Label  Disque
N5MD  Okada [Floating Away From The World]
Nadie Sound  Antemasque [Antemasque]
Nahal  Foudre! [Future Sabbath]
Christine Ott [Chimères (pour Ondes Martenot)]
Ben Shemie [303 Diary]
Naïve  Benjamin Biolay [La Superbe]
Benjamin Biolay [Pourquoi Tu Pleures ?]
Perry Blake [California]
Perry Blake [Still Life]
Electrelane [Singles, B-sides & Live]
Elysian Fields [Bum Raps & Love Taps]
Marianne Faithfull [Before The Poison]
Girls In Hawaii [From Here To There (réédition)]
The Guillemots [From The Cliffs]
Hollywood Porn Stars [Satellites]
Hollywood Porn Stars [Year Of The Tiger]
John & Jehn [Time For The Devil]
Jude [Redemption]
La Position Du Tireur Couché [Acapulco]
Liquid Architecture [Revolution Is Over]
Metric [Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?]
Montgomery [Montgomery]
Moriarty [Gee Whiz But This Is A Lonesome Town]
Muse [Absolution]
Muse [Black Holes And Revelations]
Muse [Hullabaloo Soundtrack]
Muse [Origin Of Symmetry]
Muse [Showbiz]
Me'shell Ndegeocello [Ventriloquism]
Nervous Cabaret [Nervous Cabaret]
Overhead [No Time Between]
Overhead [Silent Witness]
Laetitia Shériff [Codification]
The Sunday Drivers [Little Heart Attacks]
Names  Alela Diane [Songs Whistled Through White Teeth]
The Earlies [These Were The Earlies]
Napalm  Brant Bjork [Europe '16]
Candlemass [House Of Doom]
Candlemass [Psalms For The Dead]
John Garcia [John Garcia]
John Garcia [The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues]
Karma To Burn [Appalachian Incantations]
Karma To Burn [V]
Monster Magnet [Last Patrol]
Monster Magnet [Mastermind]
Monster Magnet [Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol]
Napalm Records  Monkey3 [Sphere]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun.]
Narnack  The Cairo Gang [The Cairo Gang]
The Fall [Fall Heads Roll]
Guitar Wolf [UFO Romantics]
The OhSees [The Cool Death Of Island Raiders]
Nasomi  The Sonic Dawn [Perception]
Natural Make  3776 [Saijiki]
Necrocosm  Diapsiquir [180°]
Diapsiquir [Virus S.T.N.]
Helel [A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh]
Necrocosm, Kaosthetik, Ocinatas, Seventh Crow, Désordre Nouveau  Saison De Rouille [Déroutes Sans Fin]
Nectar Masters  The Jazz Butcher [Draining The Glass]
Pulp [Countdown 1992-1983]
Nekrophile Rekords  Coil [Transparent (avec Zos Kia)]
Neo Ouija  Apparat [Shapemodes]
Nervous  Nekromantix [Curse Of The Coffin]
Nettwerk  Autour De Lucie [Immobile]
Buzzcocks [Another Music In A Different Kitchen]
Good Old War [Part Of Me]
Good Old War [Part Of Us]
Good Old War [Part Of You]
Great Lake Swimmers [A Forest Of Arms]
Great Lake Swimmers [Lost Channels]
Great Lake Swimmers [New Wild Everywhere]
