Label  Disque
W.A.S.T.E  Radiohead [In Rainbows]
Radiohead [In Rainbows Disk 2]
Radiohead [The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time]
WAB  Jakob Maersk [EP]
Wagram  Dahlia [Le Grand Jeu]
Uncommonmenfrommars [Kill The Fuse]
Wagram, Cinq 7  Katerine [Confessions]
Waiting For An Angel  Overmars [Overmars Fugüe - Our Dreams Walking Their Way]
Rroselicoeur [Demios Oneiron]
Wall Of Sound  Infadels [We Are Not The Infadels]
Mogwai [Batcat EP]
Mogwai [The Hawk Is Howling]
Propellerheads [Decksandrums And Rockandroll]
Röyksopp [Melody A.M.]
Zoot Woman [Living In A Magazine]
Zoot Woman [Zoot Woman]
Wallace  Black Engine [Ku Klux Klown]
L' Enfance Rouge [Krško - Valencia]
Wallace & Conrad Sound  MoE [Examination Of The Eye Of An Horse]
WAM  Destroyalldreamers [À Coeur Léger Sommeil Sanglant]
Readymade [All The Plans Resting]
Warcon  Helmet [Monochrome]
Warm Circuit  Modified Toy Orchestra [Toygopop]
Warner  Alice Cooper [Billion Dollar Babies]
Alice Cooper [Killer]
Alice Cooper [Love It To Death]
Alice Cooper [Muscle Of Love]
Alice Cooper [School's Out]
Laurie Anderson [Big Science]
Laurie Anderson [Mister Heartbreak]
Laurie Anderson [Strange Angels]
Archive [Controlling Crowds]
Archive [Lights]
Archive [Live At The Zenith]
Archive [Noise]
Archive [Unplugged]
Ash [Twilight Of The Innocents]
The B-52's [Bouncing Off The Satellites]
The B-52's [Mesopotamia]
The B-52's [Wild Planet]
Babes In Toyland [Sweet 69 EP]
Devendra Banhart [What Will We Be]
Biohazard [Mata Leao]
Biohazard [State Of World Adress]
Bodycount [Body Count]
Boredoms [Seadrum/House Of Sun]
Tim Buckley [Greetings From L.A.]
Built To Spill [Keep It Like A Secret]
Built To Spill [Live]
Built To Spill [Perfect From Now On]
Built To Spill [You In Reverse]
Captain Beefheart [Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)]
Cibo Matto [Stereotype A]
Cibo Matto [Viva! La Woman]
Billy Corgan [The Future Embrace]
Cornelius [Sensuous]
Julee Cruise [Floating Into The Night]
Julee Cruise [The Voice Of Love]
Danzig [How The Gods Kill]
Dawn Of The Replicants [One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs]
De Kift [De Kift]
Deftones [Adrenaline]
Deftones [Covers]
Deftones [Koi No Yokan]
Devo [Duty Now For The Future]
Devo [Freedom Of Choice]
Devo [Oh No ! It's Devo !]
Devo [Q: Are We Not Men ? A: We Are Devo !]
Devo [Shout]
Devo [Something For Everybody]
The Distillers [Coral Fang]
Echo & The Bunnymen [Ocean Rain (25th Anniversary)]
The Enemy [Music For The People]
The Enemy [We'll Live And Die In These Towns]
Failure [Fantastic Planet]
Filter [Title Of Record]
The Flaming Lips [At War With The Mystics]
The Flaming Lips [Clouds Taste Metallic]
The Flaming Lips [Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell]
The Flaming Lips [Embryonic]
The Flaming Lips [Hit To Death To The Future Head]
The Flaming Lips [The Flaming Lips And Stardeath And White Dwarfs With Henry Rollins And Peaches Doing Dark Side Of The Moon]
The Flaming Lips [The Soft Bulletin]
The Flaming Lips [Transmissions For The Satellite Heart]
The Flaming Lips [Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots]
The Flaming Lips [Zaireeka]
John Frusciante [Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt]
John Frusciante [Shadows Collide With People]
John Frusciante [To Record Only Water For Ten Days]
Liam Gallagher [Come On You Know]
Liam Gallagher [Why Me? Why Not.]
