Label  Disque
Yakisakana  The Feeling Of Love [Petite, Tu Es Un Hit]
Yap  Datarock [Datarock]
YEAR0001  Yung Lean [Stranger]
Yelen  Burning Heads [Burning Heads Alif Sound System - Never Trust A Punk...]
Yep Roc  The Go-Betweens [Oceans Apart]
The Go-Betweens [That Striped Sunlight Sun]
Heavy Trash [Heavy Trash]
Grant Lee Phillips [All That You Can Dream]
Grant Lee Phillips [Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff]
Grant Lee Phillips [Little Moon]
Grant Lee Phillips [The Narrows]
Grant Lee Phillips [Widdershins]
The Sadies [Colder Streams]
The Sadies [Darker Circles]
The Sadies [Favourite Colours]
The Sadies [Internal Sounds]
The Sadies [New Seasons]
The Sadies [Stories Often Told]
Sloan [Commonwealth]
Yotanka  Ropoporose [Kernel, Foreign Moons]
Yotanka/Differ Ant  Ropoporose [Elephant Love]
Young Baby  Coconut Records [Davy]
Coconut Records [Nighttiming]
Young God  Akron/Family [Akron/Family & Angels Of Light]
Angels Of Light [Akron/Family & Angels Of Light]
Angels Of Light [New Mother]
Devendra Banhart [Nino Rojo]
Devendra Banhart [Oh Me Oh My The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs Of The Christmas Spirit]
Devendra Banhart [Rejoicing In The Hands]
Devendra Banhart [The Black Babies]
Calla [Scavengers]
Lisa Germano [In The Maybe World]
Mi And L'Au [Mi And L'Au]
Swans [Filth / Body To Body, Job To Job]
Swans [Soundtracks For The Blind]
Swans [The Glowing Man]
Swans [The Seer]
Swans [To Be Kind]
Swans [Various Failures 1988-1992]
Swans [White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity]
Ulan Bator [Ego : Echo]
Young Turks  The Xx [The XX]
Your Choice Series  The (International) Noise Conspiracy [Your Choice Live Series]
Yr Letter  Powell [November Landscape]
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