Label  Disque
I AM Recordings  The Cure [Hypnagogic States]
The Cure [The Cure]
My Own Private Alaska [Amen]
I U She Music  Peaches [Rub]
I Wanna  Guided By Voices [Forever Since Breakfast]
I.O.T.  Yugen Blakrok [Anima Mysterium]
I.R.S.  Let's Active [Big Plans For Everybody]
IAmSound  Salem [King Night]
Ibid  Tapes'N Tapes [The Loon]
Ici D'Ailleurs  Arca [On Ne Distinguait Plus Les Têtes]
Bed [Spacebox]
Pascal Bouaziz [Haikus]
Bruit Noir [I-III]
Rodolphe Burger [Welche - On N'Est Pas Indiens C'est Dommage]
Bästard [Bästard - Tiersen]
Bästard [Radiant, Discharged, Crossed-off]
Bästard [The Acoustic Machine]
Chapelier Fou [613]
Chapelier Fou [Darling, Darling, Darling...]
Chapelier Fou [Invisible]
Matt Elliott [Drinking Songs]
Matt Elliott [Failing Songs]
Matt Elliott [Howling Songs]
The Married Monk [R/o/c/k/y]
Michel Cloup (Duo) [Ici Et Là-bas]
Michel Cloup (Duo) [Minuit Dans Tes Bras]
Arnaud Michniak [Poing Perdu]
Nonstop [Road Movie En Béquilles]
The Third Eye Foundation [The Dark]
The Third Eye Foundation [Wake The Dead]
Yann Tiersen [Bästard & Tiersen EP]
Yann Tiersen [Le Phare]
Yann Tiersen [Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright]
Zëro [San Francisco]
Ici D'ailleurs / KIKA  Ez3kiel [Lux]
Icon Music  Antimatter [Saviour]
ID  Demented Are Go! [In Sickness & In Health]
Demented Are Go! [Kicked Out Of Hell]
Idaho  Idaho [Hearts Of Palm]
Idaho [Levitate]
Idaho [People Like Us Should Be Stopped [Live]]
Idaho [We Were Young And Needed The Money]
IDEAL  Dave Phillips [Rise]
Ideologic Organ  Nurse With Wound [Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound : The Iron Soul Of Nothing]
Sunn O))) [Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound : The Iron Soul Of Nothing]
Idwet  Psykick Lyrikah [Des Lumières Sous La Pluie]
If Society  Echo Is Your Love [Paper Cut Eye]
Igloo  Pet [Pet]
Ignition  The Coral [Distance Inbetween]
The Coral [Move Through The Dawn]
Humanist [Humanist]
Peace [Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll]
Illuminated  Sex Gang Children [Blind]
The Television Personalities [The Painted Word]
Imago  Rollins Band [The End Of Silence]
Rollins Band [Weight]
Immigrant Sun  I, Robot [Et Cetera]
Immortal  30 Seconds To Mars [30 Seconds To Mars]
30 Seconds To Mars [A Beautiful Lie]
Far [Tin Cans With Strings To You]
Far [Water & Solutions]
Nirvana [Live In Buenos Aires 1992]
Imperial  Johan Asherton [Trystero's Empire]
José Gonzalez [Stay In The Shade EP]
Important  James Blackshaw [Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death]
James Blackshaw [O True Believers]
Diane Cluck [Oh Vanille/ Ova Nil]
Kimya Dawson [Knock Knock Who ?]
Kimya Dawson [My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess]
Grails [Black Tar Prophecies, Vols. 1, 2, & 3]
Larsen [Of Grog Vim]
Master Musicians Of Bukkake [Far West]
Merzbow [Merzbuddha]
Mouthus [Follow This House]
Impure Creations  Blut Aus Nord [Memoria Vetusta I : Fathers Of The Icy Age]
Blut Aus Nord [Ultima Thulée]
In At Deep End  Gallows [Orchestra Of Wolves]
In Music We Trust  Matt Sharp [Matt Sharp]
In Paradisium  Mondkopf [They Fall, But You Don't]
In Paradisum  Mondkopf [Hadès]
In The Name Of  Cults [Cults]
In The Red  Andre Williams [Black Godfather]
The C.I.A. [The C.I.A.]