Gang Of Four [Hard]
Gang Of Four [Solid Gold]
Garbage [Beautiful Garbage]
Garbage [Bleed Like Me]
Glassjaw [Worship And Tribute]
Grateful Dead [American Beauty]
Grateful Dead [Anthem Of The Sun]
Grateful Dead [Aoxomoxoa]
Grateful Dead [Live Dead]
Grateful Dead [Workingman's Dead]
Head Automatica [Decadence]
Head Automatica [Popaganda]
Hot Hot Heat [Elevator]
Hüsker Dü [Candy Apple Grey]
Hüsker Dü [Warehouse : Songs And Stories]
Jane's Addiction [Kettle Whistle]
Jane's Addiction [Live And Rare]
Jane's Addiction [Nothing's Shocking]
Jane's Addiction [Ritual De Lo Habitual]
Jude [King Of Yesterday]
The Mars Volta [Noctourniquet]
Mastodon [Crack The Skye]
Ian McCulloch [Mysterio]
Medicine [The Buried Life]
Ministry [Dark Side Of The Spoon]
Ministry [Filth Pig]
Ministry [Greatest Fits]
Morcheeba [Big Calm]
Morcheeba [Charango]
Van Morrison [Veedon Fleece]
Mr. Bungle [California]
Mr. Bungle [Mr.Bungle]
Muse [Drones]
Muse [Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)]
Muse [The Resistance]
New Order [New Order Story]
New Order [Technique]
New Order [Waiting For The Sirens' Call]
Porno For Pyros [Good God's Urge]
Porno For Pyros [Porno For Pyros]
Queen Adreena [Taxidermy]
R.E.M. [Accelerate]
R.E.M. [Around The Sun]
R.E.M. [Collapse Into Now]
R.E.M. [Monster]
R.E.M. [New Adventures In Hi-Fi]
R.E.M. [Reveal]
R.E.M. [Up]
Lou Reed [New York]
Rollerskate Skinny [Horsedrawn Wishes]
Ron Sexsmith [Time Being]
Silverchair [Diorama]
The Sisters Of Mercy [A Slight Case Of Overbombing]
The Smashing Pumpkins [The End Is The Beginning Is The End]
The Smiths [Hatful Of Hollow]
The Smiths [There Is A Light That Never Goes Out EP]
The Smiths [This Charming Man EP]
Soul Coughing [Ruby Vroom]
The Subways [All Or Nothing]
The Subways [Young For Eternity]
Tad [Inhaler]
The Velvet Underground [LIVE MCMXCIII]
Tom Verlaine [Dreamtime]
Jim White [Wrong-Eyed Jesus ! (The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted)]
You Am I [Hi-Fi Way]
Neil Young [Dead Man]
Neil Young [Mirror Ball]
Neil Young [Silver And Gold]
Frank Zappa [Zoot Allures]
Hector Zazou [Lights In The Dark]
Zita Swoon [Life = A Sexy Sanctuary]
Zwan [Mary Star Of The Sea]
Warner Bros  Laurie Anderson [Home Of The Brave]
Built To Spill [Untethered Moon]
Peter Ivers [Nirvana Peter]
Prince [Purple Rain]
Prince [Sign O' The Times]
Suede [Bloodsports]
Warner Bros.  Laurie Anderson [Bright Red]
Liam Gallagher [As You Were]
Van Morrison [Astral Weeks]
Prince [1999]
Warp  !!! [Louden Up Now]
!!! [Myth Takes]
!!! [Take Ecstasy With Me/Get Up]
Antipop Consortium [Arrhythmia]
Aphex Twin [... I Care Because You Do]
Aphex Twin [26 Mixes For Cash]
Aphex Twin [Collapse EP]
Aphex Twin [Come To Daddy]
Aphex Twin [Drukqs]
Aphex Twin [Richard D. James Album]
Aphex Twin [Selected Ambient Works Volume II]
Aphex Twin [Windowlicker]
Autechre [AE_LIVE]
