Label  Disque
G-Stone  Peace Orchestra [Peace Orchestra]
G-Wave  Gong [2032]
Gabriel Editions  Empalot [En Concert]
Empalot [Tous Aux Cèpes]
Gojira [From Mars To Sirius]
Gojira [Possessed]
Gojira [Saturate]
Gojira [Terra Incognita]
Gojira [The Link]
Gojira [Victim]
Gojira [Wisdom Comes]
Galakthorrö  November Növelet [The World In Devotion]
Galaxia  Peggy Honeywell [Faint Humms]
Gamma Proforma  Fatalists [Wayward Navigation]
Gammon  Daniel Johnston [Fear Yourself]
Gamsonite  GFOTY [Friday Night]
Geffen  10.000 Maniacs [Love Among The Ruins]
Beck [B Side Collection: Stray Blues]
Beck [Deadweight EP]
Beck [Midnite Vultures]
Beck [Mixed Bizness]
Beck [Mutations]
Beck [Odelay]
Beck [Sea Change]
Beck [Where It's At]
Boss Hog [Boss Hog]
The Chameleons [Strange Times]
Counting Crows [This Desert Life]
The Cure [4:13 Dream]
The Cure [Festival 2005]
The Cure [Freakshow]
The Cure [The Only One]
Girls Against Boys [Freak*On*Ica]
Hole [Celebrity Skin]
Hole [Limited Edition Live]
Jawbreaker [Dear You]
Thurston Moore [Psychic Hearts]
Nirvana [From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah]
Nirvana [In Utero]
Nirvana [In Utero [Coffret Super Deluxe]]
Nirvana [Incesticide]
Nirvana [Live At Reading]
Nirvana [Live Tonight Sold Out]
Nirvana [Nevermind [Coffret Super Deluxe]]
Nirvana [Sliver : The Best Of The Box]
Nirvana [With The Lights Out]
The Plimsouls [Everywhere At Once]
The Posies [Amazing Disgrace]
The Posies [Dear 23]
The Posies [Frosting On The Beater]
The Raincoats [Odyshape]
She Wants Revenge [This Is Forever]
Sonic Youth [100% EP]
Sonic Youth [A Thousand Leaves]
Sonic Youth [Bull In The Heather EP]
Sonic Youth [Confusion Is Sex + Kill Yr Idols]
Sonic Youth [Daydream Nation [Deluxe Edition]]
Sonic Youth [Dirty]
Sonic Youth [Dirty Boots EP]
Sonic Youth [Dirty [Deluxe Edition]]
Sonic Youth [Drunken Butterfly EP]
Sonic Youth [Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star]
Sonic Youth [Goo]
Sonic Youth [Goo [Deluxe Edition]]
Sonic Youth [Kool Thing EP]
Sonic Youth [Murray Street]
Sonic Youth [Nyc, Ghosts And Flowers]
Sonic Youth [Rather Ripped]
Sonic Youth [Sonic Nurse]
Sonic Youth [Sonic Youth Reissued]
Sonic Youth [Sunday EP]
Sonic Youth [The Destroyed Room : B-sides And Rarities]
Sonic Youth [The Diamond Sea EP]
Sonic Youth [Washing Machine]
Sonic Youth [Whores Moaning EP]
Sparta [Porcelain]
The Start [Shakedown!]
The Stone Roses [Second Coming]
Three Mile Pilot [The Chief Assassin To The Sinister]
Rufus Wainwright [Release The Stars]
Rufus Wainwright [Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall]
Rufus Wainwright [Want Two]
Weezer [Make Believe]
Weezer [Maladroit]
Weezer [Pinkerton]
Weezer [Pinkerton [Deluxe Edition]]
Weezer [Raditude]
Weezer [The Blue Album]
Weezer [The Blue Album [Deluxe Edition]]
Weezer [The Good Life - OZ EP]
Weezer [The Green Album]
Weezer [The Lion And The Witch]
Weezer [The Red Album]
Whiskeytown [Strangers Almanac]
White Zombie [La Sexorcisto : Devil Music, Vol.1]
XTC [Oranges And Lemons]
Neil Young [Everybody's Rockin']
Neil Young [Landing On Water]
Neil Young [Life]
Neil Young [Old Ways]
Neil Young [Trans]
Gemini Vid  Biffy Clyro [Opposites]
Gentle Threat  Gonzales [Chambers]
Gentlemen  The Appleseed Cast [Peregrine]
At The Close Of Every Day [Zalig Zijn De Armen Van Geest]
Honey For Petzi [Heal All Monsters]
Honey For Petzi [Nicholson]
Machnick [Machnick]
Magicrays [On The Shoreline]
Genuine  Little Barrie [Stand Your Ground]
Little Barrie [We Are Little Barrie]
Geographic  Jad Fair [Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair - Near To You]
Gern Blandsten  Rye Coalition [Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet]
