Label  Disque
V2  Brendan Benson [The Alternative To Love]
The Black Keys [Attack And Release]
Bloc Party [Silent Alarm]
The Blood Brothers [Crimes]
Buffalo Daughter [Euphorica]
Buffalo Daughter [Pshychic]
Burning Brides [Fall Of The Plastic Empire]
Burning Brides [Leave No Ashes]
Isobel Campbell [Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad Of The Broken Seas]
Isobel Campbell [Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Hawk]
Isobel Campbell [Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunday At Devil Dirt]
Cold War Kids [Robbers & Cowards]
Deus [Pocket Revolution]
Deus [Pocket Revolution Burnt]
Elbow [Asleep In The Back]
Elbow [Cast Of Thousands]
Elbow [Leaders Of The Free World]
Gang Of Four [Return The Gift]
Giant Sand [Selections Circa 1990-2000]
Grandaddy [Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla]
Grandaddy [Just Like The Fambly Cat]
Grandaddy [Sumday]
Grandaddy [The Broken Down Comforter Collection]
Grandaddy [The Sophtware Slump]
Hundred Reasons [Kill Your Own]
Hundred Reasons [Quick The Word, Sharp The Action]
The Icarus Line [Black Lives At The Golden Coast]
The Icarus Line [Penance Soiree]
Jeronimo [12h33]
Mark Lanegan [Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad Of The Broken Seas]
Mark Lanegan [Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Hawk]
Mark Lanegan [Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart]
Mark Lanegan [Sunday At Devil Dirt]
Syd Matters [Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles]
Tom McRae [King Of Cards]
Mercury Rev [All Is Dream]
Mercury Rev [Deserter's Songs]
Mercury Rev [Opus 40]
Mercury Rev [Snowflake Midnight]
Mercury Rev [The Secret Migration]
Jean Louis Murat [Taormina]
Jean Louis Murat [Tristan]
Stina Nordenstam [The World Is Saved]
The Rakes [Capture/Release]
The Rakes [Ten New Messages]
Rinôçérôse [Schizophonic]
Josh Ritter [The Animal Years]
Semifinalists [Semifinalists]
The Soulsavers [Broken]
The Soulsavers [It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land]
Stereophonics [A Day At The Races]
Stereophonics [Keep Calm And Carry On]
Stereophonics [Language. Sex. Violence. Other?]
Stereophonics [Performance And Cocktails]
Stereophonics [Pull The Pin]
Stereophonics [Word Gets Around]
Stereophonics [You Gotta Go There To Come Back]
Roald Van Oosten [A Stir Is In The Air]
Roald Van Oosten [Oh Dark Hundred]
Violet Indiana [Russian Doll]
Jim White [Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See]
V2 Music  Zézé Mago [NOsEX]
Vacancy  A Place To Bury Strangers [Breathe]
Vagrant  Active Child [You Are All I See]
Alkaline Trio [Crimson]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Wrong Creatures]
The Bled [Found In The Flood]
Eels [End Times]
Eels [Hombre Lobo]
Eels [Tomorrow Morning]
Eels [With Strings - Live At Town Hall]
Far [At Night We Live]
The Get Up Kids [Eudora]
The Get Up Kids [Something To Write Home About]
Grandpaboy [Mono]
The Hold Steady [Boys & Girls In America]
The Lemonheads [The Lemonheads]
Protest The Hero [Kezia]
Rocket From The Crypt [Group Sounds]
Rocket From The Crypt [Live From Camp X-Ray]
Thrice [Beggars]
Paul Westerberg [Folker]
Paul Westerberg [Stereo]
Vailloline  Bärlin [Emerald Sky]
Valve  Cobra Killer [The Third Armpit]
Vand'Oeuvre  Anthony Laguerre [Myotis]
Vanguard  Robbie Basho [The Voice Of The Eagle]
Robbie Basho [Zarthus]
John Fahey [Requia And Other Compositions For Guitar Solo]
John Fahey [The Yellow Princess]
Vapor  Jonathan Richman [Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild]
Jonathan Richman [O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth]