Autechre [Amber]
Autechre [Basscad,EP]
Autechre [Chiastic Slide]
Autechre [Confield]
Autechre [Draft 7.30]
Autechre [Elseq 1-5]
Autechre [Ep7]
Autechre [Exaï]
Autechre [Incunabula]
Autechre [L-Event]
Autechre [LP5]
Autechre [NTS Session 1]
Autechre [NTS Session 3]
Autechre [Quaristice]
Autechre [SIGN]
Autechre [Tri Repetae]
Autechre [Untilted]
Battles [EP C / B EP]
Battles [Gloss Drop]
Battles [Mirrored]
Bibio [Ambivalence Avenue]
The Black Dog [Spanners]
Boards Of Canada [Geogaddi]
Boards Of Canada [In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country]
Boards Of Canada [Music Has The Right To Children]
Boards Of Canada [Peel Session]
Boards Of Canada [The Campfire Headphase]
Boards Of Canada [Tomorrow's Harvest]
Boards Of Canada [Trans-Canada Highway]
Born Ruffians [Red, Yellow & Blue]
Broadcast [Haha Sound]
Broadcast [Tender Buttons]
Broadcast [The Future Crayon]
Broadcast [The Noise Made By People]
Broadcast [Work And Non Work]
Mira Calix [Eyes Set Against The Sun]
Chris Clark [Body Riddle]
Chris Clark [Clarence Park]
Chris Clark [Empty The Bones Of You]
Chris Clark [Totems Flare]
Chris Clark [Turning Dragon]
Clipping. [CLPPNG]
Brian Eno [Eno & Hyde - High Life]
Flying Lotus [Cosmogramma]
Flying Lotus [Los Angeles]
Flying Lotus [You're Dead!]
Vincent Gallo [When]
Gonjasufi [A Sufi And A Killer]
Gonjasufi [MU.ZZ.LE]
Gravenhurst [Black Holes In The Sand EP]
Gravenhurst [Fires In Distant Buildings]
Gravenhurst [Flashlight Seasons]
Gravenhurst [The Western Lands]
Grizzly Bear [Shields]
Grizzly Bear [Veckatimest]
Grizzly Bear [Yellow House]
Karl Hyde [Eno & Hyde - High Life]
Kelela [Take Me Appart]
Leila [Blood, Looms & Blooms]
Leila [Mettle]
LFO [Advance]
LFO [Sheath]
Jamie Lidell [Multiply]
Lonelady [Nerve Up]
Maxïmo Park [A Certain Trigger]
Maxïmo Park [Our Earthly Pleasures]
Maxïmo Park [Quicken The Heart]
Nightmares On Wax [In A Space Outta Sound]
Plaid [Booc]
Plaid [Double Figure]
Plaid [Not For Threes]
Plaid [P-Brane]
Plaid [Peel Session]
Plaid [Rest Proof Clockwork]
Plaid [Spokes]
Plaid [Undoneson]
PVT [formerly Pivot] [O Soundtrack My Heart]
Red Snapper [Our Aim Is To Satisfy]
Squarepusher [Go Plastic]
Squarepusher [Selection Sixteen]
Squarepusher [Ultravisitor]
Jimi Tenor [Organism]
Jimi Tenor [Out Of Nowhere]
Two Lone Swordsmen [From The Double Gone Chapel]
Wasted Sky's  Cathedraal [Voix Blanches]
Water Music  Cloud Nothings [Here And Nowhere Else]
Daniel Darc [Crèvecoeur]
Flipper [Gone Fishin']
Michael Rother [Katzenmusik]
Waterfront  The Scientists [The Sweet Corn Sessions]
Wax  Bülow [Damaged, Vol. I]
Wax Trax!  KMFDM [Angst]
KMFDM [Money]
Ministry [Twelve Inch Singles]
Pig [A Poke In The Eye... With A Sharp Stick]
Revolting Cocks [Beers, Steers + Queers]
Underworld [Dubnobasswithmyheadman]
Underworld [Second Toughest In The Infants]
The Young Gods [Envoyé!]
