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Nouvel album

Posté le 14 décembre 2005 à 05 h 18m 27s

C'est pour bientôt!

Posté le 14 décembre 2005 à 09 h 51m 49s

Ça c'est de la bonne nouvelle comme il en faudrait une chaque matin

Posté le 25 septembre 2007 à 01 h 50m 48s

Just wanted to give an update on three mile pilot...

the last time we put out a record was in early 2000 it was titled "an old town we once knew." the 2 disc album was a collection of bsides , not a true full length album.

so many people have ask me over the years if there is ever going to be another 3mp record.. i have always told them we're working on it ! , its just takin' a little while longer then we thought

its basically taking far too long because we have been so busy with our other bands and life in general , but we have always wanted to do another record, and remain best of friends. when touch and go asked us if we would be into putting out a record with them, thats all we needed to hear to get fired up. we're not shooting for the stars on this record. the goal for us is to have fun, and start the 3mp machine up again.

we have about 10 songs we're poking around with right now -some from years ago -some from now.
we plan to finish this before september 2007. i really hope we do...its slated to come out on touch and
go records in early 2008. im crossing my fingers...


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