Varese Sarabande  Oingo Boingo [Forbidden Zone]
Vaulternative  Frank Zappa [Frank Zappa Hammersmith Odeon]
Frank Zappa [Wazoo]
VDG  Kim Jong 4 [Welcome To Pyongyang (Birthplace Of The Great Leader Of Rock'n'Roll)]
Vector  Joseph Arthur [Our Shadows Will Remain]
Damien Rice [B-Sides]
Velocette  Jucifer [I Name You Destroyer]
Velvetone  Screaming Trees [Clairvoyance]
Vengeance  The Cramps [Fiends Of The Dope Island]
The Cramps [How To Make A Monster]
Verdura  Magyar Posse [We Will Carry You Over The Mountains]
Vernon Yard  Acetone [Cindy]
Acetone [I Guess I Would]
Low [I Could Live In Hope]
Low [Long Division]
Low [The Curtain Hits The Cast]
The Verve [The Verve EP]
Versatile  Etienne Jaumet [La Visite]
Etienne Jaumet [Night Music]
Zombie Zombie [A Land For Renegades]
Zombie Zombie [Livity]
Zombie Zombie [Slow Futur]
Zombie Zombie [Zombie Zombie Plays Carpenter]
Vertigo  Kavinsky [Outrun]
Mando Diao [Give Me Fire]
The Mission [Masque]
Noah And The Whale [The First Day Of Spring]
The Others [The Others]
The Paddingtons [First Comes First]
Placebo [B3]
Lou Reed [Lulu]
Thirteen Senses [The Invitation]
Verve  Nico [Chelsea Girl]
Talk Talk [Laughing Stock]
The Velvet Underground [Another View]
The Velvet Underground [VU]
Frank Zappa [Cruising With Ruben & The Jets]
Frank Zappa [Lumpy Gravy]
Frank Zappa [We're Only In It For The Money]
Very Friendly  Diane Cluck [Monarcana]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [America Mystica]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [Freedom Land]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [From The Earth To The Spheres - Vol.3]
Textile Ranch [Bird Heart In Wool]
Verycords  No One Is Innocent [Propaganda]
Vespasonic / Freaksville Music  Showstar [Self Titled]
VHF  Flying Saucer Attack [Flying Sauver Attack]
VIA  Vialka [Curiosities Of Popular Customs]
Vic  Katatonia [Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival]
Vice  The Black Lips [200 Million Thousand]
The Black Lips [Arabia Mountain]
The Black Lips [Good Bad Not Evil]
The Black Lips [Let It Bloom]
The Black Lips [Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo]
The Black Lips [Underneath The Rainbow]
Off! [First Four EPs]
The Raveonettes [In And Out Of Control]
The Raveonettes [Observator]
The Raveonettes [Raven In The Grave]
Vicious Circle  22 Pistepirkko [Drops And Kicks]
Basement [Underneath]
Calc [Any Downs At All]
Calc [Dance Of The Nerve]
Calc [Real To Reel]
Calc [Twelve Steps To Whatever]
Olivier Depardon [Les Saisons Du Silence]
Drive Blind [Tropical Motion Fever]
The Electric Fresco [Au Revoir]
It It Anita [Laurent]
Lane [Pictures Of A Century]
Lysistrata [Breathe In/out]
Lysistrata [The Thread]
Mansfield.TYA [Corpo Inferno]
Mansfield.TYA [NYX]
Minor Majority [Reasons To Hang Around]
Petit Vodo [Monom]
Seven Hate [Is This Glen?]
Sleeppers [Adrenalien]
Slift [Ummon]
Tantrum [Twisted With Anguish]
Virago [Introvertu]
Virago [Premier Jour]
Virago [Virago]
Troy Von Balthazar [Knights Of Something]
Shannon Wright [Division]
Shannon Wright [Providence]
Shannon Wright [Secret Blood]
Shannon Wright [Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright]
Vicous Circle  Shannon Wright [In Film Sound]
Victor Entertainment  Tahiti 80 [The Sunsh!ne Beat Vol. 1]
Victory  Bad Brains [Omega Sessions]
Boy Sets Fire [After The Eulogy]
Refused [Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent]
Snapcase [Designs For Automotion]
Snapcase [End Transmission]
Snapcase [Progression Through Unlearning]
Thursday [Five Stories Falling EP]
Thursday [Full Collapse]
Vietnam  Chevalrex [Futurisme]
H-Burns [Off The Map]
O [À Terre !]
