Sixteen Tons]
Eels [The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett]
Eels [The Deconstruction]
Eels [Wonderful, Glorious]
E.G.  Robert Fripp [Exposure]
Roxy Music [Manifesto]
E.G. Records  Roxy Music [Avalon]
E.O.S.  Limousine [II]
E1 Music  High On Fire [De Vermis Mysteriis]
High On Fire [Luminiferous]
High On Fire [Snakes For The Divine]
Eadstrong  Sludge [Scarecrow Messiah]
Eagle  The Fall [The Unutterable]
Rialto [Night On Earth]
Eagle Rock  Baby Shambles [Up The Shambles - Live In Manchester]
Talk Talk [Live At Montreux 1986]
Eagle Vision  The Cure [Trilogy]
Nirvana [Nevermind - Classic Album]
Pixies [Acoustic : Live In Newport]
Pixies [Live At The Paradise In Boston]
Frank Zappa [The Torture Never Stops]
Earache  Beecher [This Elegy, His Autopsy]
Cult Of Luna [Eternal Kingdom]
Cult Of Luna [Salvation]
Cult Of Luna [Somewhere Along The Highway]
Cult Of Luna [The Beyond]
Ephel Duath [Pain Necessary To Know]
Ephel Duath [The Painter's Palette]
Ephel Duath [Through My Dog's Eyes]
Extreme Noise Terror [Damage 381]
Extreme Noise Terror [Retro-Bution]
Fudge Tunnel [Hate Songs In E Minor]
Fudge Tunnel [The Complicated Futiility Of Ignorance]
Godflesh [Love And Hate In Dub]
Godflesh [Pure]
Godflesh [Selfless]
Godflesh [Slavestate]
Godflesh [Songs Of Love And Hate]
Godflesh [Streetcleaner]
Godflesh [Us And Them]
Laibach [Morbid Angel - Laibach Remixes]
Napalm Death [Death By Manipulation]
Napalm Death [Diatribes]
Napalm Death [Fear, Emptiness, Despair]
Napalm Death [From Enslavement To Obliteration]
Napalm Death [Greed Killing]
Napalm Death [Harmony Corruption]
Napalm Death [Inside The Torn Apart]
Napalm Death [Noise For Music's Sake]
Napalm Death [Scum]
Napalm Death [Utopia Banished]
Napalm Death [Words From The Exit Wound]
PainKiller [Guts Of A Virgin]
Pitchshifter [Infotainment?]
Pitchshifter [Submit]
Scorn [Deliverance EP]
Scorn [Ellipsis]
Wolverine [Cold Light On Monday]
EarMUSIC  Ash [Kablammo!]
East West  The Aloof [Seeking Pleasure]
Archive [You All Look The Same To Me]
The Belltower [Popdropper]
Clutch [Clutch]
Stina Nordenstam [And She Closed Her Eyes]
Stina Nordenstam [People Are Strange]
Easy Action  The Stooges [Heavy Liquid]
The Stooges [You Don't Want My Name You Want My Action]
Easy Eye Sound  Dan Auerbach [Waiting On A Song]
Easy Sound Recording Compagny  Fruit Bats [Absolute Loser]
Fruit Bats [The Glory Of Fruit Bats]
Eric D. Johnson [EDJ]
Easy Star  Radiohead [Easy Star All-Stars - Radiodread]
Easy Tiger  Stephen Jones [1985-2001]
EasyRider  Salem's Pot [Lurar Ut Dig På Prärien]
Eat Your Heart Out  Alec Empire [Robot L.O.V.E.]
Alec Empire [The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven]
Eau Claire Record Stores  Bon Iver [Eau Claire Memorial Jazz Feat. Justin Vernon Of Bon Iver, A Decade With Duke]
Ebullition  Orchid [Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!]