Chain & The Gang [Best Of Crime Rock]
Cheater Slicks [Cheater Slicks Don't Like You]
Cheater Slicks [Forgive Thee]
Cheater Slicks [Yer Last Record]
The Clone Defects [Shapes Of Venus]
The Dirtbombs [Party Store]
The Dirtbombs [Ultraglide In Black]
The Dirtbombs [We Have You Surrounded]
The Fresh & Onlys [Play It Strange]
Fuzz [Fuzz]
Fuzz [II]
The Hunches [Yes. No. Shut It.]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [Jukebox Explosion Rockin' Mid 90's Punkers]
The Ponys [Celebration Castle]
The Ponys [Laced With Romance]
Jay Reatard [Blood Visions]
Reigning Sound [Time Bomb High School]
Speedball Baby [Uptight !]
Thee Cormans [Halloween Record W/ Sound Effects]
Thee Oh Sees [Carrion Crawler/ The Dream EP]
Thee Oh Sees [Castlemania]
Thee Oh Sees [Help]
Thee Oh Sees [Putrifiers II]
Vivian Girls [Everything Goes Wrong]
Vivian Girls [Vivian Girls]
Wand [Golem]
In The Red / Bronze Rat  Boss Hog [Brood X]
Incoherent  Mint 400 [Natterjack Joe]
Mint 400 [Thruster]
Indépendant  Diapsiquir [Crasse]
Diapsiquir [Mixtape Cave Du 18 Volume 1]
Dirge [Dead Network Access]
Kill The Thrill [1989]
Lime Headed Dog [Necks Of The Wood]
Manes [Ned I Stillheten]
Independent Project  Camper Van Beethoven [Telephone Free Landslide Victory]
For Against [December]
For Against [Echelons]
For Against [In The Marshes]
Half String [A Fascination With Heights]
Half String [Eclipse Oval Hue]
Half String [Tripping Up Breathing]
Scenic [Incident At Cima]
Independiente  Gomez [How We Operate]
Stina Nordenstam [This Is Stina Nordenstam]
The Tears [Here Come The Tears]
Martina Topley-Bird [Quixotic]
Martina Topley-Bird [The Blue God]
Paul Weller [Illumination]
Index  Wall Of Voodoo [Ring Of Fire (Remix) / The Morricone Themes (Live)]
Indica  Vulgaires Machins [Aimer Le Mal]
Indie  Shining [Blackjazz]
Indie Recordings  Cult Of Luna [Mariner]
Cult Of Luna [Vertikal]
Shining [Live Blackjazz]
Indiecater  Candy Claws [In The Dream Of The Sea Life]
Industrial  Throbbing Gristle [(Throbbing Gristle Bring You) 20 Jazz Funk Greats]
Throbbing Gristle [D.o.A : The Third And Final Report]
Throbbing Gristle [Heathen Earth]
Throbbing Gristle [Part Two - The Endless Not]
Throbbing Gristle [The Second Annual Report]
Inertia  Okkervil River [Overboard & Down]
Infectious  Alt-J [An Awesome Wave]
Ash [1977]
Ash [Intergalactic Sonic 7s]
Ash [Islands]
Ash [Nu-clear Sound]
Ash [Trailer]
My Vitriol [Finelines]
The Temper Trap [The Temper Trap]
Infectious / BMG  Pixies [Beneath The Eyrie]
Infectious / Edel  Ash [Free All Angels]
Infectious Records  Ash [Meltdown]
Influenza  Pile [A Hairshirt Of Purpose]
Polarbird [Burst]
Polarbird [Buzz]
Social Square [Feeling Superhuman]
Social Square [Kaiju Quick Fix]
Top Water [Menerval]
Top Water [Menerval II]
Various Artists - Influenza Records [Chills, Fever, Sore Throat, Muscle Pains, Headaches And General Discomfort]
Wonderflu [Bison]
Wonderflu [Bubblegum]
Wonderflu [Call It Monster]
Wonderflu [No End In Sight]
Wonderflu [The Heart Of Seashells ?]