O [Un Torrent, La Boue]
VILL∆  TwoMonkeys [WHATT ??]
Village Vert  Autour De Lucie [Autour De Lucie]
Autour De Lucie [Faux Mouvement]
Jack The Ripper [The Book Of Lies]
Kelly De Martino [Radar]
Vinyl Drip  Pussy Galore [Groovy Hate Fuck]
Vinyl Humide  A 3 Dans Les WC [Contagion]
Vinyl Japan  Extreme Noise Terror [Phonophobia]
The Jazz Butcher [Rotten Soul]
St Christopher [Man, I Could Scream]
Vinyl Junkie Recordings  Ringo Deathstarr [Sparkler]
Violent Lovers  The Sunmakers [Viens Twister Ce Soir]
Virage Tracks  All Cannibals [Black Shark Shake-A-Lake]
Virgin  Air [Pocket Symphony]
Alice In Chains [Black Gives Way To Blue]
Alice In Chains [The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here]
The Bees [Octopus]
Brendan Benson [One Mississippi]
Benjamin Biolay [Home]
Benjamin Biolay [Rose Kennedy]
Benjamin Biolay [Trash Yéyé]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [B.R.M.C.]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Take Them On, On Your Own]
David Bowie [All Saints, Collected Instrumentals 1977-1999]
David Bowie [Black Tie White Noise]
David Bowie [Christiane F. Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo]
David Bowie [Diamond Dogs]
David Bowie [Hunky Dory]
David Bowie [Let's Dance]
David Bowie [Outside]
David Bowie [Seven (part 2)]
David Bowie [Sound And Vision]
David Bowie [Young Americans]
Cabaret Voltaire [Gasoline In Your Eye]
Captain Beefheart [Bluejeans And Moonbeams]
Captain Beefheart [Doc At The Radar Station]
Captain Beefheart [Ice Cream For Crow]
The Chemical Brothers [Block Rockin' Beats EP]
The Chemical Brothers [Further]
The Chemical Brothers [No Geography]
The Chemical Brothers [Surrender]
The Chemical Brothers [We Are The Night]
Compulsion [Hi-Fi]
Gaz Coombes [Turn The Car Around]
Kevin Coyne [Dynamite Daze]
Kevin Coyne [Heartburn]
Kevin Coyne [Marjory Razorblade]
Kevin Coyne [Matching Head And Feet]
Kevin Coyne [Millionaires And Teddy Bears]
Crustation [Bloom]
Daft Punk [Discovery]
Daft Punk [Homework]
Daft Punk [Human After All]
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft [Alles Ist Gut]
Devo [New Traditionalists]
Marianne Faithfull [Kissin' Time]
Faust [Faust IV]
Faust [The Faust Tapes]
Fountains Of Wayne [Traffic And Weather]
Fun Lovin' Criminals [100 % Colombian]
Anja Garbarek [Smiling & Waving]
The Geraldine Fibbers [Butch]
Gomez [In Our Gun]
Gomez [Liquid Skin]
Gomez [Split The Difference]
Gong [Angel's Egg]
Gong [Shamal]
Gorillaz [Demon Days]
Japan [Tin Drum]
The Kooks [Junk Of The Heart]
The Kooks [Konk]
The Little Rabbits [Dedalus]
The Little Rabbits [Wasting Time EP]
Courtney Love [America's Sweetheart]
Madrugada [Grit]
Madrugada [Industrial Silence]
Madrugada [The Nightly Disease]
Magazine [Maybe It's Right To Be Nervous]
Magazine [Secondhand Daylight]
Massive Attack [Atlas Air EP]
Massive Attack [Blue Lines]
Massive Attack [Collected]
Massive Attack [Heligoland]
Massive Attack [Heligoland [Deluxe Edition]]
Massive Attack [Live With Me]
Massive Attack [Mezzanine]
Massive Attack [Ritual Spirit]
Massive Attack [Singles 90/98]
Massive Attack [Splitting The Atom EP]
Mickey 3D [La Trève]
Mickey 3D [Tu Vas Pas Mourir De Rire]
Bob Mould [Workbook]
Jean Louis Murat [Cheyenne Autumn]
Jean Louis Murat [Dolores]
Jean Louis Murat [Le Manteau De Pluie]
