Label  Disque
H.G Fact  Envy [All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting]
Half A Cow  The Orange Humble Band [Humblin' (Across America)]
Hall Of  The Lemonheads [Hotel Sessions]
Halo  Guided By Voices [Sandbox]
Hammerheart  Manes [Under Ein Blodraud Manes]
Hand In The Dark  Brian Case [Plays Paradise Artificial]
Hands In The Dark  Brian Case [Spirit Design]
Brian Case [Tense Nature]
Egyptology [Sur Les Autres Mondes]
Matt Jencik [Weird Times]
Mayerling [Roche]
Mondkopf [How Deep Is Our Love]
Saåad [Présence Absente]
Hannibal  John Cale [Fragments Of A Rainy Season]
Nick Drake [Time Of No Reply]
Nick Drake [Way To Blue : An Introduction To Nick Drake]
Robert Wyatt [Shleep]
Robert Wyatt [Theatre Royal Drury Lane]
Hansa  Japan [Quiet Life]
Happy Couples Never Last  Breather Resist [Breather Resist / Harkonen Split 7"]
Harkonen [Breather Resist / Harkonen Split 7"]
Happy Go Lucky  Songs : Ohia [Impala]
Happy Pencil  Lustmord [Carbon / Core]
Harbinger Sound  Sleaford Mods [Austerity Dogs]
Sleaford Mods [Divide And Exit]
Sleaford Mods [Key Markets]
Hardly Art  Chastity Belt [I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone]
Fergus & Geronimo [Funky Was The State Of Affairs]
Fergus & Geronimo [Unlearn]
Tacocat [Lost Time]
Hardwood  Hayden [In Field & Town]
Hayden [Skyscraper National Park]
Hayden [The Place Where We Lived]
Hardwood ; Universal Music Canada ; Outpost  Hayden [The Closer I Get]
Harmonia Mundi  Lisa Papineau [Red Trees]
Harvest  Dark Star [Twenty Twenty Sound]
Third Ear Band [Third Ear Band (Elements)]
Wire [Chairs Missing]
Harvest / Capitol  Morrissey [World Peace Is None Of Your Business]
Hat ART  John Zorn [Cobra]
Hatch  Nine Black Alps [Candy For The Clowns]
The Wedding Present [Huw Stephen Session]
The Wedding Present [Marc Riley Sessions Volume 4]
Havalina  French Cowboy & The One [French Cowboy & The One]
Havenly Recordings / Amplifire Music  Confidence Man [Confident Music For Confident People]
Havoc  Victims [...In Blood]
Victims [Divide And Conquer]
Hayseed Dixie Records/Modulor  Hayseed Dixie [Hair Down To My Grass]
Head  Loop [Heaven's End]
Microfilm [The Bay Of Future Passed]
Pneu [Pince Monseigneur]
Head Not Found  Ulver [Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler]
Ulver [Kveldssanger]
Headhunter  The Black Heart Procession [One]
Drive Like Jehu [Drive Like Jehu]
Three Mile Pilot [Another Desert, Another Sea]
Headstrong  Shovel [Latitude 60° Low]
Sludge [The Well]
Heart Lake  Witch Prophet [DNA Activation]
Hearts Of Space  Lustmord [Stalker]
Heat Enterprises, LLC  Whirlwind Heat [Self-Titled Or Scoop Du Jour]
Heavenhotel  Daan [Profools]
Gore Slut [Above The Lisa Drugstore]
Gore Slut [These Days Are The Quiet Kind]
Heavenly  Doves [Lost Souls]
Doves [Some Cities]
Doves [The Last Broadcast]
Duke Garwood [Garden Of Ashes]
Duke Garwood [Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - With Animals]
Ed Harcourt [From Every Sphere]
Ed Harcourt [Here Be Monsters]
Ed Harcourt [Maplewood]
Ed Harcourt [Strangers]
Hatchie [Sugar And Spice]
Hooton Tennis Club [Big Box Of Chocolates]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard [Murder Of The Universe]
Mark Lanegan [Gargoyle]
Mark Lanegan [Imitations]
Mark Lanegan [Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - With Animals]
Mark Lanegan [Phantom Radio]
Mark Lanegan [Somebody's Knocking]
Mark Lanegan [Straight Songs Of Sorrow]
The Magic Numbers [The Magic Numbers]
The Magic Numbers [Those The Brokes]
Night Beats [Who Sold My Generation]
Beth Orton [Pass In Time]
Beth Orton [Trailer Park]
Temples [Sun Structures]
Temples [Volcano]
The Wytches [Annabel Dream Reader]
Heavenly Recordings  Mattiel [Georgia Gothic]
Heavy Psych Sounds  Black Rainbows [Hawkdope]
Nebula [Holy Shit]
Hefty  Bill Ding [Trust In God, But Tie Up Your Camel]
L'Altra [Different Days]
Telefon Tel Aviv [Fahrenheit Fair Enough]
Telefon Tel Aviv [Immediate Action #8]
Telefon Tel Aviv [Map Of What Is Effortless]
Telefon Tel Aviv [Remixes Compiled]
Heinz  Pink Martini [Sympathique]
Helfa  Damien Rice [9]
Helicon  Blackfield [Blackfield]
Helicopter  An Pierlé [An Pierlé & White Velvet]
An Pierlé [Hinterland]
Heliogabale  Heliogabale [Mystery Trains – Xquisite]
Hellcat  The Distillers [Sing Sing Death House]
The Distillers [The Distillers]
Nekromantix [Dead Girls Don't Cry]
Nekromantix [Return Of The Loving Dead]
Tiger Army [III : Ghost Tigers Rise]
Hellhound  Saint Vitus [Die Healing]
Hellsquad  The Datsuns [The Datsuns]
Helter Skelter  Oasis [(What's The Story) Morning Glory?]
