Label  Disque
!K7  The Herbaliser [Same As It Never Was]
(K-RAA-K)³ / 9000 Records (rééditions)  Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat [If The Sky Falls, We Shall Catch Larks]
0101  Micro:mega [Where We Go We Don't Need It Anymore]
03h50  Silvain Vanot [Ithaque]
12 TONAR  Ólöf Arnalds [Við Og Við]
12 Tónar  Grísalappalísa [ALI]
1234  The Bishops [The Bishops]
12rec  Crepusculum [Sky Diaries EP]
13th Planet  Ministry [From Beer To Eternity]
Ministry [Relapse]
Ministry [Rio Grande Blood]
Ministry [The Last Sucker]
14th Floor  Biffy Clyro [Puzzle]
Marmaduke Duke [Duke Pandemonium]
The Wombats [The Wombats Proudly Present A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation]
14th Floor ; Echo  Ray Lamontagne [Trouble]
1928 Recordings  The Soft Pack [The Muslims]
2 Blossoms  Vast [April]
Vast [Bang Band SiXXX : Relay EP]
20/20/20  Galaxie 500 [Peel Sessions]
2000  Laure Briard [Révélation]
Marie Mathématique [Tous Vos Lendemains Dès Aujourd'hui]
2000 / Born Bad  Julien Gasc [Cerf, Biche Et Faon]
2000 Records  Nonstop [Zyklon Bio]
2062  William Basinski [A Shadow In Time]
2tempi  Chassol [Big Sun]
3 Entertainment  Mellowdrone [Box]
3-Klang  Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft [Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen]
30th Century  Grandaddy [Last Place]
Adam Green [Engine Of Paradise]
37 Adventures  Clarence Clarity [Save †hyself]
37d03d  Bonny Light Horseman [Bonny Light Horseman]
Bonny Light Horseman [Rolling Golden Holy]
3D  31 Knots [Talk Like Blood]
456 Entertainment  Vast [Nude]
4AD  The Amps [Pacer]
The Amps [Tipp City EP]
Ariel Pink [Pom Pom]
Atlas Sound [Parallax]
Bauhaus [In The Flat Field]
Beirut [Elephant Gun]
Belly [Slow Dust EP]
Belly [Star]
The Big Pink [A Brief History Of Love]
Big Thief [Two Hands]
Big Thief [U.F.O.F.]
The Birthday Party [Junkyard]
The Birthday Party [Live 81-82]
The Birthday Party [Prayers On Fire]
Frank Black [Frank Black]
Frank Black [Hang On To Your Ego EP]
Frank Black [Headache [#1] EP]
Frank Black [Headache [#2] EP]
Frank Black [Teenager Of The Year]
Frank Black [The Black Session]
Blonde Redhead [23]
Blonde Redhead [Equus EP]
Blonde Redhead [Misery Is A Butterfly]
Bon Iver [For Emma, Forever Ago]
The Breeders [All Nerve]
The Breeders [Cannonbal EP]
The Breeders [Head To Toe EP]
The Breeders [Huffer]
The Breeders [Last Splash]
The Breeders [LSXX]
The Breeders [Mountain Battles]
The Breeders [Pod]
The Breeders [Safari EP]
The Breeders [Title TK]
Camera Obscura [My Maudlin Career]
Celebration [Celebration]
Clan Of Xymox [Medusa]
Cocteau Twins [Blue Bell Knoll]
Cocteau Twins [Echoes In A Shallow Bay]
Cocteau Twins [Garlands]
Cocteau Twins [Head Over Heels]
Cocteau Twins [Heaven Or Las Vegas]
Cocteau Twins [The Moon & The Melodies]
Cocteau Twins [The Spangle Maker]
Cocteau Twins [Treasure]
Cocteau Twins [Victorialand]
Daughter [If You Leave]
Dead Can Dance [Aion]
Dead Can Dance [Dead Can Dance]
Dead Can Dance [Into The Labyrinth]
Dead Can Dance [Spiritchaser]
Dead Can Dance [Spleen And Ideal]
Dead Can Dance [The Serpent's Egg]
Dead Can Dance [Toward The Within]
Dead Can Dance [Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun]
Deerhunter [Fading Frontier]
Deerhunter [Halcyon Digest]
Deerhunter [Monomania]
Deerhunter [Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?]
