Label  Disque
F Communications  St Germain [Boulevard]
F-Beat  Elvis Costello [Get Happy !!]
Elvis Costello [Imperial Bedroom]
Elvis Costello [Trust]
Fabrika  Lebanon Hanover [Let Them Be Alien]
Selofan [Vitrioli]
Factory  A Certain Ratio [Sextet]
A Certain Ratio [To Each...]
The Durutti Column [Another Setting]
The Durutti Column [LC]
The Durutti Column [The Return Of The Durutti Column]
The Durutti Column [Vini Reilly]
Happy Mondays [24 Hour Party People]
Happy Mondays [Bummed]
Happy Mondays [Live]
Happy Mondays [Pills 'N Thrills And Bellyaches]
Happy Mondays [Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)]
Happy Mondays [Yes Please]
Joy Division [Closer]
Joy Division [Love Will Tear Us Apart]
Joy Division [Still]
Joy Division [Substance]
Joy Division [Unknown Pleasures]
New Order [Blue Monday]
New Order [Brotherhood]
New Order [Low-Life]
New Order [Movement]
New Order [Power, Corruption And Lies]
New Order [Substance 1987]
Section 25 [Always Now]
Section 25 [The Key Of Dreams]
Faculty  John & Jehn [John & Jehn]
Fader Label  Saul Williams [MartyrLoserKing]
Fake Diamond  Cours Lapin [Cours Lapin]
Fake Four Inc  Astronautalis [This Is Our Science]
Fallout  The Fratellis [Costello Music]
Falšanja Kol'ko'š  Extreme Noise Terror [Extreme Noise Terror / Patareni - The Split Noiz Live EP]
Famous Class  Fuzz [Fuzz & CCR Headcleaner - LAMC #10]
Ty Segall [Mr. Face]
Fan Death  Locrian [The Clearing]
Fancy  Hrsta [L'éclat Du Ciel Était Insoutenable]
Molasses [A Slow Messe]
Fantastic Plastic  Help She Can't Swim [Fashionista Super Dance Troupe]
Ikara Colt [Chat And Business]
Ikara Colt [Modern Apprentice]
The Strange Death Of Liberal England [Forward March !]
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club [The Victorian English Gentlemens Club]
Fantasy  Tyler Ramsey [For The Morning]
Far Out  The Wonder Stuff [Hup]
The Wonder Stuff [Never Loved Elvis]
Fargo  Alamo Race Track [Black Cat John Brown]
Andrew Bird [Andrew Bird And The Mysterious Production Of Eggs]
Andrew Bird [Armchair Apocrypha]
Andrew Bird [Soldier On]
Andrew Bird [Sovay EP]
Andrew Bird [Weather Systems]
Alela Diane [To Be Still]
Chris Garneau [El Radio]
Great Lake Swimmers [Bodies And Minds]
Great Lake Swimmers [Great Lake Swimmers]
Lauren Hoffman [Choreography]
Emily Loizeau [L'Autre Bout Du Monde]
The Lords Of Altamont [Lords Have Mercy]
Oranger [New Comes And Goes]
Shearwater [Palo Santo]
Shearwater [Thieves]
Shearwater [Winged Life]
Laetitia Shériff [Games Over]
Jesse Sykes [Oh My Girl]
Jesse Sykes [Reckless Burning]
Fat Cat  Mazes [Better Ghosts EP]
Mazes [Wooden Aquarium]
Tall Ship [Impressions]
The Twilight Sad [Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave]
Fat Possum  Bass Drum Of Death [GB City]
Andrew Bird [Noble Beast]
The Black Keys [Rubber Factory]
The Black Keys [Thickfreakness]
Boogarins [Manual]
Crocodiles [Sleep Forever]
Dinosaur Jr [Beyond]
Insecure Men [Insecure Men]
Melody's Echo Chamber [Bon Voyage]
The Stooges [Ready To Die]
Sunflower Bean [Human Ceremony]
Survival Knife [Loose Power]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra [Unknown Mortal Orchestra]
Wavves [King Of The Beach]
Wavves [Wavvves]
Youth Lagoon [Savage Hills Ballroom]
Youth Lagoon [Wondrous Bughouse]
Yuck [Yuck]
Fat Possum, [PIAS]  Minor Victories [Minor Victories]
Fat Wreck Chords  Against Me ! [As The Eternal Cowboy]
NOFX [I Heard They Suck Live!!]