Ebullition Records  Yaphet Kotto [Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love]
Eca  Ramona Cordova [The Boy Who Floated Freely]
Echo  .O.Rang [Fields And Waves]
Baby Bird [Bugged]
Baby Bird [There's Something Going On]
Bat For Lashes [Fur And Gold]
I Am Kloot [Gods And Monsters]
Echo Canyon, Flower Of Carnage, Protagonist , Corn Dog, Zone Onze, Wee Wee, Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu ?, Emergence, Gang Bang Tapes  Abject Object [Romance]
Echokammer  Morcheeba [The Antidote]
Echospace  Cv313 [Analogue Oceans]
Eclipse  Double Leopards [Halve Maen]
Marissa Nadler [Ballads Of Living And Dying]
ECM  Nils Petter Molvaer [Khmer]
Nils Petter Molvaer [Solid Ether]
Ecstatic Peace  Be Your Own Pet [Be Your Own Pet]
The Coachmen [Failure To Thrive]
Dim Stars [Dim Stars EP]
Free Kitten [Call Now]
Free Kitten [Inherit]
Guv'ner [Hard For Measy For You]
Thurston Moore [Trees Outside The Academy]
Pagoda [Pagoda]
Sonic Youth [Sonic Death : Early Sonic 1981-1983]
Sonic Youth [TV Shit EP]
Ed Banger  Justice [Cross]
Mr Oizo [Stade 2]
Edition Hundertmark  Henry Flynt [You Are My Everlovin'/Celestial Power]
Effervescence  Papier Tigre [The Beginning And End Of Now]
The Patriotic Sunday [Actual Fiction]
EG  Brian Eno [Ambient 1 : Music For Airports]
Brian Eno [Another Green World]
Brian Eno [Before And After Science]
Brian Eno [Here Come The Warm Jets]
Brian Eno [My Life In The Bush Of Ghost (Brian Eno -David Byrne)]
Brian Eno [Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)]
Brian Eno [Thursday Afternoon]
Killing Joke [Fire Dances]
Killing Joke [Killing Joke [1980]]
Killing Joke [What's This For...!]
King Crimson [Discipline]
King Crimson [In The Court Of The Crimson King]
King Crimson [In The Wake Of Poseidon]
King Crimson [Islands]
King Crimson [Lark's Tongue In Aspic]
King Crimson [Lizard]
King Crimson [Red]
King Crimson [Starless And Bible Black]
King Crimson [Three Of Perfect Pair]
The Lounge Lizards [The Lounge Lizards]
Ego  Einstürzende Neubauten [Berlin Babylon]
Einstürzende Neubauten [Strategies Against Architecture II]
Egon  Yo La Tengo [The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science]
Eighteenth Street Lounge Music  Thievery Corporation [The Cosmic Game]
Eisengrau  Einstürzende Neubauten [Stahlmusik]
Ekoms  Maison Book Girl [Summer Continue EP]
El Camino  Louise Post [Sleepwalker]
El Cortez  Richmond Fontaine [The Fitzgerald]
Richmond Fontaine [Thirteen Cities]
El Segell Des Primavera  The Wedding Present [Home Internationals E.P.]
Elap Music  Grisbi [Playtime]
Electrola  Holger Czukay [Movies]
Electron'y'pop  Saycet [One Day At Home]
Saycet [Through The Window]
Elefant  A Girl Called Eddy [Been Around]
Camera Obscura [Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi]
Camera Obscura [Under Achievers Please Try Harder]
The Last Detail [The Last Detail]
Trembling Blue Stars [The Last Holy Writer]
Elektra  10.000 Maniacs [Hope Chest : The Fredonia Recordings 1982-1983]
10.000 Maniacs [In My Tribe]
10.000 Maniacs [Our Time In Eden]
The Afghan Whigs [Black Love]
The Afghan Whigs [Gentlemen]
Baby Chaos [Safe Sex Designer Drugs And The Death Of Rock 'n' Roll]
Frank Black [Live Thursday June 24, 1993 10pm Eastern]
Tim Buckley [Goodbye And Hello]
Tim Buckley [Happy Sad]
Tim Buckley [Lorca]
Tim Buckley [Tim Buckley]
The Cure [Quadpus]
The Cure [Staring At The Sea : The Singles]
The Housemartins [The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death]
Inspiral Carpets [Life]
Jet [Get Born]
Jet [Shine On]
Kraftwerk [Electric Café]
Kyuss [...And The Circus Leaves Town]
Kyuss [Welcome To Sky Valley]
Kyuss [Wretch]
Luna [Bewitched]
Luna [Lunapark]
Luna [Penthouse]
Luna [Pup Tent]
MC5 [Kick Out The Jams]
Nada Surf [High/Low]
Naked City [Naked City]
Nico [The Marble Index]
Shoes [Present Tense]
The Sisters Of Mercy [First And Last And Always]
The Sisters Of Mercy [Floodland]
The Sisters Of Mercy [Vision Thing]
Spacehog [Resident Alien]
Spoon [A Serie Of Sneaks]
Stereolab [Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night]
Stereolab [Dots And Loops]
Stereolab [Emperor Tomato Ketchup]
Stereolab [Mars Audiac Quintet]
Stereolab [Sound Dust]
Stereolab [Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements]
The Stooges [Fun House]
The Stooges [The Stooges]
The Sugarcubes [Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!]