Department Of Eagles [In Ear Park]
Dif Juz [Extractions]
Future Islands [Singles]
Future Of The Left [The Plot Against Common Sense]
Future Of The Left [Travels With Myself And Another]
Gang Gang Dance [Eye Contact]
Lisa Germano [Excerpts From A Love Circus]
Lisa Germano [Geek The Girl]
Lisa Germano [Happiness]
Lisa Germano [Slide]
Lisa Gerrard [Duality]
Lisa Gerrard [Immortal Memory]
Lisa Gerrard [The Mirror Pool]
Lisa Gerrard [Whalerider]
The Glee Club [Mine]
Grimes [Art Angels]
Gus Gus [Polydistortion]
Gus Gus [This Is Normal]
Gus Gus [Vs. T-World]
Aldous Harding [Designer]
Aldous Harding [Party]
Kristin Hersh [Hips And Makers]
Kristin Hersh [Sky Motel]
Kristin Hersh [The Grotto]
His Name Is Alive [Home Is In Your Head]
His Name Is Alive [Livonia]
His Name Is Alive [Mouth By Mouth]
His Name Is Alive [Stars On E.S.P.]
The Hope Blister [Smile's OK]
Iron & Wine [Kiss Each Other Clean]
Mark Lanegan [Blues Funeral]
Adrianne Lenker [Songs & Instrumentals]
Lush [Gala]
Lush [Single Girl #1]
Lush [Split]
Lush [Spooky]
Cass McCombs [Prefection]
Modern English [After The Snow]
Modern English [Mesh & Lace]
Mojave 3 [Ask Me Tomorrow]
Mojave 3 [Puzzles Like You]
Mojave 3 [Spoon And Ratfer]
This Mortal Coil [Blood]
This Mortal Coil [Filigree & Shadow]
This Mortal Coil [It'll End In Tears]
This Mortal Coil [Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust]
The Mountain Goats [Tallahassee]
The Mountain Goats [The Life Of The World To Come]
The Mountain Goats [We Shall All Be Healed]
The National [High Violet]
The National [Trouble Will Find Me]
Scout Niblett [This Fool Can Die Now]
Pieter Nooten [Sleeps With The Fishes]
Pale Saints [Barging Into The Presence Of God]
Pale Saints [In Ribbons]
Pale Saints [Slow Buildings]
Pale Saints [The Comfort Of Madness]
Brendan Perry [Eye Of The Hunter]
Piano Magic [Writers Without Homes]
Pixies [Alec Eiffel EP]
Pixies [Bam Thwok]
Pixies [Bossanova]
Pixies [Come On Pilgrim]
Pixies [Complete 'B' Sides]
Pixies [Death To The Pixies Limited Edition]
Pixies [Debaser Studio EP]
Pixies [Dig For Fire EP]
Pixies [Doolittle]
Pixies [Gigantic / River Euphrates EP]
Pixies [Head On EP]
Pixies [Here Comes Your Man EP]
Pixies [Monkey Gone To Heaven EP]
Pixies [Pixies]
Pixies [Pixies At The BBC]
Pixies [Planet Of Sound EP]
Pixies [Surfer Rosa]
Pixies [Surfer Rosa + Come On Pilgrim]
Pixies [Trompe La Mort : The Story]
Pixies [Trompe Le Monde]
Pixies [Velouria EP]
Pixies [Wave Of Mutilation : The Best Of The Pixies]
Red House Painters [Down Colorful Hill]
Red House Painters [Ocean Beach]
Red House Painters [Red House Painters I (Rollercoaster)]
Red House Painters [Red House Painters II (Bridge)]
Red House Painters [Retrospective]
