Label  Disque
Pearl Jam [Live At Easy Street]
Pearl Jam [Pearl Jam]
Jade Tree  Breather Resist [Charmer]
Denali [Denali]
Denali [The Instinct]
Fucked Up [Hidden World]
Girls Against Boys [You Can't Fight What You Can't See]
Milemarker [Satanic Versus]
Onelinedrawing [Always New]
Onelinedrawing [The Volunteers]
Onelinedrawing [Visitor]
Pedro The Lion [Achilles Heel]
Pedro The Lion [Control]
Pedro The Lion [It's Hard To Find A Friend]
Pedro The Lion [Winners Never Quit]
The Promise Ring [30° Everywhere]
Statistics [Leave Your Name]
Statistics [Often Lie]
Strike Anywhere [Exit English]
These Arms Are Snakes [Easter]
These Arms Are Snakes [Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home]
These Arms Are Snakes [This Is Meant To Hurt You EP]
Turing Machine [A New Machine For Living]
Young Widows [Settle Down City]
Jagjaguwar  The Besnard Lakes [A Coliseum Complex Museum]
The Besnard Lakes [The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse]
The Besnard Lakes [The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night]
The Besnard Lakes [Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO]
Black Mountain [Black Mountain]
Black Mountain [In The Future]
Black Mountain [IV]
Bon Iver [22, A Million]
Bon Iver [Bon Iver, Bon Iver]
Cut Worms [Cut Worms]
Dinosaur Jr [Farm]
Dinosaur Jr [Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not]
Dinosaur Jr [I Bet On Sky]
Julie Doiron [Désormais]
Julie Doiron [Goodnight Nobody]
Julie Doiron [I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day]
Julie Doiron [Julie Doiron And The Wooden Stars]
Julie Doiron [Woke Myself Up]
Foxygen [..And Star Power]
Foxygen [Hang]
Foxygen [Seeing Other People]
Foxygen [We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace And Magic]
Simon Joyner [Lost With The Lights On]
Simon Joyner [Skeleton Blues]
Lightning Dust [Lightning Dust]
Minus Story [No Rest For Ghosts]
Moonface [Julia With Blue Jeans On]
Okkervil River [Black Sheep Boy]
Okkervil River [Black Sheep Boy Appendix]
Okkervil River [Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See]
Okkervil River [Down The River Of Golden Dreams]
Okkervil River [The Stage Names]
Okkervil River [The Stand Ins]
Angel Olsen [All Mirrors]
Angel Olsen [Burn Your Fire For No Witness]
JAGJAGUWAR  Angel Olsen [Whole New Mess]
Jagjaguwar  Oneida [Absolute II]
Oneida [Happy New Year]
Oneida [Preteen Weaponry]
Oneida [Rated O]
Preoccupations [New Material]
S. Carey [Hundred Acres]
Spokane [The Proud Graduates]
Sunset Rubdown [Dragonslayer]
Sunset Rubdown [Random Spirit Lover]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra [II]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra [Multi-Love]
Viet Cong [Viet Cong]
Volcano Choir [Repave]
Volcano Choir [Unmap]
Women [Public Strain]
Women [Women]
The Wooden Stars [Julie Doiron And The Wooden Stars]
Richard Youngs [River Through Howling Sky]
Richard Youngs [Sapphie]
Jajaguwar  Dinosaur Jr [Sweep It Into Space]
Japis  Botnledja [Douglas Dakota]
Jarring Effects  Brain Damage [Burning Before Sunset]
Ez3kiel [Barb4ry]
Ez3kiel [Battlefield]
Ez3kiel [Handle With Care]
Ez3kiel [Hint Versus Ez3kiel : Collision Tour 2009]
Ez3kiel [Naphtaline]
Fumuj [The Robot And The Chinese Shrimp]
High Tone [Acid Dub Nucleik]
High Tone [Underground Wobble]
High Tone [Wave Digger]
Picore [Assyrian Vertigo]
Picore [L'hélium Du Peuple]
Revo [Artefacts]
Vuneny [Whatever Singularity]
Zenzile [Zentone : Zenzile Meets High Tone]
Jaune Orange  The Experimental Tropic Blues Band [Hellelujah]
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band [Liquid Love]
The K. [Burning Pattern Etiquette]
Leaf House [Lleeaaffhhoouussee]
Jeans  2Kilos &More [8 Floors Lower]
Jeepster  Belle And Sebastian [If You're Feeling Sinister]
Belle And Sebastian [Jonathan David EP]
Belle And Sebastian [Storytelling]
Belle And Sebastian [The Boy With The Arab Strap]
Belle And Sebastian [This Is Just A Modern Rock Song EP]
Belle And Sebastian [Tigermilk]
The Gentle Waves [Swansong For You]
Snow Patrol [Songs For Polar Bears]
Snow Patrol [When It's All Over You Still Have To Clear Up]
Jericho  Luna [The Days Of Our Nights]
Jester  Ulver [Lyckantropen Themes]
Ulver [Messe I.X-VI.X]
Ulver [Perdition City]
Ulver [Silence Teaches You How To Sing EP]
Ulver [Silencing The Singing EP]
Ulver [Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell]
Jestrai  Ulan Bator [Rodeo Massacre]
Jet  The Fall [The Light User Syndrome]
JetSet  Elysian Fields [Queen Of The Meadow]
Firewater [Songs We Should Have Written]
Firewater [The Man On The Burning Tightrope]
Firewater [The Ponzi Scheme]
The Go-Betweens [78 'Til 79: The Lost Album]
The Go-Betweens [The Friends Of Rachel Worth]
Jetset  Macha [See It Another Way]
JetSet  Mogwai [Ten Rapid]
Prolapse [Backsaturday]
Sun Kil Moon [Ghosts Of The Great Highway]
Jitter  Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia... [Indian Ink]
Jive  (Hed) Pe [(Hed) Pe]
(Hed) Pe [Broke]
Owlle [Heavy Weather]
The Stone Roses [Turns Into Stone]
Justin Timberlake [Futuresex/Lovesounds]
Jive Epic  Owlle [France]
Stupeflip [Stup Religion]
Joyful Noise  Lou Barlow [Apocalypse Fetish]
Lou Barlow [Brace The Wave]
Half Japanese [Perfect]
Jason Loewenstein [Spooky Action]
Sebadoh [Defend Yourself]
Son Lux [Lanterns]
Suuns [Fiction]
Talk Normal [Sunshine]
Junior Boy's Own  Underworld [1992-2002]
Underworld [Beaucoup Fish]
Junior Reset  M83 [Digital Shades Vol. 1]
Justine  Kat Onoma [Stock Phrases]
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