Television [Adventure]
Television [Marquee Moon]
They Might Be Giants [Apollo 18]
Vast [Music For People]
Vast [VAST: Visual Audio Sensory Theater]
Alan Vega [Saturn Strip]
Tom Verlaine [Tom Verlaine]
Violent Femmes [New Times]
Tom Waits [Blue Valentine]
Tom Waits [Closing Time]
Ween [Chocolate & Cheese]
Ween [Pure Guava]
Wire [The Drill]
X [Los Angeles]
Zero7 [When It Falls]
Elektra / Virgin  Sparks [N° In Heaven]
Elephant 6  The Apples In Stereo [Her Wallpaper Reverie]
Beulah [Handsome Western States]
Elf Power [A Dream In Sound]
Elephant Stone  Smashing Orange [1991]
Elevation  Primal Scream [Sonic Flower Groove]
Elevator Lady  Placebo [Loud Like Love]
Elevator Music  Placebo [Nancy Boy EP]
Placebo [Placebo]
Eleven  The Dissociatives [I Can't Believe It's Not Rock !]
The Dissociatives [The Dissociatives]
Silverchair [Live From Faraway Stables]
Silverchair [Young Modern]
Elica  Luc Ferrari [Danses Organiques: Cinéma Pour L'oreille]
Elka Vox  Tokyo/Overtones [Tokyo/Overtones]
Elles En Ont  Lux Montes [Tu M'as Manqué Mon Amour]
Emarcy  Alif Tree [Spaced]
Serge Gainsbourg [Cannabis]
Serge Gainsbourg [Le Cinéma De Serge Gainsbourg]
Emergence  Mars Red Sky [Mars Red Sky]
EMI  Air [Love 2]
Marc Almond [Enchanted]
Athlete [Vehicles & Animals]
Melissa Auf Der Maur [Auf Der Maur]
The B-52's [Funplex]
Bang Gang [Something Wrong]
The Becketts [Myth]
The Beta Band [The Three EP'S]
Blur [Blur]
Blur [Leisure]
Blur [Think Tank]
David Bowie [Aladdin Sane [30th Anniversary Edition]]
David Bowie [Bowie At The Beeb : The Best Of The BBC Sessions 68-72]
David Bowie [Heroes]
David Bowie [Never Let Me Down]
David Bowie [Scary Monsters]
David Bowie [The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars [30th Anniversary Edition]]
David Bowie [Tonight]
Kate Bush [Hounds Of Love]
Kate Bush [The Kick Inside]
John Cale [Black Acetate]
The Church [Priest=Aura]
The Church [Seance]
The Church [Sing-Songs/Remote Luxury/Persia]
The Church [Starfish]
The Church [The Blurred Crusade]
Coldplay [Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends]
Graham Coxon [The Golden D]
Dark Night Of The Soul [Dark Night Of The Soul]
Pete Doherty [Grace/Wastelands]
Empire Of The Sun [Walking On A Dream]
Gang Of Four [A Brief History Of The Twentieth Century]
Gang Of Four [Entertainment !]
Anja Garbarek [Briefly Shaking]
The Good, The Bad & The Queen [The Good, The Bad & The Queen]
Gorillaz [The Fall]
Jonny Greenwood [Bodysong]
Hell Is For Heroes [The Neon Handshake]
Jacques Higelin [Alertez Les Bébés!]
Jacques Higelin [Caviar Pour Les Autres...]