Get Hip  The Green Pajamas [Indian Winter]
Get Physical  Booka Shade [Movements]
Ghost Ramp  Cloud Nothings [Could Nothings X Wavves - No Life For Me]
Wavves [Wavves X Cloud Nothing - No Life For Me]
Ghosteen Ltd, Bad Seed Ltd  Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Ghosteen]
Ghostly International  Dykehouse [Midrange]
Gold Panda [Lucky Shiner]
Giant  Green Apple Quick Step [Wonderful Virus]
Oingo Boingo [Boingo]
Giant Steps  Carl Hancock Rux [Apothecary Rx]
Gift  Pulp [Babies]
Pulp [Razzmatazz]
Gigantic  The Walkmen [You & Me]
Gigolo  Fischerspooner [#1]
Miss Kittin & The Hacker [The First Album]
Gigors Electric  No Shangsa [Blind-Driving]
Give 'em Promotion Et La Tête De L'Artiste  Syd Kult [Damnatio Memoriae]
Given Productions  Dear Euphoria [Heal My Violence]
Gizeh  Foudre! [Earth]
Christine Ott [Only Silence Remains]
Gizeh Records  Foudre! [KAMI]
Glass  The Pastels [Up For A Bit With The Pastels]
Spacemen 3 [Sound Of Confusion]
Glass Records  Nikki Sudden [Nikki Sudden & The Jacobites: Robespierre's Velvet Basement]
Glassnote  Childish Gambino ["Awaken, My Love!"]
Phoenix [Ti Amo]
Glitterbeat  AMMAR 808 [Maghreb United]
Stella Chiweshe [Kasawha: Early Singles]
Lucidvox [We Are]
Park Jiha [Communion]
Sacri Cuori [Delone]
Glitterhouse  Birth Of Joy [Hyper Focus]
Dakota Suite [This River Only Brings Poison]
Dakota Suite [Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life]
David Eugene Edwards & Alexander Hacke [Risha]
Friends Of Dean Martinez [Wichita Lineman]
Die Nerven [Fake]
Christine Owman [Little Beast]
Pleasant Grove [Pleasant Grove]
Savoy Grand [Dirty Pillows]
Sixteen Horsepower [Folklore]
Sixteen Horsepower [Hoarse]
Sixteen Horsepower [Live March 2001]
Sixteen Horsepower [Olden]
Sixteen Horsepower [Secret South]
Spain [The Soul Of Spain]
Wovenhand [Consider The Birds]
Wovenhand [Live At Roepaen]
Wovenhand [Mosaic]
Wovenhand [Refractory Obdurate]
Wovenhand [The Laughing Stalk]
Wovenhand [The Threshingfloor]
Glitterhouse Records  Dirtmusic [BKO]
Chris Eckman [The Last Side Of The Mountain]
Global Symphonic  The Organ [Sinking Hearts]
Global Underground  UNKLE [Never, Never, Land]
Global Warning  Drugstore [Songs For The Jet Set]
Gnomonsong  Lower Dens [Twin-Hand Movement]
Papercuts [Can't Go Back]
Go Beat  Arab Strap [Cherubs EP]
Arab Strap [Elephant Shoe]
Arab Strap [Mad For Sadness]
Ben And Jason [Emoticons]
Ben And Jason [Hello]
Drugstore [Drugstore]
Drugstore [El President 1 EP]
Fridge [EPH]
Beth Gibbons [Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man : Out Of Season]
The La's [The La's]
Portishead [Dummy]
Portishead [Glory Times]
Portishead [Portishead]
Portishead [Portishead - Single]
Portishead [Roseland NYC Live]
Portishead [Sour Times EP]
Go Kart  Cougars [Pillow Talk]
Lunachicks [Jerk Of All Trades]
Lunachicks [Pretty Ugly]
Vision Of Disorder [For The Bleeders]
Go! Discs  Portishead [Glory Box]
Paul Weller [Paul Weller]
Paul Weller [Stanley Road]
Paul Weller [Wild Wood]
Goatgrind  Agathocles [Scorn Of Mother Earth]
Goatowarex  Lifelover [Pulver]
God Mountain  Ground Zero [Ground Zero]
God?  Ty Segall [Orange Rainbow]
Godfather Records  Neil Young [Collisioni Harvest 2014]
Godhead Recordings  Sludge [Sweet Daisy]
Goimusic  Numen [...Jarrai Beza Kondairak]
Numen [Basoaren Semeak]
Numen [Galdutako Itxaropenaren Eresia]
Numen [Numen]
Gold Fish  Neil Young [Bottom Line 1974 The New York Broadcast]
Gold Standard Laboratories  Crime In Choir [Trumpery Metier]
JR Ewing [Ride Paranoia]
The Locust [The Locust / Melt Banana Split 7"]
The Mars Volta [Tremulant EP]
Melt Banana [The Locust / Melt Banana Split 7"]
The Vanishing [Still Lifes Are Failing]
