Label  Disque
Oak Ten  Keaton Henson [Birthdays]
Keaton Henson [Romantic Works]
Oaken Shield  Blut Aus Nord [The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion]
Oblivion  The Mission [Aura]
The Mission [God Is A Bullet]
The Mission [Keep It In The Family]
Ocean Music  Heligoland [A Street Between Us]
Junetile [Work]
Dawn Landes [Dawn's Music]
Ocean Rain  Echo & The Bunnymen [The Fountain]
Octopus Electrical  Yak [Alas Salvation]
Odeon  Jacques Higelin [Amor Doloroso]
Shivaree [I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump]
Odeon Fonográfica  Marcos Valle [Previsão Do Tempo]
Odette Prod  Pull [My Head Is A Building]
Odissey  Radiohead [Christopher O'riley - True Love Waits]
Off Beat  Green On Red [Too Much Fun]
Velvet Acid Christ [Calling Ov The Dead]
Off Course, EMI Electrola  Grauzone [Eisbaer]
Off The Hip  The Dolly Rocker Movement [A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine]
Oglio  The Plimsouls [One Night In America]
Oh'Zone  Orbital [Chime]
Ohio Gold  Dianogah [As Seen From Above]
Ohlone  Dredg [The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion]
Ohr  Ash Ra Tempel [Schwingungen]
Klaus Schulze [Irrlicht]
Tangerine Dream [Electronic Meditation]
Tangerine Dream [Ultima Thule]
OIHUKA  Atom Rhumba [Amateur Universe]
Old  Jonah Matranga [The Three Sketchys (1999-2005)]
Olsen  Todd Terje [It's Album Time]
Olympic  Troy Von Balthazar [Troy Von Balthazar]
Troy Von Balthazar [Troy Von Balthazar EP]
Ombrage Éditions  Le Klub Des Loosers [Le Chat Et Autres Histoires]
Ombrage Editions  Le Klub Des Loosers [VANITE]
On The Camper  Peter Kernel [The Size Of The Night]
Peter Kernel [Thrill Addict]
Peter Kernel [White Death Black Heart]
On-U Sound  Trevor Jackson [Science Fiction Dancehall Classics]
Nisennenmondai [#N/A]
One Flash  Nadine Khouri [The Salted Air]
One Foot  At The Drive-In [El Gran Orgo]
One Hour/Jagjaguwar  Simon Joyner [Room Temperature]
One Little Indian  Ķlöf Arnalds [Innundir Skinni]
Ķlöf Arnalds [Ólöf Sings]
Ķlöf Arnalds [Palme]
Ķlöf Arnalds [Sudden Elevation]
Björk [Biophilia]
Björk [Drawing Restraint 9]
Björk [Greatest Hits]
Björk [Live At The Royal Opera]
Björk [Medùlla]
Björk [Post]
Björk [SelmaSongs]
Björk [Telegram]
Björk [Vespertine]
Björk [Volta]
Björk [Vulnicura]
Compulsion [Comforter]
Compulsion [The Future Is Medium]
Daisy Chainsaw [For They Know Not What They Do]
Sandy Dillon [East Overshoe]
Sandy Dillon [Electric Chair]
Sandy Dillon [Nobody's Sweetheart]
Sandy Dillon [Pull The Strings]
Kitchens Of Distinction [Strange Free World]
Land Of Talk [Applause Cheer Boo Hiss]
Queen Adreena [Live At The ICA]
Queen Adreena [The Butcher And The Butterfly]
The Sugarcubes [Life's Too Good]
The Sugarcubes [Stick Around For Joy]
The Twilight Singers [A Stitch In Time]
The Twilight Singers [Powder Burns]
Underground Railroad [Sticks And Stones]
One Louder  Man Or Astroman ? [Intravenous Television Continuum]
Man Or Astroman ? [Live Transmission From Uranus !]
Man Or Astroman ? [Your Weight On The Moon]
One Way  Green On Red [No Free Lunch]
One-handed Music  Paul White [The Strange Dreams Of Paul White]
Onion Productions  Gavin Hammond [8 Weeks, 11 Days, 12 Hours & 45 Minutes]
Only Lovers Records  Queen Of The Meadow [A Room To Store Happiness]
Onlyforever Recordings  Fleeting Joys [Despondent Transponder]
Onomania  Kat Onoma [Billy The Kid]
Opax  My Cat Is An Alien [From The Earth To The Spheres - Vol.3]
Opposite Prod  Burning Heads [Taranto]
Ravi [Wreck The Compass]
Optical Sound  2Kilos &More [Entre3villes]
Orange Twin  Vic Chesnutt [Dark Developments]
Orchard  Elysian Fields [Dreams That Breathe Your Name]
Okkervil River [Stars Too Small To Use]
Organik  The Young Gods [The Young Gods]
Orkhestra  Moonchild [Moonchild]
John Zorn [Moonchild]
Osmose  Arkhon Infaustus [Filth Catalyst]
Arkhon Infaustus [HellInjection]
Arkhon Infaustus [Orthodoxyn]
Arkhon Infaustus [Perdition Insanabilis]
Osmose Productions  Extreme Noise Terror [Extreme Noise Terror / Driller Killer - Split]
Extreme Noise Terror [Law Of Retaliation]
Ottonecker  Chevreuil [Chateauvallon]
Chevreuil [Chevreuil For Petzi VS Honey For Chevreuil]
Chevreuil [Ghetto Blaster]
Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug  1000mods [Repeated Exposure To ...]
Oui Oui  Los Natas [El Hombre Montaña]
Los Natas [El Nuevo Orden De La Libertad]
Los Natas [El Universo Perdido De Los Natas]
Our!  Serafin [To The Teeth]
Out Of The Blue  21 Love Hotel [Our Hearts Belong To The Storm]
Out Post  Days Of The New [I]
Days Of The New [II]
Days Of The New [III]
Outer Battery  Heavy Blanket [Heavy Blanket]
Outpost  DJ Spooky [Riddim Warfare]
Hayden [Everything I Long For]
Veruca Salt [Eight Arms To Hold You]
Output  Colder [Again]
Fridge [Ceefax]
Fridge [Semaphore]
Overcoat  Bonnie Prince Billy [Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - The Brave And The Bold]
Calexico [In The Reins]
Glen Hansard [The Swell Season]
Markéta Irglová [The Swell Season]
Iron & Wine [In The Reins]
The Kingsbury Manx [The Kingsbury Manx]
Tortoise [Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - The Brave And The Bold]
Overcome  Merzbow [Merzbow / Shora : "Switching Rethorics"]
Nostromo [Ecce Lex]
Nostromo [Eyesore EP]
Shora [Switching Rethorics]
Overdraft  Kinetic Stereokids [Basement Kids]
Overground  The Television Personalities [I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod]
Own  31 Knots [The Curse Of The Longest Day]
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