Idlewild [Warning / Promises]
Interpol [The Black EP]
Jay Jay Johanson [Self Portrait]
Jónsi [Go]
Kat Onoma [Far From The Pictures]
Kat Onoma [Kat Onoma]
Killing Joke [Night Time]
Killing Joke [RMXD]
Kings Of Convenience [Riot On An Empty Street]
The Kooks [Inside In / Inside Out]
Kraftwerk [Autobahn]
Kraftwerk [Minimum - Maximum]
Kraftwerk [The Catalogue 3-D]
Madrugada [Live At Tralfamadore]
Madrugada [Madrugada]
Madrugada [The Deep End]
Mansun [Little Kix]
Mansun [Six]
Mickey 3D [Live À Saint Etienne]
Roisin Murphy [Overpowered]
New Model Army [All Of This : The 'Live' Rarities]
New Model Army [B Sides And Abandoned Tracks]
New Model Army [Better Than Them [EP]]
New Model Army [Get Me Out EP]
New Model Army [History - The Singles 85/91]
New Model Army [Impurity]
New Model Army [No Rest For The Wicked]
New Model Army [Strange Brotherhood]
New Model Army [Thunder And Consolation]
Ol. [Ceux Que Je Tutoie]
Paradise Lost [Believe In Nothing]
Paradise Lost [Host]
Phoenix [It's Never Been Like That]
Placebo [Once More With Feeling - Singles Collection 1996-2004]
Radiohead [Amnesiac]
Radiohead [Itch]
Radiohead [Kid A]
Radiohead [The Best Of]
Patti Rothberg [Between The 1 And The 9]
Röyksopp [Junior]
The Saints [(I'm) Stranded]
The Saints [Eternally Yours]
The Saints [Prehistoric Sounds]
Sigur Rós [Ba Ba / Ti Ki / Di Do]
Sigur Rós [Harvf / Heim]
Sigur Rós [Takk...]
Sigur Rós [Valtari]
Silverchair [Across The Night]
Silverchair [The Greatest View]
Silverchair [Without You]
Siouxsie Sioux [Morrissey & Siouxsie : Interlude]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Oceania]
Sparklehorse [Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain]
The Sundays [Reading, Writing And Arithmetic]
Syd Barrett [Barrett]
David Sylvian [Secrets Of The Beehive]
Talk Talk [It's My Life]
Talk Talk [Spirit Of Eden]
Talk Talk [The Colour Of Spring]
The Tea Party [Interzone Mantras]
The Tea Party [Seven Circles]
The Tea Party [Tangents : The Tea Party Collection]
Television [Television]
The Thrills [Teenager]
Yann Tiersen [On Tour]
The Verve [Forth]
Scott Walker [Climate Of Hunter]
We Are Scientists [With Love And Squalor]
You Am I [Convicts]
Frank Zappa [Does Humour Belong In Music ?]
Emi / Capitol  Keren Ann [La Disparition]
Emi / Labels  Wir Sind Helden [Von Hier An Blind]
Emi / Labels / Reklamation  Wir Sind Helden [Die Reklamation]
EMI / Labels / The Blue Note Label Group  Keren Ann [Keren Ann]
Emperor Jones  The American Analog Set [The Golden Band]
Emperor Norton  Buffalo Daughter [I]
Velma [Cyclique]
Empreintes DIGITALes  Hildegard Westerkamp [Transformations]
Empty Words  Idlewild [Everything Ever Written]
Emulation  Tang [Another Thousand Days, Out Of This World]
End All Life Productions  Diapsiquir [A.N.T.I.]
Diapsiquir [L.S.D. (Lubie Satanique Dépravée)]
Energy Records  Bile [Teknowhore]
Enigma  The Cavedogs [Joy Rides For Shut-Ins]
Devo [Smooth Noodle Maps]
Devo [Total Devo]
Game Theory [Lolita Nation]
Green On Red [Gas Food Lodging]
Rain Parade [Emergency Third Rail Power Trip]
Rainy Day [Rainy Day]
Sonic Youth [Ciccone Youth The Whitey Album]
Sonic Youth [Daydream Nation]
Enragé  Shane Cough [Delight In Disorder]
Shane Cough [Intraveineuse]
Enrages Productions  Black Bomb A [Speech Of Freedom]
Ensign  Sinéad O'connor [The Lion And The Cobra]
Enterruption  Melvins [The End]
Entreprise  Grand Blanc [Mémoires Vives]
Epic  Adam And The Ants [Kings Of The Wild Frontier]
Adam And The Ants [Prince Charming]
Alice Cooper [Hey Stoopid]
Altered Images [Bite]
Altered Images [Happy Birthday]
Tori Amos [Scarlet's Walk]
Adam Ant [Friend Or Foe]
Adam Ant [Strip]
Adam Ant [Vive Le Rock]
Fiona Apple [Fetch The Bolt Cutters]
Fiona Apple [The Idler Wheel]
Audioslave [Audioslave]
The Coral [Magic And Medicine]
The Coral [The Invisible Invasion]
The Darling Buds [Pop Said...]