NOFX [The Decline]
NOFX [The Longest Line]
FatCat  Animal Collective [Feels]
Animal Collective [People]
Animal Collective [Sung Tongs]
Vashti Bunyan [Lookaftering]
Crescent [By The Roads And The Fields]
Crescent [Little Waves]
Mazes [A Thousand Heys]
Múm [Finally We Are No One]
Múm [Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy]
Múm [Summer Make Good]
No Age [Weirdo Rippers]
Our Brother The Native [Tooth & Claws]
Panda Bear [Bro's]
Party Of One [Caught The Blast]
Paws [Cokefloat!]
Paws [No Grace]
Paws [Youth Culture Forever]
Shopping [Why Choose]
Sigur Rós [( )]
Sigur Rós [Ágætis Byrjun]
Songs Of Green Pheasant [Aerial Days]
Songs Of Green Pheasant [Gyllyng Street]
Traams [Modern Dancing]
Vetiver [Thing Of The Past]
Vetiver [To Find Me Gone]
We Were Promised Jetpacks [These Four Walls]
Father Yod  Lee Ranaldo [Scriptures Of The Golden Eternity]
Fearless  At The Drive-In [In / Casino / Out]
At The Drive-In [This Station Is Non-Operational]
At The Drive-In [Vaya]
Feedelity  Lindstrøm [II]
Lindstrøm [Where You Go, I Go Too]
Fellaheen  Guided By Voices [Superchunk / Guided By Voices]
Superchunk [Superchunk / Guided By Voices]
Fellaheen Jack  Pavement [Father To A Sister Of Thought EP]
Pavement [Rattled By La Rush EP]
Felte  PVT [formerly Pivot] [Homosapien]
Feraltone  Daniel Johnston [Is And Always Was]
Fetish  23 Skidoo [Seven Songs]
Clock DVA [Thirst]
Fever  My Bloody Valentine [Geek!]
Fiat Lux  Luis Francesco Arena [Luis Francesco Arena]
Fiction  Ian Brown [All Ablaze]
The Cure [A Forest]
The Cure [Bloodflowers]
The Cure [Boys Don't Cry]
The Cure [Charlotte Sometimes]
The Cure [Concert]
The Cure [Disintegration]
The Cure [Disintegration (Deluxe Edition)]
The Cure [Entreat]
The Cure [Faith]
The Cure [Faith [Deluxe Edition]]
The Cure [Japanese Whispers]
The Cure [Killing An Arab]
The Cure [Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me]
The Cure [Lost Wishes]
The Cure [Paris]
The Cure [Pornography]
The Cure [Pornography [Deluxe Edition]]
The Cure [Seventeen Seconds]
The Cure [Show]
The Cure [The Head On The Door]
The Cure [The Top]
The Cure [The Top [Deluxe Edition]]
The Cure [Three Imaginary Boys]
The Cure [Three Imaginary Boys [Deluxe Edition]]
The Cure [Wild Mood Swing]
The Cure [Wish]
Elbow [The Seldom Seen Kid]
The God Machine [One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying]
Kaiser Chiefs [The Future Is Medieval]
Snow Patrol [Final Straw]
Fiction Records  Tame Impala [The Slow Rush]
Fiddler  The Bled [Pass The Flask]
Field Mates  Délage [Twist & Doubt]
Jons [At Work On Several Things]
FieldMates  Délage [Loverboy Beatface]
Fierce Panda  Art Brut [Bang Bang Rock & Roll]
Iliketrains [Progress Reform]
The Raveonettes [Lust Lust Lust]
File 13  The Poison Arrows [No Known Note]
Film Guerrero  Menomena [I Am The Fun Blame Monster !]