We Are Free  Indian Jewelry [Totaled]
Yeasayer [2080/Sunrise]
Yeasayer [All Hour Cymbals]
We Are Free, Lovepump United  Indian Jewelry [Free Gold]
We Are Unique  Inflatable Dead Horse [Love Songs]
WEA  Biffy Clyro [Only Revolutions]
Buck 65 [Secret House Against The World]
Buck 65 [Square]
Buck 65 [Talkin' Honky Blues]
Dinosaur Jr [Green Mind]
Dinosaur Jr [J. Mascis - Live At CBGB's: The First Acoustic Show]
Electric Six [Señor Smoke]
Jane's Addiction [Three Days / Stop !]
J Mascis [Live At CBGB's: The First Acoustic Show]
Mr. Bungle [Disco Volante]
Mudhoney [Suck You Dry EP]
Muse [The 2nd Law]
The Pogues [Rum, Sodomy And The Lash]
R.E.M. [Automatic For The People]
R.E.M. [Green]
R.E.M. [Out Of Time]
Sarah Slean [Day One]
The Sound [All Fall Down]
The Streets [A Grand Don't Come For Free]
The Tea Party [Tryptich]
The Walkmen [A Hundred Miles Off]
The Walkmen [Bows And Arrows]
Thom Yorke [Spitting Feathers]
Neil Young [Harvest]
Weapon-Shaped  Restiform Bodies [I Want What You Want / Recycle America]
Web Of Mimicry  Secret Chiefs 3 [Path Of Most Resistance]
Weekend  Silvain Vanot [Silvain Vanot]
Silvain Vanot [Sur Des Arbres]
Weekender  The Bishops [For Now]
Weesht  Cindytalk [In This World]
Weewerk  Great Lake Swimmers [Hands In Dirty Ground]
Wegawam Music Co.  Andrew Bird [Fingerlings 4 (Gezelligheid Chicago)]
Weird World  Richard Dawson [Peasant]
Silicon [Personal Computer]
Weird World / Domino  Richard Dawson [2020]
WéMè Records / Ván  Wolvennest [WLVNNST]
Werf  Nits [1974]
Nits [Les Nuits]
Western Breed  At The Drive-In [Alfaro Vive, Carajo !]
At The Drive-In [Hell Paso]
Western Land Corp  Dirge [Infected Brain Machine]
Dirge [Mind Time Control]
Western Vinyl  Dirty Projectors [The Getty Address]
Wet Music  Sleeppers [Cut Off]
WeWant2Wecord  Fugu [Fugu 1]
Weyrd Son  Second Still [Equals]
Whaam!  The Television Personalities [Mummy Your Not Watching Me]
Wharf Cat  David Vassalotti [Broken Rope]
What Goes On  The Telescopes [Taste]
What's So Funny About  Die Haut [Sweat]
What's Your Rupture?  Bodega [Endless Scroll]
Iceage [New Brigade]
Love Is All [Nine Times That Same Song]
Parquet Courts [Light Up Gold]
White Drugs  The Bronx [II]
The Bronx [III]
The Bronx [IV]
The Bronx [Mariachi El Bronx II]
The Bronx [The Bronx]
White Jazz  The Hellacopters [Grande Rock]
The Hellacopters [Payin' The Dues]
The Hellacopters [Supershitty To The Max]
White Sepulchre Records  Lake Mary [Slow Grass]
Whosbrain  Le Singe Blanc [Aoûtat]
Le Singe Blanc [Babylon]
Le Singe Blanc [Baï Ho]
Wichita  Bloc Party [A Weekend In The City]
Bloc Party [Bloc Party EP]
Bloc Party [Helicopter]
Bloc Party [Intimacy]
The Blood Brothers [Young Machetes]
Bright Eyes [3 New Hit Songs From EP]
Los Campesinos! [Hold On Now, Youngster...]