Death Grips [The Money Store]
Dj Krush [Shinso]
Dogs [Too Much Class For The Neighboorhood]
Elista [Elista]
Handsome [Handsome]
Malfunkshun [Return To Olympus]
Manic Street Preachers [Everything Must Go]
Manic Street Preachers [Know Your Enemy]
Manic Street Preachers [The Holy Bible]
Manic Street Preachers [This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours]
Merz [Merz]
Mew [Frengers]
Modest Mouse [Good News For People Who Love Bad News]
Modest Mouse [Strangers To Ourselves]
Modest Mouse [We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank]
Oasis [Don't Believe The Truth]
Pearl Jam [Binaural]
Pearl Jam [Dissident E.P.]
Pearl Jam [Drop In The Park]
Pearl Jam [Go]
Pearl Jam [Last Kiss]
Pearl Jam [Live At The Orpheum Theatre]
Pearl Jam [Live On Two Legs]
Pearl Jam [Lost Dogs]
Pearl Jam [Merkinball]
Pearl Jam [No Code]
Pearl Jam [Riot Act]
Pearl Jam [Ten]
Pearl Jam [Vitalogy]
Pearl Jam [Vs]
Pearl Jam [Yield]
Rage Against The Machine [Evil Empire]
Rage Against The Machine [Live & Rare]
Rage Against The Machine [Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium]
Rage Against The Machine [Rage Against The Machine]
Rage Against The Machine [Renegades]
Rage Against The Machine [The Battle Of Los Angeles]
Reef [Glow]
Satchel [E.D.C.]
Satchel [The Family]
Screaming Trees [Dust]
Screaming Trees [Ocean Of Confusion : Songs Of Screaming Trees 1989 - 1996]
Screaming Trees [Sweet Oblivion]
Screaming Trees [Uncle Anesthesia]
Social Distortion [Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell]
The Stranglers [Feline (Remastered And Expanded)]
Super Furry Animals [Phantom Power]
The The [Dusk]
The The [Hanky Panky]
The The [Infected]
The The [Soul Mining]
The Vibrators [Pure Mania]
Epistrophy  Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Gore Motel]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Midnight Radio]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Schwarzer Sabbat Für Dean Martin]
Epitaph  Bad Religion [Against The Grain]
Bad Religion [All Ages]
Bad Religion [Generator]
Bad Religion [New Maps Of Hell]
Bad Religion [No Control]
Bad Religion [Recipe For Hate]
Bad Religion [Suffer]
Bad Religion [The Empire Strikes First]
Bad Religion [The Process Of Belief]
Burning Heads [Be One With The Flames]
Burning Heads [Escape]
Burning Heads [Opposite]
Converge [Axe To Fall]
Converge [No Heroes]
Converge [You Fail Me]
The Cramps [Big Beat From Badsville]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [Irony Is A Dead Scene EP]
The Frames [Set List]
The Garden [Kiss My Super Bowl Ring]
The Garden [Mirror Might Steal Your Charm]
The Garden [U Want The Scoop?]
Heavens [Patent Pending]
Hot Water Music [Caution]
L7 [L7]
Motion City Soundtrack [Commit This To Memory]
NOFX [Heavy Petting Zoo]
NOFX [Punk In Drublic]
NOFX [So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes]
NOFX [White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean]
Quicksand [Interiors]
Rancid [Life Won't Wait]
The Robocop Kraus [They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus]
Thursday [Common Existence]
Thursday [No Devolucion]
Weezer [Hurley]
Zeke [Dirty Sanchez]
Zeke [Kicked In The Teeth]
Epitonic  Girls Against Boys [The Ghost List]
Equal Vision  Alexisonfire [Watch Out !]