Oasis [Definitely Maybe]
Oasis [Familiar To Millions [Live]]
Oasis [Heathen Chemistry]
Oasis [Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants]
Oasis [The Masterplan]
Herapin  Arab On Radar [Queen Hygiene II]
Heroine  La Quiete [La Fine Non È La Fine]
Herzfeld  Philippe Poirier [Les Triangles Allongés]
T. [T.]
Hi-Lo  Foreign Diplomats [Princess Flash]
Hidden Agenda  Bikeride [Morning Macumba]
Orange Alabaster Mushroom [Space & Time: A Compendium Of The Orange Alabaster Mushroom]
Hidden Hive  Gintis [Happy Drunken Accidents]
State Sponsored Jukebox [Last Night's Thoughts This Morning]
Hinah  Half Asleep [Just Before We Learned To Swim]
Hip-O  Explosions In The Sky [Friday Night Lights]
Hiphiphip  Botibol [Born From A Shore]
Hippie Shake  Pulp [Something Changed]
Histrionic  Jessamine [Another Fictionalized History]
HMV  Morrissey [Kill Uncle]
Hollywood  Butthole Surfers [Weird Revolution]
Danzig [V : Blackacidevil]
Eleven [Eleven]
Eleven [Thunk !]
Human Waste Project [E-lux]
Sparta [Threes]
Holocene Music  Alela Diane [The Pirate's Gospel]
Holy Mountain  Om [Conference Of The Birds]
Homestead  Big Black [Atomizer]
Blunderbuss [Conspiracy]
Blunderbuss [Road To Arizona]
Dinosaur Jr [Dinosaur]
Green River [Come On Down]
Sebadoh [III]
Sebadoh [The Freed Weed]
Sonic Youth [Bad Moon Rising]
Sonic Youth [Death Valley '69 EP]
Squirrel Bait [Squirrel Bait]
Supreme Dicks [The Unexamined Life]
Tall Dwarfs [Hello Cruel World]
Trumans Water [Spasm Smash]
Hometapes  Bear In Heaven [Beast Rest Forth Mouth]
Megafaun [Gather, Form & Fly]
Pattern Is Movement [All Together]
Homo Sensibilis Sounds  Neptunian Maximalism [The Conference Of The Stars]
Honest Jon's  Simone White [I Am The Man]
Honey Bear  Unwound [Unwound]
Hostile  Kickback [Cornered]
Kickback [Forever War]
Kickback [Les 150 Passions Meurtrières]
Hot  The Apartments [A Life Full Of Farewells]
The Apartments [Apart]
The Apartments [Fete Foraine]
Hotflush  Mount Kimbie [Crooks & Lovers]
Mount Kimbie [Maybes]
Houlala  Les Thugs [I.A.B.F.]