Great Lake Swimmers [Ongiara]
Great Lake Swimmers [Side Effects]
Great Lake Swimmers [Swimming Away]
Great Lake Swimmers [The Legion Sessions]
Great Lake Swimmers [The Waves, The Wake]
Great Lake Swimmers [They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore]
Ladytron [Gravity The Seducer]
Peter Murphy [Lion]
Josh Rouse [Country Mouse City House]
Josh Rouse [Subtitulo]
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions [Through The Devil Softly]
Sense Field [Tonight And Forever]
Ron Sexsmith [Retriever]
Skinny Puppy [Back And Forth Series Two]
Skinny Puppy [Bites]
Skinny Puppy [Dig It]
Skinny Puppy [Last Rights]
Skinny Puppy [Mind : The Perpetual Intercourse]
Skinny Puppy [Rabies]
Skinny Puppy [Remission]
Skinny Puppy [Remission LP]
Skinny Puppy [The Singles Collect]
Skinny Puppy [Too Dark Park]
Trespassers William [Having]
Nettwerk/Village Vert  Autour De Lucie [L'Echappée Belle]
Neurot  Battle Of Mice [A Day Of Nights]
Enablers [End Note]
Enablers [Output Negative Space]
Final [Final : 3]
Grails [Redlight]
Grails [The Burden Of Hope]
Scott Kelly [The Wake]
Made Out Of Babies [Trophy]
Neurosis [Fires Within Fires]
Neurosis [Given To The Rising]
Neurosis [Honor Found In Decay]
Neurosis [Live In Stockolm]
Neurosis [Neurosis & Jarboe]
Neurosis [Neurosis/Tribes Of Neurot - Times Of Grace / Grace]
Oxbow [An Evil Heat]
Red Sparowes [At The Soundless Dawn]
Red Sparowes [Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Sun]
Shrinebuilder [Shrinebuilder]
A Storm Of Light [And We Kept The Black Ocean Within]
A Storm Of Light [Forgive Us Our Trespasses]
Ufomammut [8]
Ufomammut [Ecate]
Ufomammut [Oro - Opus Alter]
Ufomammut [Oro - Opus Primum]
YOB [Clearing The Path To Ascend]
Neurotic Yell  Kimono Kult [Hiding In The Light]
Neutral  Sonic Youth [Confusion Is Sex]
Sonic Youth [Sonic Youth]
Neutral Milk Hotel  Neutral Milk Hotel [Ferris Wheel On Fire]
Neutron Productions  Proton Burst [La Casa De Bernarda Alba]
Nevada  Jeff Martin [Exile And The Kingdom]
New Alliance  Hüsker Dü [Land Speed Record]
New American Dream  The Icarus Line [Red & Black Attack]
Ink And Dagger [Ink And Dagger]
New Dance  Front 242 [Geography]
New European  Death In June [Heaven Street]
Death In June [State Laughter]
Death In June [The Rule Of Thirds]
Death In June [The Wall Of Sacrifice]
New Hormones  Buzzcocks [Spiral Scratch EP]
New Rose  Collection D'Arnell Andrea [Villers Aux Vents]
Gun Club [Divinity]
Mary Goes Round [Sunset]
The Rose Of Avalanche [String 'A' Beads]
Johnny Thunders [Hurt Me]
New School  Cucina Povera [Hilja]
New West  Vic Chesnutt [Ghetto Bells]
The Kelley Deal 6000 [Boom ! Boom ! Boom !]