Boy Sets Fire [Before The Eulogy]
Converge [Jane Doe]
Converge [Petitioning The Empty Sky]
Converge [When Forever Comes Crashing]
The Fall Of Troy [Doppelganger]
The Fall Of Troy [Manipulator]
Fear Before The March Of Flames [Art Damage]
Fear Before The March Of Flames [Odd How People Shake]
Fear Before The March Of Flames [The Always Open Mouth]
The Snake The Cross The Crown [Cotton Teeth]
The Sound Of Animals Fighting [Lover, The Lord Has Left Us]
Equilibre Music  Dirge [Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas]
Erased Tapes  Olafur Arnalds [Eulogy For Evolution]
Nils Frahm [All Melody]
Error Music  Botnledja [Magnyl]
Escape Artist  American Heritage [Bipolar]
Isis [Celestial]
Isis [Mosquito Control]
Eskaton  Coil [Time Machines]
Eskimo  The Gerogerigegege [Moenai Hai]
Lindstrøm [Tirsdagsjam]
ESL Music  Thievery Corporation [Radio Retaliation]
ESP  Nekromantix [Demons Are Girls Best Friends]
Nekromantix [Undead'n'Live]
Essence Music  Nadja [Sv]
Essential  Johnny Thunders [Have Faith]
ESSZZI!  -v-v-v- [-V-V-V-]
Establishment Store  Brad [Brad Vs Satchel]
Shawn Smith [Shield Of Thorns]
Estrus  Man Or Astroman ? [Destroy All Astromen !!]
Man Or Astroman ? [Inside The Head Of Mr Atom]
Man Or Astroman ? [Is It ... Man Or Astroman ?]
Man Or Astroman ? [Project Infinite]
The Monkeywrench [Electric Children]
Soledad Brothers [The Soledad Brothers]
Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu ?  Avenir [Nous Ne Sommes Plus Vierges Et Nous Avons Raté Nos Examens]
RRAOUHHH! [C'est Louche !]
Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu, Katatak, 213 Records, Tremblements Essentiels, Donnez Moi Du Feu, Mammouth  La Chasse [Noir Plus Noir Que Le Noir]
Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?  Besoin Dead [Demo - Split Besoin Dead With Jessica93]
Besoin Dead [Pair, Tu N'es Pas Impair]
Dr Snuggle & Mc Jaqueline [Dr Snuggle & MC Jaqueline]
Jessica93 [Demo - Split Besoin Dead With Jessica93]
Seasick6 [Hexakosioi Hexekonta Hexaphobia]
Taulard [Les Abords Du Lycée]
Trotski Nautique [Chomsky Ned]
Trotski Nautique [Les Morceaux Les Plus Courts Sont Les Moins Longs]
Trotski Nautique [Oncle Vania Pocket]
Trotski Nautique [Tolstoi Story]
Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? , Potagers Natures , Kythibong  Le Cercle Des Mallissimalistes [Belibaste De Cocagne - Le Moire]
Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? / Tandori / Love Mazout / Etienne-Disqs, Attila Tralala  Che¥enne 40 [Cinquante]
Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?, La Face Cachée, Aredje, Redwig, Whosbrain, Musica Per Organi Caldi  Le Singe Blanc [Le Singe Blanc]
Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?, Music Fear Satan, Teenage Menopause  Jessica93 [Who Cares]
Eternal Yip Eye Music  Daniel Johnston [Continued Story/Hi, How Are You (The Unfinished Album)]
Daniel Johnston [Yip/Jump Music]
Ethylen  Hopper [A Tea With D]
Etic System  Cadillac [Originul]
Stupeflip [Stup Virus]
Stupeflip [Terrora !!]
Stupeflip [The Hypnoflip Invasion]
ETT  The Coneheads [L.P.1]
Euro Ralph  The Residents [Meet The Residents]
Eurobond/WMD  Les Wampas [Les Wampas Vous Aiment]
Europacorp  Archive [Michel Vaillant]
Ever  Amiina [Kurr]
Cortney Tidwell [Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up]
Everloving  The Growlers [Are You In Or Out?]
The Growlers [Hot Tropics]
Evilive  Danzig [777 I Luciferi]
Evolver  Jeff Buckley [Songs To No One (1991-1992)]
Ex  The Ex [Dizzy Spells]
The Ex [Turn]
EXAG'  Material Girls [Leather]
Excelsior  Alamo Race Track [Birds At Home]
Excursion  Botch [Unifying Themes Of Sex, Death And Religion]
Botch [Unifying Themes Redux]
Exigent  Gaza [East EP]
Exile On Mainstream  Beehoover [Heavy Zooo]
Enablers [Tundra]
Expérimental Intermédia  Eliane Radigue [Trilogie De La Mort]
Exploding In Sound  Soft Fangs [The Light]
Two Inch Astronaut [Can You Please Not Help]
Two Inch Astronaut [Foulbrood]
Extreme Eating  Sleaford Mods [Eton Alive]
Eyeball  Astronautalis [Pomegranate]
Milemarker [Ominosity]
Murder By Death [Like The Exorcist But More Breakdancing]
Murder By Death [Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them ?]
Thursday [Waiting]
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