Red House Painters [Shock Me EP]
Serena Maneesh [No 2: Abyss In B Minor]
Spirea X [Fireblades Skies]
St. Vincent [Actor]
St. Vincent [KROKODIL]
St. Vincent [Strange Mercy]
Tarnation [Gentle Creatures]
Tarnation [Mirador]
The The [Burning Blue Soul]
Throwing Muses [House Tornado]
Throwing Muses [House Tornado / The Fat Skier]
Throwing Muses [The Real Ramona]
Throwing Muses [Untitled]
TV On The Radio [Dear Science]
TV On The Radio [Return To Cookie Mountain]
TV On The Radio [Staring At The Sun EP]
Twin Shadow [Confess]
Twin Shadow [Forget]
U.S. Girls [In A Poem Unlimited]
Ultra Vivid Scene [Joy : 1967 - 1990]
Ultra Vivid Scene [Rev]
Ultra Vivid Scene [Ultra Vivid Scene]
Scott Walker [Bish Bosch]
Scott Walker [The Drift]
Matt Ward [Post-war]
The Wolfgang Press [Burden Of Mules]
XMal Deutschland [Fetisch]
XMal Deutschland [Tocsin]
Zomby [Dedication]
4AD ; Nonesuch  Iron & Wine [Ghost On Ghost]
4AD/FNAC/Les Inrockuptibles  Pixies [Live]
4th & Broadway  Tricky [Pre-Millenium Tension]
5 Minute Walk  Soul-Junk [1956]
5 Rue Christine  Hella [Hold Your Horse Is]
Xiu Xiu [A Promise]
Xiu Xiu [Fabulous Muscles]
Xiu Xiu [Knife Play]
Xiu Xiu [La Forêt]
Xiu Xiu [Remixed & Covered]
Xiu Xiu [The Air Force]
50 Skidillion Watts  Half Japanese [Charmed Life]
52 Hz  Colin Stetson [All This I Do For Glory]
Colin Stetson [Sorrow : A Reimagining Of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony]
550 Music  Flop [Whenever You're Ready]
Infectious Grooves [Groove Family Cyco]
550 Music - Epic  Social Distortion [White Light, White Heat, White Trash]
62 TV  Austin Lace [Easy To Cook]
Flexa Lyndo [Slow Club]
Girls In Hawaii [Found In The Ground : The Winter EP]
Girls In Hawaii [From Here To There]
Girls In Hawaii [Plan Your Escape]
Malibu Stacy [G]
679  The Futureheads [The Futureheads]
69  69 [Novo Rock]
75 Ark  Antipop Consortium [Tragic Epilogue]
Dan The Automator [Lovage - Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By]
Deltron 3030 [Deltron 3030]
818 Music  Shawn Smith [Let It All Begin]
Shawn Smith [Live At The Point]
8Ft.  The Dresden Dolls [A Is For Accident]
The Dresden Dolls [The Dresden Dolls]
8mm Records  Orchestra Of Constant Distress [Orchestra Of Constant Distress]
8MMUSIK  Singapore Sling [The Curse Of Singapore Sling]
99  Glenn Branca [Lesson N°1]
Glenn Branca [The Ascension]
ESG [Come Away With ESG]
À Tant Rêver Du Roi  Bison Bisou [Bodysick]
[bootleg]  Pixies [Number 13 Baby]
[noiz'aedikt]  Nostromo [Narrenschiff]
[PIAS]  Eiffel [A Tout Moment]
[PIAS], Scarlett  Jean Louis Murat [Baby Love]
Jean Louis Murat [Innamorato]
¡Ya Bastá!  Gotan Project [Inspiración Espiración]
Gotan Project [Lunático]
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