Wonderflu [What's Inside]
Wonderflu [Wonderflu]
Infrastition  Contre Jour [Abîme]
Contre Jour [One Night At The Station]
Contre Jour [Passion And Fall]
Ingrooves  808 State [Transmission Suite]
Initial  Harkonen [Dancing EP]
Ink And Dagger [Drive This Seven-Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart]
Inner Ear  A Victim Of Society [Freaktown]
Bazooka [Zero Hits]
Bazooka [Zougla]
Chickn [Bel Esprit]
Chickn [WOWSERS!]
Dury Dava [Dury Dava]
The Fog Ensemble [Throbs]
Illegal Operation [Down]
The Noise Figures [Telepath]
Prins Obi [Love Tunes For Instant Success]
Prins Obi [Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors]
Tango With Lions [The Light]
Innerstate  Steve Wynn [Here Come The Miracles]
Innovative Leisure  Allah-Las [Allah-Las]
Allah-Las [Worship The Sun]
Bass Drum Of Death [Bass Drum Of Death]
Bass Drum Of Death [Rip This]
The Molochs [America's Velvet Glory]
Insound  Tristeza [Insound Tour Support]
Instinct  Cranes [Live In Italy]
Dj Krush [Ki-Oku]
Inteam  Manuel Göttsching [E2-E4]
Integrity  Katastrophy Wife [All Kneel]
Intercontinental Absurdities  Frank Zappa [Baby Snakes]
Intercord Tonträger GmbH  Diamanda Galas [You Must Be Certain Of The Devil]
Intermusic  Nekromantix [Brought Back To Life]
International Artists  The Red Krayola [The Parable Of Arable Land]
International Deejay Gigolo  Crossover [Cryptic And Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast Off Into Oblivion]
Crossover [Fantasmo]
Dopplereffekt [Gesamtuntswerk]
Justice [Never Be Alone]
Mount Sims [Wild Light]
Interpop  I'm From Barcelona [Let Me Introduce My Friends]
Interscope  Audioslave [Out Of Exile]
Beck [Guero]
Beck [Modern Guilt]
Beck [The Information]
Cold War Kids [Mine Is Yours]
Cop Shoot Cop [Asks Question Later]
Cop Shoot Cop [Release]
Chris Cornell [Euphoria Morning]
Chris Cornell [Scream]
Dredg [Catch Without Arms]
Dredg [Leitmotif]
Drive Like Jehu [Yank Crime]
Eleven [Avantgardedog]
The Folk Implosion [One Part Lullaby]
Giant Drag [Hearts And Unicorns]
Helmet [Aftertaste]
Helmet [Betty]
Helmet [Biscuits For Smut]
Helmet [Meantime]
Helmet [Size Matters]
The Hives [The Black And White Album]
The Hives [Tyrannosaurus Hives]
Jimmy Eat World [Futures]
The Joggers [With A Cape And A Cane]
M.I.A. [AIM]
M.I.A. [Matangi]
Nine Inch Nails [Beside You In Time]
Nine Inch Nails [Broken EP]
Nine Inch Nails [Only (Halo 20)]
Nine Inch Nails [Survivalism (Halo 23)]
Nine Inch Nails [The Downward Spiral]
Nine Inch Nails [The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition]
Nine Inch Nails [The Fragile]
Nine Inch Nails [With Teeth]
Nine Inch Nails [Y3ARZ3R0R3M1X3D (Halo 25)]
Nine Inch Nails [Year Zero]
Primus [Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People]
Primus [Antipop]
Primus [Brown Album]
Primus [Miscellaneous Debris]
Primus [Pork Soda]
Primus [Rhinoplasty]
Primus [Sailing The Seas Of Cheese]
Primus [Tales From The Punchbowl]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Complications]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Era Vulgaris]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Feel Good Hit Of The Summer]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Lullabies To Paralyze]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Make It Wit Chu, Pt.2]
Queens Of The Stone Age [No One Knows]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Over The Years And Through The Woods]
Queens Of The Stone Age [R]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Rated X [Rated R Deluxe Edition]]
Queens Of The Stone Age [Songs For The Deaf]
Reverend Horton Heat [Liquor In The Front]
Rocket From The Crypt [Circa : Now!]