The Pale Fountains [...From Across The Kitchen Table]
The Pale Fountains [Pacific Street]
A Perfect Circle [Amotion]
A Perfect Circle [Emotive]
A Perfect Circle [Mer De Noms]
A Perfect Circle [Thirteenth Step]
Placebo [Every You Every Me]
Iggy Pop [American Ceasar]
Iggy Pop [Avenue B]
Iggy Pop [Beat'em Up]
Iggy Pop [Brick By Brick]
Iggy Pop [Lust For Life]
Iggy Pop [Naughty Little Doggy]
Iggy Pop [The Idiot]
Public Image Limited [First Issue]
Public Image Limited [Flowers Of Romance]
Public Image Limited [Greatest Hits So Far]
Public Image Limited [Live In Tokyo]
Public Image Limited [Metal Box]
Public Image Limited [Paris Au Printemps]
Public Image Limited [Plastic Box]
Public Image Limited [This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get]
The Ruts [The Crack]
Shonen Knife [Let's Knife]
Shonen Knife [Rock Animals]
The Skids [Scared To Dance]
The Skids [Sweet Suburbia - The Best Of The Skids]
The Sleepy Jackson [Personality (One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird)]
The Smashing Pumpkins [1979]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Bullet With Butterfly Wings]
The Smashing Pumpkins [G.L.O.W.]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Machina / The Machines Of God]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Rotten Apples - Greatest Hits]
The Smashing Pumpkins [The Aeroplane Flies High]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Tonight, Tonight]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Vieuphoria]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Zero]
The Smiths [Meat Is Murder]
The Smiths [Rank]
The Smiths [Strangeways, Here We Come]
The Smiths [The Smiths]
The Stooges [The Weirdness]
David Sylvian [Brilliant Trees]
Jamie T [Panic Prevention]
Tangerine Dream [Phaedra]
The Thrills [Let's Bottle Bohemia]
The Thrills [So Much For The City]
Yann Tiersen [Les Retrouvailles]
Emiliana Torrini [Love In The Time Of Science]
Unbelievable Truth [Almost Here]
Unbelievable Truth [Higher Than Reason]
The Verve [A Northern Soul]
White Noise [White Noise II - Concerto For Synthesizers]
Robert Wyatt [Rock Bottom]
Robert Wyatt [Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard]
XTC [Black Sea]
XTC [Drums And Wires]
XTC [English Settlement]
XTC [Go 2]
XTC [Mummer]
XTC [Nonsuch]
XTC [Skylarking]
XTC [White Music]
Virgin EMI  Miles Kane [Coup De Grace]
Virgin Records America  Royal Trux [Sweet Sixteen]
Virgin, Some Bizarre  Cabaret Voltaire [Micro-Phonies]
Vital  The Bots [Self-Titled Album]
Vital Gesture  The Bellrays [Let It Blast]
Viva Nova  Mud Flow [A Life On Standby]
Voiceprint  The Fall [Are You Are Missing Winner]
Volcano  Killing Joke [Democracy]
Tool [10,000 Days]
Tool [Aenima]
Tool [Lateralus]
Tool [Opiate]
Tool [Parabola]
Tool [Salival]
Tool [Schism]
Volcom Entertainment  Turbonegro [Sexual Harassment]
Tweak Bird [Reservations]
Tweak Bird [Tweak Bird]
Tweak Bird [Under Cover Crops]
Year Long Disaster [Year Long Disaster]
Voltti Studios  Kairon; IRSE! [Ujubasajuba]
Volvox Music  Exsonvaldes [Near The Edge Of Something Beautiful]
Voodoo-Eros  Diane Cluck [Countless Times]
Quinn Walker [Laughter's An Asshole]
Vulva  Majesty Crush [Love 15]
Majesty Crush [Sans Muscles EP]
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