House Of Mythology  Ulver [Drone Activity]
Ulver [The Assassination Of Julius Caesar]
Housecore  Eyehategod [Eyehategod]
Houston Party  The Posies [Alive Before The Iceberg]
How Does It Feel To Be Loved ?  Cats On Fire [Our Temperance Movement]
How I Feel  Polar [1]
Polar [Bi]
Polar [Somatic]
Howlin Banana  Baston [Primates]
The Madcaps [Hot Sauce]
Johnny Mafia [Sentimental]
Slift [La Planète Inexplorée]
Th Da Freak [Freakenstein]
Th Da Freak [H-Sides]
Th Da Freak [T-Sides]
Volage [Heart Healing]
Howlin Banana / Les Disques Normal  The Missing Season [Frequency]
Howlin' Banana  60 Second Swingers [Lonely & Blue]
Hubro  Jo David Meyer Lysne [Henger I Luften]
HUBRO  Jessica Sligter [A Sense Of Growth]
Human  Au Pairs [Playing With A Different Sex]
Human Season  The Murder Capital [When I Have Fears]
Humpty Dumpty  Facteur Cheval [Adieu L'Organique]
Hush  The Decemberists [Castaways And Cut-Outs]
Laura Gibson [Beasts Of Seasons]
Hush Records  Laura Gibson [If You Come To Greet Me]
Laura Gibson [Six White Horses, Blues & Traditionnals Vol 1]
Hut  Richard Ashcroft [Alone With Everybody]
Richard Ashcroft [Human Conditions]
The Auteurs [After Murder Park]
The Auteurs [Back With The Killer E. P.]
The Auteurs [Light Aircraft On Fire]
The Auteurs [New Wave]
The Auteurs [Now I'm A Cowboy]
The Auteurs [Showgirl]
Baader-Meinhof [Baader-Meinhof]
Crackout [This Is Really Neat]
James Iha [Let It Come Down]
Moose [Sonny & Sam]
Moose [XYZ]
The Music [The Music]
One Inch Punch [Tao Of The One Inch Punch]
Placebo [Black Market Music]
Placebo [Special K EP]
Placebo [Without You I'm Nothing]
Revolver [Cold Water Flat]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Adore]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Disarm EP]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Gish]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Pisces Iscariot]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Siamese Dream]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Thirty-Three #1 EP]
The Smashing Pumpkins [Thirty-Three #2 EP]
The Verve [A Storm In Heaven]
The Verve [Urban Hymns]
HXC/XL Recordings  Willis Earl Beal [Nobody Knows]
Hybrid  The Chameleons [The Fan And The Bellows]
Hybrid Electric  Tex La Homa [If Just Today Were To Be My Entiere Life]
Hydra Head  Big Business [Head For The Shallow]
Big Business [Here Comes The Waterworks]
Botch [061502]
Botch [American Nervoso]
Botch [An Anthology Of Dead Ends]
Botch [We Are The Romans]
Burning Witch [Split With Goatsnake]
Cave-In [Antenna]
Cave-In [Jupiter]
Cave-In [Perfect Pitch Black]
Cave-In [White Silence]
Coalesce [There Is Nothing New Under The Sun EP]
Converge [In These Black Days: Vol.2]
Daughters [Daughters]
Daughters [Hell Songs]
Harkonen [Grizz EP]
Harkonen [Like A Virgin EP]
Harkonen [Shake Harder Boy]
Isis [Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations]
Jesu [Conqueror]
Jesu [Jesu]
Jesu [Jesu / Eluvium]
Jesu [Lifeline]
Jesu [Silver EP]
Keelhaul [Keelhaul II]
Keelhaul [Ornemental Iron]
Keelhaul [Subject To Change Without Notice]
Khanate [Capture & Release]
Knut [Alter]
Knut [Challenger]
Knut [Knut EP]
Knut [Terraformer]
Nadja [Pyramids With Nadja]
Oxbow [The Narcotic Story]
Pelican [Australasia]
Pelican [City Of Echoes]
Pelican [March Into The Sea]
Pelican [The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw]
Pelican [Untitled EP]
Pyramids [Pyramids]
Pyramids [Pyramids With Nadja]
Sunn O))) [00 Void]
These Arms Are Snakes [Like A Virgin EP]
Torche [Meanderthal]
Xasthur [All Reflections Drained]
Xasthur [Defective Epitaph]
Xasthur [Subliminal Genocide]
Zozobra [Bird Of Prey]
Zozobra [Harmonic Tremors]
Hydra Head Records  Oxbow [Thin Black Duke]
Hymen  Venetian Snares [A Giant Alien Force More Violent & Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine]
Hyperdub  Burial [Burial]
Burial [Distant Lights]
Burial [Kindred]
Burial [Rival Dealer]
Burial [South London Boroughs]
Burial [Untrue]
Hypertension  Amen Ra [Mass III]
Hypothetical  The (Hypothetical) Prophets [Around The World With The Prophets]
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