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The Crucible

Posté le 16 septembre 2008 à 01 h 20m 34s

Tzadik annonce (enfin ! diront certains) le quatrième volet du projet Moonchild/Astronome/Six Litanies for Heliogabalus : The Crucible.

John Zorn: The Crucible [#7372]
The legendary Moonchild trio returns for another intense journey into the worlds of magic, alchemy and witchcraft. Following one of Zorn's true masterpieces Six Litanies for Heliogabalus, this fourth volume streamlines and simplifies the music with new melodic elements bringing Zorn's sax and the lyricism of Masada into the power and structural complexity of the patented Moonchild sound. With Patton using his prodigious voice to sing melodies in addition to his preverbal screams and howls, The Crucible is another bold step from mad alchemist John Zorn. Including special guest guitarist Marc Ribot on one Led Zeppelin influenced track, this is a rocking new installment to the Moonchild-Astronome-Heliogabalus legacy.

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