Rocket From The Crypt [Scream, Dracula, Scream!]
Ron Sexsmith [Ron Sexsmith]
Sleeping At Last [Ghosts]
Them Crooked Vultures [Them Crooked Vultures]
Toadies [Rubberneck]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [So Divided]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [Source, Tags & Codes]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [The Secret Of Elena's Tomb]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [Worlds Apart]
TV On The Radio [Nine Types Of Light]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Fever To Tell]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Is Is]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [It's Blitz!]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Mosquito]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Show Your Bones]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow]
Interscope ; American Recordings  Band Of Horses [Why Are You OK]
Interscope, Darkroom  Billie Eilish [When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?]
Intoxygene  The Young Gods [Lucidogen]
The Young Gods [Music For Artificial Clouds]
The Young Gods [Second Nature]
Intr-version  Encre [Encre À Kora]
Invada  Amusement Parks On Fire [Amusement Parks On Fire]
Anika [Anika]
Beak> [>>]
Beak> [Couple In A Hole]
Crippled Black Phoenix [200 Tons Of Bad Luck]
Crippled Black Phoenix [A Love Of Shared Disasters]
Crippled Black Phoenix [The Resurectionists & Night Raider]
Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury [Drokk - Music Inspired By Mega-City One]
The KVB [Of Desire]
The KVB [Only Now Forever]
Invicta Hi-Fi  Ladytron [604]
Invisible  The Damage Manual [The Damage Manual]
Scorn [Zander]
Invitation  Christian Death [Deathwish]
Ipecac  Mick Barr [Orthrelm - Ov]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Black Earth]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Dolores]
Crystal Fairy [Crystal Fairy]
Daughters [You Won't Get What You Want]
Dead Cross [Dead Cross]
The Desert Sessions [Vol. IX & X]
Dub Trio [Another Sound Is Dying]
Dälek [Absence]
Dälek [From Filthy Tongue Of God And Griots]
Dälek [Gutter Tactics]
Dälek [Negro Necro Nekros]
Fantômas [Delirium Cordia]
Fantômas [Fantômas]
Fantômas [Suspended Animation]
Fantômas [The Director's Cut]
The Fantômas Melvins Big Band [Millenium Monsterwork]
General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners [General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners]
Goon Moon [Licker's Last Leg]
Guapo [Black Oni]
Zach Hill [Astrological Straits]
Isis [In The Absence Of Truth]
Isis [Not In Rivers, But In Drops]
Isis [Oceanic]
Isis [Panopticon]
Isis [Wavering Radiant]
King Buzzo [This Machine Kills Artists]
Mark Lanegan [Houston: Publishing Demos 2002]
Mark Lanegan [Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - Black Pudding]
Le Butcherettes [Cry Is For The Flies]
Maldoror [She]
Melvins [A Senile Animal]
Melvins [A Walk With Love & Death]
Melvins [Basses Loaded]
Melvins [Colossus Of Destiny]
Melvins [Everybody Loves Sausages]
Melvins [Hold It In]
Melvins [Hostile Ambient Takeover]
Melvins [Nude With Boots]
Melvins [Pigs Of The Roman Empire]
Melvins [The Bootlicker]
Melvins [The Bride Screamed Murder]
Melvins [The Crybaby]
Melvins [The Maggot]
Melvins [Tres Cabrones]
Mondo Generator [A Drug Problem That Never Existed]
Mr. Bungle [The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo]
Mike Patton [A Perfect Place]
Mike Patton [Bacteria Cult]