Filter  Amusement Parks On Fire [Road Eyes]
Finderpop  Clams [Clams]
Fine Line  Diamanda Galas [Litanies Of Satan]
Fire  Bardo Pond [Bardo Pond]
Bardo Pond [Peace On Venus]
Bark Psychosis [Codename: Dustsucker]
The Blue Aeroplanes [Tolerance]
The Chills [Silver Bullets]
Close Lobsters [Foxheads Stalk This Land]
Gun Club [Pastoral Hide & Seek]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [Ballads Of The Revolution]
Jackie-O Motherfucker [The Blood Of Life]
Robert Pollard [Honey Locust Honky Tonk]
Pulp [Dogs Are Everywhere]
Pulp [Freaks]
Pulp [Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)]
Pulp [Master Of The Uiverse]
Pulp [Masters Of The Universe]
Pulp [My Legendary Girlfriend]
Pulp [Separations]
Pulp [They Suffocate At Night]
The Rose Of Avalanche [Anthology]
Sammy [Hi Fi Killers EP]
Spacemen 3 [Playing With Fire]
The Television Personalities [And Don't The Kids Just Love It]
The Television Personalities [Privilege]
Telstar Ponies [In The Space Of A Few Minutes]
Fire Records  The Bevis Frond [We're Your Friends, Man]
First International / Ignition  Primal Scream [Chaosmosis]
First World  Sandy Dillon [Hector Zazou & Sandy Dillon - Las Vegas Is Cursed]
Hector Zazou [Hector Zazou & Sandy Dillon - Las Vegas Is Cursed]
FIS  Nick Drake [Time Has Told Me]
Fish Of Milk  The Necks [Aquatic]
The Necks [Next]
The Necks [Sex]
The Necks [Silent Night]
Fish Of Milk Records  The Necks [Silverwater]
Fistpuppet  The Ex [Tumult]
Flameshovel  Maritime [We, The Vehicles]
Fleet Street  Apartment [The Dreamer Evasive]
Flemish Eye  Braids [Native Speaker]
Flightless  The Babe Rainbow [The Babe Rainbow]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [12 Bar Bruise]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Eyes Like The Sky]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Fishing For Fishies]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Float Along~Fill Your Lungs]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Infest The Rats' Nest]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Oddments]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Polygondwanaland]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Quarters!]
The Murlocs [Loopholes]
The Murlocs [Old Locomotive]
The Murlocs [Tee Pee]
The Murlocs [Young Blindness]
Orb [The Space Between]
Pipe-eye [Cosmic Blip]
Pipe-eye [Inside/Outside]
Pipe-eye [Laugh About Life]
Flightless / Castle Face  Orb [Birth]
Orb [Naturality]
Flightless / Castle Face / Heavenly  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [I'm In Your Mind Fuzz]
Flightless / Heavenly / ATO  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Flying Microtonal Banana]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Gumboot Soup]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard & Mild High Club - Sketches Of Brunswick East]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Nonagon Infinity]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Paper Mâché Dream Balloon]
Mild High Club [King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard & Mild High Club - Sketches Of Brunswick East]
Flightless / Joyful Noise  Tropical Fuck Storm [Braindrops]
Flippin' Freaks  Cosmopaark [Sunflower]
Flipside  At The Drive-In [Acrobatic Tenement]
Beck [Stereopathetic Soulmanure]
Flood  Blur [Country House]
Flooded Soil / Vagrant  Mark Lanegan [No Bells On Sunday]
Flower Shop  Sophia [People Are Like Seasons]
Sophia [Technology Won't Save Us]
Sophia [There Are No Goodbyes]
Fly  Talking Heads [Naked]
Flydaddy  Cardinal [Cardinal]
Number One Cup [Possum Trot Plan]
Number One Cup [Wrecked By Lions]
The Olivia Tremor Control [Music From The Unrealized Film Script, Dusk At Cubist Castle]
Flying Nun  The Bats [Daddy's Highway]
The Bats [The Deep Set]
The Clean [Boodle Boodle Boodle]
Fazerdaze [Morningside]
H.D.U. [Crosschannels Multitap]
H.D.U. [Fire Works]
Jean Paul Sartre Experience [The Size Of Food]
Chris Knox [Croaker]
Chris Knox [Songs Of You And Me]
Chris Knox [Yes !!]