Golden Antenna  Maserati [Inventions For The New Season]
Golden Egg  Neil Young [Coming Back To Winnipeg...Where It All Began]
Golf  Hell Is For Heroes [Hell Is For Heroes]
Will Haven [Will Haven]
Goner  The Lost Sounds [Lost Lost]
The Reatards [Teenage Hate]
Ty Segall [Lemons]
Ty Segall [Melted]
Ty Segall [Singles 2007-2010]
Gonzai  Division Nuit [Division Nuit]
Gonzaï / Ruralfaune / Wild Valley  San Carol [Humain Trop Humain]
Good  The Polyphonic Spree [The Beginning Stages Of... The Polyphonic Spree]
The Polyphonic Spree [Together We're Heavy]
GOOD Music  Kanye West [Ye]
Good Years  Yellow Days [Harmless Melodies]
Gooom  Abstrackt Keal Agram [Bad Thriller]
Abstrackt Keal Agram [Cluster Ville]
Cyann & Ben [Happy Like An Autumn Tree]
M83 [0078h EP]
M83 [Before The Dawn Heals Us]
M83 [Dead Cities, Red Seas And Lost Ghosts]
M83 [M83]
Gossip  Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds [Huxley's New World]
Grabaciones En El Mar  Bigott [This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship]
Graffiti  Stereo MC's [Paradise]
Graham Coxon  Graham Coxon [The End Of The F***ing World]
Grand Jury  Twin Peaks [Down In Heaven]
Grand Palais  Birth Of Joy [Prisoner]
Birth Of Joy [The Sound Of Birth Of Joy]
Grand Royal  At The Drive-In [Relationship Of Command]
Atari Teenage Riot [Burn, Berlin, Burn!]
Beastie Boys [Check Your Head]
Beastie Boys [Hello Nasty]
Beastie Boys [Some Old Bullshit]
Beastie Boys [Video Anthology]
Buffalo Daughter [Captain Vapour Athletes]
Buffalo Daughter [New Rock]
Butter 08 [Butter 08]
Grapefruit Recordclub  Roy Montgomery [R M H Q: Headquarters]
Grass  Brainiac [Bonsai Superstar]
Brainiac [Smack Bunny Baby]
Grave Romance  Shora [Shaping The Random]
Graveface  Experimental Aircraft [Third Transmission]
Gravitation  The Tallest Man On Earth [Shallow Graves]
Gravity  Mick Barr [Crom-Tech - Crom-Tech]
Grease  El Goodo [Coyote]
Great Barrier  Bongripper [Terminal]
Greed  Cornflake Heroes [Off With Your Heads]
Green Ufos  Piano Magic [Part Monster]
Piano Magic [The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic]
Green United  Jack The Ripper [We Hear Voices! - The Fitzcarraldo Sessions]
Kid Loco [Confessions Of A Belladonna Eater]
Greenway  Frankie And The Witch Fingers [Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters...]
Grimsey  Andrew Bird [Fingerlings 3]
Andrew Bird [The Ballad Of The Red Shoes]
Gross Domestic Product  Civil Civic [Rules]
Grosse Boîte  Bertrand Belin [Persona]
Grosse Rose  A Subtle Plague [Hung To Dry]
A Subtle Plague [Kalifornia Must Be Punished EP]
A Subtle Plague [No Reprise]
Grouch  Trust [The Destroyer - Part One]
Grönland  Merz [Loveheart]
Merz [Moi Et Mon Camion]
Neu! [2]
Neu! [Neu! '86]
Neu! [Neu! 75]
Petra Jean Phillipson [Notes On : Love]
Sol Seppy [The Bells Of 1 2]
GSB  Geike Arnaert [For The Beauty Of Confusion]
GSL  Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [A Manual Dexterity : Soundtrack Volume One]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo]
GSR Music  Kickback [Et Le Diable Rit Avec Nous]
Kickback [Kickback / Vomir]
Kickback [No Surrender]
Guernica  Spoonfed Hybrid [Spoonfed Hybrid]
Guided By Voices  Boston Spaceships [Let It Beard]
Robert Pollard [Robert Pollard Is Off To Business]
Guided By Voices Inc.  Guided By Voices [Please Be Honest]
Guided By Voices [Space Gun]
Gumshot  The Berg Sans Nipple [Music For The Short Film Marie-Madeleine]
GUN  Paradise Lost [Paradise Lost]
Guruguru Brain  Kikagaku Moyo [House In The Tall Grass]
Kikagaku Moyo [Masana Temples]
Kikagaku Moyo [Stone Garden]
Minami Deutsch [Minami Deutsch]
Minami Deutsch [With Dim Light]
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