Mike Patton [Corpse Flower]
Mike Patton [Romances]
Mike Patton [The Solitude Of Prime Numbers]
Peeping Tom [Peeping Tom]
Qui [Love's Miracle]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [A Lovejoy]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Arañas En La Sombra]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Azul, Mis Dientes]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Blind Worms, Pious Swine]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Cell Phone Bikini]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Chocolate Tumor Hormone Parade]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Corazones]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [El Bien Y Mal Nos Une]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Ensayo De Un Desaparecido]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Gorilla Preacher Cartel]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Infinity Drips]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Nom De Guerre Cabal]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Roman Lips]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Some Need It Lonely]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Sworn Virgins]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Umbrella Mistress]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Weekly Mansions]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Zapopan]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Zen Thrills]
Tetema [Geocidal]
Tomahawk [Anonymous]
Tomahawk [Mit Gas]
Tomahawk [Oddfellows]
Tomahawk [Tomahawk]
Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant [Sister Phantom Owl Fish]
Unsane [Visqueen]
Ipecac Recordings  Melvins [Mangled Demos From 1983]
IRA  The Cramps [... Off The Bone]
Iris Music  Peau [Première Mue]
Iron Pier  Self Defense Family [Colicky]
IRS  The Alarm [Change]
The Alarm [Declaration]
The Alarm [Eye Of The Hurricane]
The Alarm [Raw]
The Alarm [Strength]
Buzzcocks [A Different Kind Of Tension]
Buzzcocks [Singles Going Steady]
The Cramps [Psychedelic Jungle]
The Cramps [Songs The Lord Taught Us]
R.E.M. [Document]
R.E.M. [Fables Of The Reconstruction]
R.E.M. [Murmur]
R.E.M. [Reckoning]
Shoulders [The Fun Never Stops]
Wall Of Voodoo [Call Of The West]
Isadora  Hawksley Workman [(Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves]
Hawksley Workman [Lover/Fighter]
Hawksley Workman [Treeful Of Starling]
Island  Archive [Londinium]
The B-52's [The B-52's]
The B-52's [Whammy!]
Basement 5 [1965-1980]
Bell X1 [Music In Mouth]
Björk [Debut]
Björk [Homogenic]
John Cale [Fear]
John Cale [Helen Of Troy]
John Cale [Music For A New Society]
The Charlatans [Up At The Lake]
Julian Cope [Jehovahkill]
Julian Cope [Peggy Suicide]
Cornu [Cornu]
Deus [In A Bar, Under The Sea]
Deus [My Sister = My Clock]
Deus [No More Loud Music]
Deus [No More Video]
Deus [The Ideal Crash]
Deus [Worst Case Scenario]
DJ Shadow [The Outsider]
Nick Drake [Bryter Layter]
Nick Drake [Five Leaves Left]
Nick Drake [Made To Love Magic]
Nick Drake [Pink Moon]
Brian Eno [(No Pussyfooting)]
Evil Superstars [Love Is Okay]
Marianne Faithfull [Broken English]
Marianne Faithfull [Strange Weather]
PJ Harvey [4-Track Demos]
PJ Harvey [A Perfect Day Elise 1 EP]
PJ Harvey [A Perfect Day Elise 2 EP]
PJ Harvey [A Woman A Man Walked By]
PJ Harvey [C'Mon Billy EP]
PJ Harvey [Down By The Water EP]
PJ Harvey [Good Fortune EP]
PJ Harvey [Is This Desire ?]