The Kelley Deal 6000 [Go To The Sugar Altar]
Caroline Rose [Loner]
Nexsound  Andrey Kiritchenko [True Delusion]
The Moglass [Telegraph Poles Are Getting Smaller And Smaller As The Distance Grows]
Next Music  Hugues Le Bars [J'en Ai Marre]
Nextera  Lustmord [Metavoid]
Night & Day  Buffseeds [The Picture Show]
Mad Pop'X [Happy]
Night School  Divorce [Seance Fiction]
Patience [The Church]
Nineteen Something  Do Not Machine [Heart Beat Nation]
Lane [Teaching Not To Pray]
Ninja Tune  Amon Tobin [Bricolage]
Amon Tobin [Chaos Theory - Splinter Cell 3 Soundtrack]
Amon Tobin [Isam]
Amon Tobin [Out From Out Where]
Amon Tobin [Permutation]
Amon Tobin [Supermodified]
Amon Tobin [The Foley Room]
Blockhead [Music By Cavelight]
Blockhead [Uncle Tony's Coloring Book]
Bonobo [Animal Magic]
Bonobo [Black Sands]
Bonobo [Days To Come]
Bonobo [Dial M For Monkey]
Bonobo [Live Session]
The Cinematic Orchestra [Every Day]
The Cinematic Orchestra [Ma Fleur]
The Cinematic Orchestra [Man With A Movie Camera]
The Cinematic Orchestra [Motion]
The Cinematic Orchestra [Remixes 1998-2000]
Cujo [Adventures In Foam]
Fink [Biscuits For Breakfast]
Fink [Distance And Time]
Fink [Fresh Produce]
Fink [Perfect Darkness]
Fink [Sort Of Revolution]
Fog [Fog]
Funki Porcini [Fast Asleep]
The Herbaliser [Blow Your Headphones]
The Herbaliser [Something Wicked This Way Comes]
The Herbaliser [Take London]
Jaga Jazzist [A Livingroom Hush]
Jaga Jazzist [The Stix]
Jaga Jazzist [What We Must]
Skalpel [Konfusion]
Skalpel [Polish Jazz]
Skalpel [Skalpel]
Wagon Christ [Sorry I Make You Lush]
Nippon Crown Music  Kayoko Yoshizawa [Yaneura Ju]
Nmc  Joy Division [Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979]
Joy Division [Preston, 28 February 1980]
Lydia Lunch [Widowspeak]
No Death  The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster [Hörse Of The Dög]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster [The Royal Society]
No Format  Gonzales [Solo Piano]
No Idea  Against Me ! [Reinventing Axl Rose]
Atom And His Package [Making Love]
Denali [Pinnacle]
No Quarter  Endless Boogie [Long Island]
Nathan Salsburg [Third]
No Roads  Breanna Barbara [Mirage Dreams]
No Sleep Records  La Dispute [Wildlife]
No Solace  Mgla [Age Of Excuse]
No Vice  Mud Flow [Ryunosuke]
Noble  World's End Girlfriend [The Lie Lay Land]
Nobody's Bizzness  Miss Kittin & The Hacker [Third Album]
Miss Kittin & The Hacker [Two]
Nocturnal  Suplecs [Powtin' On The Outside, Pawty On The Inside]
Nocturne  And Also The Trees [Angelfish]
Noise Digger  Dont Look Back [Brighter]
Exsonvaldes [Time We Spent Together]
Poney Club [Gusty Winds Exist]
Noise Factory  Broken Social Scene [Feel Good Lost]
Noise International  Killing Joke [Extremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions]
Noise Product  Dionysos [The Sun Is Blue Like The Eggs In Winter]
Sinner DC [Panoramic]
Noja  Carlo Barbagallo [9]
Nonesuch  Laurie Anderson [Homeland]
Dan Auerbach [Keep It Hid]
Devendra Banhart [Ape In Pink Marble]
Devendra Banhart [Ma]
Devendra Banhart [Mala]
The Black Keys [Brothers]
The Black Keys [El Camino]
The Black Keys [Magic Potion]
The Black Keys [Turn Blue]
David Byrne [American Utopia]
David Byrne [American Utopia On Broadway (Original Cast Recording)]
Fleet Foxes [Crack-Up]
Jonny Greenwood [There Will Be Blood]
The Magnetic Fields [50 Song Memoir]
The Magnetic Fields [Distortion]
The Magnetic Fields [I]
The Magnetic Fields [Realism]
Laura Veirs [Saltbreakers]
Laura Veirs [Year Of The Meteors]
Wilco [A Ghost Is Born]
Wilco [Sky Blue Sky]
Wilco [Wilco (The Album)]
