Label  Disque
Beat Happening [Black Candy]
Beat Happening [Dreamy]
Beat Happening [Jamboree]
Beat Happening [You Turn Me On]
Beck [One Foot In The Grave]
Chain & The Gang [In Cool Blood]
Kimya Dawson [Alphabutt]
Kimya Dawson [Hidden Vagenda]
Kimya Dawson [Remember That I Love You]
Kimya Dawson [Thunder Thighs]
The Halo Benders [The Rebels Not In]
Jeremy Jay [Slow Dance]
Make Up [I Want Some]
Make Up [Sound Verite]
The Microphones [It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water]
The Microphones [Mount Eerie]
Mirah [Advisory Committee]
Mirah [C'mon Miracle]
Old Time Relijun [Lost Light]
Talulah Gosh [Backwash]
Tender Forever [The Soft & The Hardcore]
Tiger Trap [Tiger Trap]
K7  Funkstörung [Disconnected]
Matthew Herbert [Scale]
Kruder & Dorfmeister [The K&D Sessions Tm]
Swayzak [Loops From The Bergerie]
KA-rcrds  Jeroen Diepenmaat [Knip/plak EP03]
Kalinstaland  Idaho [Vieux Carré]
Kamera  The Fall [Hex Enduction Hour]
Kanine  Bleeding Rainbow [Yeah Right]
Rockethouse [Weapons Of Mass Distortion]
Kapp  Linda Perhacs [Parallelograms]
Silver Apples [Silver Apples]
Silver Apples [The Contact]
Karina Square  Carmine [Departs]
Kat Onoma  Rodolphe Burger [Cheval-Mouvement]
Keben  Gâtechien [Trois]
Le Singe Blanc [Strak !]
Kemado  Elefant [Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid]
Kerig  Théo Hakola [La Chanson Du Zorro Andalou]
Kerosene  Second Rate [Grinding To Dust Two Years Somewhat Insane]
Kerviniou  Ex Fulgur [Post-Humanité]
Kerviniou / Detonic / Le Secret  Ex Fulgur [Noires Sont Les Galaxies]
Kerviniou, Bruit De Fond  Mistress Bomb H [I'm Girl And I'm Proud]
Ki/oon  Guitar Wolf [Jet Generation]
Polysics [We Ate The Machine]
Kick And Rush  Warehouse 99 Project [Social Leper's Club]
Kicking  Dead Pop Club [Home Rage]
Flying Donuts [Until The Morning Comes]
Hellbats [One Minute Suicide]
Kids Are Lo-Fi  We Hate You Please Die [Kids Are Lo-Fi]
Kill Rock Stars  Bikini Kill [Reject All American]
Bikini Kill [The CD Version Of The First Two Records]
The Decemberists [Her Majesty The Decemberists]
The Decemberists [Picaresque]
Deerhoof [Friend Opportunity]
Deerhoof [Milk Man]
Deerhoof [Offend Maggie]
Deerhoof [Reveille]
Deerhoof [The Runners Four]
Erase Errata [Nightlife]
Free Kitten [Nice Ass]
Free Kitten [Sentimental Education]
Gossip [Standing In The Way Of Control]
Sleater-Kinney [All Hands On The Bad One]
Sleater-Kinney [Dig Me Out]
Sleater-Kinney [One Beat]
Sleater-Kinney [The Hot Rock]
Elliott Smith [Either/Or]
Elliott Smith [Elliott Smith]
Elliott Smith [New Moon]
Stereo Total [Paris-Berlin]
Marnie Stern [In Advance Of The Broken Arm]
Marnie Stern [This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That]
Thrones [Sperm Whale]
Unwound [Fake Train]
Unwound [Leaves Turn Inside You]
Unwound [Repetition]
Unwound [The Future Of What]
Xiu Xiu [Women As Lovers]
Kill Shaman  The Feeling Of Love [Dissolve Me]
The Feeling Of Love [OK Judge Revival]
Ty Segall [Reverse Shark Attack]
Killer Pimp  A Place To Bury Strangers [A Place To Bury Strangers]
Kindercore  Of Montreal [Aldhils Arboretum]
Of Montreal [Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies : A Variety Of Whimsical Verse]
Vermont [Calling Albany]
King  Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill – Original Soundtracks]
Kitchen Leg  Mumbles [Geese My Eyes]
Kitchen Music  Faris Nourallah [Gone]
Kitchenware  Editors [An End Has A Start]
Editors [An End Has A Start Part1]
Editors [Bullets]
Editors [In This Light And On This Evening]
Editors [The Back Room]
Prefab Sprout [Steve McQueen]