PJ Harvey [John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey : Dance Hall At Louse Point]
PJ Harvey [John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey : That Was My Veil EP]
PJ Harvey [Let England Shake]
PJ Harvey [Man Size EP]
PJ Harvey [On Tour : Please Leave Quietly]
PJ Harvey [Rid Of Me]
PJ Harvey [Send His Love To Me EP]
PJ Harvey [Stories From The Cities, Stories From The Sea]
PJ Harvey [The Hope Six Demolition Project]
PJ Harvey [The Peel Sessions 1991 - 2004]
PJ Harvey [To Bring You My Love]
PJ Harvey [Uh Huh Her]
PJ Harvey [White Chalk]
Keane [Hopes And Fears]
King Crimson [Earthbound]
King Crimson [USA]
Mx-80 Sound [Hard Attack]
Nico [The End]
Nine Black Alps [Everything Is]
No One Is Innocent [Gazoline]
No One Is Innocent [No One Is Innocent]
No One Is Innocent []
No One Is Innocent [Utopia]
John Parish [John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey : Dance Hall At Louse Point]
John Parish [John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey : That Was My Veil EP]
The Pogues [Hell's Ditch]
The Pogues [If I Should Fall From Grace With God]
The Pogues [Peace & Love]
Pulp [A Little Soul Part 1]
Pulp [A Little Soul Part 2]
Pulp [Bad Cover Version CD1]
Pulp [Bad Cover Version CD2]
Pulp [Bad Cover Version DVD]
Pulp [Common People EP]
Pulp [Different Class]
Pulp [Different Class Deluxe Edition]
Pulp [Disco 2000 Part 1]
Pulp [Disco 2000 Part 2]
Pulp [Do You Remember The First Time?]
Pulp [Help The Aged]
Pulp [His'n'Hers]
Pulp [Hits]
Pulp [Mis-Shapes]
Pulp [Party Hard #1]
Pulp [Party Hard #2]
Pulp [Pulpintro - The Gift Recordings]
Pulp [Sunrise / The Trees CD1]
Pulp [The Sisters EP]
Pulp [The Trees /Sunrise CD2]
Pulp [This Is Hardcore]
Pulp [This Is Hardcore Single #1]
Pulp [This Is Hardcore Single #2]
Pulp [We Love Life]
Puressence [Planet Helpless]
Red House Painters [Songs For A Blue Guitar]
Rival Schools [United By Fate]
Roxy Music [For Your Pleasure]
Roxy Music [Roxy Music]
Salad [Drink Me]
Salad [Your Ma EP]
Sigrid [Don't Kill My Vibe]
Sigrid [Raw]
Talvin Singh [Ha]
Talvin Singh [OK]
The Slits [Cut]
Sparks [Kimono My House]
Stereo MC's [Deep Down And Dirty]
Thrice [Vheissu]
Thursday [A City By The Light Divided]
Thursday [War All The Time]
Tindersticks [Simple Pleasure]
Tindersticks [Working For The Man]
Tom Tom Club [Tom Tom Club]
Tricky [Angels With Dirty Faces]
Tricky [Maxinquaye]
Tricky [Nearly God]
Tripping Daisy [I Am An Elastic Firecracker]
Ultravox [Ha ! Ha ! Ha !]
Tom Waits [Bone Machine]
Tom Waits [Frank's Wild Years]
Tom Waits [Rain Dogs]
Tom Waits [Swordfishtrombones]
Tom Waits [The Black Rider]
Paul Weller [22 Dreams]
Paul Weller [Heavy Soul]
Paul Weller [Wake Up The Nation]
White Noise [An Electric Storm]
Iso  David Bowie [Reality]
ISO Records  David Bowie [Slow Burn]
It's A Gas! / Honey Bomb / Bongtastic / Burger  The Blank Tapes [Ojos Rojos]
It's Time To...  Dirge [Down, Last Level]
Italians Do It Better  Chromatics [Closer To Grey]
Chromatics [Night Drive]
Glass Candy [Warm In The Winter]
ITunes  The Arcade Fire [Live EP At Fashion Rocks]
Frank Black [Itunes Exclusive EP]
David Bowie [Live EP At Fashion Rocks]
The Dillinger Escape Plan [Plagiarism EP]
Ivy League  Youth Group [Skeleton Jar]
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