Straitjacket Fits [Hail]
Tall Dwarfs [Fork Songs]
Tall Dwarfs [Stumpy]
Tall Dwarfs [Weeville]
The Verlaines [Bird Dog]
Flying Sparks  Dawn Of The Replicants [Touching The Propeller]
FM-Revolver  The Stone Roses [Sally Cinnamon]
FNM  Frank Zappa [A Token Of His Extreme]
Fone  Scott Walker [Scott 4]
Fontana  Catherine Wheel [Chrome]
Catherine Wheel [Ferment]
The Fall [Code : Selfish]
The Fall [Extricate]
The Fall [Shift-Work]
Serge Gainsbourg [Jane Birkin - Serge Gainsbourg]
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci [Barafundle]
The House Of Love [A Spy In The House Of Love]
The House Of Love [Shine On]
James [Gold Mother]
James [Hey Ma]
Lamb [Fear Of Fours]
Ocean Colour Scene [Ocean Colour Scene]
Pere Ubu [Cloudland]
Pere Ubu [The Tenement Year]
Scott Walker [Boy Child: 67-70]
Food  Blur [13]
Blur [Girls & Boys]
Blur [Modern Life Is Rubbish]
Blur [Parklife]
Idlewild [Hope Is Important]
Strangelove [Love And Other Demons]
Force & Form  Coil [Panic / Tainted Love]
Coil [Scatology]
Coil [The Anal Staircase]
Fortuna POP!  Crystal Stilts [In Love With Oblivion]
Let's Wrestle [Let's Wrestle]
Fortuna Pop!  The Proper Ornaments [Wooden Head]
Fortuna POP!  Shrag [Canines]
Foundation 2000  The Gathering [Always...]
Fourth & Broadway  Tricky [The Hell E.P.]
Freaks R Us  The Pop Group [Citizen Zombie]
Freaksville  April March [April March And Aquaserge]
Free Dirt  Cinder Well [No Summer]
Free Union  Lauren Hoffman [From The Blue House]
Freeland  Gorge Trio [Dead Chicken Fear No Knife]
Frenchkiss  The Antlers [Hospice]
Bloc Party [Four]
The Dodos [Time To Die]
The Dodos [Visiter]
Ex Models [Zoo Psychology]
Les Savy Fav [Inches]
Smoke And Smoke [Love Suffers Long]
From Here  Stick In The Wheel [Follow Them True]
Frontier  Christian Death [Only Theatre Of Pain]
The Three O'Clock [Sixteen Tambourines]
Fuck The Bass Player  The Inspector Cluzo [Gasconha Rocks]
The Inspector Cluzo [Rockfarmers]
The Inspector Cluzo [The 2 Mousquetaires]
Fuel 2000  Babes In Toyland [The Further Adventures Of Babes In Toyland]
Fueled By Ramen  Panic! At The Disco [Pretty Odd]
Full Time Hobby  Samantha Crain [Kid Face]
Malcolm Middleton [A Brighter Beat]
Malcolm Middleton [Sleight Of Heart]
Malcolm Middleton [Waxing Gibbous]
School Of Seven Bells [SVIIB]
Tunng [Comments Of The Inner Chorus]
Tunng [Good Arrows]
Venn [Runes]
Katie Von Schleicher [Shitty Hits]
Full-Time Hobby  Jacco Gardner [Hypnophobia]
Funtime  The Maple Room [Uncover Everyone]
Furtive  Ned's Atomic Dustbin [Brainbloodvolume]
Futur Records  Ricky Hollywood [Le Modeste Album]
Future Classic / Transgressive  SOPHIE [Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides]
Future Farmer  The Minders [The Future's Always Perfect]
Matt Ward [End Of Amnesia]
Future Folklore  U-bahn [U-Bahn]
Fuzz Club  Night Beats [Fuzz Club Session]
Singapore Sling [Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)]
Fuzzbox  Mclusky [My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours]
Fuzzy Logic  The Bicycles [The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly]
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