Kitsuné  Autokratz [Animal]
Two Door Cinema Club [Something Good Can Work]
Kitty-Yo  Chikinki [Lick Your Ticket]
Gonzales [Gonzales Über Alles]
Gonzales [The Entertainist]
Peaches [Teaches Of Peaches]
Tarwater [Dwellers On The Treshold]
Klangbad  Faust [Faust Is Last]
Klein  Sofa Surfers [Transit]
Kling Klang  Kraftwerk [Computer World]
Klonosphere  Maudits [Maudits]
KLP  The Microphones [The Glow, Pt. 2]
Kobalt  Blonde Redhead [Barragàn]
Koch  Godflesh [Hymns]
Opeth [Blackwater Park]
Opeth [Damnation]
Supersuckers [The Evil Powers Of Rock And Roll]
Kompact  Pantha Du Prince [This Bliss]
Kompakt  Gas [Narkopop]
Whomadewho [Brighter]
Whomadewho [Knee Deep]
Konami  Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill 2 - Original Soundtracks]
Konichiwa  Robyn [Honey]
Konkurrel  New Wet Kojak [Do Things]
Konkurrent  Aereogramme [Isis Aereogramme - In The Fishtank]
The Black Heart Procession [The Black Heart Procession Solbakken - In The Fishtank]
Dirty Three [Low Dirty Three - In The Fishtank]
The Ex [Sonic Youth I.C.P. The Ex - In The Fishtank]
The Ex [Tortoise The Ex - In The Fishtank]
Isis [Isis Aereogramme - In The Fishtank]
June Of 44 [In The Fishtank]
Karate [In The Fishtank]
Low [Low Dirty Three - In The Fishtank]
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez [Omar Rodriguez]
Sonic Youth [Sonic Youth I.C.P. The Ex - In The Fishtank]
Tortoise [Tortoise The Ex - In The Fishtank]
Koogat  That Petrol Emotion [Fireproof]
Kora  Gregor Samsa [55:12]
Korova  Echo & The Bunnymen [Crocodiles]
Echo & The Bunnymen [Echo & The Bunnymen]
Echo & The Bunnymen [Heaven Up Here]
Echo & The Bunnymen [Ocean Rain]
The Sound [From The Lion 's Mouth]
The Sound [Jeopardy]
Kosmische Musik  The Cosmic Jokers [Galactic Supermarket]
Krank  Deerhunter [Fluorescent Grey EP]
Kranky  Atlas Sound [Let The Blind Lead Those Who See But Cannot Feel]
Atlas Sound [Logos]
Bowery Electric [Beat]
Deerhunter [Cryptograms]
Deerhunter [Microcastle]
Disappears [Era]
Disappears [Irreal]
Disappears [Pre Language]
Growing [Sky's Run To Sea]
Jessamine [Don't Stay Too Long]
Jessamine [Jessamine]
Jessamine [The Long Arm Of Coïncidence]
Labradford [E Luxo So]
Labradford [Mi Media Naranja]
Labradford [Prazision LP]
Low [Secret Name]
Out Hud [Street Dad]
Stars Of The Lid [Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline]
Kranky / Erased Tapes  A Winged Victory For The Sullen [Atomos]
Kreg Viesselman  Kreg Viesselman [Kreg Viesselman]
KRS  Unwound [New Platic Ideas]
Kscope  Anathema [Distant Satellites]
Anathema [Falling Deeper]
Anathema [Hindsight]
Anathema [Universal]
Anathema [Universal (DVD)]
Anathema [We're Here Because We're Here]
Anathema [Weather Systems]
Katatonia [Dethroned & Uncrowned]
Ulver [Childhood's End (Lost & Founds From The Age Of Aquarius)]
Steven Wilson [The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)]
Kshantu  Yachtclub [Yachtclub]
Kuunpalvelus  Circle Of Ouroborus [Pehmeat Kasvot]
Circle Of Ouroborus [Sisään Katsovat Seppelesilmät]
KVLT  Sigh [The Curse Of Izanagi]
Kwaidan  Jay Jay Johanson [Opium]
Kythibong  Belone Quartet [Les Prémices De La Béatitude Naissent De L'Amertume]
Fordamage [Belgian Tango]
Fordamage [Fordamage]
Mansfield.TYA [Seules Au Bout De 23 Secondes]
Papaye [Para Bailar]
Pneu [Pneu / Room 204 - Split 7"]
Room 204 [Room 204]
Room 204 [Room 204 / Pneu - Split 7"]
Room 204 [Trans Panda]
Seal Of Quality [Affective Design]
Kythibong / Clapping Music  Deerhoof [The Magic]
Kütu Folk  The Delano Orchestra [NowthatyouARefree MyBelovedLove]
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