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Posté le 17 février 2009 à 19 h 45m 32s

Posté le 17 février 2009 à 20 h 52m 14s

Ou comment un groupe splitte dans l'anonymat pour revenir sous la forme d'un supergroupe.
Ca donne quand même sacrément envie, tout ça.

Posté le 17 février 2009 à 22 h 11m 56s

Posté le 18 février 2009 à 01 h 11m 40s

En voilà une bonne nouvelle

Posté le 18 février 2009 à 10 h 12m 32s

J'osais plus y croire...Mais j'ai hâte!

Posté le 07 août 2009 à 18 h 47m 32s

In anticipation of the long (long...long) overdue new album coming in 2010, the mighty Three Mile Pilot have recorded two new songs for this limited edition single. Right away you're reminded of The Black Heart Procession/Pinback connection with "Planets," an unusually upbeat and infectious slice of weird pop perfection. B-side "Grey Clouds" is a darker, sprawling gem recalling the band's earlier days, when they were one of the most risky and experimental bands on Geffen Records. Strictly limited to 2,000 copies - and nowhere near enough to satiate those of us who have waited with baited breath for a dozen years in eager anticipation of a new album - "Planets / Grey Clouds" only builds on that hopeful anticipation. Any new Three Mile Pilot would have been something worth celebrating, but the fact that these songs are so undeniably great makes the thought of waiting a mere six months feel like another twelve years. It's actually a wonderful feeling.

Posté le 07 août 2009 à 20 h 46m 25s

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