Label  Disque
Ultimate  Bang Bang Machine [Eternal Happiness]
Senser [Stacked Up]
The Werefrogs [Swing]
Ultimatum  Moke [UK] [Carnival]
Ultimatum Music  Dave Pirner [Faces And Names]
Ultra  Morcheeba [Dive Deep]
Ultraviolet  Playdoh [Playdoh]
UMe  Chris Cornell [Higher Truth]
Chris Cornell [No One Sings Like You Anymore - Vol. 1]
Chris Cornell [Songbook]
Un Dimanche  Rhesus [Meanwhile At The Party EP]
Rhesus [Rhesus First EP]
Rien [Requiem Pour Des Baroqueux]
Unadulterated  Lucky Pierre (USA) [Fans & Cameras / Idlewood]
Uncivilized World  Jeff Mills [Jeff Mills & The Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra - Blue Potential]
OMR [Superheroes Crash]
Zenzile [Living In Monochrome]
Undercover  Joseph Arthur [Vacancy]
Wax Tailor [Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies]
Undergroove  Lack [Be There Pulse]
Undertow  The New Year [Snow]
J. Tillman [Minor Works]
Une Gracieuseté Des Records Coco-cognac  Les Georges Leningrad [Deux Hots Dogs Moutarde Chou]
Unfiltered  The Postmarks [The Postmarks]
Unhip  Fantômas [Fantômas - Melt Banana / Split]
Melt Banana [Melt Banana/Fantômas Split]
Unicorn  Neil Young [Rock Am Ring 2002]
Unique  Angil [Oulipo Saliva]
Angil [Teaser For: Matter]
Half Asleep [(We Are Now) Seated In Profile]
Unison Music  Baby Bird [Ex-maniac]
United Artists  Amon Düül II [Wolf City]
Buzzcocks [Love Bites]
The Stranglers [Black And White]
The Stranglers [No More Heroes]
The Stranglers [Rattus Norvegicus]
The Stranglers [The Raven]
Universal  The Arcade Fire [The Suburbs]
Alain Bashung [Chatterton]
Alain Bashung [La Tournée Des Grands Espaces]
Bright Eyes [Cassadaga]
Johnny Cash [American Recordings IV : The Man Comes Around]
Curve [Come Clean]
Dirty Pretty Things [Waterloo To Anywhere]
Dredg [El Cielo]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster [Psychosis Safari, Pt.1]
The Hellacopters [By The Grace Of God]
The Hellacopters [High Visibility]
The Hellacopters [Rock & Roll Is Dead]
The Hellacopters [Strikes The Lightning EP]
Jay Jay Johanson [Spellbound]
Kaiser Chiefs [Employment]
Le Tigre [This Island]
The Little Ones [Morning Tide]
The Mars Volta [Amputechture]
The Mars Volta [Frances The Mute]
The Mars Volta [Scabdates]
Plastic Tree [Chandelier]
Pulp [The Peel Sessions]
Quicksand [Slip]
Rammstein [Live Aus Berlin]
Rammstein [Rosenrot]
Ron Sexsmith [Exit Strategy Of The Soul]
Siouxsie Sioux [Mantaray]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Downside Up]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [Kaleidoscope (édition Remasterisée)]
Siouxsie & The Banshees [The Scream (édition Remasterisée)]
Tahiti 80 [Fosbury]
You Am I [Dilettantes]
Universal Music  Rammstein [Rammstein]
Universal Spain  Rosalía [Los Ángeles]
Universeul  Odezenne [Sans. Chantilly]
Unknown  Carpenter Brut [III (EP)]
Unstable Ape  Ricaine [Urbanity]
Up  Built To Spill [There's Nothing Wrong With Love]
Modest Mouse [Interstate 8]
Modest Mouse [This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About]
The Pastels [Illumination]
Quasi [Featuring Birds]
Upbeat  Cake [B-Sides And Rarities]
Cake [Showroom Of Compassion]
Upset The Rhythm  John Maus [We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves]
Uptown  Unified Theory [Unified Theory]
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