Los Campesinos! [We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed]
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ! [Clap Your Hands Say Yeah]
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ! [Some Loud Thunder]
The Cribs [The New Fellas]
Giant Drag [Lemona]
Peter Bjorn And John [Writer's Block]
Ride [Weather Diaries]
Wichita Recordings  Waxahatchee [Ivy Tripp]
Wicked Nature Music  The Vines [Wicked Nature]
Widowspeak  Lydia Lunch [Honeymoon In Red]
Wierd  Martial Canterel [You Today]
Xeno And Oaklander [Sentinelle]
Wiiija  Bikini Kill [Pussy Whipped]
Comet Gain [Casino Classics]
Cornershop [When I Was Born For The 7th Time]
Free Kitten [Unboxed]
Guv'ner [The Hunt]
Huggy Bear [Taking The Rough With The Smooth]
Therapy? [Babyteeth]
Wild Kingdom  The Hellacopters [Head Off]
Wild Valley  The Blind Suns [I Can Sea You]
Willie Anderson  Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch]
Willing Productions  Johan Asherton [Amber Songs]
Willowtip  Crowpath [One With Filth]
Crowpath [Red On Chrome]
Crowpath [Son Of Sulphur]
Wind-Up  People In Planes [As Far As The Eye Can See]
People In Planes [Beyond The Horizon]
Windham Hill  Robbie Basho [Visions Of The Country]
Windsong  XTC [BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert]
Windsong International  New Order [BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert]
Wm & So  Pete Doherty [Pete Doherty & Frederic Lo : The Fantasy Life Of Poetry & Crime]
Wobbly Ashes  Théo Hakola [Drunk Women & Sexual Water]
Wodzirej  Maniucha & Ksawery [Oj Borom, Borom]
Wolf Parade Productions  Wolf Parade [EP 4]
Wolf Records  Numen [Haize Sorginduen Intziriak]
Wolftone  The Horrors [V]
Wonder  Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Geisterfaus]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore [Sunset Mission]
Wondergram  The Avalanches [El Producto]
Wonderland  Siouxsie & The Banshees [Peepshow]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Tinderbox]
Wooden Blue  Jimmy Eat World [Jimmy Eat World]
Woodsist  Bonny Doon [Longwave]
The Fresh & Onlys [Grey-Eyed Girls]
Ganglians [Monster Head Room]
Simon Joyner [Grass, Branch & Bone]
Kevin Morby [Harlem River]
Kevin Morby [Still Life]
Real Estate [Real Estate]
Woods [City Sun Eater In The River Of Light]
Woods [Love Is Love]
Woods [Strange To Explain]
Woods [With Light And With Love]
Wool  Giant Claw [Haunted Planet]
Laetitia Sadier [La Piscine]
Words On Music  For Against [Coalesced]
The Meeting Places [Find Yourself Along The Way]
Work  Echobelly [On]
Work Song  Helmet [Seeing Eye Dog]
World Circuit  Mbongwana Star [From Kinshasa]
World Domination  Moonshake [Dirty & Divine]
Penthouse [Gutter Erotica]
World In Sound  Gunslingers [Manifesto Zero]
Gunslingers [No More Inventions]
Samsara Blues Experiment [Long Distance Trip...]
Wotre  The Portobello Bones [Nu]
Proton Burst [La Nuit]
Wrecking Light Records  Still Corners [The Last Exit]
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