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Posté le 15 janvier 2020 à 22 h 55m 18s

Grosse surprise de la part du label de Jeff Tweedy/Wilco qui ne m'avait habitué qu'à sortir des trucs de Jeff Tweedy/Wilco jusque là

"There is and was only one Daniel and to be able to work with him and help present his music was a huge honor for me and the band, one for which we are all very thankful." - Jeff Tweedy

On Jan. 31, dBpm Records will release the late Daniel Johnston's final album, Chicago 2017.

Chicago 2017 includes new arrangements of 14 Johnston's most beloved songs, plus one Beatles cover. Nine of which are performed live at The Vic in Chicago backed by Tweedy (the band comprised of Jeff and Spencer Tweedy, James Elkington, Darin Gray and Liam Kazar), and five pulled from the previous day's session at Wilco's Chicago studio, The Loft.

EDIT : et Joyful Noise annonce la resortie de It's spooky (avec Jad Fair)

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