Wilco [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot]
Norma Evangelium Diaboli  Deathspell Omega [Diabolus Absconditus]
Deathspell Omega [Fas – Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum]
Deathspell Omega [Kénôse]
Deathspell Omega [Mass Grave Aesthetics]
Deathspell Omega [Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice]
Deathspell Omega [The Furnaces Of Palingenesia]
Deathspell Omega [The Synarchy Of Molten Bones]
Deathspell Omega [Veritas Diaboli Manet In Aeturnum : Chaining The Katechon]
Normal  And Also The Trees [(Listen To) The Rag And The Bone Man]
And Also The Trees [Farewell To The Shade]
And Also The Trees [Green Is The Sea]
And Also The Trees [The Klaxon]
And Also The Trees [Virus Meadow]
Christian Death [Atrocities]
A Subtle Plague [Implosion]
North Country  Shack [Here's Tom With The Weather]
North East Indie  Cerberus Shoal [Bastion Of Itchy Preeves]
Cerberus Shoal [Chaiming The Knoblessone]
Cerberus Shoal [The Land We All Believe In]
Northern Heritage  Mgla [Groza]
Northern Heritage Records  Deathspell Omega [Inquisitors Of Satan]
Peste Noire [Lorraine Rehearsal]
Northern Spy  The Necks [Vertigo]
Not Lame  Sweet Apple Pie [Between The Lines]
Not On Label (My Bloody Valentine Self-released)  My Bloody Valentine [MBV]
Nothern Heritage Records  Deathspell Omega [Infernal Battles]
Nothing  Marilyn Manson [Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)]
Marilyn Manson [Smells Like Children]
Nothing / Interscope  Marilyn Manson [Mechanical Animals]
Marilyn Manson [The Golden Age Of Grotesque]
Nothing / Interscope Records  Nine Inch Nails [And All That Could Have Been]
Nine Inch Nails [And All That Could Have Been [Limited Edition]]
Nine Inch Nails [Fixed EP]
Nine Inch Nails [Into The Void (Halo 16 Promo)]
Nine Inch Nails [The Day The World Went Away (Halo 13)]
Nine Inch Nails [The Hand That Feeds (Halo 18)]
Nine Inch Nails [The Perfect Drug Versions EP (Halo 11)]
Nine Inch Nails [Things Falling Apart]
Nine Inch Nails [We're In This Together Part1 (Halo 15)]
Nine Inch Nails [We're In This Together Part2 (Halo 15)]
Nine Inch Nails [We're In This Together Part3 (Halo 15)]
Nothing And Interscope  Marilyn Manson [Antichrist Superstar]
Marilyn Manson [Portrait Of An American Family]
Nothing Records / Interscope Records  Prick [Prick]
Noton Label  Impossible Nothing [Phonemenomicon]
Notonlabel  Handwrist [Sullen Days]
Nova  Lack [Blues Moderne : Danois Explosifs]
Nova Express  Cowboys From Outerspace [Sleeping With Ghosts]
Cowboys From Outerspace [Space-O-Phonics Aliens]
Novamute  Plastikman [Artifakts [BC]]
Plastikman [Closer]
Plastikman [Consumed]
Plastikman [Sheet One]
T. Raumschmiere [Radio Blackout]
Now Or Never  The Dillinger Escape Plan [The Dillinger Escape Plan]
Nuclear Blast  Alcest [Spiritual Instinct]
Candlemass [Death, Magic, Doom]
Corrosion Of Conformity [No Cross No Crown]
Fetish 69 [Antibody]
Kadavar [Berlin]
Kadavar [For The Dead Travel Fast]
Kadavar [Rough Times]
Mantar [Ode To The Flame]
Nails [You Will Never Be One Of Us]
Opeth [In Cauda Venenum]
Paradise Lost [Medusa]
Nude  Suede [Coming Up]
Suede [Dog Man Star]
Suede [Head Music]
Suede [Stay Together]
Suede [Suede]
Nude Club  Boy Harsher [Careful]
Number Six  Beme Seed [Purify]
Numbers  SOPHIE [Product]
Numero  Nikki Sudden [Texas]
Numero Group  The Scientists [A Place Called Bad]
Unwound [Kid Is Gone]
Unwound [No Energy]
Unwound [Rat Conspiracy]
Nux Organization  Melt Banana [Speak Squeak Creak]
Zeni Geva [Trance Europe Experience]
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